A/N: I lost the muse on this one. But I thought it deserved a send off. If anyone wants to make sequels, feel free.

It was 30 July 1997 and the Granger family plus one was flying home to Britain.

For Harry, the vacation had been more than he could ever have hoped for. Besides being the first experience beyond the narrow confines of what was allowed by those who used to control his life, Harry Potter had reveled in new experiences and seeing new things during the vacation he had with the Granger family.

Harry and Hermione had also spent a good amount of time exploring their maturing bodies. While the idea of finding your soul-mate and saving yourself was wonderfully romantic, the rush of teenage hormones made it problematic at best.

The two teenagers had learned many wonderful things about their bodies, sex, responsibility, trust, and, finally, the most important thing: Sex on the beach at midnight sounds absolutely romantic, but the reality is that sand gets into the most uncomfortable places when one isn't paying attention and that it's more trouble than it's worth.

The two had come to France as friends and left France as much closer friends. Marriage and children could wait.

Another group that was happy to see the Grangers plus one leave the continent was the organization run by That Guy. Keeping those idiots away had been costly but That Guy was satisfied that there wouldn't be any further attention from the BDA: Worth the money spent.

Harry and Hermione spent Harry's birthday at the Burrow, catching up with the changes that had happened. Hermione still wasn't aware of what her Dark Organization had done in her absence, but there was a meeting scheduled for August 1st in the Main Offices right next to the Granger Clinic.

Amelia Bones worked very hard over the next month to put the new department in place. She couldn't help but be alarmed at the growing influence of Hermione Granger and the Witches for a Better Tomorrow. While there was nothing illegal on its surface, she knew there had to be something. She remembered quite clearly her visit to the WiBeT headquarters at the beginning of August.


She had knocked on the door to the offices, knowing that she had to get this tedious errand out of the way. Ms. Granger had been out of England and she wanted to inform her that she was keeping an eye on her organization.

She noted the various hostile looks from the Wizards Auxiliary that was keeping guard during the meeting of the Ruling Council of WiBeT. They were not happy to see her there.

After being given permission to enter, she saw her new most dangerous adversary: Hermione Granger.

She was dressed in conservative grey robes, sitting at the head of the table, petting her large familiar. Susan had told her the name but she had forgotten. Harry Potter stood nearby, as though keeping guard, his magnificent owl on his shoulder, peering at her as though she was a tasty mouse.

Arrayed around Ms. Granger were her inner council: Narcissa Malfoy, Ginevra Weasley, Daphne Greengrass, Tracey Davis, Madam Bulustrode, and a few others. Before she could get more info, her thoughts were interrupted.

"Madam Bones," Ms. Granger asked without much emotion, while petting her large cat, "What can WiBeT do for you today?"

With barely disguised annoyance, the head of the DMLE replied, "I wanted to welcome you back from your vacation. And to let you know that I am putting a few people together to … help coordinate our efforts as regards your organization and its goals."

"That's wonderful, Madam Bones. Witches for a Better Tomorrow is looking forward to working counter, or rather alongside, the DMLE. If you need anything … you know where to find us."

"Thank you," she said nodding to her nemesis. "I'll be sure to do that."

"Good Day, Madam Bones." Amelia Bones couldn't get the image of the woman sitting there, making plans to rule the world, innocently petting her large familiar.

Finally, Amelia started briefing her newest employee. "Your new section is called MI 5-3/4. It's purpose is to observe, counter, and fight against subversive elements. Your cover will be that of a socialite. Your code name will be Agent 003 and a Half. Any questions?"

"My first assignment?" the sultry voice, proper for any female spy to have, asked.

She put a large picture up on the monitor. "Hermione Granger and Witches for Better Tomorrow."

The briefing went long into the night.