-Dead don't sleep-

You turned your back on me when I needed you


"Marisa," he said her name and made a grimace. Damon silently made way to the corner and sat on the bed, watching the exchange between Klaus and mysterious woman who appeared from nowhere. She had beautiful, timeless face with red lips and eyes framed with long lashes. When she came nearer, he saw the colour of her eyes- golden, shinning in the room. But something about them made him shook. Her beauty was maybe warm as sun, but those eyes were truly mirror to her soul. They were cold, cruel, breath taking, but not in the right way. He looked at Klaus.

"Niklaus," said Marisa in smooth voice, looking at her sire with respect and lust. It's been a long time since she was near him and now she was bathing in his beauty. She did expect anger in his eyes and for once he didn't surprise her.

"I've been looking for you for a long time, love." He moved closer. Only millimetres now separated their chests and Marisa was willing to press herself against his strong body. But she remained in her position, waiting for his next move.

"I know," she smiled. "I have eyes and ears everywhere. But I didn't want to be found."

"It' never been your choice," Klaus barked. "But mine. If I want to find you, I will. We both know it."

"But you failed, didn't you? Because I am pretty sure I decided to stop hiding. It wasn't you who stopped me."

Damon saw as Klaus pressed his lips together. It was the first sign of rage and he knew the difference between angry Klaus and furious Klaus. If anything else, he wanted to be as far as possible from him when it comes to blowing up. Klaus Mikaelson time bomb and those around him were in instant danger of being burned or destroyed.

He lived with Klaus for a long time, but still it was short period for a vampire. Month since his own brother told him to never ever contact him or Elena again. Damon's life turned into mess. He cried during night, when he was sure no one could hear him and was silent during the day, quietly doing what he was told to do. For some reason, Klaus decided stay in London and Damon secretly knew that it was because of Marisa. And now, when they were facing each other, looking like the wild animals who were ready to attack, Damon's senses told him to run away from danger.

He stood up quickly, trying to move to doors, only to be stopped by strong- but yet gentle grip on his left hand. He looked up, facing Klaus and then bowed his head again.

"Where are you going, little one?" asked Klaus.

"Out," simply answered Damon. "So you can talk to your friend." He didn't have to look at Marisa to know, that she was watching him.

"Don't you dare to…"

"Run?" asked Damon. "Don't worry. I don't have place where can I run or friend who I can ask for help. You win, didn't you? I am yours, for the rest of eternity. I am not going to fight against you. Why should I? I cannot win. But you cannot make me happy either. Congratulations."

And he walked away, not wanting to see Klaus' face after his words, but part of him was glad that he finally found courage to say what he thought for a while.


"Beautiful thing," she smirked. "I understand why you feel connection to him. If it was up to me, I would have taken him weeks ago. I wonder if he can scream my name again and again, begging for more."

"Don't you dare," he growled. "You know I don't like when someone is touching what is mine."

"But is he really yours?"

"What do you mean?"

"He won't give himself to you when you ask and when the times comes, he'll run away. He's bird caught in your golden cage. But he still knows what is it be to be free."

Marisa loved the way he looked at her after those words left her mouth. She had a point and even if he didn't want to say it loudly, deep inside he knew all of that.

"Why are you here?" he asked, wanting to change the topic of their conversation.

"Why didn't you take him? He would look beautifully covered in hickeys you made, calling your name again and again."

Klaus closed his eyes. "Why are you here?" he gritted through the teeth. Marisa looked pleased by his reaction towards Damon, but Klaus knew better. Marisa was cruel creature, always wanting him by her side. She hated when he found a new toy to play and it usually ended in blood. It was one of many reasons why he left her.

If Klaus hated something, it was definitely being told what and how to do something. Marisa tried to control him and failed. Now she came back.

"Did you expect someone else to be the leader? I am the best and secretly you know it."

"The lunatic bitch," he smirked. "Congratulations. How many vampires died because they didn't agree with you? Perhaps you won, but I know that every victory of yours is just game played by master player. I know what you're capable of."

He let those words hung between them, watching her as she suddenly stopped smiling and for the first time she showed signs of distress.

"Don't speak to me like that," she spew out. "Not you from all those people. If I remember correctly, you taught me all those things. You created your of reflection, me. I am you, always and forever. You say that things I do are terrible, look at yourself first. Look what you've done to Damon. That poor little thing is abused by Klaus Mikaelson himself and it was you who made him stay by your side for the rest of his life. Have you ever thought for a moment, that one day you'll get bored of him? What then? Will you kill him? Or will you throw him away as rubbish?"

"Damon is not you," he roared. He saw as Marisa flinched. "Are you really so jealous? Because between you and me is only war, nothing more and nothing less. If I was you, I would be more careful. Because it will take less than century before I take you everything you care about and then, I'll burn you."

