A/N: Please don't take this as serious as an actual fanfiction. This is just going to be a one-shot, something I'll continue when I feel like it. So if it becomes grudgingly edgy or stupid, just remember it's for the sake of parody.

The Crosswire mansion was quieter than usual. Not because everybody was sleeping (it was 11:00 in the afternoon), but because Ed Crosswire was discussing plans with an unknown man in a secret boarding room.

"Are you sure this plan is worth putting my top psychologists in?" Ed Crosswire had a puzzled expression slapped onto his face as he was writing on a clipboard, "You know, I will not look into something not worth anything..."

"Ed Crosswire," The maskedman stood with pride as he walked back and forth, "You will not be swimming in shark infested waters if you look into this plan. Benders are aggressively destroying Republic City and the United Nations, and I've heard their plans to try invading other large industrial hubs such as Elwood City. If you agree to this plan and bring your top psychologists, the citizens will know how to stop and even kill the pathetic benders."

"But I'm not the mayor of Elwood City, Amon," Ed looked out the window, "Try to speak to Mayor Hirsch."

"But you don't need such an executive title to have such power," Amon looked Ed Crosswire right at his face, "You are the richest man in all of Elwood City, you already have power that anyone would give everything just to have it. This is why I contacted you instead of this Hirsch man you speak of. I have already agreed with Hiroshi Sato to bring Future Industries farther to Elwood City. So, will you agree to this?"

"I don't make promises, but I'll sign to this," Ed shook Anon's hand.

The City of Strawberries was about to turn rotten.