I watched my first episode of Miraculous Ladybug less than a week ago and have already fallen into the fandom HARD. I've devoured every episode multiple times, looked at the fanart, read the fanfiction, and shared it with other people. I can't even explain what I like about the show; only that I do. A lot. So, here we go: my contribution to the fandom so that I can finally get this show out of my head and hopefully get some sleep.

This will be a collection of short stories about how many times our heroes should have blown their cover; if not to everyone, at least to each other. I'll probably add to it whenever a new episode comes out.

Basically, what would happen if our main characters had some common sense?

This can and will contain spoilers for unaired (in English) episodes. You've been warned.

As always, Disclaimer. I'm simply playing in someone else's sandbox.

It Was Kinda Obvious

Following the events of any episode, but especially early on:

Twilight was falling as Ladybug and Chat Noir finished up de-evilizing another of Hawk Moth's Akumatized victims. The city had been returned to normal and was quieting down, at least in comparison to the earlier chaos of battle.

"Well, another success." Ladybug smiled and held out her fist to her superhero partner. "Pound it!"

However, the expected fist bump didn't occur. Confused, she looked around and saw Chat Noir looking at her, his face completely serious. "Chat… are you ok?"

"Ladybug…can we talk? Alone?"

A beep sounded in Ladybug's ears and she instinctively looked around for something to grapple away to. "Sure, Chat, but I need to transform. Can we talk in a little bit or—"

"That's why we need to talk about," Chat Noir interrupted. He took a deep breath.

"I know, Ladybug."

Ladybug froze. Every circuit in her brain ground to a sudden, screeching halt. She stared at her partner incredulously. "You…you…"

The serious expression didn't leave Chat Noir's eyes, but a small smile played around his lips. "What's the matter? Chat got your tongue?"

The bad pun, and another beep from her Miraculous' countdown timer, was enough to jumpstart Ladybug's fried train of thought. "Roof. Right now." Without another word, she threw her grapple and shot up into the air, landing on a nearby rooftop that would give them some privacy. Another beep sounded in her ears; she only had a few minutes left before she would transform.

Chat Noir stood behind her, waiting. After a few seconds of waiting, he spoke. "I want you to know… before you get any crazy ideas, I'm happy with who you are as a civilian. No matter who you were, it wouldn't change how I feel about you." Ladybug hadn't turned around, but she could practically feel the grin work its way onto his face. She turned to face him and wasn't surprised to see him smiling at her. "No matter who you are, you will always be my Lady…bug."

She knew he was punning to try and keep the conversation light. It was sweet of him, especially since he knew how important her identity was to her. "How did you find out?"

"It… was kinda obvious. You look pretty much the same as you do normally. Same height, same looks; your hairstyle doesn't even change." Chat Noir tapped on his mask before continuing. "And, if we're being completely honest, these masks don't really cover our faces at all. I actually think it's been seriously lucky that we haven't been recognized already."

Huh. Now that she thought about it… it was kinda obvious.

Bonus ending:

"Plus, I see you pretty much every day, so I've had plenty of chances to compare."



Following the events of Mr. Pigeon:

"Sorry. I'm allergic to feathers." Adrien was going to apologize further, but was interrupted by another sneeze. Dang. Of all the designs in the competition, the one that won had to be the one he was allergic to. Not that he wasn't really happy for Marinette; the hat was great! It wasn't her fault that he had an allergy.



That was the weirdest pronunciation of 'gesundheit' Adrien had ever heard.

Before he could even turn back around and ask what was up, Marinette's hand was in his and he was being dragged away from the competition as fast as Marinette could run, which was surprisingly fast.

The streets around the school were completely deserted as Marinette ducked into a small alleyway, Adrien still in tow. "Um, Marinette, what's going—"

"You're allergic to feathers." It was more of a statement than a question. Adrien tried to brush his hair out of his eyes, then realized that Marinette still had a firm grip on his hand. "…Yes? Is that important?"

But Marinette wasn't listening. She seemed to be having an intense debate with herself. "He's allergic to feathers too. But lots of people are allergic to feathers! I mean, come on; that's hardly a reason to overreact! But look at the hair, the eyes, the build, the voice! He's around the same age as me; well, there's tons of guys in Paris who are the same age as me! But they even sneeze the same! Aww, it's not fair! What're the odds that you!" Here she rounded on Adrien again, "go to my school and are the same person I've had a huge crush on since forever!?"

At this point Adrien was hopelessly lost. The small portion of his brain still functioning was still working on why his allergy was such a big deal. Sure, not many other people knew about it, and the only one he had told about it recently was Lady…bug…

Marinette, when she didn't stutter and stammer and repeat herself over and over, sounded just like Ladybug.


"…Hey, Chat."

"We…I mean, I sneeze the same? That's what gave it away?"

"I guess that just opened the floodgates. After that, it was kinda obvious."

Bonus ending:

"Wait, you have a big crush on me?"

During the events of The Pharaoh:

Note: This story idea comes from the French version of the episode, which has slightly different lines at the beginning of the episode.

"Could our very own Ladybug be a high school student in real life? WOW!"

With that, Alya's blog post ended, and Marinette dropped her head onto her desk. She didn't even have time to moan before her phone was ringing. Looking over, she saw that it was, of course, Alya. Of all the books she could have dropped…

"What's up?"

"Yo, Marinette! Did you see the video I just put up on my blog?"

"Umm, no?"

She could sense her friend's flat stare from across the phone line. "Uh huh. Well, I'll summarize it for you: you dropped your textbook, Ladybug."

Maybe she could still get out of this? "What do you mean, Ladybug? I have all my textbooks right here! Especially my history textbook!"

"How did you know it was a history textbook? You said that you didn't see the video."

"Oh! Uh, lucky guess?"


"And besides, how many people use that textbook? There's tons of students in Paris right now!"

"Marinette. Your name is written in the front cover." Alya's voice booked no argument.

"…I don't suppose you'd believe that Ladybug needed to borrow my textbook…would you?"

"Girl, you're Ladybug. It couldn't be more obvious."

During the events of The Evillustrator:

The strange Akumatized artist was gone. All that was left was Ladybug and Chat Noir, sitting in the wreckage of their high school library.

"So, Ladybug? How'd you find out about the situation here, anyway?"

"I could ask you the same question, Chat. We're in the middle of a high school, yet you manage to turn up just seconds after an Akuma attack?"

"Pawt, meet kettle. You were here even earlier than me."

"Look, it doesn't really matter. We need to get to Chloé before that Akuma villain does."

"Wait, you know Chloé?"

"…You know her too?"



"We're in the same class, aren't we."

Review for typos. If I was ever to become Akumatized, it would because of typos.

These will continue as long as the show keeps giving me such easy ammo. Send me ideas if there was a moment where you also said "How did they not find out?! It was kinda obvious!"