"Not if I destroy you first," she said, looking at him with eyes filled with darkness, as it was proof, showing him what she was capable of.


"Damon Salvatore?"

He bit his lip and silently nodded. The woman had Lia's eyes, with only difference. Hers looked like storm clouds, Lia's on the other hand were like raven's wings, too deep and too mysterious. Not like these, filled with gentle sparks.

"It's been a long time since I saw you. I was only a child when you disappeared, after Lia…" Unspoken words brought too much pain, memories of times when he was truly happy. Damon took a shakily breath into his lungs, sensing woman's sadness.

"Mila," he said, tasting her name in his lips for the first time in years. "Even you couldn't escape time."

She nodded with tears shinning in her eyes. Her once red hair were now falling down in soft curls, remaining him first snow covering the grass. Althrought was her face touched by time, covered in wrinkles, Damon still recognized the girl she was so many years ago. The one who was in such young age standing near the coffin at her older sister's funeral, with small tears falling down her face, trying to understand that Lia was lost forever. In her child mind it had to look strange. She didn't even say goodbye.

"All I've once known is turning into an ash. Except you. Still young and powerful, walking on this ground with face of young man, but your mind, it belongs to someone older."

"I am not powerful. Not anymore," he silently signed. "I have many problems Mila. Many of them cannot be solved by any living creature."

"What happened?" Her voice sounded softer.

"I decided not to die," he laughed humourlessly. "And I wasn't willing to pay the price which came with it. It would be easier to rot in hell, than living with devil himself."

"And why is that so?" asked old woman in low tone. She sat down, beside him.

"I still cannot escape my past. I am afraid of my future. Because I know that wherever it will be, it will be with Klaus by mi side."

"Klaus, huh?"

Damon grinned. She didn't know that name, but supernatural creatures did. And no one wanted to be involved with him. "The man who kidnapped me."

"Then why are you here?"

"He knows I cannot escape."

"You're lying to me and to yourself. You're not the Damon I've once known, but still, the fire of resistance is deep inside of your eyes."

"How can you say that?"

She smiled softly, like she was thinking about some memory. "Because Lia had it until the very end."

Damon closed his eyes. "I miss her."

"We all do. But past belongs to past."

"What did you mean?"

"Huh?" she bowed her eyebrows.

"What you said earlier. About me lying to myself…"

"Hahaha. Damon, you have that look on your face."


"Look that have guy who fallen too fast and too hard."

Damon looked at her in amusement. "What do you mean?"

But old woman decided to stay quiet.


"I've been looking for you," said Klaus and sat down next to the Damon. Bar was almost empty, except a few people sitting and drinking alcohol with clouded eyes. Damon nodded and took another sip of his drink.

"Is Marisa…?"

"No." Klaus shook with his head elegantly. "I angered her. Now she's probably finding some way to kill me. Where were you?"

Damon hesitated for brief moment. "I was with an old friend," he answered after a while, slowly, not making an eyes contact. Klaus said nothing. He knew that Damon wasn't lying to him. But something wasn't right. He moved forward and before he could stop himself, his fingers softly touched Damon's cheeks and made him look up. Damon froze on his spot, trying to process what was happening. It wasn't Klaus' usual behaviour. He wasn't good to him since Damon called Elijah.

"You're heart started beating faster," mumbled Klaus. "Are you afraid, little one?"


Damon cursed under his breath for letting his voice shake. Klaus just smirked. The look on his face was predatory. Damon felt sudden warm spreading across his body and he was sure as hell that if he wasn't a vampire, his cheeks would be coloured in red colour. He bit his lip and noticed as Klaus' eyes fell down and the older vampire leaned nearer. He smelled amazingly. Dangerously.

"I don't want you to be afraid."

Damon closed his eyes and connected their lips together.


Klaus' tasted like a blood.

It was the first thing Damon noticed. Somehow they moved back to their apartment, trying to be pressed as much as possible. Slowly, Klaus attacked Damon's neck with small kisses which made him moan loudly, begging for more. He was new at this. Being with woman, yes, being with man, no.

Before he had chance to think about something more, his t-shirt was ripped away, along with his jeans and Klaus lifted him into the air.

"Please," cried Damon. All fear from being bitten disappeared and Damon relaxed into the soft touch. He looked at Klaus with parted lips. Klaus' smirked before he softly kissed him again, this time it was slower like he was enjoying the moment. Damon was more than happy to let him.

"You're beautiful."

Damon flushed. "Niklaus."

Klaus' eyes widen in shock. It was the first time Damon said his full name. It was heavenly sound, coming from lips of blue-eyed beauty and Klaus decided that touching wasn't enough. His hangs slowly found the only material covering Damon nakedness and with looking into older Salvatore's eyes he took it off, again attacking lips of his partner.

And for the first time in months Damon felt like he finally found the place where he belonged.


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