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Chapter 1

Deai soshite yūjō no hajimari

He ran away.

No that's wrong, saying that would mean he had left willingly, no it hadn't been much of a choice. Naruto had been chased out and was now on the run, all because he was a half breed. At least that is what they said. It was the reason for why he was never allowed to play with the children, or enter any of the shops and pretty much everything else a kid would normally go. For as long as he could remember the people in Konoha hated him, they hated him for what he was and for what he might turn out to be capable of.

All his life Naruto had lived in a village full of shinobi. Such life is hard for everyone who takes a part in it. The code of conduct was harsh and morals are almost none existent. It wasn't in any way an easy way of living.

Konoha though was slightly different in what was supposedly the norm. In the elemental nations the land of fire was considered weak and outright foolish for holding on to what they themselves called the will of fire. The loyalty one has to their village and the determination to fight for it. The men there were loyal to their fellow shinobi. The woman could be just as strong and fierce as their husbands. Murder was frowned upon unless in self-defense and the civilians were treated with respect.

Everyone knew Konoha was different.

And yet despite that Naruto wasn't treated well. He'd never been able to wrap his head around it and even now he still didn't understand.

Not everyone acted this way where it concerned him. The leader of the village, the Hokage, was nice to him and somewhat of a grandfather figure to him. The man had always tried to help him in any way he could, but not even someone thought to be the god of shinobi could change the hearts of his people. The man was one of the only people in the village Naruto had been able to turn to. According to the old man his mother had been a half breed just like him, while his father had been a human. That was pretty much everything he knew about them though. Whenever they would talk about the couple the old man would get this far away look and sigh, he would look so forlorn that Naruto wouldn't have the guts to pry for an answer.

His time in the village hadn't been only bad things though. Living in a shinobi village did have its perks. The library was full of cool jutsu and information, though book weren't really his thing.

Now the training grounds though, that was something else entirely.

When Naruto started the shinobi academy several years early he had been excited beyond compare. He'd finally make his mark on the world and show them just how awesome he could be!

That quickly turned into disappointment as teachers refused to help him with his work and the other kids avoided him as their parents had told them to. A place to learn quickly turned into another area in the village he would gladly avoid. Despite that it had been the academy that lead him to a number of training ground in Konoha. Several of which hadn't been disclosed to civilians and pre-genin.

It had happened when he followed one of the teachers from the academy to prank him. The man had taken a route Naruto himself hadn't really noticed before. Of course that in itself had been odd, he did know every corner of Konoha after all. But really though that hadn't been something he'd focused on for long.

For had been revealed to him was an entire other way of doing things. Apparently when one was of a higher rank they had regular get together to train in bigger groups. Whether in pairs, quadrants of even multiple team combined. The amount of techniques demonstrated was staggering. Now while Naruto knew he wouldn't be able to use most of them for a long time some of the techniques did make him a bit curious.

Observing them every day had quickly become one of his favorite past times. He'd gleamed hints as how to improve on his strengths and every now and he'd see something he could actually look up. A few rare times he'd made a successful attempt to listen in on a lecture about chakra control techniques. Though it had been more of an overview of thing they already knew. Still it had been very helpful for him.

It had definitely helped improve his stealth and speed. The two strengths Naruto was proud of, though nobody ever believed him when he said so.

Ever since Naruto was able to stand on two legs he had been quick, he could keep pace with some of the fastest in the village. He was pretty sure he could beat most shinobi if they didn't use that strange flickering technique. He never did know why but even without his speeds he was still slightly more gifted than the other children his age. Not in book smarts though! Never in theory. No, he could beat them with tactics, speed and just plain improvisation.

He wasn't even the strongest, he was strong for an eight-year-old, but any veteran could beat him if used their tactics and experience against him. But Naruto could keep them busy and he could use his speed to escape.

Despite being treated the way he was for something he could not control, he still loved Konoha. He swore to someday make them acknowledge him for who he was! Now though that wasn't possible anymore.

He had been chased out by a great group of people and some of them he'd even recognized as capable shinobi with influence in Konoha. What had actually forced him to turn his back on his old village had been the look in their eyes.

Naruto had always held some kind of hope that, just like Iruka, the people of Konoha would eventually come to see him for who he was. If he became Hokage he would have the chance to show everyone he wasn't some kind of monster! But when he saw their eyes.

The same eyes that were filled with love and adoration as they fell on their spouse, their children, their family. The same that were said to be the windows to one's soul.

