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Chapter 2: The Boy I Once Knew


Why do I feel like I've suddenly come home? Like I've been aimlessly wandering for years... and I suddenly find myself here...

Back in his arms.


*** 10 years earlier ***

"I can't!" fifteen year-old Fuuko Kirisawa yelled from her room, refusing to open the door in which a young silver-haired boy leaned patiently.

"And why not?" the boy called out in a surprisingly soft tone despite his reputation for being quite irritable.

"Because it's a dress!"

The boy rolled his eyes.

"Yes, it's a dress. And you're going to wear it," the boy added with a final note.

He heard a faint swearing at the other side of the door.

"Stop ordering me around! Geez Mi-chan, you're starting to sound like my father," Fuuko grumbled, throwing another skeptical look down at the offensive material that clung to her body like a second skin.

Tokiya flinched at the word 'father'. He and Mr. Kirisawa never did get along. It was a good thing Fuuko's father was supposed to be out for work tonight. But he grinned when he caught a glimpse of Mrs. Kirisawa peeking by the stairs giving him an encouraging smile.

Fuuko was still mumbling some obscenity probably butchering some poor pillow to her heart's content.

Tokiya sighed.

"How long are you going to sulk?"

"Forever!" Fuuko shot back. "I told you I don't like going to that Ball thing."

"Five more minutes. If you don't come out, I'll break this door down and carry you kicking and hollering to school."

He heard a muffled battle cry on the other side, Tokiya chuckled. He knew then he had won.

He took a step away from the door least he wanted one angry she-dragon breathing fire on his neck. He knew her inside out... and sure enough, the door was jerked opened revealing a furious – yet definitely appealing Fuuko.

"I've had enough of your bossiness! Honestly! Giving me an ultimatum?! Just who do you think -- "

The bouquet of roses that was suddenly shoved in front of her silenced Fuuko.

"For you," Tokiya muttered somewhat uneasily.

Fuuko absently took the flowers, her mouth in a voiceless 'O'. Her eyes darted from the roses to the young boy she had known her whole life – clad in a neat dark suit, his long hair pulled in a elegant tress as always... but tonight, he looked dashing... even more so than usual if that was possible. Then she understood why she never had female friends at school...


They were all resentful of her for keeping this beautiful boy to herself... even if they were only friends.

"T-thank you," she managed.

Tokiya's admiring gaze surveyed her, noticeably lingering somewhere between her chin and her waist.

Fuuko instinctively pulled the bouquet over the low neckline of her dress.


Tokiya chuckled.

"You look great."

Fuuko blushed brighter. The compliment didn't have any trace of the sly sarcasm that Tokiya was known for. Sure, he had complimented her before, but it was always something like how she had the 'lithe grace' of a monkey, or how her whining was like the 'sweet song' of a banshee.

"Come, we're late."

Fuuko would have forgotten all about her former sentiment if it weren't for that commanding tone again. She settled a hand on her hip, the other waving the bouquet around like a brandished sword.

"I'm not moving until you say please!"

"We're late," Tokiya repeated.

Fuuko rolled her eyes.

"Oh please, can't the great Mikagami Tokiya just say please for once? I mean, it wouldn't hurt your tough-boy image right? And you know I don't like being ordered around –"

Heaving a sigh, Tokiya took a quick look at his watch.

"Time's up," he stated flatly, silencing Fuuko who was still at the middle of her litany.

"Time's what?"

"I told you five minutes. Time's up."

Before Fuuko could think of another word to say, she was being lifted and casually flung over one shoulder, her assailant calmly marching down the stairs as if he wasn't carrying one squirming and yelling female.

Fuuko gasped.

"W-what are you doing?! Put me down! Mi-chan!"

An unconcerned grunt was all she heard.

"You're going to ruin my dress!"

Tokiya chuckled.

"I thought you hated that dress."

Fuuko attempted wriggling her knees but Tokiya only tightened his grip. She caught a glimpse of her mother from the kitchen, fondly watching them like they were still a couple of loud kids fighting over a piece of pie.

"Okaasan! Mi-chan's bullying me again!"

But to her dismay, Mrs. Kirisawa only smiled.

"Take care Tokiya-kun. She's quite a handful you know."

Fuuko groaned.

"Okaasan! Not you too! Don't I have anything to say here?! Am I supposed to be an idiotic robot here only capable of saying 'Hai Mi-chan' or am I supposed to be a rag doll to be tossed around? Am I-- "

The rest of her complaints were muffled when Tokiya's swinging hair slapped her in the face... then an evil grin appeared.

"Oi Mi-chan, if you don't put me down, I'm going to pull your hair so hard you'd go bald."

She almost laughed when she felt Tokiya's steps slightly falter, although the threat didn't stop him altogether.

"You'd snap my neck first before my hair comes off."

Fuuko gritted her teeth. Of course, he'd always have something smart to say.

The upside-down position was starting to make her all dizzy. She twisted as much as Tokiya's grip on her knees would allow it. All hope weren't lost after all when another thought struck her... if threats weren't going to work, then she knew of one more way...

She grabbed a few strands of the swaying silvery hair and let the feathery tips hover over the nape at the back of his neck.

"Oi Mi-chan... aren't you ticklish here? Ne? Ne?"

Tokiya stiffened.

"Stop that."

"Put me down."

"Stop that."

"Put me down!"

After a brief pause, Tokiya finally set her back on her feet. Fuuko immediately placed her hands back on her hips.

"I hate you, you know that?" she hissed under her breath.

But Tokiya only grinned.

"I know... as much as you love me, right?"

With that, he then proceeded opening the door for her to pass... but Fuuko still remained immobile as Tokiya's words sank, her cheeks slowly glowing redder than before...

"J-just who the hell gave you that idea?" she denied hotly, although the stains on her cheeks said otherwise...

Tokiya's grin widened.

"Just a hunch."

"Well your hunch is wrong, jerk!"

She hastily pulled her skirt up so that she could walk faster, flustered at the thought that Tokiya could see through her so easily... but then why wouldn't he? They had known each other probably since they were in diapers. He knew her inside out, just as she knew him...

Her thoughts on a certain arrogant childhood friend, she didn't notice the kitten that was happily lounging near the doorway. Her feet tangled with the little creature...

But strangely enough, she didn't fall...

Because a young boy was always there, catching her every time she fell...

He had silver hair, and his eyes were ocean-blue...

He was the boy... the beautiful boy she knew.


Tonight, I dance in his arms once again, just like that night many years ago.

I may be home... but I have become a wanderer for far too long... and home isn't where I belong anymore. The music slowly faded... and once again I must return, return to the present where I belong.

"How was it?"

I look up at the voice... so cold that I could hardly recognize whom it belonged. But what I saw was that same boy, yet he had become a man. His hair, still silver... but his eyes have become icy-blue.

"How was what?"

His face remained impassive, so different from the grinning handsome face I remembered.

"How was living your life like a Queen, Mrs. Mitsuya?"

"Just fine."

"I suppose you got what you wanted then."

"Of course. And you got what YOU wanted, Mr. Mikagami. Excuse me please."

I picked up my skirt and marched away from him -- just like that night he gave me those roses... but those roses have long withered... and the boy who gave me those flowers was long gone.

I walked away as fast as my feet would carry me, but the carpeted floor caught one of my heels...

And once again I trip on my feet...

But I didn't fall...

Because someone caught me... but he wasn't the beautiful boy I once knew. Instead, I see a man with just as beautiful a face... but his eyes are a darker hue, and his hair is not silver but blue.



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