To Meet Again

Disclaimer: I DO not OWN Beyblade and its respective characters. I own the original characters I have

written herein. This is my first time ever to write a BBlade Fanfic, I hope you like it.

Comments, suggestions, flames, praises, or other what-nots would be GREATLY

appreciated. The names I would be using would be lifted from the BBlade show that is

currently aired over here (I think it is the Japanese version). This takes place 4 years after

the current storyline.


The Blade Breakers (?) BBA Team

Takao Kinogu – Tyson

Kai Hiwatari – Kai Hiwatari

Max Mizuhara – Max Mizuhara

Lei Kon – Rei/Ray Kon

Professor/Chief – Kenny

The White Tigers

Rai – Lee

Mao – Mariah

The OC's (Japan Leg)

Tsukiyo Shinohara – Takao's childhood/best friend. She, Takao, and Professor/Chief grew up together.

More like the Hero/Jowy/Nanami friendship bond of Suikoden 2. Like Takao, she

is also a kendo practitioner, and comes from a long line of noble samurai. A tomboy

with a brazen attitude, she has no problems telling other persons off for their little

quirks. Sassy, cool, and collected. Need I say more?

Asaya Ninomiya – the "Chery Tree Goddess" of the neighboring school of wealthy, intelligent kids. A

typical bishoujo manga type of girl; she is sweetness and naivety personified. She

loves to read books, a consistent honor roll student, and has a fans' club huge enough

to trample Lei's and Mao's (Mariah's) own, COMBINED. She lives in a huge

mansion with a butler and her beloved books and antique dolls and dolls' houses (she

has a collection of them…I wonder if she and Kazutaka Muraki are related… 8])

and gardens. But behind her innocent façade lies a dark secret. And a very

mysterious past. Why the HECK are those crazy whitecoats after her?!

Tatsuhiko Shinohara – Tsukiyo's father. Been in constant turmoil on how the heck his daughter detests

becoming a lady.

Suzu Shinohara – Tsukiyo's mother. Couldn't care less if her daughter becomes a full-fledged man,

much to the chagrin of her husband.

(China Leg)

Shao Fei – leader of the Black Tiger tribe. His bitterness and rivalry with Lei ends up having the

entire White Tiger village decimated. Who the HECK are the Black Tigers and why

do they hate Lei and the White Tigers SO much?

(France Leg)

Dr. Althens Leimrey – leader of the pack of rabid wolves known as "The Crazy Whitecoats" (^^;;). He

misses his "beloved specimen" so much that is why he wants her back. A scientist

even Judy Mizuhara wouldn't dare touch with a hundred mile-long pole.

The Crazy Whitecoats – the scientists dealing with the "specimens". They're really vicious and ruthless.

Ask one question and they'll stab you with a 20-inch long needle syringe. They are

paranoia personified.

Llewelyn Falstaff – leader of the "specimens". He is 23 years old and loves horseback riding and

afternoon tea. Holy Beast (Bit Beast) Zerzens, of the "Darkness" attribute. Mainly

high powered attacks and decimation techniques.

Kieran McConnaughey – a quiet "specimen", he is 20 years old and loves to paint and draw. Holy Beast

Gestalt, of the "Earth" attribute. Mainly defensive and ground-based attacks and

crushing techniques.

Pierre Vervain – a 16 year old "specimen" in love with Asaya; together with two other members, they

form "The Love Brigade" (^^;;). He loves to play the flute and is a great cook (like

Asaya). Holy Beast Nautilon, of the "Water" attribute. Mainly evasion and speed


Giovanni di Santi – cool, wisecracking "specimen". He is 22 years old and loves to play on his guitar.

He is one of the infamous "Love Brigade". Holy Beast Imogora, of the "Fire"

attribute. Mainly offensive and stealth techniques.

Sigurd Belfast – a "specimen" always on the lookout for fun. He is 19 years old and loves to eat

all sorts of fish. The 3rd member of "The Love Brigade". Holy Beast Lourson,

of the "Wind" attribute. Mainly defensive and illusion techniques.

Alphonse Monteluna – a "specimen" who is always friendly. He loves to play cards and hang out with

his Bey Blade (^^;;). Holy Beast Iguion, of the "Wood" attribute. Mainly recoil

attacks and mime techniques.

