Hello my dear readers.

I wrote this prologue some time ago. I wasn't sure of the story to go with it as such I have yet to publish it. But with the completion of one of my other stories I have had an idea of how this is going to go. As such decided to put it out there and see how many would be interested in reading yet another crazy rambling of my mind. I would like to say straight off that some might find a similarity to certain situations from 'How I Met Your Mother', but that is because I have watched all 9 seasons in like three weeks. It has some influence, but I felt that certain situations from that show would work here. You'll see what I mean if you stick with me, I promise this will work. Or as much as my other AU's do.

Right, enough of my waffle. Here's the beginning, I hope you like it.

Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural.

Castiel sat in a bar staring at the bottom of his glass, though however much he looked, it was still empty. What was he to do now? The drink was gone, and so was all he ever cared about, so how would he go on?

"Castiel." said a British voice beside him asking him close his eyes. It was a voice he knew far too well for his liking, it was the voice of Crowley.

"What do you want?" he grumbled as an answer as he felt the other man's eyes piercingly staring at him. He did not want this, he wanted to be alone right now. No that wasn't true, right now he wanted to be drunk out of his head. If that was even possible. But Crowley, him he did not want.

"To talk." Crowley replied amiably. He was not put off by Castiel's gruff exterior, he had had worse receptions after all. And he needed to rectify that which one of his own had ruined. There were rules of engagement he did not like to break, and those that did so in his name, he had to fix. He had a certain amount of honour, in his own way.

"About what?" Castiel growled glaring once more at his empty glass. If only he could fill it by just staring at it. That would be good, he couldn't afford to do it any other way after all. Damn it.

"Well for starters why you are here?" Crowley asked in reply, trying to catch the younger man's eye. He had come here to help his younger… friend, but it seemed he was not in the mood for it.

"I screwed up, what more do you want?" Castiel demanded bringing his head up suddenly and meeting Crowley's gaze with one of his own. His blue eyes radiating fury as only they could. And yet Crowley could still see the pain below. And it was the pain he intended it fix, if he could.

"The truth Castiel, the truth." Crowley replied unconcerned by the look which he knew would send a lesser man running from his companion. But he was not a lesser man, and he wanted to know what the hell had gone wrong so he could fix it.

"Well you had better buy me a drink then, cos this is a long story." Castiel responded with a snide smile which didn't fit his face. Castiel was not the bitter sort after all. Hmm, seemed this was worse than he thought.

"I have the time." Crowley replied even more interested in this story now.

"Then I'll have a whiskey." Castiel replied holding up his empty glass to the man next to him with a challenging look, just asking him to refuse, telling him he had had enough. But instead a fresh, full glass was placed in front of him and the barman removed the empty from his hand without question.

With the glass in front of Castiel Crowley turned to him waiting for him to fulfil his end of the deal.

"You might want to get them to leave the bottle, or two." Castiel murmured when he realised he wasn't getting out of this one. Crowley was going to insist he tell him it all, damn him. Ah hell, why not if it got him drinks for the night? It was story fit for the fools to tell after all. Though it was common enough, a tale of love and betrayal.

With a nod Crowley does just that and then sits back, waiting and Castiel knows he wouldn't be getting out of this, so he might as well get drunk as he talks, as such he drinks half of his whiskey in one go before returning the glass to the table and opening his mouth.

"It all started a long time ago, when I was young and innocent and thought I could put all the world to rights…"