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Marinette looked down from the balcony while Chloe/Antibug jumped up and down on Chats baton which he was currently tied to over nothing but air thirty foot above ground. Tikki sat on her shoulder nibbling through the cookie she had stolen from the hotel but not quickly enough and Marinette felt panic raise in her as the baton swayed up and down dangerously. Antibug called for her in a way that made the teen's blood boil. The detestable blond announced that Ladybug had ten seconds to come out and began jumping up and down on the baton and the ropes binding the blond cat slid down towards the end. Just as a plan formed in Marinettes head with some encouraging words from Tikki reminding her that she wasn't completely helpless without her suit, Antibug jumped on the baton once more but slipped, landing in a tangle of limbs on the floor. She grasped at the baton raised high above her head but by the time she managed to grasp it, there was no weight resistance on the other end.

Marinette watched as if in slow motion, horror gripping her with it's icy claws as she watched the black clad figure fall to his certain death, feebly fighting his bounds with fear creeping into his expression.

"CHAT!" She screamed, abandoning her concealment and leaping down from the ledge, rushing to the iron wrung balcony and making a futile effort to reach out and grab the tail of her partners suit, denying the fact that it was already well out of her reach. Marinette had never been so terrified in all her life as she watched the black clad figure connect with the pavement with a nauseating series of crunches that could be heard even at this distance and stilled, red splattering golden hair and decorating the pavement. The street below seemed to still as the civilians around the scene stilled, processing the gory scene before them before chaos erupted.

"Marinette! His identity! His miraculous will deactivate any second! I'm ready!" Tikki's urgency brought the bluenette back to her senses and she rushed back into the empty hotel room she had stood in only moments ago away from prying eyes and transformed. She ran back out, immediately spotting one of the thick black out curtains blocking the view of the grandiose bay windows and leaped from the balcony and swinging from it, tapping down next to her injured partner with her identity safe. She quickly checked for a pulse and felt a flutter of relief as she felt a slowed but still prominent pulse under the light olive skin of his neck.

"Everyone back up!" She screamed at the gathering crowd as she whipped the borrowed curtain over Chat, completely hiding him from view.

"What are you doing Ladybug? What happened?" A nearby spectator asked holding her phone, most likely dialling 112.

"Antibug, or Chloe Bourgeois happened. Please don't tell anyone about what you saw," She replied pleadingly, gently lifting her friend over her shoulder still wrapped in the curtain and ran away from the scene as quickly as she could. If someone suddenly turned up at a hospital with injuries from falling off a building, it would only take someone to put two and two together to realise Chats true identity. Anger pulsed through her unlike anything she had felt before, she knew it wasn't Chloe's fault but the burning hatred for the blond haired brat was barely containable, let alone what she felt for Dark Moth. As soon as she knew Chat was safe she would be back for their newest enemy. Barely concentrating on where she was going, Ladybug found herself near an abandoned Metro station, hardly able to believe her luck she sped down the stairs and into the dark mouth of the station, the only light feeding in from entrance. When she came to a hallway which lead to the out of service station trains still passed, she carefully laid down the dead weight, having noticed the shift some time ago as he transformed back to himself. She knelt down next to Chats hidden form, her stomach turning as she noticed the blood that had seeped through the fabric concealing him and wonderment taking hold. She knew she shouldn't find out who her mysterious partner really was but she needed to see how bad his injuries where and try to come up with a believable story she could tell the authorities. Tremors wrecking her entire form, she slowly peeled back the fabric and gasped, clapping a hand over her mouth to stop herself from screaming in horror.

"A-Adrien?" She rasped, taking in the perfect features of her unconscious classmate, the love of her life and her now unmasked partner lay before her. His arm and leg where bent at an unnatural angle and under his tee and unbuttoned shirt, it was obvious there where several broken bones from where he had landed. There was a dark gash on the side of his head which continued to ooze red and the side of his face where littered with scrapes and bruises blossomed across his perfect skin. Marinette plucked at the ropes around his wrists with shaking hands, tears burning the corners of her eyes as she repeated his name over and over, switching between his actual name and his alias. She couldn't believe it. All this time he had been right at her side and she had never noticed. A thousand memories fought with each other for dominance in her head, Chat's endless flirting, the valentines letter she found in the trash that was still tacked to her wall, all the times Akuma had possessed their friends while they where together and how he had made some sort of excuse to disappear the same way she had. How could she have been so blind? Something small wriggled from under his previously white shirt and she cautiously lifted it to find a little black form sitting there, breathing.

