Greetings my loyal fans this is Naruko ZX! My Megaman and Naruko crossover. This is only the first chapter and it will get better after this chapter.

Chapter 1; Naruko ZX!

Our story starts in a secluded forested area. This area is mostly barren except for the old and worn wooden shack in the middle of the area. Sitting not far from this shack is a 12 year old girl with shoulder-length blonde hair that for some reason had more spikes in it than a porcupine has quills. This girl had pale skin that would be blemish free if it weren't for the three whisker like marks on each side of her face. This girl was dressed in a horrendous orange and blue jacket with a black shirt underneath it. She had on a pair of matching orange pants that were rolled up near the bottom. She had on tattered blue sandals that had obviously seen better days. In front of her rolled out was a scroll that honestly looked like it would fall to pieces any second now. This scroll is the forbidden scroll of sealing that was normally kept under lock and key, but this girl had stolen it foolishly believing in the words of someone she thought she could trust. That's a little ahead of the story though. This girl looking at the scroll frowned as nothing looked interesting on the scroll and she was supposed to learn a jutsu so she could pass the secret test.

She then came across a scroll that said something about the blessing of some creature that could easily be a deity. This jutsu was named Arceus's blessing! Apparently this Arceus was a creature called a pokemon that had once visited Shodaime-Sama in his dreams claiming that this jutsu would bring the person who had used it directly in front of him to be judged. The girl was kinda afraid of this, because what if this Arceus saw what the villagers did and punished her for being a lowly demon like that man had done. She shivered a little and slid her right hand over her stomach. She could still hear his chilling laughter as he raped her, even though the prick was long dead. She had thanked Kami that her favorite anbu had heard her cries for help and rushed to her aide. That was one of the few times she had seen Crow get angry. Crow had sliced the man into tiny little pieces and then set the pieces on fire before rushing her to the hospital. This made her miss crow who had done some horrible act to get him kicked out of the anbu and konoha. She shaking her head of nostalgia went back to reading the scroll but remembering the handsigns to the Arceus Jutsu. She blinked finding a jutsu named Awakening Jutsu! The jutsu had no description beside that it would awaken whatever was inside of the user. This made her curious, because maybe the jutsu was talking about waking up any hidden bloodlines or maybe potential or maybe even both. She wondered what would happen if she did this jutsu and wondered if it would lead her to finding anything about her parents. Sighing she remembered the two handsigns for this jutsu and moved on. She blinked finding one last jutsu that interested her near the bottom. This jutsu seemed to be the oldest on the scroll as it was really hard to make out, but it was called Project ZX jutsu! It had no description but it did have a rank. This jutsu was apparently ranked Z. The girl had never even heard of something being Z-rank, but the logical part of her braid figured that Z-rank was most likely very serious. This jutsu had twenty handsigns and she remembered them. She was then corrected as another jutsu seemed to be even older than that one. This jutsu was called Pokegirl Virus jutsu! This jutsu like ZX was a Z-rank, but unlike ZX it had a description. Apparently it gave the user traits of whatever in Kami's name a pokegirl was. This jutsu had twenty-five handsigns and she remembered them. She then moving back up the scroll decided to start with the easiest looking jutsu on the scroll. It was something called the Shadow Clone Jutsu! It had one handsign and if she was reading the description right, her training and learning time down in half. She could already see the possibilities of this jutsu. She practicing the handsigns for a little while, moved on and found three more jutsu that could help her out. The first was the shuriken shadow clone jutsu, which was quickly followed by the kunai shadow clone jutsu and the last of the three jutsu was exploding clone jutsu.

She practicing the handsigns of these three jutsu smiled. She then rolling the scroll back up actually did the Shadow clone jutsu. She gained wide eyes when 10,000 shadow clones appeared. There was literally a sea of orange, blue, black and blonde in front of her very eyes. She standing up was a little shocked at how many clones she had just summoned. Shaking her head she cupped her hands around her mouth and said "Alright I want 8 groups of 1,250 clones." The clones quickly got into the groups. She nodding said "Alright I want the first group to work on the Arceus jutsu, I want the second group to work on the Awakening jutsu, I want the third group to work Project ZX. The fourth group will be working on Pokegirl Virus. The fifth group will be working on Shadow clone jutsu. The sixth group will be working on the shuriken shadow clone jutsu. The seventh group will be working on the kunai shadow clone jutsu and the last group will be working on the exploding clone jutsu. The plan is to get the jutsu we just learned down to one handsign in the case of the ones with more than one handsign, and in the other cases no handsigns at all. The clones nodding saluted her and took off into the forest. She once spotting her clones gone sat back down and wondered what to do until her sensei came to test her. She then looking up could see that stars above and this gave her the perfect idea on what to do. She laying back decided to stargaze and enjoy the peace.

35 minutes later and her peace was interrupted by one of her sensei Umino Iruka appearing and him asking "Naruko you little idiot do you have any idea on how much trouble you're in for stealing the forbidden scroll of sealing?"

Our now identified heroine blinked and instantly sat up. She looking at him with confusion clear in her bright blue eyes asked "What do you mean Iruka-sensei?"

Iruka giving her a deadpan look said "That big scroll over there by that old shack. The forbidden scroll of sealing that you stole from the Hokage's office."

