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Chapter 7; Wave Part 2!

A few days later and Naruko was frustrated as no matter what she tried she just couldn't unlock the Super Saiyan state. She had while trying to unlock said state unlocked the signature move of the Satsui no Hado and she did not like how much rage it flooded her body with. So she now had clones working on a way to reduce the amount of rage it took to use the move, along with learning how to focus the Satsui no Hado into her hands. She was also trying to help Inari learn how to fight. She decided to teach him the turtle hermit style as she wanted Inari to be able to defend himself. She had also put weights on him to increase his speed. In fact right now Inari was wearing about 120 lbs total on his body. She had also started the boy on showing his enemies a mask of emotionless. This would always allow him to have the upper hand over his enemy and would most likely give him the time to come up with a plan. She was actually also guarding Tazuna and his workers from any threats. She had created some clones to actually help the man, because she did have some construction in her DNA, literally. She was helping the man and his workers and they were all to pleased to accept her help. Her Z-sabers were of course attached to each hip, just in case something did jump off at the bridge and she had to handle it. Madoka had also taken over a clone stating she wanted to go see something. Naruto had a idea that Madoka had gone to visit the ruins of Uzushio. Aile and Zero had gone with her, as apparently they had some theories that needed to be tested out in Uzushio. Naruko suddenly blinked as one of her perimeter clones had just been dispelled. Standing to her feet, she activated her sharingan and placed her right hand on a Z-saber. Suddenly something or someone came barreling out of the forest heading directly towards her. She pulling out her Z-saber was barely able to block a rather elegant looking katana. The person holding this katana was shrouded in a cloak, so Naruko couldn't really see anything. Naruko jumping back said "Clones use Shutsugen and get the workers to safety."

She didn't have to say it twice as her clones vanished with all of the workers leaving just her and the mysterious attacker on the bridge. Naruko pulling out her other Z-saber slammed them together creating her unified Z-saber. The mysterious person said "This is a test oh chosen one. Defeat this warrior and gain something lost, or be defeated and be forced to watch as ruin fall over Wave and your team."

Naruko hearing this instantly understood that this warrior had been sent by Kami or Yami. Honestly it didn't matter as Naruko had to absolutely defeat this person, so she could save wave. Naruko closing her eyes said "Alright then, no holding back."

She opening them again revealed her Mangekyou Sharingan. Naruko then flooded her body with a mix of chakra and ki. She gained wide eyes when the warrior flooded it's body with ki and chakra. The warrior then vanished and Naruko just barely ducked under a brutal swing from the warriors sword. Naruko jumping into the air switched her sword into a boomerang and cried out "Sonic Boom!" The warrior dodging her attack sent a fireball at her. Naruko spotting this created a wall of water to block the fireball. She catching her Z-saber. Dropped down and charged in the steam. She clashing swords with the warrior wondered who this person was.

The clones having taken Tazuna and the workers to Tazuna's home was standing guard at the door ready to defend this place with their lives. Kurenai and the others walking into the house gained wide eyes spotting the number of clones literally forming a protective circle around Tazuna, the workers, Inari and Tsunami. Anko quickly asked "What the hell is going on?"

The lead clone said "Crazy sexy-sensei the boss was guarding and helping the old drunk and his slacker workers when one of the perimeter clones was popped like a nasty zit. The boss then sensing someone coming barely blocked this gorgeous red katana and ordered us to get the old drunk and his slackers to safety. We did so and brought them here. Boss hasn't dispelled us yet, meaning she's most likely fighting whoever that mysterious person was."

Kurenai hearing this and ignoring how the clone had called Anko crazy sexy sensei asked "Is she still on the bridge."

Another clone nodding said "Hai Kurenai-sensei, boss is still on the bridge and a purple barrier has been erupted around the area keeping us or anyone else from going in to assist boss."

Anko cursing said "So the only thing we can do is stay here and hope she defeats whoever this person is."

The clones nodding said "Yeah!"

Ino smiling with confidence said "Naruko-chan will defeat this mysterious person and do so with style and power."

Sakura snorting said "Yeah right the baka is probably getting her ass kicked right now wishing that Sasuke-kun was there to save her life."

Everyone including Inari sweat dropped hearing this. Inari shaking his head raised his clenched fist and said "No way. Naruko-onee-chan will defeat this mysterious person and will do with the greatest of ease, because she is the hero and hero's never fail or fall."

Anko grinning said "Yeah what the brat said. Naruko is the hero and they never fail or fall."

Tazuna nodding said "She's gonna stomp a mudhole in the attacker and then she'll kick that eyebrow less freak's ass."