"Plagg is that you?" Marinette felt her clothes change back to normal and Tikki squeeked fretfully, flying down to the tiny little body nestled on Adrien's chest. "Brother!" She shook the other tiny creature, another Kwami Marinette presumed, but the creature remained still. "We need to get them to a hospital!" Tikki begged, looking up at her with wide eyes, jewel like tears streaking her tiny face. "T-This is all my fault!" She hiccuped. Marionette swept up the two Kwami's and carefully placed them in her breast pocket, patting it gently.

"It's not your fault, I should have done something. We need to go." Ever so carefully she lifted Adrian in a princess carry and ran back out of the station calling for help.

Many hours later, Marinette sat at home in her room alone, sitting at her desk staring unseeingly at her desktop image, a collage of Adrian's, Chat Noir's smiling face from all angles. She had managed to keep her story consistent for several hours and had sat waiting for news at Hospital Necker when a stern yet concerned looking assistant Marinette vaguely recognised from Adrien's home bustled in along with two doctors who didn't look like they worked at Necker. She edged to the reception where they have a hushed but firm conversation with the harassed looking receptionist and overheard occasional bits of conversation, something about "private infirmary" and "world class doctors" and "inadequacy". The receptionist looked like she was ready to explode by the end of the heated exchange when she threw her hands into the air in frustration and pointed them in the direction Adrien had been carted off to hours previous.

"You can move him when he's stabilized, he's still in intensive care." At those words and once sure the Agreste's family assistant was out of earshot, Marionette rushed to the assistant who had sat back down, furiously typing at her computer.

"What was that about?" She asked cautiously. "Was that Adrien's fathers assistant?" The receptionist didn't look up but answered regardless.

"Apparently eighty experienced doctors, nurses and surgeons on hand are 'inadequate' for a member of the Agreste family. Once Mr Agreste is in stable condition, they are moving him to their private infirmary in their mansion. Honestly, what exactly can they provide that a hospital can't?" The woman grumbled, giving a clear sign that this was the end of their conversation,

Marinette had lingered for a few more hours, watching the shadows lengthen across the sterile reception area until it night rolled in. Eventually an ambulance had pulled up by the front entrance and a familiar assistant winged by two doctors tailed by several protesting staff came through the area and loaded a steel framed bed with an unconscious blond wrapped in dressing into the ambulance and drove off. Marinette and ghosted after them, watching as her partner was taken back to his home, unreachable until he woke up and was well enough to leave. She highly doubted she would be let onto the grounds of the mansion, let alone in to visit Chat. Eventually after standing in the street for minutes staring at the point where the ambulance had turned a corner, she called her parents and asked her mom to come and pick her up. They had fussed over her, wondering why she had been at the hospital in the first place but realised quickly she was unharmed and not in the mood to talk, sitting in silence for the rest of the journey home. Lost in thought, she stared into space, briefly noticing it was well past midnight but her mind was far to strung to sleep. She wanted to see Adrian, know he was going to be ok but she couldn't, especially not at this hour. It suddenly hit her that Antibug was still running free and she had to extract the 'un-evil' the Akuma that was possessing Chloe before they caused anymore damage. Guilt sparked in her for selfishly seeing to her own concerns first when Antibug could be out hurting other civilians and she transformed, leaving with a renewed determination.

Three weeks past and things returned to as close to normal as they could. The amount of Akuma appearing had drastically decreased much to her luck as each battle became more of a burden without Chat Noir. Marinette sat at her desk with Alya impatiently tapping her pen against her notes, the empty space in front of her and the hands of the clock face being the only things she actually paid any attention to. Her physics teacher had made many attempts to hold her attention in class but knew of the circumstances and had stopped pestering her. At this moment she felt like she had been here for hours but the seemingly unmoving minute hand told her she had only been seated for five minutes. One more class after this and she could go home. Her best friend nudged her lightly, giving her her usual sympathetic smile and tilted her head to the board the professor was currently writing on. Her friendship with Alya had became strained over these past weeks as Marinette shut herself from anything outside her own mind but Alya seemed to understand and gave her the space she needed. Marinette wanted nothing more than to tell her best friend everything, Ladybug, Chat Noir and what really happened but this was something she could never tell anyone ever and it pained her to see it effecting her friendship. Alya knew she had seen Adrien 'fall down the Metro stairs' as word had spread quickly like a virus. She slapped her cheeks in an effort to clear her head and tried to focus on the class, falling back into her own inner turmoil merely seconds later.