She rolling her eyes said "I only did was Mizuki-sensei told me to do Iruka-sensei. He said it was all part of the secret test."

Iruka hearing this blinked and asked "What are you talking about?"

She sighing said "After I failed the genin exam earlier Mizuki-sensei approached me and informed me of a secret genin exam. He then told me all I had to do was steal the forbidden scroll from the Hokage's office and come here to hide out until he came or another sensei came to get me. I was also to learn a jutsu from the scroll and show it to the sensei who came for me and then hand the scroll over to Mizuki."

Iruka hearing this got alarmed and asked "Did he give you directions on how to steal the scroll?"

She nodding said "He sure did. Even told me the patterns the security detail took and the combination of the vault."

Iruka quickly realized what this meant and was using his sensor ability to scan the area for Mizuki. Sadly it was a little too late as a giant shuriken came sailing towards the unsuspecting Naruko. Luckily for her some of her clones had been training not far from her position and had seen the shuriken coming. The clone quickly switched places with her and Iruka gained wide eyes when the Naruko hit by the shuriken exploded in a plume of smoke. Naruko having gained the memories from the clone moved back towards Iruka and glared up at the tree were a smirking Mizuki could be seen. Iruka glaring said "Mizuki you traitor."

Mizuki laughing coldly said "I'm not a traitor filth. I was never loyal to this foolish village. I am loyal to the great and powerful Orochimaru-sama, who is gonna reward me greatly for retrieving the forbidden scroll for him."

Iruka pulling out a kunai said "Over my dead body."

Mizuki smirking darkly said "That was already the plan fool."

He then snapped his fingers and Iruka gained wide eyes when four beings appeared. The first one looked like a big green chameleon made of metal and on the middle of it's forehead was the image of a curled up white snake. The next being looked like a red and yellow beetle with what looked like sharp blades for it's horns. Like the chameleon it had the image of a curled up white snake, but it had it just below the middle of it's chest. Next up was a big orange, brown and blue mandrill that was taller than any man Iruka had seen. Sitting on each of it's arms was the image of a cured up white snake. The last of the four beings was a blue and yellow eagle-like creature. Sitting in the middle of it's chest was the image of a curled up white snake. Mizuki chuckling said "Behold lord Orochimaru's genius. Storm Eagle, Sting Chameleon, Spark Mandrill and Boomer Kuwanger. These four marvelous beings used to be mere mortal men, but Orochimaru-sama decided that mortal wasn't good enough and gave them incredible upgrades."

He then looking darkly said "All four of them have the equal power of a anbu of this pathetic village." He then jumping down laughed and said "Orochimaru-sama lent me them, because he really wants the forbidden scroll." Mizuki pointed at Iruka and said "Sting, Spark, Boomer take care of the trash."

He then looking at the wide eyed Naruko smirked and asked "Hey Naruko wanna know why everyone sends such hate filled looks at you." Iruka gained wide eyes hearing this, but couldn't do anything as he was too busy trying to survive the attack from the three creatures. Naruko curious nodded her head. Mizuki somehow widening his smirk said "It's because 12 years ago the Kyuubi appeared and attacked the village wreaking havoc and destruction in it's path. The great Yodaime Hokage then somehow defeated the beast, well that is at least what was told to you brats. You see the Yodaime wasn't strong enough to kill the fox, so instead he trapped in in the form of a weak little girl."

He then gaining demented glee in his eyes pointed at the shell shocked Naruko and said "That weak little girl is you, you wretched demon filth."

He then started to laugh at the heart-break in Naruko's eyes. He then stopping his laugh said "Storm kill the little bitch and I'll grab the scroll."

Storm nodding charged towards the trembling Naruko. What Mizuki didn't know was Naruko's clones sensing her in danger had decided to stop practicing the jutsu they were learning and actually execute them. The first group of clones going into the snake handsign all cried out "Kinjutsu; Arceus's Blessing Jutsu!" A huge surge of chakra then flooded the forest. The second group then cried out "Kinjutsu; Awakening Jtsu!" Even more chakra flooded the forest, though this time a heavier energy was accompanying it. The third group of clones doing two handsigns and landing on dragon cried out "Kinjutsu; Project ZX Jutsu!" The two energies once again flooded the forest this time knocking Mizuki, Sting, Storm, Spark, Boomer and Iruka off of their feet. A third lighter energy then joined the two. The fourth group of clones then doing three handsigns and landing on rabbit said "Kinjutsu; Pokegirl Virus Jutsu!" Even more energy flooded the forest and a fourth darker one joined the first three. The fifth and eighth group charged towards Mizuki, Spark, Sting, Boomer and Storm, most of them glowing brightly. The Sixth and Seventh group of clones tossed every shuriken and kunai they had on them at Storm and Mizuki, before crying out "Shuriken/Kunai Shadow Clone Jutsu!"

15,000 shuriken and kunai then came flying through the forest head directly for Storm Eagle and Mizuki. Iruka had wide eyes when the fifth and eight group created even more clones with a huge amount of them glowing. Mizuki with wide eyes jumped high into the air but the clones followed him. Explosions then started to rock the forest and the sound of metal clanking could be heard. While this was happening Naruto had been trapped in a bubble of dense snow white chakra. Iruka spotting this dome wondered "What did you just do Naruko?"

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