Hello and greetings my pretties, I am your Queen and you will obey me. This is my new story following in the footsteps of my sensei Ten Tailed Jackal Of Doom-sama. In this story it's Naruko and Minato and Jiraiya are evil bastards. Kushina is being held hostage by Minato with Naruko's younger sister. Minato will die later by Naruko's hands. Anyway do tell me what you think.

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Chapter 1; Bleeding, Drowning and Goddesses?

Our story starts and sort of ends on a misty bridge with the sounds of heavy and deadly combat ringing throughout the mist. Well more like under the bridge, where no combat is going on because there's about 300 feet of water under this bridge. The hero or to be correct the heroine of the story is in this water, with a sword stabbed into not only her chest, but directly in her heart. This girl is 12 years old and has long red hair that is usually tied into twin pigtails. Her pale skin wasn't exactly flawless as on each side of her face, precisely her cheeks three thin whisker like marks could be seen. Her exuberant blue eyes were wide open in shock at what had just happened. Her orange and blue jacket was wide open revealing her black shirt that was stained with her blood. On her lower body orange and blue pants could be seen. This girl is our leading lady and her name is Uzumaki Naruko, or if you're someone in the know Namikaze Naruko and she's the jinchuriki of the deadly Kyuubi-no-Kitsune. Right now though she was quickly sinking to the bottom of the ocean and bleeding out. How is this possible well, it started with her finally passing the genin exams. She had been tricked by a traitor known as Mizuki who told of her of her burden. She after demonstrating the use of the Shadow Clone Jutsu to save her other sensei Iruka Umino, had talked to the old man who had told her that she wasn't the fox.

The next day she had been placed on a team with her rival Sasuke Uchiha and someone she used to have a crush on Sakura Haruno. They were placed under the lazy eye of Kakashi Hatake and after two weeks Naruko had lost her crush on Sakura and formed a sisterly bond with the girl. Naruko had then started to try and help Sakura gain the affection of Sasuke, even though she still didn't like the boy at all. Naruko had after meeting the brat of a grandson of the old man, had decided to take up the deadly art of Kenjutsu and had taken to it like a fish takes to water. She got really good with a sword, and after capturing the so called demon cat Tora they had gotten their first C-rank mission. It was to guard the bridge builder Tazuna and Naruko had been ecstatic to leave the village for the first time and to have a higher ranked mission. It did not take long for the shit to hit the fan, as they were ambushed by two rouge ninja from Kirigakure known as the Demon Brothers. Naruko and Sasuke had each taken out one and then Kakashi had appeared and interrogated the two. Turns out Tazuna had lied about the mission as someone known as Gato was after him and Gato had lots of money, enough to hire someone to kill Tazuna many times. A vote had been cast and it had been decided that they were going on. Not soon later they came across the bigger threat and this one man Naruko feel a little fear. It was none other then Momochi Zabuza, the demon of the bloody mist and one of the feared seven swordsmen of the mist. Kakashi had fought the man, until Zabuza trapped Kakashi's lazy ass in a water prison. Naruko had then put her skills to the ultimate test and battled Zabuza sword to sword. She only did this so that she could free Kakashi. It worked and Zabuza ended up having to be rescued by his accomplice. They had then made it to wave and Tazuna's home. A few days later and Naruko came face to face with Inari, Tazuna's brat of a grandson. Naruko instantly disliked the boy, because he was a bigger emo than Sasuke, and that was saying something. One day after she and Sasuke had finally mastered tree climbing the kid had ran his little mouth off about none of them knowing what suffering was. Naruko had stopped eating slowly set the fork down, stood up and walked towards the door without uttering a single word. It was when she was nearly out of said door that she let Inari have it and told the boy that there had been times that she had wished and prayed for death, just to end her suffering. She had then left the home and had went back to tree climbing.

