Sometimes the anger was too strong, consuming him from inside and burning though his veins as a fire, ready to spread and kill. In time like that he had Elijah by his side- his older brother was the only person who could calm him down a bit and prevent the murder he could commit in state like that. But this time there was no Elijah, - because he decided to let his brother go and live his own life, with the blonde girl he met only once. He remembered her name, Caroline Forbes, baby vampire. And he was glad, because without his brother he could easily walked into Grill and kill as many people as he desired and then waited for his favourite Salvatore brother and dead body Elena, who was supposed to die in his ritual and be buried six feet under the ground. Unfortunately, the doppelganger survived, mostly because of Stefan's stupidity and Klaus was ready to punish him, take everything from him except Elena, the girl he loved and cared about. He truly enjoyed the moment, when they stepped inside, holding each other tightly. Their eyes widen in shock and Elena screamed when she saw bodies on the floor with fresh blood covering their faces.

"Care for a drink?" smirked Klaus and took bottle from behind of the bar, pointing it at Stefan before he poured it into one of glasses. "Or you're too busy, dearest friend of mine? Perhaps you can make me understand why am I seeing her standing in front of me, alive and healthy? Because last time I checked, she was dead, killed by myself, or am I wrong, Salvatore?"

Stefan's eyes widened in shock and he stepped back, covering Elena from Klaus murderous eyes which were looking for her.

"I…," Stefan mumbled, but wasn't able to say anything else. He was certainly afraid, no terrified and Klaus liked that. His heartbeat was loud, loud enough for him to hear it and smirk cruelly.

"And what about you, lovely Elena? I want to hear your wise words."

She remained quiet and now she looked like the small girl she really was. Her face was pale and her eyes filled with tears. After a minutes she found a courage to speak, with shaking voice. "We made a spell to save me from your attempt to murder me. Bonnie helped and after a ritual I was woken up. Alive," she added and watched as Klaus took the bottle into his hand before he throw it at them, making both of them jump.

"I shouldn't take that witch for granted," he murmured for himself. He expected to calm down little, but his ager was now like a tornado, making him furious about their previous actions. Elena was selfish, manipulative bitch, he noticed it as first about her and now he didn't want to spare her life althrought he knew that quick death was too merciful for her and her boyfriend. They betrayed him and he was sure they would pay for it.

"I can tear you apart in seconds, break your necks and torture you until you'll be begging for mercy and I won't give it to you, or I can…" He didn't end the sentence. He let them to use their imagination and satisfied watched as their shook in fear. He was powerful, thousand years old Original and he couldn't let them take him down so easily. He killed more people then he remembered and he was sure as hell that killing them two wouldn't be the worst thing he has ever done. Maybe there would be someone thankful for that, who knows?

His throughts stopped for a second when he realized, that one face is missing. Damon Salvatore. "And where is your dear brother? Perhaps he's the only one who can be pardoned from this sins, tell me Stefan."

"He didn't know…"

"Oh." Klaus knew why. He remembered as he heard Stefan talking to Elijah about the werewolf bite and the time Damon had. The older one was still dying, probably in Boarding House with no cure and no chance to live. Until now. Klaus made his decision quickly, smile spread across his face as he did. The best revenge on Stefan was taking from him the person who loved him the most. Although was Damon the bad one, as Elena once said, he loved his brother and Klaus knew that he was willing to do anything to save Stefan's life. Even if it meant to die and Klaus knew, that it would not happen.

"Stefan, you saved Elena's life. Now it's time to face consenquenses of your decision. Her life for another one. I will take from you the person who loves you the most. I want your brother, Stefan. And if you want to have Elena alive, you won't do anything to stop me."

He watched as Stefan froze, waiting for his answer. During those centuries he hurt his siblings and they hurt him, but still they remained together, not leaving each other's side. And he knew that if Damon was his brother, he wouldn't let him to be taken away. The look Stefan gave him showed him, that Stefan wasn't that kind of brother. He let Klaus to do it.

And Klaus nodded, disappearing in blur.