Now though Naruto didn't ever want to believe that last saying to be true because each and every one of those eyes were shadowed. Shadowed by the hatred, dislike and plain disgust they held for him. The emotions were so clearly expressed in their facial expression, their eyes and even in the weapons they held. They hated him and with this he himself could believe so too.

But why him? He hadn't done anything wrong, if he did he couldn't even remember it!

He'd cried the night he left, his few friends had come to say goodbye and good luck.

Luckily enough he was one of the fastest in Konoha and there wouldn't be anyone chasing after him. Either they thought he wasn't worth the attempt or he'd actually make them work for it.

After months of trying to survive and countless of meeting with dangerous people and shinobi, he finally reached the end of his nerves. He'd been on the run constantly with nowhere to go and Naruto knew he'd been extremely lucky to have even survived for so long but he was lonely and fed up with everything. Other villages did not accept him as his village Konoha was seen as one of the most powerful, but also one of the most disrespected and ridiculed.

They didn't want someone who was banished from there and be seen as their enemy. But at the same time they didn't believe as child from that place to turn into something worthy of their attention. It was the foremost reason he couldn't settle down anywhere, they'd always find out and throw him out. And because of that he decided to leave the elemental nations and go into the outside world.

That is where his adventure would begin.

"Uhh, how long is this ocean going to keep on going, I've been walking for days!" Shouted Naruto over the blue horizon as he listened to the waves. He had definitely been walking for days and hardly had any more food or water. It was surprising how painful it is to have no water to drink while walking in a place with only water. Well he wasn't taking a chance and drinking seawater, but it was still frustrating.

Over the last few days he'd been running over the sea nonstop. Knowing the old man in a village of shinobi had been useful. The Hokage had caught on to his huge amount of reserves in chakra quickly and showed him multiple ways to improve his control. He'd explained that chakra was the energy by which shinobi could use their amazing techniques. Naruto had grown up seeing the amazing things all the ninja could do and had always yearned to do the same. When the old man actually started helping him with he found out it was hard work.

He complained a lot about it, after all learning to stand on water and climb trees was cool but he wanted to be the Hokage. He didn't have time to learn all those stupid chakra techniques. He wanted to learn how to control fire or shoot a beam from his hands! Besides what kind of Hokage meditates! The old man should be taking him to help save a princess or two, maybe help a village on the way.

Eventually he had gotten told off and the importance of chakra control was drilled into his head. In the end he never gave up trying to learn them.

One of the techniques he learned was water walking and the amazing thing was that he learned it before he was of age to graduate. 'Not that I can ever graduate now.' Naruto thought sadly. He shook his head to chase away the negative thoughts and looked out over the never ending horizon.

"I really need to plan my ideas more." He mumbled as he kept walking but took on a more leisurely pace to spare the energy he had left. When he'd left the elemental nations he'd snuck onto a boat as it was about to leave. For several days everything had gone exactly according to plan. But a week into his journey he'd been a bit clumsy and tripped down the stairs as he ravaged for food.

Let's just say that particular boat wasn't very big and it didn't have quite as many hiding places as Naruto had first thought.

So it had turned into a hiking trip, hopefully with the end in sight somewhere soon.

It was finally after hours had passed that slowly but surely a bit of land came into sight. Naruto started running towards it before he even fully realized what it meant. The entire time he felt a small amount of hope. Maybe now he'd finally find a friends, someone he could spend time with.

When he finally reached the island he jumped onto the ground and collapsed immediately of fatigue and drifted into darkness.


She walked through the forest holding her book and went to sit down on an old tree trunk, opening her book to read. Ever since she was small Robin had loved to read, knowledge was something she yearned. Learning new things and knowing how something worked, what could ever be better than that?

Not everyone agreed though, her family treated her horribly and nearly everyone called her a monster. She knew why though, having these creepy powers. She shook her head to chase away the nasty thoughts and returned to her book. Before she had the chance to even read the first sentence though she felt something hard hit the side of her head.

"Yataah, we hit the monster!" She looked around and saw some of the villager kids on the other side of the clearing with food in their hands. She touched the side of her head and saw that her hands were red, it wasn't blood though. She smelled the substance briefly before recognizing it. It was a tomato, quite an old one.