The door to the room opened and someone came in and the room around the absent girl stirred. Some students left their seats and crowded the person who had just entered and Marionette's interest peaked, amidst the heads of her classmates was a shock of blond hair.

"Hay, nice to be back," Adrien tried to edge around the crowd surrounding him and motioned to his seat looking uncomfortable, His skin was a few shades paler than the bluenette was used to and even his hair didn't hold it's usual lustre

"That's enough now, Let Mr Agreste sit down, good to see you back." Once the students reluctantly returned to their seats at the command of their teacher she took full stock of his appearance as he limped to his seat in front of her. His left arm and leg where in cast, his arm held up in a sling and he kept most of his weight off his injured leg, firmly gripping the handle of a clutch. There was a large band aid covering a good section of the left side of his face and small scars criss crossed his cheek. Despite his condition he smiled broadly at his classmates. He met her eyes and gave her a cautious smile and took his usual spot next to his childhood friend Nino. The class dragged on while Marinette pondered if Adrien had figured out who she was, that look he gave her couldn't have been a coincidence and she was sure he knew she had been the one to 'find' him. After what felt like days the bell rang signalling the end of class and Marinette slowly gathered her books, watching Adrien gathered his own books up with Nino's help. Chloe snatched up her bag and marched over to him tailed by Sabrina, guilt clearly etched on her face. Marinette felt a pang of triumph at the selfish girls reaction, remembering when she told her how she had hurt him while being possessed by the Akuma without giving to many details that would contradict her story about him falling down the stairs or lead her to questions about why she knew so much.

The rest of the students seemed reluctant to leave without getting a chance to speak to the blond so Marinette gathered her things and left with Alya, aware of leaf jewel bright green eyes bording into her back as she left. Their next class was the last of the day and then she could talk to him so she spend the English class making notes on what she wanted to say to Chat. She didn't think she would have trouble getting a chance to talk to him as he seemed to have his own questions so she tried to decide how she was going to start this conversation, occasionally glancing across the room at the blond. The class past much more quickly that she would have liked but the bell rang eventually and startled her to the point she jumped in her seat. The rest of the class moved a lot quicker than last time and Marinette turned to Alya.

"You go on ahead, I'll call you later," She said with a forced smile. Alya seemed oblivious to her nerves and only gave her a wide smile and a thumbs up.

"You go girl, Maiden in shining armour!" They fist bumped and Alya trotted out the door along with the rest of the students. Marinette heard Adrien mutter something similar to Nino and he slowly gathered his things, letting the rest of the class file out of the room. When it was just the two of them, Marinette took a deep breath and dropped a scribbled note on the blonds desk. 'Meet me in the girls locker room.' She didn't wait to look at his expression, all to aware of the teacher still being in the room and left for the locker room where she knew would not be in use for after school activities today. She reached the changing room and loitered around, pacing with Tikki sitting on her shoulder.

"Do you know what you're going to say? I still can't believe Adrien is Chat Noir!"

"I don't know, I'm pretty sure he's going to have a lot of questions as well so where do I begin?" Marinette ranted in agitation. She sat down on one of the benches, sighing deflated. Warmth crept up her cheeks as she remembered one revelation that had came clear over the weeks. Chat Noir loved Ladybug, She loved Adrien. Adrien never really paid her much attention and she still couldn't wrap her head around the smart talking wise guy and the perfect boy she shared classes with where one of the same. How would this change their relationship? Would he reject her if he knew the face behind the mask? She had spent so long trying to paint Chat and Adrien in the same image but no matter how much Chat's antics annoyed her, she still loved him with everything she had, so much so it was painful, him rejecting her would surely tear her heart to pieces. "Maybe I should just not tell him but he'll eventually figure it out anyway and what if he hates me for keeping it a secret? This is so frustrating!" She stood up and threw a half hearted kick at a balled up piece of paper that sat on the floor and it hit the door as it opened slowly.