Two days later and her team had let her sleep in for some reason unknown to her. Anyway she woke up just in time to save Inari and Tsunami from some goons Gato sent to kidnap Tazuna's family. She had after telling Inari he was a brave little boy quickly made her way to the bridge. She had arrived to find a huge ice dome and a ton of mist. She had been about to enter the dome, when she suddenly realized that she didn't have her sword. She was a little panicked, but pushed it down. Charging into the dome she was just in time to stop the accomplice from stabbing Sakura in the heart. She had looked around in the dome and gasped spotting Sasuke on the ground not moving, ice needles peppering his body. This had instantly let her know that the accomplice was nothing to scoff at. She had spotted her sword in Sakura's hands, but knew that it was the only thing keeping the pink haired girl up. Naruko had quickly created a clone that had switched places with a log outside of the dome and then switched places with Sasuke's body. She then created about 250 clones and had them guarding Sakura as she faced the accomplice. Said person had then started running off it's mouth about Sasuke's death and how he was a true shinobi. Naruko had gotten pissed and charged towards the mirrors with her clones. The army was torn apart in a matter of seconds. This had only pissed off Naruko more, and this had been bad. Her rage had brought forward the demonic chakra of the Kyuubi. This allowed Naruko to quickly overpower the accomplice, who to her shock was that nice girl she had met in the forest a few days ago. Naruko had asked why and Haku had told her story. Naruko had wanted to weep for the poor girl, but before she could say another word her own sword was stabbed into her chest by Sakura. Naruko had screamed, and barely managed to push Sakura off of the sword. Naruko had then stumbled forward and fell over the side of the bridge into the water below. This is how Naruko ended up in the ocean and why she was bleeding out into the cold water of the small island country known as wave. Really ice cold water was also flooding her lungs so she was also drowning and it was simply a matter of time before one or the other killed her.

Naruko's last thoughts were "Is this how I die. Either drowned in the frigid oceans of wave, or bled to death, stabbed through the heart by someone I thought was my sister and friend? Is this the end of me?" Naruko then slowly closed her eyes never noticing that her surroundings was being encased in a navy blue pyramid. This pyramid was 250 feet tall and 240 feet wide. Inside of this pyramid one very large room could be seen, with odd looking objects lining one of the walls, full and intact skeletons lining another wall, living organs in jars lining another wall and on the last wall weapons of all kinds was lining this wall. On the floor an operating table appeared. Naruko appeared on this table, her boding not breathing.

