Chapter 4; Death of a Bastard and Gogi opens up a can of ass kicking!

A day later and Naruko was sitting on the back of Ai as team seven finally traveled back to Konoha, as the Namikaze family was back in Konoha and it was time for the weapon to be reunited with it's master. Naruko was still giving Sakura the cold shoulder and just plain out told Sasuke to go fuck himself. She had also punched the shit out of Kakashi when the man had tried to make her apologize. Haku was actually walking beside her, well beside Ai, wearing the traditional armor of the saiyans, with the Uzumaki swirl on the right breast plate. Naruko had also placed several runes on Haku to keep anyone from trying to place mind control seals over her, and to keep her safe from Sasuke and Kakashi. Naruko had also established a mental connection with Haku using the power she gained from her general Mind. Haku could now hear her thoughts, and if she wanted to talk to Haku all she had to do was think it. This was also how she talked to Ai, as she didn't really feel like letting anyone know that her pet/partner could actually articulate sentences and speak the human language. So she talked to Ai this way, and Haku could also speak to her and Ai like this. Naruko was actually thinking about Kiri, wondering if whoever became the new Mizukage was actually going to change the politics in the mist, or if she should've just burned the entire country to the ground.

She was also thinking about the many different ways she was going to hurt the Yondaime, because according to Harley and Gogi, she was without a doubt the Goddess of Violent Retribution and since she had accidentally unlocked Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2 and to Gogi's shock Super Saiyan God and unlike the previous version she could stay in this form for as long as she needed. Naruko actually shivered a little remembering the pure power she commanded in her SSjG form. It scared the pants off of her, and the fact that Ai always seemed to transform with her made it even more terrifying. Ai would go from the sweet lovable wolf she is now, to godly monster wolf with six heads and a appetite for destruction. Reshi had explained why Ai had transformed, stating that Naruko's many different energies had bonded with Ai on the first day, when Naruko had essentially made Ai her daughter, when Naruko had nuzzled Ai's face. Naruko had been shocked hearing this but had quickly nuzzled Ai's face again stating that she loved her little adorable wolf. Ai had barked and licked her face returning the sentiment.

Naruko closing her eyes actually took a deep breath in, inhaling the smell of Melina's homemade cookies. Naruko had no clue why Ai's fur smelled like this, but she loved it, as this smell was one of the few things that could completely calm her. Another was the lullaby Megami had sung to her and Ai in the chamber. To be fair that lullaby calmed everyone down, as it was the most soothing sound ever. Naruko smiled a little as she also managed to get the lyrics to the lullaby out of Megami as part of her training. Naruko's voice was now actually a weapon, and depending on what she decided to sing, she could literally end a war or start a riot. She keeping her eyes shut decided to sing one of her favorite songs. She sitting up and creating a gentle breeze said "Darkness creeps into daylight. You're leaving? Treasures hidden in our minds. The memories. The time we had is fleeting, the strength is just believing. Now the world I know can hate you. The world I know can break you. As you go, remember I'm by your side. The love within you can heal these tears that burn. Through it all remember I'm by your side. As you go!"

Ai hearing this tossed her head back and started to howl along to Naruko's singing, while Haku closed her eyes and enjoyed her mistress singing. Kakashi was shocked that the weapon could actually sing. Sasuke didn't care as he was plotting on how to steal Naruko's power for himself. Sakura like Haku had closed her eyes enjoying the haunting, yet peaceful melody Naruko was singing.

6 hours later and the group finally arrived at the gates of Konoha. Both Naruko and Haku were now riding on Ai, as Naruko knowing that the Saiyan armor was most likely heavy and cumbersome had ordered Haku to climb on Ai's back. At first Haku protested, but gave in when Naruko threatened to cut Haku loose. So Haku had reluctantly climbed on Ai's back and had blushed when Naruko made her sit in the front. Haku's blush had only gotten darker when Naruko had wrapped her arms around Haku's waist and leaned forward into Haku's back. It had taken only an hour for the both of them to fall into a peaceful and warm slumber, as Ai trotted along, keeping her eyes on both Kakashi and Sasuke. Ai not wanting to wake her mommy up followed Kakashi to the check in station. One of the chunin at said station spotting the huge wolf behind Kakashi gained wide eyes and asked "Why the hell is that thing following you?"