Lee Kon – Lei's missing older brother. He is 23 years old and is a dead ringer for Kakyou

(the sleeping Dragon of Earth of Clamp's "X" fame). He is a scholar and loves to

do calligraphy and meditate. One of the escaped "specimens", he is also one of the

deadliest. Holy Beast Geiger, of the "Void" attribute. Mainly speed, high powered

attacks and destroying techniques.

Lao Kon – Lei's missing grandfather. Been searching for Lei all these years, egging him on to

catch himself a worthy bride for the White Tiger Clan's proliferation. A "semi"

stud, he chases after women all the time.

Terrence Schinder – Asaya's benevolent caretaker. He is studying to become a doctor so he could

protect her from the crazy whitecoats.


"Hey, Takao, you OWE me a BACK RUB!"

Takao Kinogu blinked. His erstwhile childhood friend and best buddy Tsukiyo Shinohara was standing in front of him, wagging a finger at his face. He sweatdropped. "Uh, Tsukiyo, can't I just give you something ELSE…?"

"A promise is A promise, Takao, I won't take no for an answer!" Tsukiyo glared at him, her golden brown eyes little slits. "If you don't give me a back rub straightaway I'll hand you over to your gazillions of admirers and let them LYNCH MOB you! Besides, hurling all those tanuki statues at them made me almost BREAK my spinal column…"

"I didn't ask you to hurl those statues at them anyway, I just asked you to drive them AWAY!" SD Takao was pleading. "Please? Pretty please?!"

"Kinogu, a back rub's a back rub and THAT'S final!" Tsukiyo growled.

"P-Professor, make this Amazon woman STOP!" SD Takao yelled in a panicky manner to his bespectacled friend seated a few benches away.

"Sorry, no can do, Takao, you have to do as she SAYS," Professor told him with a slight chuckle.

Takao turned into a stone statue with his head bowed and several thick dark blue vertical lines on his head. "I can't believe this…how can a respectable Blade Breaker like ME get degraded to a MASSAGE parlor attendant…"

He went on with his work anyway, Tsukiyo turning into a very contented chibi puppy. "Oooohhh that CERTAINLY hit the spot…" she said with a small, satisfied sigh.

Professor was looking through a sheaf of papers he held in his hands when Takao looked over at him. "So what does the letter say?"

"Oh, not much." Professor looked at the next page. "Max has been telling me how he's having a great time over in America, and he's joined their junior high school's ice hockey team. But he says he misses Bey Blading a lot, he's been having weird dreams of eating Draciel soup with his mom in a French restaurant and he wakes up, screaming."

"What grade is he in?"

"First year senior high," Professor replied. He blinked. "He's arriving 2 days from now for a much needed break. His mom got transferred to the Hawaiian branch of the PBB, we'll be getting to see him more than often these coming days…I mean…AFTER he visits."

"That's cool! I received word from Lei he'd be coming over, too!" Takao stopped back rubbing Tsukiyo long enough to grab a long vertical yellow envelope from his school uniform's back trouser pockets then handed it over to Professor. He grinned. "He's been keeping touch from all the places he's been to in his travels and now he finally decides it's time for a grand reunion…"

"Wow, he wrote this to you from Egypt?" Professor said softly, awestruck. "Gee, I wonder how many Bladers has he met ever since we had come to a parting of ways 4 years ago…"

"I guess it would be too many to mention," Takao replied, resuming his back rubbing duties. "He wants to know more about the world, and I guess this would be his last visit before returning to China."

"Yeah, he's eager to share everything he has learned to all those people he left behind in their mountain village," Professor agreed.

"Mmm-hmm, Mao's still waiting for him there, right." Takao nodded. "I mean, 4 years had gone on long enough for her to wait. Would he pop the magical question?"

"I guess so…4 years have also given him enough time to think."

"…" Tsukiyo blinked. "So…this Max and Lei you have been telling me SO much about these past 4 years would FINALLY resurface?"

"Uh-huh." Takao frowned slightly. "I don't know with Kai, though. I haven't heard from him that much…but I still know enough to say that he's a top caliber assassin somewhere on this planet. I wrote him a letter to the last place he wrote from 3 months ago, I do hope he got it."

"Maybe, maybe not," Professor mused, looking over at Takao. "He's NOT exactly overly friendly yet. His written letter attests to that."

"Well…maybe I caught him at a bad time then," Takao answered. "But I still say he'll come back to the reunion, we ALL have so many things to talk about."

