From her tower, Hilla could look out over the ruins of Azwan perfectly. Centuries after the war had taken place, its towers were still burning, her army still defending them. It didn't matter if they died in the process. She had the power to bring them back, and make them fight her battle once more. He had reprimanded her for it on multiple occasions, telling her that she had better ways to spend her time. Hilla kept the facade going, however, seeing it as an effective way to distract the explorers.

You fool. The voice said. Even though Hilla was fond of its power, she always felt slightly intimidated by it. Only slightly, that's all she would admit.

You spend so much of your energy on an army that keeps dying. The voice spoke again. It came from all directions and echoed through the room and through Hilla's head. As always, she wasn't sure where exactly it came from, it was just there. The sound was uncomfortable to listen to: it was a voice as sharp as glass but as heavy as an earthquake. She swore she could see the ground shake whenever He spoke. If she would actually be standing, touching the ground like a mundane, she could perhaps even feel it.

"It doesn't matter" She told the voice after she got over the initial intimidation of hearing the sound. "They're already dead anyway"

She laughed. It was a hollow sound that seemed to carry out into the battle that was being fought miles away.

I assume you haven't heard the news yet. He interrupted her.

"There's news?" She asked as if she wasn't surprised something was happening.

His answer didn't come in words. Instead, an imagine appeared before her eyes. She saw the Empress, Cygnus, looking at a scroll that was hovering in the air in front of her.

The sight of her made Hilla's blood boil, but she was soon distracted by the text on the scroll. It took a few seconds before she recognised the text that now appeared in front of her, and the mere existence of it was something she hadn't deemed possible anymore.

"It's a new prophecy" She whispered under her breath.

From a land far away, across the sea
New heroes will be found on top of the tree
To protect the Maple World from his imminent darkness

The power of five they must learn to harness

The wisest among them is the youngest of age

Henesys is where she will enter the stage

Another starts in Perion, the barren land

In Kerning City, the cunning one will stand

From the trees of Ellinia, strength and trust

All the way into the harbour of Nautilus

But only when the five will fight in unison
Can Maple World be rid of his desolation