Llewelyn was looking out of the window later that night, lost in his thoughts. The night was becoming late, and yet he found out that sleep didn't come to him that easily.

Was he nervous?

No, more like agitated.

Errh…it STILL means the SAME thing, right?


He was still lost in thought when Giovanni came upon him a little while later, yawning and scratching his tousled dark blond hair on his head. He blinked. "Gee…you're STILL up?! We have a big day tomorrow, we're gonna flash them our killer smiles!"

"Of course. And make it to the high society pages, AGAIN, not to mention ALL the front pages of EVERY leading newspaper in the WORLD," Llewelyn answered. "Right."

"What's the matter with you?! I thought you're ALL for looking elegant, suave, and chic?!" SD Giovanni asked him, his honey colored eyes wide and blinking. Llewelyn sighed.

"You know for a fact that we're only doing THIS for publicity measures for the Guild. It's like we're selling kid candy when in reality we're actually dealing in making high-powered guns for the restless and needy." Llewelyn looked at him. "You KNOW what I mean?"

"Yup, Chief!"

"I absolutely HATE it when you call me that."

"Sorry." Giovanni took on a more serious tone. "What's the matter? You look more depressed than the last time I've seen you when you found out Asaya had to leave for Japan…"

Llewelyn's fists clenched. "She ALMOST died back then. They were just pushing her too hard. God, she's frail and she can't have ALL those tubes stuck on her 24/7. She's had them ever since she was a baby. All those damnable TESTS~~~!!!"

There was a black and white subliminal flash of Asaya when she was 3, lying still on a hospital bed with all sorts of tubes stuck up her arm and chest. She was fitfully sleeping.

"It was a good thing Yamaeda managed to save her before she became a complete vegetable. If he didn't, I shudder to think what could've happened to Asaya by now."

"…" Giovanni was thoughtful. "What were they looking for, anyway?"

"Trying to see if she WAS that –Auran- they've been searching for a VERY long time now. The –Auran- who could wield ALL –Holy Beasts- and –Forbidden Holy Beasts-, for that matter." Llewelyn gritted his teeth. "Well, what do you KNOW, they've hit the frigging jackpot. I'm sure Dr. Leimrey's doing infinite cartwheels by now knowing his beloved 'specimen' has returned."

"They won't get to her, right? We'll stop them even if it means they'll pull the plug on ALL of us." Giovanni nodded. "That was what we promised, yes?"

"Of course." Llewelyn's eyes narrowed. "I don't think the Guild would want 6 pissed-off –Aurans- breathing down their necks microscopically close. Everything that was hidden would be revealed. And the BBA Team is stuck in the middle of it all."

"Is that why…the Guild…"

"I shudder to think what they would do if they find out 'what' we really are, and what we mean to the entire human race." The young man looked out into the night again. "Everything would just blow up right in their faces. And there would be no more stopping the Guild in pursuing their evil plans. Let's just hope they're the 'messiahs' we're ALL waiting for."

Kai had a very strange dream.

In it, everything was gray, and everything was said in whispers.

Was it…his house…with his grandfather?

Those voices…

***…from this day forth you are no LONGER a Hiwatari! I do not want that FREAK bearing the family NAME!***


Kai saw himself as a little boy of around 4. Wait a minute…he doesn't remember this scene…

***Father…please…I love Reiji very much…***

***I do not HAVE a daughter who does EVERYTHING she PLEASES! Even up to the point where she completely disgraces the family name! OUT~~~!!!***

Little Kai flinched when he hears a violent slap that rang out in the stilness of the cold living room. Then his grandfather strolls in, the sobs growing faint then disappeared completely as the doors to it were closed.

He tosses something angrily into the fire. Little Kai waited until his grandfather disappeared before he looked. In it he saw a very old-looking black and white photograph featuring a man wearing a dark suit from one of the private schools in elegant old Tokyo and a young girl seated on a chair beside him. They were both smiling happily.

But the flames were licking at the picture… the flames…

Totally destroying everything…


It was then when Kai woke up with a start, his eyes wide, perspiration dotting his forehead and upper arms, and he was breathing heavily.

He was taking deep breaths to calm himself from the dream he has just experienced.

What was the meaning of it all?

Kai hurriedly got out of his room, shaking. He wandered straight into the small kitchen of sorts way back of their hotel suite when he screeched to a halt. He sees Takao, Max, and Lei sitting there, drinking piña colada they had managed to get from room service. And from the looks of it, it was their 7th order already.

Professor was fast asleep on the couch, his laptop closed on his lap. Takao blinked then looked up at Kai. "Hey…you're still up?"

"It's nothing." Kai blinked. "What on EARTH are you guys doing?"

"Drinking," Max told him. "Want a round?"

"No thanks, I'll pass," Kai replied. He looks around at all of them. "You can't sleep either."

"…" Lei was frowning. "We all had a strange dream."

"I think it's a sign," Takao said finally, drinking another glass of the piña colada in one gulp. "We were gathered here."

"For what?"

"I don't know." Takao bit his lip. "We all met together again for a REASON. Whatever it is, I think I don't want to know." He smiled at them suddenly. "But you know, guys? I don't give a DAMN about what we're all about to face. The important thing is we're all in it TOGETHER."

"Yay!" Max grinned. "That's IT Takao! Whatever that reason is, for gathering all of us from different points on the planet…we won't give up, because we're in it, together!"

"You're beginning to sound a little like Barney," Lei said with a small grin on his face.

"I DO not!" SD Max protested indignantly.

"…" Kai gave an inward sigh of relief as his other teammates chattered on and on. Takao's right. Whatever trouble may be looming in the horizon, they're all going to be fine because they all have each other.

They met AGAIN.

And that was all that mattered.