Kakashi was about to answer when Naruko still leaning into Haku said "Her name is Ai and she's my pet. Let her through and I'll teach you my trick to defeat boredom."

Both chunin guards hearing this quickly said "She's in."

Kakashi sweat dropped hearing this, while Naruko chuckled knowing that the two guards hated being bored. Kakashi walking into the village could see that all of the villagers was looking at his group, to be more precise Naruko, Ai and Haku. Ai looking at the village and being only a little impressed, was ignoring all of the stupid humans staring at her. Her nose then picked up five scents, and she was only familiar with the last one. Ai was about to growl to alert her mother, when Naruko not bothering to open her eyes said "Be still my love, I know that they are coming."

Ai hearing this instantly calmed down and stopped moving. Naruko slowly opening her eyes separated herself from Haku and with the grace of a princess gently set down on the ground. She then crossing her arms under her bust stood there patiently waiting for the five people about to arrive. Two seconds later five people appeared. The first of the five was a man with long white hair that was tied into a ponytail with two bangs framing his face. His skin was tan and a small mole could be seen near the top left of his lips. He had black eyes that looked like they belonged to some slimy businessman. This man was dressed in a red and green obi that made Naruko think of the Christmas tree Harley had shown her. On his forehead shining all brightly was a headband with the kanji for oil. This man was Jiraiya of the sannin and someone Naruko didn't really care for. The next person was a man with blonde hair that looked like it belonged to a sea urchin. Like Jiraiya two bangs framed his face. His skin was tanned and his face was angled giving him a feminine look. His blue eyes were full of greed. This man was dressed in a green flak jacket, dark blue long sleeve shirt and dark blue pants. He was also wearing a white long coat with flames on the back and the kanji for yellow flash on the back. This man was Minato Namikaze, and Naruko wanted to gut this man like a damn fish. Standing next to this man with a very fake smile on her face was a woman with long red hair that looked silky smooth. Her face was soft and round, yet somehow gorgeous. She had deep blue eyes, that hid a deep seeded rage. She was dressed in a green flak jacket, with a black sleeveless shirt underneath it. Going with this was a pair of tight black pants and black ninja sandals. This woman is Kushina Uzumaki and Naruko really didn't hate or love her. The person standing beside Kushina looked like a female version of Minato with small A-cup breast. She was dressed like Kushina though and curiosity could be seen shining in her blue eyes. Naruko had to stop herself from giggling as this girl was way to damn adorable. Naruko knew her name was Mito Namikaze and was her younger sister by 2 years. The last person was Naruko's grandfather, no matter what anyone said. It was an old man who was wearing the traditional Hokage's hat and robe. His skin was tan and wrinkles could be seen around his black eyes. In his mouth was a wooden pipe that had definitely seen better days. This man is Hiruzen Sarutobi, as he is the Hokage of Konohagakure, plus the man who practically raised Naruko. Naruko ignoring the other four, smiled and walked over to the man. She wrapping the man in a tight hug said "You're not gonna believe this, but I missed you old man."

Sarutobi chuckling softly hugged Naruko back and said "You're right I don't believe you."

Naruko ending the hug turned to Ai and said "Ai come over here and meet your jiji."

Ai barking softly trotted over to Sarutobi and sniffed the man getting more familiar with his scent. Sarutobi quirking an eyebrow at the very large wolf sniffing him asked "Where did she come from?"

Naruko was about to answer when Jiraiya stepped forward and said "Oi brat."

Naruko loosing her smile and dropping all warmth in her eyes slowly turned to look at Jiraiya. She staring at him with cold eyes asked "What is it that you want toad?"

Jiraiya blinking said "Allow me to introduce your family."

He turning and ignoring Naruko's snort pointed at Minato and said "This is your dad Minato Namikaze, yes your father is the legendary Yellow Flash and the Yondaime Hokage."

He pointing at Kushina said "This is your mother Kushina Uzumaki as for some reason she refused to accept the name of Minato and she's known as the Red Death."

He then pointing at Mito said "This is your younger sister Mito Namikaze and she's been trained by your dad and I since she was 3."

He then turning around and pointing at himself said "I'm Jiraiya and I'm your godfather and the one who trained Minato. You can now bask in awe at having such an awesome family."