Before she could do anything she was hit by another one, "haha, go back to where you came from monster, monsters like you don't deserve to be here!" She turned to the kids and glared at them. They flinched but quickly composed themselves and continued throwing things. After three more hits she had had enough and waved her hands in a circular gesture. As soon as she did so multiple hands appeared out of nowhere and gave each of the kids a soft slap on their heads before disappearing again.

The kids who had been hit were clutching their heads tightly. "Ouch! That hurt you demon! I'm gonna tell mom and you're gonna be in big trouble!" Ones of them shouted, the others saying something similar before running away. To be honest Robin couldn't care less about them and started to walk away.

After a couple of minutes of walking she finally reached 'her' house, it was at the edge of the forest so she didn't have to go through the village. She opened the door and entered the house, "Roji-obasan, sorry I'm late." She said politely. There was no answer, the lights were out and she heard nothing in the house. She shrugged a bit in disinterest and walked over to the table. Quite soon she noticed a note laying there written to her.

To Robin

It's our daughter's birthday today, so we've decided to have a private dinner, with no outsiders. We have some bread, so eat that for your dinner. Don't use too much jam though. When you're done with your dinner, finish cleaning, wash the dishes, and bring in the laundry before we come home. Don't forget to go upstairs before it gets too late.


Without looking at the note a second time she started her chores, it wasn't really anything new for her, ever since she was two she had been looked after by Roji because her mother had left without her. They already had a son and because of that they didn't pay her any attention. She was used as a maid around the house. After an hour of scrubbing she was done, she ate some bread and left the house and went into the forest.

Ever since she could remember she loved the forest, it was peaceful and she could be alone here without anyone interrupting her, well... Almost always. She continued her walk and stopped every now and then to check her surroundings for anything interesting. After about an hour of walking Robin arrived at the beach and sat down to read but before she started she'd noticed something lying on the beach. Not being able to see exactly what it was she stood up and walked over.

As soon as she came close enough to recognize what it was she gasped. It was a young boy about her age! He had sun kissed hair and three whiskers like scars on each cheek. His clothes weren't in their best shape but they also seemed very old and worn as if it was the only pair he had. She sat down next to him and checked his pulse. 'It's still there and strong so it doesn't seem like his life is in any danger.' It was a relieving though. She swung her arm and a lot of arms appeared in two rows lined up behind one another. The first arms picked the boy up and passed him onto the second arms, continuing the process until slowly they reached the forest, where they put him down.

As the arms moved the boy, she slowly followed them and observed him. She wondered what to do with him for bit before sitting down leaning against the tree right next to him. She observed him for a little while longer before opening her book and continuing to read.


Naruto opened his sky colored eyes and looked around but before he was really aware of anything his instincts kicked in and he soon held a kunai against the neck of someone next to him. "Hiiiiiiii" was the first thing he heard. He looked up and realized it was just a girl. Someone around his age, normally he would have retracted his kunai but considering all that had happened in the last few months he kept it there until he was sure he could trust her. Better safe than sorry.

In Konoha, the village he grew up in, he'd only been taught how to defend himself for a bit. The old man didn't want to teach him besides the basic and very much needed chakra control. But the people in the elemental nations were very strong by origin, Naruto could defend himself easily against the civilians but for the more experienced he had to rely on speed and wit. After he'd been chased out it got worse, being chased all over and back had gotten him stronger and he'd acquired some experience. He could now put up a decent fight against a shinobi that wasn't considered strong in his home.

What he didn't know though was that the standards in the elemental nations were very high, even a normal civilian would be considered quite strong outside of the elemental nations.

"Where am I and who are you?" She looked nervous and tried to speak but he could see the kunai against her throat was a bit too much for her. Seeing as she didn't pose a threat he put away the kunai and took a different approach. "Sorry, I didn't know if you were someone dangerous or not." Naruto said as he stood up and patted the dust of his clothes, or at least what was left of them. He really needed to buy some new clothing. If this was anywhere other than the elemental nations, then they shouldn't know about him and his 'peculiarities' and let him buy some normal clothing.

"Why would I be someone dangerous?" He turned around and looked at her. He was a bit surprised she hadn't run yet. He had suspected her to either still be frozen in fear or running the heck away from here. But even now she was still looking at him as if he was the most interesting thing around, he would never admit it but it looked as if he were a book of some kind. One that would give her some new knowledge she desperately wanted.