Suddenly 9 women, each one being outstandingly gorgeous. The first of the nine women had long curly red, yellow and orange hair, that looked like it was literally on fire. Her skin was pale and blemish free, making her even more attractive. Her eyes were blood red in a very weird shape. It was shaped like the sun with 6 black comma shapes in between the blades of the six outgoing flames of said sun. Inside the shape of this sun was a smaller red version of the sun, that was facing a different direction. Around each eye black eye liner could be seen. On her plump lips dark gray lipstick could be seen. She had the perfect frame, with large D-cup breast and a wide shapely ass. All of this was of course wrapped in a black white and gray kimono with the kanji for Sun Goddess on the left breast. The second of the nine women had shoulder-length silver hair with a few red highlights, that looked to shine like the moon. Her skin was tan and blemish free also. Her eyes like the first woman's were blood red with a strange pattern on the inside. This pattern was shaped like a pinwheel with only three blades that were connected to form a circle. Sitting on each side of this pinwheel were bent spikes. Beside these spikes were a single tomoe, making there three tomoe in total. Around each eye were what looked like small purples stars. On her lips was a thin layer of dark blue lipstick. She like the first one had a perfect frame, with large CC-cup breast and a wide shapely ass. All of this was wrapped in a pair of black jeans and a silver unzipped fur line jacket. The kanji for Moon Goddess could be seen on the back. The next woman had long storm gray hair that was tied into a tight braid, with it looking very wet. Her skin was light brown and almost blemish free. She had a small mole near her nose. Her eyes were also blood red with a strange pattern. The pattern was shaped like three connecting bolts of lightning, that arched out to the very edge of the iris and had thick black spikes on it. In the center of this patter a storm cloud could be seen connecting the three bolts of lightning. The tips of the lightning bolts were three tomoe. Around each eyes was electric yellow eye liner. On her lips a thin layer of sky blue lipstick could be seen. She like the other two had a perfect frame, with her large C-cup breast and wide shapely ass. All of this was covered by a low cut yellow shirt and a knee-length dark gray skirt and yellow boots. On the edge of the skirt the kanji for Storm Goddess could be seen. The next woman had snow white hair, that looked to represent pure intentions. Her skin was fair and flawless. Her eyes were slate gray with three rings surrounding a single rounded pupil. Around said eyes forest green eye liner could be seen. Her lips had a thin layer of the same colored lipstick. She had a perfect frame, with large DD-cup breast and a wide shapely ass. She was dressed in a light gray kimono with what looked like clouds and snow decorating the bottom. On the left breast of this kimono the kanji for Kami could be seen. The 5th woman had long oil black hair, that seemed to shine with an evil luster. Her skin was dark red, and was blemish free. Her eyes were golden with three rings surrounding a slitted pupil. Unlike the first four she had nothing around her eyes or on her lips. Instead hanging in her pointed ears were earrings shaped like bat wings. She had a perfect frame also, with her large DDD-cup breast and wide shapely ass. Her figure was dressed in a pair of tight black pants and a black bra. On the right cup of the bra the kanji for Demon Goddess could be seen. The 6th woman had spiky silver hair that looked like a lion's mane. Her skin was light grey/blue and blemish free. Her eyes were this sickly green, but had three rings like the first two. Around each eye she had thick black eye liner that made her look silly. On her lips a thick layer of black lipstick could be seen. Sticking out of her forehead were large thick horns that would make a bull jealous. Her frame was also perfect, with her large D-cup breast and wide shapely ass. She was dressed in a torn and tattered black, white and red kimono. On the right sleeve of said kimono the kanji for True Death Goddess could be seen. The 7th woman was unlike the first 6 as she was actually glowing with pure power. Her skin was tan and both arms was covered in blue fur that looked really strange. Her hair wasn't blue though, no it was wild spiky and dark purple. Her eyes like her hair was dark purple but otherwise looked normal. She had nothing around her eyes or on her lips. Nothing was in her ears either. She had the frame of a warrior, that would gladly kick your ass for looking at her wrong. She was dressed in a black vest that had orange puffy shoulder pads. Going with this vest was a pair of white pants that was kept up by a blue sash. On her feet were black shoes. Swaying behind her was a thick purple monkey tail. On the middle of the vest was the kanji for Saiyan Goddess. The next woman was also glowing with pure power. She had long white hair that seemed to be billowing behind her. Her skin was fair and blemish free. Her eyes were this fierce blue that revealed just how powerful she was. She had nothing around her eyes or on her lips. Instead behind her were two large white dragon wings. She had a perfect frame, with large E-cup breast and a wide shapely ass. She was dressed in a red, orange and yellow kimono that did nothing to hide her figure. On the right breast of this kimono was the kanji for Dragon Goddess. The 9th and final woman wasn't glowing with power, but had an insane smirk on her face. This woman had shoulder-length blonde hair that was tied into two pigtails, with one end having a white tip and other having a black tip. Her skin was absolutely white, so much so that it was downright abnormal, but was still blemish free. She had gorgeous blue eyes, that showed that she was some what insane. Around each eye was a thick layer of black make-up. On her kissable lips red lipstick could be seen. She had a perfect frame with her large DD-cup breast and shapely ass. She was dressed in a mostly red skin tight body suit, that had black parts to it. In her right hand a very large and deadly looking mallet could be seen. On her left shoulder the kanji for Knowledge and War Goddess could be seen. These nine women are in order, Amaterasu the Goddess of the Sun, Tsukuyomi the Goddess of the Moon, Susanoo the Goddess of the Storms, Kami the goddess of life and heaven, Yami the goddess and queen of demons, Shi-No-Megami the true Goddess of death and Shinigami Queen, Gogeta the Saiyan Goddess and most powerful saiyan ever, Reshiram the Goddess of Dragons and Harley Quinn the Goddess of Knowledge and War.

All nine women were looking at the dead Naruko. Harley turning to Tsukuyomi asked "What are we doing here Mrs. L?"

Tsukuyomi rolling her eyes said "Stop calling me that."

Harley pouting asked "Why I thought you liked it when I called you that?"

Yami chuckling said "She does, she's just trying to look good in front of her sisters."

Tsukuyomi with a blush on her face was about to say something when Amaterasu said "We are here to collect our child."

Susanoo hearing this blinked, along with the others. Tsukuyomi turning to look at her sister asked "What do you mean?"

Kami walking over to Amaterasu along with Reshiram said "Melina-chan means that the girl right there is to become the child to 9 goddesses. 3 couples in exact."

Susanoo having Gogeta and Shi-No-Megami beside her blinked and asked "All three of us have two wives?"

Tsukuyomi now having Harley hanging off of her and Yami standing on the other side said "Yeah. I'm married to both Harley and Tia-hime and have been for about 2 centuries now."

Melina grabbing Kami and Reshiram's hands smiled and said "I have been married to Mai and Reshi for 3 almost 4 centuries now."

Susanoo shaking her head said "I've been married to Gogi for 90 years now and Megami for 1 almost 2 centuries."

Tsukuyomi smiling said "Aw little Katrina has been married the least amount of time."