Naruko with her arms once again crossed under her breast was looking at Jiraiya with an unimpressed face. Ai was looking at Jiraiya with deadpan eyes, wondering what the fuck was wrong with this man. The rest of the village was wondering why Naruko wasn't jumping in joy at what she had just heard. Naruko blinking a few times said "Minato Namikaze is and never will be any family of mine. You are also not my godfather. None of you are my family, accept for the old man, and possibly Mito."

Minato hearing this blinked and asked "Why do you say that?"

Naruko snorting said "Because you, that old toad, the elders of this village and the stupid civilian council tried to make me Konoha's perfect little weapon against the other nations."

Everyone's eyes widen hearing this and Minato broke out in a cold sweat as he said "No we didn't."

Naruko unleashing her killing intent brought the entire village to it's knees and woke up Haku who had still been sleeping on Ai's back. Naruko sending a powerful glare at Minato said "Do not try to lie to me Namikaze-scum. I know that you sealed the useless ball of fur known as the Kyuubi into me, to create a perfect little weapon to defend Konoha, and planned on molding me and Mito into the child of that false prophecy told by that old toad. I also know that you kept Kushina there against her will and held Mito hostage in order to keep her there."

Minato trying to get his breath back was wondering how the weapon knew this and where this monstrous killing intent was coming from. Naruko shaking her hair and reeling her killing intent back in let everyone recover from the heavy blast of killing intent they had just suffered. Jiraiya struggling to his feet asked "How did you learn all of that?"

Mito hearing what Jiraiya had just said gained wide eyes and asked "She was telling the truth?"

Haku getting off of Ai snorted and said "Naruko-sama only speaks the truth."

Minato ignoring Haku smiled at Mito and said "No baby I would never use you as leverage against your mother and she was there of her own free will."

He was then shut up by another dose of killing intent. Naruko with rage burning in her eyes stomped over to Minato and grabbed the man by his throat. She lifting him into the air started him directly in the eyes and said "Tell her the truth Namikaze!"

Minato actually being able to feel the pure power Naruko was putting out quickly told the truth, shocking many of the people hearing. Naruko tossing the man at a building turned to Mito and asked "Do you want retribution Mito, do wish to make him pay for what he put me through?"

Mito with tears in her eyes and hatred on her face nodded and said "Make him pay Onee-chan."

Naruko hearing this said "I will dear little sister."

She then turning to look at Minato closed her eyes and said "Haku-chan behold the power of your mistress/queen."

Naruko then ascended directly into Super Saiyan. This made a huge aura of black energy appear and Naruko's hair spiked up and shifted from red to purple. Naruko then slowly opening her eyes revealed two blood red orbs glowing with power. Ai had also gone through a transformation, as her gray fur had changed to golden, and her golden eyes had changed into teal orbs glowing with power. Minato having recovered from the killing intent was standing in front of the building with wide eyes actually being able to feel the enormous power Naruko was putting out right now. Jiraiya in the same boat as Minato was trembling in absolute fear. Almost everyone else was in shock. Sasuke was seething with jealousy, Mito was floored at the amount of power Naruko was putting out, Kushina's mouth was wide open spotting the black aura of power Naruko had. Sarutobi was shocked that his granddaughter was putting out enough power that she easily rivaled the Kyuubi. Haku was staring with pure amazement at the power her mistress/queen showed.

Minato shaking out of his shock, snarled and created a rasengan. He dashing towards Naruko, slammed the rasengan into her chest and jumped back when a cloud of smoke cleared up. He thinking that he had just taken care of the weapon turned to look at Mito who he was going to punish, when suddenly the wind blew and revealed something that made everyone except Haku and Ai gasp. Naruko was standing there perfectly fine, well maybe a little more pissed off as her shirt had been ruined. Minato spotting this took several steps back and asked "What are you?"

Naruko staring at Minato with pure hatred shining in her eyes said "I am Naruko Uzumaki, the Goddess of Violent Retribution and Queen of All Saiyans!"

She then vanished and the next thing anyone knew Minato was crashing through several buildings and Naruko was standing where he had been. When Minato finally stopped, he was literally laying at the southern gates. Naruko vanishing again appeared a few feet away from the bruised and battered Minato. Everyone besides Ai was shocked at the speed she had just shown and the power behind one punch. Ai was scratching behind her ear, as she already knew her mother was this powerful. Minato coughing screamed out "ROOT ANBU STOP HER!"