He straightened up slightly, "well I have pretty much had to defend myself my whole life from people you would never think of as dangerous." She nodded and started to get up. She walked towards him and held out her hand. "Well, nice to meet you, I'm Nico Robin and I think I get what you mean." He looked at her while deciding what to say. "Nice to meet you I guess, I'm Uzumaki D. Naruto. But why would you be attacked?" She looked up and blushed, she waved her hand and suddenly he was surrounded by hands that where sprouting from all kinds of places. He backed off and tripped over a branch landing on his butt. "WHA...? Where the hell did those come from?" Robin had expected that reaction, people always did and soon after they would start calling her demon or monster.

She waited for the rejection, bracing herself, while watching the boy on the ground looking shocked. His opened his mouth to say something. "That is so cool! How did you do that, can I learn it?" He looked at her with sparkles in his eyes. She looked at him shocked about his reaction before composing herself, she shook her head lightly. "Sorry, only I can do this, it's because of the devil fruit that I ate when I was small." She saw him looking at her as if she were talking in a foreign language and decided to explain a bit more on the subject. After all, maybe he wasn't born on an island in the grand line? "It's a special kind of fruit, that when you eat one you gain special powers. The only side effect is that you become a hammer in water and will never be able to swim again."

He 'hmmd' and stood up, "well considering you showed me your secret I guess I should show you mine." She nodded and he did a backward jump, halfway the jump his body started to shine lightly and his form changed into that of a fox. When he landed he was fully shaped as a fox. Or rather somewhat of kit. He was now entirely covered in fur that was the same sun kissed yellow as his hair had been. He had one tail with a black tip on the end, on his stomach he had a white coloring that reached up to his snout. He had blood red eyes that shined as if there were jewels placed inside of them and around his eyes he had a black line that separated the bottom white half of his snout from the top yellow half. Robin stared at him in awe and before she could control her actions she started to pet him and scratch him behind the ears.

Naruto was just as shocked as Robin had been, people didn't just pet half breed yokai, though when he thought about it he looked just like a fox that was just slightly bigger than usual. When she had shown him her powers he'd decided to show her his. He'd thought that if she would start to hate him, he would at least know it beforehand and wouldn't be disappointed if they became friends. If she told the rest of the people in the neighborhood, he could always sneak and steal something. It would only return to how it had been. Better have his share of reality now than have his hopes crushed again later.

She continued petting him and he was enjoying every minutes of it. Before he knew it he was sitting down and relaxing while she continued to pet him. After a while she picked up her book from the ground and started to read again while she continued to run her fingers through his fur. They sat like this the entire evening until it started to become dark and she had to return. He changed back to his human form and she stood up. "So Naruto, what are you going to do?" She looked him in the eyes and he was immediately grateful that she didn't fear or hate him, he realized he was hoping to become friends with her but pushed the feeling down in fear of being betrayed again. "Well I guess I'll stay here for a while, I need to rest before I can continue and there is a forest so I can stay here." She made an agreeing sound and started walking down the path, he followed.

"Ne Robin?", "Hai?". She stopped and faced him, "why aren't you afraid of me or asking me why I can do that, you explained your powers to me so why shouldn't I?" She looked down in thought, "well you brought up the story and I did it mostly to show you I don't mean any harm, but you don't seem like you want to talk about it, I'll listen when and if you want to tell me." He looked her in the eyes as she lifted her face, "why do you already trust me that much? We've hardly known each other for a few hours?" She turned around and continued walking. "Well I think it's because we're similar, I don't know but everyone in this village calls me a demon or a monster." He flinched when she said that but followed after her as she talked, "but you didn't judge me like I expected you to, I think you know what it feels like to be hated." she stopped and turned around, "but that's just a feeling I have, so don't worry about it." She was about to turn back but he decided to answer that thought, "un, I do know what that feels like and if that's the reason I feel like we'll be great friends!" He said in a childish and innocent way he hadn't got to for a long time.

She stopped and turned around so quickly he almost though her neck would snap or something similar. He could see she had a hint tears in her eyes and he started to panic. "Are you alright, ooh is it something I said, something I did. please say you're alright, I really don't know what to do when girls start to cry!" But while he was ranting on about what to do she started to giggle and slowly burst out in laughing.

"What? I really don't get you! First you're crying and now you're laughing?!" He looked at het exasperated. After Robin stopped laughing and started to breathe again she stood up. "Datte, it was funny seeing you panic, but what I wanted to say was, Arigato. I've never had friends before and would be really happy to have you as a friend, I'll come by here again tomorrow, see you then!" She turned around and ran away leaving a frozen Naruto behind on his own.