Ino with a fire in her eyes said "Damn right she is, because she's Naruko Uzumaki and nothing short of the will of Kami will ever stop her."

Kurenai nodding said "Her determination and lineage will not allow her to ever give up until the job is done."

Sakura snorting said "She's still a baka."

Naruko now locked in mortal combat with the mysterious attacker was feeling her saiyan blood boiling as this battle was already proving to be good. She jumping back crossed her fingers and said "Shadow Clone Jutsu!"

Two clones appeared in a poof of smoke. She landing nodded to the clones and all three blurred through handsigns. All three taking a deep breath in cried out "Fire/Wind/Water style; Great Fireball jutsu/ Great Breakthrough jutsu/Water Dragon jutsu!"

All three attacks went soaring at the attacker who managed to jump. Naruko smirking said "Not so fast." The three attacks then combined to turn into a tomoe. Naruko sending it towards the attacker said "Shakuton; Chikyū ga jo koge jutsu!"(Scorched Earth Dividing Jutsu)

This tomoe literally transformed into a heat seeking missile and launched towards the attacker who blurred towards the ground. The attack followed and the attacker flipped just as the just collided with the bridge and the ground literally crisped and divided in half. Naruko cursing dash forward with her two clones each with their Z-saber in hand. They trying to hack the attacker up gasped when they were each kicked hard in the stomach. This made the clones vanish in poofs of smoke. Naruko flipping in the air blurred through more handsigns and took a deep breath in. She then unleashed a huge torrent of black flames. She blurring through more handsigns surged her hands forward creating a huge tornado. She letting go of her fire, cried out "Combination jutsu; Maelstrom Inferno Jutsu!"

The now flaming tornado of black doom was barreling towards the attacker who to Naruko's shock literally cut her attack in half with her sword. Naruko landing on the bridge said "Well fuck me."

Shaking her head she created four more clones and said "Do it." The clones nodding blurred through handsigns and cried out "Hyoton; Blizzard of the Blessed Jutsu!"

The four clones then poured all of the chakra they had in their bodies into the jutsu literally creating a blizzard that covered the entire bridge and the barrier became snow white and covered in ice crystals. Naruko once this happened closed her eyes and lifted her Z-saber high above her. She slowing everything in her body started to focus on the sounds of the attacker hoping to pick up even the tiniest sound. She smirked slightly hearing the sound of another heartbeat. She blurring through the blizzard, just barely managed to miss the attacker. Naruko vanishing into the snow again smiled as the attacker had swung where she had just been. Naruko liked this and briefly wondered if this is what Zabuza felt like when he did the hidden mist jutsu and the silent killing technique. Shaking her head she slowed her heartbeat even more, allowing herself to become completely silent. She couldn't allow her thoughts to get in the way of what she needed to do. She hearing the attackers heartbeat again didn't dash forward this time, instead she transformed her Z-saber into it's chain form. She sending in barreling towards the attacker, smirked when the attacker was barely able to dodge the chain. Naruko calling her chain back jumped into the air and started to unleash wave after wave of balls of ice large enough to equal three rasengan combined. The attacker was getting hit by each ball, and Naruko could actually hear the damage the attacks was doing. Her eyes widened when the attack dodged the attack she sent, and unleashed a huge aura of pure ki, blowing away a lot of her snow. Naruko landing could see that the cloak was completely fine keeping the attack hidden. Shaking her head Naruko got her Z-saber ready.

Back at Tazuna's home everyone was gathered by the clone who had created a viewing orb out of ice and ki. Everyone was watching Naruko's battle with the mysterious attacker. Anko looking at one of the clones asked "Since when could she do the Shakuton and the Hyoton?"

The clone blushing darkly poked it's fingers together and said "We've always been able to do that Anko-hime. Boss just prefers to keep all skills under wraps, because of a certain jealous duck ass who would demand things from us."

Everyone from konoha knowing who she was talking about nodded, except for Sakura who glared at the clone. Ino spotting the Z-saber shift into a chain asked "Woah is that a chain?"

Another clone nodding said "Hell yeah it is Ino-chan that right there is the Z-chain that we unlocked during a serious training session at home. That thing is certified killer and if boss had hit her attacker with that this battle would be over now."

Kurenai spotting Naruko doing something like the silent killing technique asked "When did she learn how to do the silent killing technique?"