Hiruzen and Kushina gained wide eyes when from everywhere root anbu appeared. Naruko spotting the anbu, snorted and said "Coward!"

She then clicked her teeth and the root anbu started to drop like flies. The reason for this, was Ai, who was mowing down the root anbu like they were grass. Minato spotting this was about to toss a kunai at the wolf, when he was sent flying by another punch by Naruko. He now landing outside of Konoha, coughed up even more blood. Naruko slowly walking towards Minato was ignoring Ai buzzing through the last few root anbu Minato had summoned. Naruko now an inch away from Minato was about to attack the man, when she had to deflect a fire jutsu. She slowly turning her head rolled her eyes spotting Jiraiya glaring at her with hate and even more root anbu. Jiraiya moving towards his student said "Give up now brat and I promise you'll get to keep some of your memories and that whore of yours will be given to Kakashi, after I break her in."

Naruko hearing this narrowed her eyes and said "You just lucked out Namikaze-scum. I no longer need to kill you as your sensei has just stepped up to the plate."

She then lifting up her hand and looking Jiraiya dead in the eyes said "Enjoy hell, where you belong toad."

She then pushed an enormous amount of energy into her hand and said "Final Shine Attack!"

Jiraiya and the root anbu didn't even have the chance to move as they were wiped clean off the face of the earth by a huge jade green beam of pure energy that destroyed a large portion of the forest with it. This beam created a huge cloud of smoke and kicked up rocks and other small objects like that. When the smoke cleared, the civilian council, the two elders, Danzo, and many others all turned so white paper would look dull by comparison. There was nothing but scorched earth where she had just fired her attack and that terrified them to the core. Naruko lowering her hand turned around and powered down back to normal and was walking away, when Minato came dashing towards her with a seal in his hand. He with rage in his eyes screamed "THIS SEAL WILL PUT YOU BACK IN YOUR PLACE WEAPON!"

It looked like he was about to place it when his wrist was grabbed by none other than a very pissed off Gogi. She glaring at the man who was trying to turn her daughter into a breeding factory growled and said "You fucking piece of shit."

Naruko having already predicted that Minato was going to try something like that had her hand on the hilt of her other sword ready to slice the man in half. She hearing one of her nine mother's voice moved her hand and said "Mother I had it under control."

Gogi ignoring the widening of eyes looked at Naruko and said "I know you did baby, but you already killed that old toad accidentally crippling Konoha a little bit I want to kill this fool. Plus Megami-chan asked me to collect this fool's soul for her."

Naruko hearing this blinked and said "Okay then."

She clicking her teeth again watched as Ai appeared with Haku once again being on her back. Naruko climbing onto the back of Ai leaned into Haku again and said "Take us home Ai."

Ai barking vanished in a burst of pure speed. Once the three of them was gone, Gogi let go of Minato's wrist and started to chuckle very darkly. She looking at Minato with an evil glint in her eyes said "What I forgot to mention to my lovely daughter is that I'm gonna beat you to a bloody pulp before I hand you over to Megami-chan."

She then summoning her full power and creating a barrier cracked her knuckles and said "Welcome Namikaze-scum to the absolute worst beating you'll ever feel." She then preceded to beat Minato so bad, his own mother wouldn't be able to recognize him.

The next morning we can find Naruko sleeping in a very large bed, with Ai laid out beside her. Naruko had been expecting to come home to her apartment, but was shocked to find her very own clan compound instead. The place was fit for a princess, well more like several royal families. Naruko after making sure Haku found a room of her own, had explored the place with Ai and had been shocked to find this room with her name on the door. She had entered it and had squealed spotting the huge bed she had always dreamed of, along with the actual ramen fountain from her dreams in the corner flowing with Miso ramen. Normally she would've attacked the fountain until she so full she couldn't walk, but she just wanted to go to sleep, so she had stripped to just her panties and had climbed into bed. Ai had after drinking some of the ramen broth, had climbed in the bed with her mommy and had quickly fallen asleep. Haku had after setting her stuff up in her room, had searched the home for her mistress and had after finding Naruko and Ai asleep had silently closed the door and snuck into the kitchen to fix herself a small meal. After eating it and cleaning her mess, she had moved back to her room and got undressed. She had then climbed into her bed and after wishing her mistress good dreams was soon sleeping herself.

