By Crystal

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I smiled at the memory of my twin brothers.  Camathalion and Beren...  Here, I bent down on my knees and clasped my hand together, praying.  I was praying that everything would, for once, go right for me.  Praying that Legolas and I would have a happy ending and live the rest of our life in peace.

Although I do not mind if he goes on adventures with Master Aragorn and Master Gimli, as long as he does not get hurt, of course.

Yes, I have found my prince, Camathalion, Beren.  Aren't you glad for me?  Though he is not here right now.  I promise I will bring him next time.  I came by myself today, he went Orc hunting for a few days and I guess I got slightly bored, so I came to visit.  I have had enough Orcs to last me a lifetime.  Enough deaths and Orcs.

Atar...  Atara...  Valaina...  Camathalion...  Beren...  I think, for the first time in my life, I'm ready to face life.  Because of Legolas.  Yes, you might think of me as an idiotic she-elf to let my husband Legolas go Orc hunting, but it is all right.  I trust he will keep his promise about returning safe...  He is one of the Fellowship of the Ring, you should know who they are, though you had already passed away then.  He is the best archer in the whole Middle-Earth, not to worry.

I stood up quietly, looking at the grave once more.

I promise I will bring Legolas here someday.  And someday, I might even join you here...  It's so peaceful...  I smiled, "Namaarie..."  I whispered softly.

Then I hopped on Silversnow, and galloped back without looking back once.

~*~ Legolas ~*~

As I walked back to our room, I could not help but feel excited at the thought of seeing Mith again.  For days I have gone without her, hunting smelling Orcs.  And I was finally free.  For now.  I bowed to all the elves and she-elves I passed by, saying out greetings.

Fortunately, this Orc hunt, no lives had been lost.  Although there were injuries.  A few had minor cuts all over their bodies, one or two had lost a lot of blood, but they were fine now.

I opened the door to our bedroom, waiting for my eyes to be met with a beauty.  And instead...

I found nothing.

A clean bed, a clean desk, table...  Everything was in order, as if someone hadn't come in this room for...  A while.  As a she-elf passed by our room, I called to her, "Excuse me!"

"Yes, your highness?"

"Where is Lady Mithwen?"  I asked.

She smiled, "Oh, after your highness left for the Orc hunt, she left soon after.  I heard she told the King about being bored in Mirkwood and she left to visit her brothers...  I might have heard wrong though."

I nodded politely, "Thank you."

"You're welcome."

I watched her walk away and then I went to take a bath.  It was not surprising to find Mith suddenly gone from Mirkwood, as it had already happened once after our marriage.  She said she had to visit Nessa or something.  Although this time, since she has been gone for days, she probably is visiting her brothers' graves.

I sighed softly as the warm water washed the dirt from my body and cleaned my hair of junk.  Then I dressed up quietly and decided to take a nap, trying to stop worrying about Mith.  She was capable of taking care of herself, yes.  But you could not stop me from worrying, could you now?  After all, she is my wife.

I laid down on the bed softly and closed my eyes, drifting off to sleep...  All worries gone.

* * * * *

When I woke up, I felt something...  Or more like someone curled up beside me.  I looked down and felt my face brighten up immediately, a smile dancing on my lips.  There, beside me, was a Mith curled around me, her left arm drapped on my waist.  I brushed my lips on her forehead softly, as not to wake her up and I could smell her clean scent.

I heard her sigh softly, "Amin mela lle..."

"Amin mela lle, melamin..."  I said softly, then kissed her forehead one last time before I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep once again.

Author's Notes: Sucky ending, but whatever ^^.  I didn't know what else I could have done ^^.  A happy ending!  I have never written a happy ending for a more than a chapter fic...  So this may suck =\.  I can't write happy thoughts...  lol.  It's just me.  Anyways...

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