The clone that had a blushing Inari in it's lap said "We learned it while facing No brows. Our sharingan allowed us to copy it. We didn't get to copy the hidden mist jutsu, but the blizzard works even better then the mist, as anyone not with the Hyoton bloodline or specific training to deal with the cold, would slowly freeze, making their movements slower and making it easier to pick them off. Plus the boss can lower her heart rate and bodily functions until she's barely even registering as alive."

Ino hearing this asked "Isn't that dangerous?"

A clone that was polishing it's nails said "No as boss has a huge Ice type boost, meaning that if she wanted to she could literally stay in this blizzard for the rest of her life, without having to do much but eat, and we can survive off of the snow we create so."

All eyes widened hearing this and Kurenai asked "What do you mean type boost?"

The clone that looked like it had woken up on the wrong side of the century opened up both of it's eyes to reveal red slitted eyes and said in a gravely voice "None of you idiots answer that question. That pink haired meat bag would go and tell her stupid father and that idiot pompous emo gay bastard known as Uchiha Sasuke."

Everyone in the room blinked, well except for the clones who looked at the one who had just spoke with a little fear. Anko noticing this asked "Alright what do you represent?"

The clone looking at her smirked revealing it's very sharp and shiny teeth and said "I represent the inner dragon and you will be mine Mitarashi Anko, if you like it or not."

All of the clones blinked hearing this and Anko blushed darkly wondering why that statement turned her on so much. All the other females in the room also blushed and Sakura wondered if Sasuke would ever say something like that to her.

Switching back to the bridge Naruko could actually feeling herself getting tired. She standing up knew that she had to kick this battle into high gear. She closing her eyes clenching her fist and said "Get ready!"

She then shouted "KAIO-KEN!"

Her body once again became coated in the signature aura of purple ki. She rocketing forward started to sling heavy punches at the attacker, who was barely dodging. Naruko spotting this growled and spun around at a very fast pace, drawing the attacker in. Naruko once the attacker was close enough swung out with a heavy punch. The attacker then switched places with a log and Naruko had to jump high into the air to avoid being slashed in half. Naruko feeling the Kaio-Ken fade away started to draw energy into her hands. She feeling the energy getting more powerful shifted so she was looking down at the bridge. She drawing in more power could hear the high pitched whine her attack was creating. Naruko feeling the energy gathered in her hand said "Take this! Kōshihameha!"

She then fired her purple photon destruction wave down at the bridge towards the attacker, who to the shock of Naruko sent a wave of ki from her sword. The two attacks collided and a huge shockwave filled the area. Naruko appearing on the ground was looking at the attacker with wide eyes. Shaking her head she clenched her fist and cried out "KAIO-KEN X3!"

Even more purple ki came barreling out of her body and Naruko literally vanished from view. She appearing with her right fist drawn back cried out "Shining Star Valley!"

She then started to rain down power packed punches down on the attacker, who was actually being hit by each punch. Naruko with her palm on the figure's stomach cried out "Shining Star Beam!"

The attacker was blasted back from a huge beam of pure white energy. Naruko letting go of the Kaio-Ken times 3 was now panting heavily. She looking over at the figure was sure that attack had landed. The figure then stood up and reveal that the cloak had finally been harmed as the stomach of the figure was now visible. The figure then blurred towards Naruko who quickly flipped back, knowing that she needed to wait until she used the Kaio-Ken times 4. Naruko flipping into the air clapped her hands together and cried out "Raiton; Mekura ken-ka infinit jutsu!"(Lightning Style; Blinding Infinity Jutsu!)

The entire bridge was then hit with several blinding bolts of lighting. Naruko having closed her eyes moved as close to the barrier as she could. She feeling enough of her chakra come back for the Kaio-Ken times four, opened her eyes and gained wide eyes spotting a huge wave of water heading her way. Cursing she quickly blurred through handsigns and cried out "Hyoton; Blissful Nirvana Jutsu!"

The wave of water that had been heading her way, suddenly turned into a solid block of ice. Naruko spotting this quickly cried out "KAIO-KEN X5!"

A huge aura of purple ki appeared and she blasting through the ice she had just made cried out "It's time to end this." She then appearing before the attacker with both of her hands pressed to the attacker's stomach said "Ryōshihameha!"(Quantum Destruction Wave)

A huge explosion of green energy then hit the attacker full on shaking the entire bridge and making the barrier buckle and waiver from the pure power behind that attack. When the smoke the attack created finally cleared, the attacker was at the very edge of the bridge, it's cloak now nothing but a rag. Naruko herself was panting heavily as that last attack took a lot out of her. Mainly because it was super charged from the power of the Kaio-Ken times five. She slowly walking over to the attacker gained wide eyes spotting her mother Kushina Uzumaki laid out on the bridge unconscious. The voice from the start of the battle then said "Congratulations Naruko-chan you have passed the test set up for you by a being with ties to Yami and Kami. You have proven yourself ready for the tough challenges you will face in your life. Your reward and what was one lost is your mother Kushina Uzumaki. Do keep pushing yourself to become stronger and look forward to you next challenge."