They had been asleep since then, and hadn't moved since. Well Ai had rolled over and twitched a few times in her sleep, Naruko had grabbed a pillow and started to dry hump it and Haku had buried herself in the warmth of the blanket of her bed, so they hadn't moved from the beds since then. Naruko dreaming about her ramen broth was just about to finish her 500th bowl of ramen, when suddenly both of her eyes opened. She letting go of her pillow sat up and climbed out of her bed. She walking over to the door, opened it and walked down the hall. She walking outside of the mansion walked over to the closed gates. She opening them rubbed her sleepy eyes and asked "What is it Konohamaru-kun?"

Konohamaru with wide eyes and a heavy blush on his face was trying very hard not to stare at Naruko's breast, but it was really hard considering she was only wearing a pair of black panties. Naruko putting her hands down, and looking at Konohamaru wondering why he hadn't answered her question yet, blinked spotting his state. She then noticed that a lot of the males and some of the females around her or behind Konohamaru had passed out with nosebleeds. The one male who was standing had his jaw scraping the ground and wide white circles. Naruko following the eyes of the man blinked spotting her bare chest. She then putting the clues together rolled her eyes and slapped Konohamaru on the back of his head and said "Stop being a pervert you little idiot."

Konohamaru shaking his head and looking up at Naruko with stars for eyes asked "Will you teach me something today Onee-sama?"

Naruko hearing this question scratched the side of her face and actually thought about her answer. She was already planning on starting Haku on her Saiyan training along with the bonding ritual and transforming Haku into a full blooded saiyan. She looking at Konohamaru, did think that the boy was her brother in all but blood. She smiling softly said "Yeah I can do that Kono, just go get Moegi and Udon and bring them here in 2 hours."

Konohamaru hearing this cheered and took off in a cloud of dust, going to find his two friends. Naruko giggling turned around and walked back into the compound. She grabbing an apple from one of the trees walked back inside of the mansion and walked towards Haku's room. Reaching the room she bit the apple and then sent a surge of her power through the room. This woke Haku and Ai up. Haku looking at her mistress with a small blush on her face wondered why her mistress had woken her up. Naruko turning her head and smiling as Ai trotted over to her location. She turning back to look Haku dead in the eyes said "Get dressed Haku-chan today you become a true saiyan and start your saiyan training."

Haku hearing this nodded and said "Yes Naruko-sama."

Naruko turning around and walking out of the room turned to Ai and asked "So how long do you think it will take Haku-chan to adjust to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber?"

Ai scratching her muzzle said "It's going to take her a while."

Naruko taking another bite of her apple said "Well she won't be the only one training. Kono, Moegi and Udon will be learning the ways of the saiyan with her."

Ai snorting said "Those three kids will be monsters and by the time they are genin, they'll make jonin look like rookies."

Naruko chuckling said "That's the plan my precious Ai. In fact I think we'll drag the old man and if I can talk her into it Ino with us."

Ai walking into the room asked "Why ask when you can just drag her kicking and screaming and what about Anko Mitarashi, the woman grandma Larxene said you should make your mate."

Naruko walking into her closet said "We're taking her with us and as for the kicking and screaming, well I plan on maybe making Ino mine one day, and as much I would love to drag her kicking and screaming to the chamber, she would most likely harbor resentment towards me if I did that and resentment is toxic to a stable and healthy relationship."

Ai having been drinking the ramen broth, sat down and asked "So how are you going to ask her?"

Naruko walking out of her closet dressed in a red tank top, and black jeans smiled and said "Ino is a hopeless romantic and I know this because of Sakura. All I need to do is romance her and she'll come willingly."

Ai hearing this instantly understood what her mother was implying. She was going to make the Yamanaka girl swoon, literally as her mother was going to use the ability Swoon and Infatuation on the girl. Ai shaking her head said "You're devious mother."

Naruko chuckling said "Well I am the goddess of Mischief Ai-chan."

Ai sweat dropped hearing this and thought "I thought you were the goddess of violent retribution?"

Naruko having heard that thought eye smiled and said "I am sweet baby girl. Mother is a goddess of multiple things."

Ai sweat dropped again remembering that indeed her mother was the goddess of multiple things.