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Percy POV

When I fell asleep, I knew who said it. My father. Who was he? and what did he mean by forgive me? Well I guess only time will tell. Where am I?

" So the little hero is finally at the camp." Huh who is that?

"Yes my lord. I am guessing he is the prophecy boy?"

Prophecy? I thought to myself.

"I don't know what to tell you. You have already failed me once..."

"I I I"

"I don't care. Make sure you don't do it again. Hm? Looks like the boy is here."



"I suppose it is possible. it seems like he doesn't know it himself. Ha"

I need to wake up! Come on!

"So hero seems to be waking up. Well I hope to see you again. HAHAHAHA"

Ga! Okay who was that and what did he mean by prophecy? I guess I can ask Chiron.


"So you need him to do a favor for most Olympians?" Huh is that Chiron?

"Yes. Orders from Zeus. Anyways the first favor he has to do is from Poseidon. he wants the boy to retrieve the stolen weapon. He really doesn't a war you know." Okay I got a job to do. But what weapon? And what war is he talking about?

"Alright. I guess I can tell him to get ready for a quest."

"Alright. Also kid I know you are there." Ok busted.

"Um Hello Lord..."

"My name is Hermes. Look I guess I should be a bit sorry. You just came yesterday and you already have a quest.."

"I guess it is alright. So what is this quest about?"

"I thought you were eavesdropping?"

"I was, but I don't know about this war or weapon."

"Oh I guess I should tell you. First of all, The weapon that is stolen is Zeus's Masterbolt."

"Wait. What? How? When?"

"Hey I know, but last Winter, Someone managed to steal the weapon. I don't know who did, but Zeus think It was Poseidon. I know uncle enough that he doesn't want war. So I am guessing this is the reason what Poseidon is using his flavor for."


"Hey anyways, I want to know, Are you ready? I know it is your first quest so..."

"Nah I am fine Lord Hermes. So I need to talk to the oracle?"

"Yes my boy." Chiron spoke. " It is just upstairs."

"Oh kid I know that you might want help so I got a gift for you. I used to have use this in the past." He showed me a sneakers.

"Um I guess Thank you. What is it for?"

"Hey watch. MAIA" The shoes suddenly got wings."

"Oh that is cool. I have a slight problem though..."

"What would that be?"

"I am sort of afraid of height." My face was probably red from embarrassment

"Oh I am guessing it is because of Zeus? Don't worry. He gave you his permission to enter his domain. Probably because he is also getting something from this favor as well."

"Oh thanks god. anyways Thank you Lord Hermes."

"Hey stop calling me Lord. I am not Zeus ya know." He flashes away.

"So Oracle where is it?" I ask Chiron forgetting he was there.

"It is in the attic. I hope you return sane."

When I arrived, I was not sure if I wanted to continue. I mean I heard stories about going insane after seeing the oracle. Oh well might as well.

When I entered, I was having a second thought. I was like, "Ah sorry wrong door."and get out of here, but seems like I don't have a choice.

"I am the spirit of Delphi, speaker of the awesome god Apollo slayer of the mighty Python." Okay I am guessing Apollo did this to make himself sound awesome, but it sucked.

"Speak seeker."

"Alright. I want to know what is going to happen on this quest."

The child of the sea shall go west,find what was taken

He shall face the god who has turned and starts the world to shaken

He shall be betrayed by the one who calls him a friend

Only to fail to stop the war in the end

Okay what the hell? I will find the stolen only to fail to stop the war? and who the hell is this god who has turned? and what the hell a friend?

I got to go. I can't change a prophecy anyways...

Back to Big House.

I returned. I saw Chiron. he asked

"So what did the prophecy say?"

I repeated it.

"My boy. Prophecy have double meanings sometimes. It is best not to worry. So who are you going to take?"

I thought for a while, but I decided." I am going alone."

"What? Why would you do that?"

"Okay listen. First of all, the prophecy said it. I will be betrayed by the one who calls me a friend. Besides, it is a favor to me from Poseidon. I will do it myself."

"I sea. Well I guess you can leave tomorrow morning. There is capture the flag tonight. So why don't you go and see if there is anything you need in the armory?"

"Well I really don't need them. I have my swords, an armor and stuff. I don't need any new ones. I guess I will go ask Annabeth about what she thinks. She is daughter of Athena after all."

"Alright. Off you go my boy. see you later."

At the sword arena, I saw Annabeth and another guy.

"So Annabeth what are you doing?"

"Ah what are you doing here? Well Percy I want you to meet Luke son of Hermes."

"Well nice to meet you. Well Annabeth can I ask you something?"

"What is it?"

I explained the quest and the prophecy.

"Okay, I don't have any ideas about this traitor.. However, I have an idea for the god."


"Hey I can give you something for this quest. It might help." He ran to his cabin.

"Well I am going to tell you that I think the god is Hades."


"Well think about it for a second. The god who is in the west would be Hades. He is rather angry at Zeus and Poseidon for making an oath that Zeus could not keep. I think that He thinks that you are a son of Poseidon." Well it made sense. I do have power of water, and the prophecy said I am a son of Poseidon. I know that When I heard that dream, I think it is someone else, but..."

"I guess it does make sense. I still don't know what to do. Ga where the hell is Apollo when I need him..."

"Well I need to get going. Good luck. Actually for the capture the flag, why not join my team?"

"I might as well. I know that you guys always have a plan."

"Well I guess you aren't Poseidon's son after all. If you were, you would never say that. Well See you later." She left. After about 3 min,

"hey you are still here." Oh Luke.

"Well Yeah. You said you can help, I am going to need it heh,"

"Well here it is. This is my gift." He showed me a watch.

"huh? What does it do?"

"Well why don;t you put it on you left wrist." I did as he said.

"Now hit the button on the watch." I then saw the watch becoming a shield.

"Cool. Thanks."

"Well I want you to kill some monsters for me" Well lets get to the capture the flag."


Capture the flag.

"Alright remember your positions." That was Annabeth.

"Okay So I am guessing I am put there since I can control water?"

"Yep. Well see ya."

"Ok." She ran ahead. I wonder...

"I was waiting by the creek. Then I heard some noise."

"What the? huh?"

I stopped thinking about the sound because, half of the Ares cabin came at me.

"...Really Half a cabin against me a newbie. Heh"

"Gur Attack!"

I sidestepped the stab from the first one. then another one came at me thinking I was done.

"Heh time for there humiliation." I uncapped Riptide and summoned Sunreaver. When the second one came at me I parried his swing at the same time knocking him out with the other sword's hilt. I saw 2 of them coming at me so I stepped back at the first one's swing. While he lost balance, I swung Riptide at them knocking them sideways.

"What... That is it I am so going to cream you!"

"Bring it one Boar head." When I said this, she tried to stab me with her spear. I simply swung Sunreaver at it parrying while using Riptide to slash at her. Apparently she was better than the others because she was able to sidestep and tried to swing her spear downward at me. I used my sword like a X and blocked it.

"Hey not bad. You actually lasted more than those goons"

"Well I am guessing you are not completely new at fighting. Well time to knock you out." As soon as she said it, she tried to swing the spear while I dodged. I went to swing Riptide but she simply spinned the spear to block it. I then spin using momentum to swing Sunreaver. I won with the sword at her neck.

"Well Yield?"

I yield. hey you aren't that bad.

"Jeez thanks. I guess You are pretty good. You know... You just lost the game." As soon as I said it, Luke came in holding the flag.

"What! I guess we lose huh. We are so going to cream your ass next time."

"I'm waiting. Anyways let's go."

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