The barrier then vanished and Anko and Kurenai instantly appeared on the bridge. Naruko staring with shock at her mother, didn't even notice Madoka, Aile and Zero return to her mind. Suddenly all of the energy she had used in the battle caught up with her. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she quickly fell backwards, into the waiting arms of Anko. Kurenai checking Kushina out had wide eyes as she said "She's alive."

Anko with wide eyes said "Let's get the two of them back to the old drunk's home. We can figure out the rest later."

Kurenai nodding picked up Kushina and carried her back to Tazuna's home, while Anko carried the resting Naruko. Ino and Sakura at Tazuna's home both had wide eyes having witnessed the same thing Kurenai and Anko just had. Ino shaking her head swooned and said "Naruko-chan is so awesome. She's like a goddess given human form."

Sakura turning away actually had a small blush on her face as what Naruko had just done was beyond cool. Inari with stars in his eyes said "Naruko-onee-sama is amazing."

Tazuna was crying at the destruction Naruko's battle had done to his bridge. Tsunami was shocked and was wondering since when did 12 years old become so powerful. All of the workers were doing the same as Tazuna, except two who were shitting their pants. You see they weren't really workers, but were spies. One from Kumo and the other for Suna. Both spies having seen the destruction she had just caused and that Kushina Uzumaki was alive knew that this spelled trouble for their villages. They couldn't bale out just yet though as they needed to see the battle between Zabuza and this team from Konoha to actually get an accurate assessment of the threat level the group of genin was. The workers then after stopping their crying went home to get ready for the next day of work, because they knew it was going to be a long one.

The next day Naruko would wake up and groan feeling how sore she was from using the Kaio-Ken times 5 without flooding her body with enough chakra to match the output of the ki. She getting up out of the bed she was sleeping in was about to walk towards the bathroom when she suddenly remembered what had happened before she passed out. Her eyes turned into wide white circles and she literally blurred out of the room and down the stairs. She appearing in the kitchen couldn't stop the huge smile that appeared on her face spotting Kushina Uzumaki sitting at the kitchen table drinking a cup of tea and talking to her two sensei. Inari sitting at the table and listening to the conversation between the 3 kunoichi blinked spotting Naruko. He smiling brightly cried out "Naruko-onee-sama!"

This made all eyes move to Naruko who was standing there with tears actually spilling from her eyes and the largest goofy grin on her face. Kushina looking at her baby girl for the second time in a day, gained tears in her eyes and a big goofy grin on her face. The two then blurred towards each other and met in the middle of the room. Kushina wrapping Naruko in a deep and loving hug, and Naruko wrapping Kushina in a tight and happy embrace. Naruko nuzzling her face into Kushina said "Kaa-chan."

Kushina nuzzling Naruko right back said "Musume-chan."

The mother and daughter then just hugged each other, letting everyone else in the room fade away. When the hug did end Kushina dragged Naruko over to the seat directly beside her and said "My darling Musume, tell Kaa-chan about you and how strong you've gotten while she was gone."

Naruko smiling brightly said "Okay Kaa-chan I'll tell you everything you want to hear."

Anko hearing this said "Hold maybe you two should take this conversation somewhere a little less public."

Kushina looking around nodded and said "Yes you're right Anko-chan. Come Naruko to the spot where you have been training."

Naruko nodding got up and followed her mother out of the home. She then poking her head back in asked "Are two coming or what sensei?"

Anko and Kurenai blinking smiled and jumped up to follow Naruko and Kushina. Anko stopping at the door created a shadow clone and informed it to train Sakura and Ino until this conversation was over. The clone nodding walked back over to the table to wait for the other two genin to wake up. It gaining a slightly evil smirk had plans for the two girls and was going to run them into the ground, mainly because Kurenai wouldn't be there to stop it from doing so. It actually started to cackle with evil glee making Inari quickly slide away from the clone, and the waking up Ino to suddenly tremble in abstract horror. Hell the still heavily slumbering Sakura suddenly started to break out in a cold sweat almost as if she could feel something terrifying and bad was going to happen to her today. She whimpering in her sleep said "Save me Sasuke-kun, Naruko-chan."

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