"Woah, an I interrupting something?" Adrian limped into the room sluggishly, leaning on the door for a second before moving forward. Tikki shot into the inside pocket of her jacket while Adrien had his head bowed and the bluenette shuffled forward, Holding the door for him while he slowly paced into the room. "Thanks." He made his way to the nearest bench and awkwardly adjusted his clutch and bag so he could sit down.

"Let me help..." She trailed off as he determinedly set the items aside and lowered himself to a sitting position, eyeing her curiously. Everything Marinette wanted to say died in her throat and she leaned against the door, eyes fixed on her feet and hands behind her back. "How are you feeling?" She uttered quietly.

"I've been better. I believe I owe you a great deal since you found me and took me to the hospital." He put emphasis on the word 'found', his words lace with suspicion. "Where exactly did you find me?" Marinette continued staring at her feel in silence before eventually standing straight and edging towards him nervously, biting her lip and trying to brush her slightly-to-short fringe behind her ear.

"I...I didn't exactly 'find' you... I guess..." She mentally kicked herself for not having anything better to say, all the words, sentences, phrases she had thought of left and all she could do was spout meaningless nothing. "I know you're Chat Noir, I saw the whole thing. I watched you fall from the building, Antibug... I saw everything... I've been so worried..." She trained off and dared lift her gaze. Adrien was looking at her in horror, looking around as if expecting people to be hiding behind lockers listening in. "It's okay, I got you away before anyone could see you change back, nobody saw." Adrien brushed his fingers through his wane blond hair, a sincere smile spreading across his lips.

"I.. I really don't know what to say... how is it your fault?... Thanks for keeping it a secret. I'm guessing nobody knows or someone would have said something. Where where you? I didn't see you at Chloe's anywhere," He rambled nervously, rubbing his ribs.

"Are you okay?" Marionette asked nervously, seeing the momentary look of distress that crossed Adrien's face. He nodded shallowly.

"You weren't hurt at Chloe's where you?" He asked. Marinette was briefly taken aback by him showing concern and she couldn't help but stifle a chuckle, it turning into all out laughter at his confused expression.

"So typical of you Cha- I mean Adrien, always thinking of others before yourself." She clutched her sides as hysteric laughter left her lips while Adrien watched, completely off guard and disorientated by her sudden manic outburst. When she finally calmed down she wiped tears of laughter from her eyes. "Listen." Finally sober, regret clouded her expression. "I'm sorry I failed you, Sorry I didn't get to you in time. This wouldn't have happened if I had done something." Adrien's brows raised in confusion but she cut across him before he could voice his thoughts. "Tikki, transform me!" There was a flash of light and Marionette felt the rush sweep over her as her clothes changed and the mask appeared on her face. She stood there awkwardly, waiting for Adrien to say something. His expression was that of utter shock as his eyes raked over her from head to toe over and over, taking her in. She shuffled as his eyes raked over her, never having felt so overexposed in all of her life as he processed her revelation. "Umm, Well? Disappointed? I know you have a thing for Ladybug but..." She gave a nervous laugh as she untransformed, steeling herself for the incoming rejection. Adrien's eyes finally settled on her now unmasked face and he made to stand up unaided. He flinched and wavered and she grabbed his shoulders to steady him, guiding him back to a sitting position and kneeling in front of him.

"Are you oka-" In a sudden movement, clammy hands gripped either sides of her face and drew her to his. Soft, sweet lips crushed against her own, moving at an urgent pace she didn't know how to react to. Her entire body stalled and her mind went into overdrive as her lips slowly melted into movement with his, sparks shot across her skin, igniting her from the inside out and she felt like her soul would drift up and out of her body, something she didn't want to happen because surely she was already in heaven. Her hands came up to his neck and she pushed back, their bodies melting into each other in a close embrace, a perfect fit. Adrien slowly pulled back, reluctantly, and Marinette's body trembled with disappointment at the loss of contact, wanting nothing more than to mould her lips to his until they where puffy and swollen. He pulled her to his chest, looking down at her with eyes hooded with adoration, a sentimental, heart-stopping smile splitting his face.

"I've never felt better, my lady."

1. Hospital Necker is the nearest hospitals to the Eiffel Tower

Sorry for the cheesy ending! I'm terrible at writing fluff! I love writing it but it always comes across as cheesy when I write it! T.T Hope you enjoyed anyways.