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Adrien struggled to keep his eyes away from the clock hanging on the wall. As time supposedly kept moving forward, Adrien felt more and more like the world had stopped and that he would be stuck here forever.

Why did I ever agree to this? Adrien asked himself, maintaining his painfully bright smile. He was inside some large and fancy restaurant at the moment, posing in front of a large fountain with many flowers around it. The restaurant was brand new and the owner was a friend of Adrien's father. So as a bit of advertising for both parties, Gabriel Agreste decided that the next photoshoot for his newest line of clothing would be held at the grand opening party of this new restaurant. Now, normally Adrien wouldn't be caught dead near one of his father's photoshoots, for obvious reasons. Today however was different. Adrien began to think back to the conversation he had with his father yesterday morning.

"You are going to be modeling the newest additions to my clothing line tomorrow morning." That was all his father had said when he uncharacteristically greeted Adrien at breakfast. Adrien was frozen for a second for a second before his annoyance and anger came out.

"What?! You're joking right? I thought we agreed that I wouldn't be doing anymore photoshoots. With his appetite now gone, Adrien shoved his plate of food away and stood up.

"I agreed to that on the terms that your grades would stay good and you would behave yourself. And you have not been behaving yourself."

"What? Yes I have! I haven't gotten in trouble once at school!"

"At school, yes, you are correct. On the internet however…" Gabriel Agreste proceeded to pull out his tablet with the photo of Adrien drinking from a red solo cup. The picture Adrien had definitely deleted after Marinette had caught his lie with the grape juice.

"I deleted that!"

"Not before so many of you fans and others saw it. You will model at the photoshoot to make up for this. Besides, it's a new line for teens formal wear, and you should start wearing nicer clothes sometime." Adrien was a little offended at this. He didn't see anything wrong with his clothes. He thought they were actually quite stylish. Adrien knew there was no arguing with his father once he had made up his mind, especially when it was about his clothing line.

"Fine. I'll do it, but I'm not going to enjoy it." Adrien stomped up to his room with a huff, and that was how he ended up where he is today; wearing a stuffy black dress shirt and white pants, and being choked with a white tie.

I look like an idiot… Adrien was trying hard to keep his model expression when he heard an angelic laugh from the large dessert table that has been set up for the restaurant's grand opening. He looked over quickly while his photographer was distracted to see Marinette standing with her parents; she was helping them set up a cupcake display.

Instantly, Adrien's face lit up and his mood was elated. At least now he could talk with Marinette when he had a break. And taste her beautifully decorated cupcakes.

"Hey, I'm tired. Can we take a break? I'm not exactly used to this modeling stuff, you know?" Before his photographer could even respond, Adrien was running off to take his break.

The restaurant had invited other local chefs and bakers to showcase other food and dessert for their grand opening party, and this was why Marinette and her parents were here today. Marinette was dressed nicely for the grand opening. She was wearing a simple black, knee length dress with light pink trim all along the edges and a bow of the same color with long tails hanging at her chest. With her dress, Marinette wore small black, 2 inch heels.

Look how amazing she is. She's so gorgeous. Adrien admired Marinette for a minute before finally approaching her.

"Well, well, Princess~ fate must be on my side to have run into you of all people." Adrien stood behind Marinette at a distance he knew she wouldn't yell at him about. Marinette looked behind her to find Adrien standing there with his hands clasped behind his back and smiling like a child.

"Hello, Adrien. I noticed you doing a photoshoot over there. Though I didn't think you liked doing that sort of thing."

"You're right, I hate it. But my father made me do it this time, so I'm here whether I like it or not. Though my day is now a hundred times better now that I've gotten to see your smiling face." Adrien explained stepping a little closer to Marinette. She laughed a little, not taking the poor boy seriously. Again.

"Oh, I'm sure your world is perfect now that you've talked to me. Shouldn't you be getting back to your photoshoot now?" Marinette motioned to the now angry photographer who was impatiently tapping his foot. With a groan Adrien slugged off to his photoshoot as Marinette giggled at his exasperated expression.

As the day and the grand opening party went on, Adrien found himself getting more and more annoyed and tired. Not only was he drained from pretending to be happy all day, but he was also getting increasingly angrier with all the guys flirting with Marinette.