Katrina rolling her eyes said "Shut up Larxene."

Larxene hearing this glared at Katrina and Melina sighed. She coughing to stop the argument before it could happen said "As you all know that we're all females so getting pregnant by the one's we are married to is nearly impossible with the way to get pregnant being dangerous and risky for anyone, let alone a god. So I knowing and feeling how much Reshi and Mai wanted a child started searching through everything to find a suitable child for us. After realizing that we were most likely not the only couple longing for a child I started to search harder and started to eliminate some of the one's I picked before considering the other couples and remember what my two sisters like in people." She looking at the dead body of Naruko said "A few months ago I finally found the perfect candidate in Naruko Namikaze, the child of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki. Both parents are very much alive and living in the rebuilt Uzu. Kushina isn't doing so of her own free will as Minato placed a seal on her the night Naruko was born, and once that wore off kept her there by holding their other child hostage. He did this because he wants Naruko to be Konoha's ultimate weapon and has even gotten his sensei Jiraiya to agree to this plan because of some stupid and false prophecy told by the old toad."

The other 8 women hearing this had heavy scowls on their faces. Melina said "Thankfully the current hokage of the village hidden in the leaves does not agree with this plan and has done everything he can to give the girl a decent life. Along with Inuzuka Tsume, Aburame Shibi, Nara Shikaku, Akamichi Chouza, Yamanaka Inochi and Ichiraku Teuchi. All seven people have tried multiple times to adopt Naruko into their clans only to be shot down by the idiotic civilian council or the elders who agree with Minato's plan. Do not think that Kushina hasn't found a way around Minato's foolishness though."

Melina grabbing the sword and removing it from Naruko's chest said "Kushina was the one who sent this sword to Naruko, by a wolf summon. Naruko doesn't know this though."

She handing the sword to Harley said "Now you're probably thinking why are we only just acting now."

She smiling softly said "Simple really. Right now her body is clinging desperately to life and will greedily accept anything that might or in this case will help it regain it's life."

Larxene getting what her elder sister was saying smiled softly and said "So instead of doing a little adoption ritual that we hope she accepts, we do an actual blood ritual literally making her our daughter."

Melina smiling as her younger sister caught on said "Exactly."

Harley clapping her hands asked "Then what are we waiting for?"

Tia smirking said "For Melina to summon the alter."

Harley deflated hearing this while everyone else chuckled. Melina snapping her fingers did summon the alter and replaced the operating table with it. Melina said "I assume we all know what to do now."

Katrina nodding walked over to the alter along with Gogi and Megami. All three female cutting open their hand let some of their blood flow into the alter. Larxene walking forward along with Harley and Tia did the same. Lastly Melina with Mai and Reshi cut their hands open and let their blood flow with the other blood into the alter which started to glow from the pure amount of godly blood being presented to it. All 9 women closing their eyes said "We 9 activate this alter of renewal, regeneration, and rebirth. We 9 activate the blood ritual to make this young girl our one true daughter. We offer our blood and half of our energy reserves to Naruko Namikaze. She will now have the blood of the Sun, the Moon and the Storms flowing through her veins. She will have the blood of Heaven, Hell and Death circling her very core. She will have the might of the Saiyans, Cunning of the Dragons and Intellect of The Goddess of Knowledge and War. This will purge the DNA of Minato Namikaze but will not remove any bloodlines he may carry. It will also purge the Kyuubi but purify it's chakra to remain in Naruko. Finally it will remove any and all seals placed on her. Let this alter recreate her body using any and all of the things inside of this pyramid. Transform her into our child and render her enemies speechless."

The alter then glowed and the blood crawled on Naruko's body and started to pulse with energy. Melina spotting this said "It has begun."

Larxene hearing this said "Good I'll be back."

Everyone hearing this blinked and asked "Where are you going?"

She eye smiling said "I just gained a 12 year old daughter. That means I have 12 birthday presents to get and I plan on having them when she wakes up."

They all blinked hearing this and Harley springing up said "Mrs. L is right. I don't want my little princess to wake up to no presents."

She then teleported away and she was followed by everyone except Melina and Mai, who had planned ahead and had the presents they were going to give their new daughter with them already. Mai chuckling said "That leaves us all to ourselves."

Melina smiling said "Which means it's time for some TLC!"

Mai giggling said "Correct. Now come over here and let me love you PYT!"

Melina wiggling her eyebrows said "I need some loving." The two goddesses then started to make-out like a young high school couple.

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