"Freeze!" I shout chasing the guy with a hood covering his head. Why do these guys always wear hoods?

"Freeze means stop!" I shout stretching out my hands.

My fingers grasp the guy's hood and I pull hard. The guy chokes on his hoodie and falls backwards and lands on the ground at my feet. I sigh and take my cuffs out of my belt and force the guy to his feet and put on the cuffs.

"You know it would have saved both of us a lot of time and pain if you just stopped" I tell the guy

The guy scoffs "I didn't think a short ass like you would be able to catch me"

I roll my eyes "Well that just means your shit then huh?"

My partner, Will, catches up to me and puts his hands to his knees and takes a few breaths "Were you a track star in a past life?" He asks

I laugh and force the guy to walk after reading him his rights. I force him into the backseat of the waiting cruiser and pat the roof and the car takes of wailing and lights flashing. Will stands at my side and swings the strap of the dropped purse on his finger.

"We should return this to its owner" Will says

"Yeah" I reply with a nod and turn and walk back the way we came. "Why you suddenly pro return immediately?" I ask

Will shrugs and grins "Since my car is where you decided to jump out and chase down the purse snatcher"

I give him a sarcastic look "It's our job last time I checked"

He groans "But we're not uniform anymore"

"So?" I say.

He laughs as we approach the woman who is standing next to our car looking frantic. Will holds out the purse "Here you go, ma'am"

"Thank you, sir" She replies gratefully.

"Don't thank me, thank Gwen here. She caught the guy" Will says.

The woman looks at me with surprise then with a smile "Thank you, miss"

I nod "It's my job ma'am" I turn on my heels and walk to the passenger side door and climb into the car.

Will climbs into the other side. "What's your problem?"

I sigh "She gave me 'the look'" I say and slump in my seat.

He laughs "It's cause you're so short and cute, people don't expect you would be so tough"

I look over at him with a small smile. Will is handsome, blonde, green eyes, tall and muscular but not my type. I look back out the window.

"Hey, Gwen?" Will says.

I look at him "Yeah"

"You want to go for a drink after work?" he asks

I shrug "Yeah"

"Dress nice" He says

I raise an eyebrow "Why?"

He grins "I want to know what you look like out of jeans"

I laugh "Okay"

"Good, I'll meet you at McThirsty's" He says

"You're making me get dressed up for an Irish bar?" I ask

"Yip" He replies and I roll my eyes

That night I brush my hair to untangle the blond curls then hairspray my hair for extra volume. I then put on my make-up, a smoky eye, mascara and red lipstick. I put on my black, leather, mini skirt and a sleeveless, black, mesh shirt, low cut with a zip at the chest to greaten or lessen cleavage, I leave it half and half because my breasts won't allow it to be zipped any higher. I put on black tights and I put on a pair of black, leather, flat ankle boots with a faux fur edge and grab my silver purse with a chain to put over my shoulder. My door bell rings as I pick up my leather jacket with a faux fur collar. I frown at the door confused then open it. My sister is standing on the other side and is grinning.

"Oh good your home, could Andy stay here tonight?" She asks

My eyes fall to my 16 year old nephew with a grin then back to my sister "I'm going out"

"That's okay. He'll be okay on his own for a bit" She says

I sigh then nod "Alright in you get boy"

Leanne grins "Cheers, Gwen, see you!"

She runs off and I close the door and turn to Andy "Sorry bud, for leaving you alone but help yourself to food and stuff. You know the drill"

Andy shrugs "It's alright. You deserve a life too"

The doorbell goes again. Andy and I share a confused look as I open the door.

"Hey!" Will says cheerfully then looks me over "Damn, you're hot. Have your boobs always been that big?"

I glare and slap his arm "Yes! And thanks." I step out the door and lock it behind me "I thought we said we would meet there?"

He shrugs "Yeah but my taxi went this way so I thought I may as well get you" He looks over my shoulder at Andy who is glaring at him and Will says "Alright Andy? Didn't see you there!"

At McThirsty's Will buys us both a beer.

"Thanks" I say taking it from him "This isn't a date, is it?" I ask

Will's cheeks tint a bit red "Em, well, it doesn't have to be"

I sigh "Will, this isn't a date. You know I don't date"

He frowns "Why?"

I shrug "I just don't"

He takes my hand "I think we would make a good couple, everyone thinks so"

I take my hands back "Who's everyone?"

"The entire station" He says with a grin.

"I don't" I reply then stand "Look Will, you have two choices. You can pretend this never happened and we can go back to normal or I can request a new partner"

He frowns "Neither! I want us to be together"

I grab my purse with an icy silence and storm out the door of the pub and down the street.

"Gwen, wait!" Will shouts after me.

I turn on him "Will, I think you're a nice guy but you are not my type!"

He grips my wrist and says "Come on Gwen! At least give us a try"

"I said no! Now get off of me!" I snap and pull my arm away.

"Gwen, wait" He grips my upper arms and I struggle against him.

We end up in a bit of a fight until I pull away from him hard and lose my footing. I don't have time to brace myself and my head smacks off the ground and I black out.