"Takao Kinogu, the Eternally Optimistic Boy," Tsukiyo teased. She grinned.

"Could you give me foot rub, after you've done with my shoulder blades?"

Takao was walking home that dismissal time, his red, blue and white Jansport backpack slung casually over one shoulder. He had dropped Tsukiyo off at their house at the end of the 2nd street from his own street, and she was pestering him to become her official back-rubber from now on.

Several kids ran down the sun-dappled sidewalks, chasing each other, laughing, their Shooters and Bey Blades glinting in the late afternoon sun. Takao smiled, and let himself go back to the very first day he had gotten his Dragoon a long time ago.

He had wonderful times with his best buddy Dragoon, and he's also been through worst. He met many new friends, and together they were the unstoppable Blade Breakers team: him, Max Mizuhara, Lei Kon, and Kai Hiwatari. They went through many adventures together, faced lots of life's trials, and they emerged victorious through it all, and to some point, grown up a lot. Professor has been very invaluable in giving much-needed Bey Blade assistance and technological know-how, and he was very much a part of the team, as well. But alas, every wonderful story had to end, and so they had a parting of ways. Lei wanted to travel around the world some more to improve his Bey Blading skills with his trusty Driger, and to know more about people and other cultures outside their closed little mountain village in China. Takao smiled wistfully. Yes, he acted like the true leader of the legendary White Tiger Clan they had been waiting for so long. Max went to live with his mother in the United States, he wanted to become an ordinary kid doing schoolwork and enjoying what other kids his age enjoyed: video gaming, hanging out at malls, even kicking his feet back to listen to a snazzy jazz tune or 2. But he misses working out with Draciel so much that he constantly wrote Takao about his half-pipe Blade days. And Kai…ever so mysterious, retreated back into the shadows from whence he came. Along with him, his fiery Dranzer.

As for Takao…he's now a lanky 17 year-old youth with longish blue-black hair tied back at his nape (think how Shinta Himura could've looked when he's become older….IYAAAA!!! ^o^), his bright blue-black eyes now softer and a little more mature than the loud, rambunctious 13 year-old he was 4 years ago. He was one of the remaining Blade Breakers team left in Japan, where their lives and exploits have reached an almost mythical, heroic, even up to the cult-like, status, fans chasing after him everywhere he goes. He still Bey Blades, over at Max's shop whenever he has time, and talk to Max's father of things about his Dragoon and other Bey Blading stuff, but now not with the occasional fan-harem in tow. So, nowadays, he spends much of his time cooped up in their old family kendo dojo, and maybe felt that this ancient swordstyle would give him the peace he so badly wanted.

Takao sighed, locking the images of his colorful past within the many recesses of his mind. For now, there is only the heartaching anticipation of meeting all his friends again after so many years, and yes, there was the Physics assignment to look forward to.

He turned up the familiar cobblestoned walkway, got his shoes off, then opened the shoji screen door.

"Grandfather! I'm home!"

Tsukiyo was blinking, looking at all the flight comings and goings digital board way up the arrival area of Tokyo International Airport. "Hmm, aren't they a little late…"

Professor sweatdropped. "Tsukiyo, we've only been standing here for 5 whole minutes."

"But they're SUPPOSED to be here ON THE DOT!" Tsukiyo told him. "At least, Takao told me. Lei's such a stickler for appointments, he HATES being LATE."

"I guess they're somewhere in the luggage retrieval area, don't WORRY!" Professor sighed. "You're even more excited about this deal than us."

"Oh, shut UP!"

Takao sighed, then looked over at the sea of arriving passengers from the disembarking terminal. Tsukiyo was the one REALLY excited about the whole deal, and she spent the whole day yesterday bugging him and Professor to make placards so their friends would know they were there already. Takao could've agreed, but then again, Tsukiyo wanted a NEON FLASHING one with SPOTLIGHTS.

But they didn't have to wait that long, for one was already heading towards their way.


Takao blinked. Professor's eyes widened (where…?! His EYES?!? WHERE?!?), then waved. "MAAAXXX~~~!!! OVER HEEEERRRREEEE~~~~!!!"


A blue and green blur ran towards them, his arms windmilling about him in a frenzied manner, his luggage cart forgotten. "HEY! HEY! HEY! TAKAAOOOO~~~!!! PROFESSSOOOOOORRRRR~~~~!!!"