Why do so many people like Marinette? I mean, I know she's beautiful and perfect, but they should leave her alone. Only I'm allowed to annoy her with flirting. Adrien's thoughts were interrupted by an annoyed groan from the photographer.

"No! Your face is too tense! Too sour! We need something sweet! Loving! Soft!"

"A blanket with chocolate?" Adrien suggested. He was confused with almost everything to do with modeling and photography. He didn't really care when the photographer looked at him like he was an idiot.

"Not like that! Something more…hot!" Adrien's eyes were instantly drawn to Marinette who was now talking to some other girl their age. When you ask Adrien to think of something sweet, loving, soft, and hot, he of course instantly thought about Marinette.

"What about a partner?" Adrien suggested. The photographer's face lite up at his suggestion.

"Yes! A girl is what we need! I'm sure there's a girl here who we could ask-"

"How about that one?" Adrien asked quickly pointing out Marinette. The photographer studied Marinette for a few seconds before nodding his head.

"Yes, she's good. She's dressed well and looks sweet enough." The photographer quickly walked over to Marinette.

As the photographer approached Marinette she smiled and offered him one of her cupcakes from the stand next to her. After politely turning down a cupcake, the photographer explained how he wanted Marinette to be in the photoshoot.

"Me? You want me to be a mode for the photoshoot? With, Adrien?"

"Yes, I think you would look perfect next to Mr. Adrien. Plus, your dress matches wonderfully with Adrien's outfit." Marinette thought about it for a second. While she wasn't sure if she wanted to model so closely with Adrien, it would be a good opportunity for her. This dress that she made would get to be in a real magazine! That would be a great opportunity, even if she had to pose with Adrien.

"Ok, I'll try it. I don't know how well I'll do though."

"Don't worry! You'll do fine, just act natural and you'll be fine." The photographer quickly pulled Marinette over next to Adrien who smiled brightly.

"So glad you could join me, Mariboo~"

"Please don't call me that or I will leave." Marinette's words were a little harsh, but she smiled as she spoke. Adrien smirked leaning in close to her.

"Are you nervous to do this? Need me to hold your hand?"

"No, I think I'll be fine, thank you."

"Quiet! Let's start; we're running late as it is." The photographer silence them and started to instruct them on how to pose as a couple.

Though Adrien head teased Marinette about being nervous, it was actually him that was ready to faint. His heart was beating out of his chest and he could feel his palms getting sweaty. His hands were now rested on Marinette's hips and her hands were placed delicately on his shoulders. They were facing each other, and their eyes were glued to each other. Adrien felt a blush creeping up the back of his neck as Marinette smiled warmly at him.

"Yes! Yes! This is almost perfect! Now, I want you both to lean in for a kiss."

"What?!" Marinette and Adrien both cried out at the photographer's instructions. They had both turned to stare stunned at the man behind the camera.

"Just do it, don't think too much about it. It's just like acting! Go on!" The photographer shooed at them with his hand and Marinette and Adrien turned back to look at each other panicked.

While Adrien of course had dreamed many times of kissing his beautiful princess, he didn't want to force her into it. If it was force, would it be as special?

Although…I do really want to kiss her… Before Adrien could think about it any further, Marinette's voice broke his concentration.

"Let's just get this over with, Adrien. Just remember it doesn't mean a thing! It's just for a photo."

"Good! Now let's get going!" The photographer snapped his fingers and got his camera ready. Marinette's hands came back to rest on Adrien's shoulders and his hands instinctively went to her hips. Adrien's face went bright red as he closed his eyes alone with Marinette. They both began to lean in slowly and hesitantly towards each other. The world around Adrien seemed to disappear save for the faint clicking of the photographer's camera. Time ticked slow as molasses as Adrien and Marinette grew closer together. Adrien's heart pounded louder and faster. Their lips were only a hair's width apart; Adrien thought his heart would explode.

There was a loud crash and some screaming from the street outside. The loud rumbling that followed caused Adrien and Marinette to fall over away from each other. Everyone inside started running for cover in a panic. As Adrien ran to a safe hiding spot, there was only on thought in his mind.

God I really hate akumas right now…

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