Takao's eyes brightened. "It IS Max!"

Max Mizuhara launched himself into waiting Professor's arms, all giddy and very excited with happiness. "WOW! OH WOW! I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS! PROFESSOR! IT'S YOU!"

"Hi, Max. Wow, you're looking great!"

"Yeah, thanks to ice hockey and half-pipe Blades," Max replied. He grinned. He was quite tall, almost as tall as lanky Takao's 5'8" frame, and had changed quite a lot. His blond hair wasn't as unruly as it was 4 years ago, and his freckles were gone. But his bright blue eyes were as happy and as extremely vibrant as always. He was wearing blue jeans, ice blue Skechers, and a green denim jacket.

"Hey," Takao greeted him.

"Hey!" Max grinned at him, too. "Uh-huh, you've DEFINITELY changed, Takao. I thought I was seeing a brooding samurai leaning over the railing a while ago. How are things?"

"Great," Takao replied. "A lot of things had happened, and the Blade Breakers Fans' Club lynch mob is going absolutely NUTS with the loss of the Blade Breakers' 3 other members."

"As you've said…boy, I NEVER thought I'd see the day that we'll have our own private lynch mob."

The 3 of them talked animatedly, Max holding onto his luggage cart with a steady hand. Tsukiyo felt like she was drowning in talk about Bey Blades, Bey Blades, and MORE Bey Blades when she saw a person walking towards them that made her mouth drop.

The familiar white cloth-bound long pigtail fell in elegant grace to the floor. The young man went towards them, his curious slanted amber-yellow eyes soft and knowing and thoughtful all at the same time.


"…" The young man stopped right behind Takao. He smiled uncertainly. "Hello, Takao. Nice to see you again."

All 3 Blade Breakers whipped their heads around at once. Max and Professor's eyes widened.

Takao was unbelieving.

"Lei….?! LEI~~~?! Is that YOU~~~?!" SD Takao burst into tears. "Ohmigod LEI~~~!!!"

Lei Kon smiled easily at them, Clow Read style. "Hi. I thought you guys forgot all about me."

"WHAT~~~?! Forget Lei Kon, the undisputed Lady Charmer of the Blade Breakers Team, along with Kai HIWATARI~~~?!" Max clapped him strongly on the back. "Welcome back, Lei, you have been most SORELY missed."

"Wow, you've changed quite a LOT!" Professor told him.

A LOT? Tsukiyo can't keep her eyes off him. He was tall, and he was lean and slim. He was wearing a close-fitted pearl gray cheongsam with short sleeves over a pair of black baggy trousers and cloth-bound lower legs and kung-fu shoes. His wrists were also tied back with blue cloths bound with yellow cords, and he was wearing a blue shirt underneath the cheongsam. He had a brown satchel slung casually across his chest, and he was holding his luggage cart beside him.

Takao didn't tell her Lei was drop-dead gorgeously CUTE.

"All we need now is Kai and we're ready to break those girls' hearts again into a zillion pieces," Professor said with a laugh.

SD Takao was pulling at Lei's pigtail. "You haven't cut it off, Lei? No wonder girls catch you so EASILY."

"That is, if they manage to catch him," Max said with a chuckle. "He and Kai are the undisputed marathon kings of the Blade Breakers troupe."

"Shall we still wait for Kai?" Professor asked them, pushing his glasses up his…bangs…(@_@;;)

"He'd slice us up if we aren't careful." Takao blinked. "Oh, where the HECK are my manners? I forgot to introduce you to somebody. Guys, I'd like you to meet Tsukiyo Shinohara, Professor's and my childhood friend, AND my best friend. Tsukiyo, these are Max Mizuhara and Lei Kon."

"Hi," Max said perkily, grabbing Tsukiyo's outstretched hand and shaking it vigorously.

"Hello," Lei said with a small smile.

"Nice to meet you," Tsukiyo said in a small voice. She gulped.

"And I'm Kai Hiwatari."

They all turned to see Kai Hiwatari standing there, in his white turtleneck, deep gray jeans, a chain at his left pocket, and a pair of fire-engine red Skechers. He was donning a pair of shades, and he had a sleek black Jansport slung on his shoulders.

He removed his glasses and fixed Tsukiyo with one, hard deep brown gaze. He had his face tattoos off, and made him look like a human than what he was 4 years ago.

He frowned.

"What's a little microbe doing here in a place like THIS?"