Chapter 1

Slumping down on her bed, Elizabeth Summers looked around her room. All her important stuff that she needed was already at Drusillas. All she needed to do was pack the stuff she wanted from her room and she was set. Getting of the bed Elizabeth went to her drawers and pick up a few things, her pig Mr. Gordo and a few trinkets she had collected over the years. The took these and placed them in her bag, . Turning around to face the mirror Elizabeth surveyed her self. She still hadn't gotten used to the fact that she was now blonde. Just three hours earlier she was a brunette with waist length hair but now she was a blonde with shoulder length hair. It was extreme but it is what she had to do, she had to get away from this life. She knew she would instantly be recognized with brown hair but with blonde she barley recognized her self.

The last couple of months she had been saving up her money and secretly withdrawing it and keeping it at home. Her parents still gave her a huge allowance even though she had just turned 21 and her own credit card which she didn't have to pay off. Elizabeths parents were rich to say the least and weren't afraid to show it. Giving Elizabeth money meant they didn't have to spend hours with her shopping and could be going or throwing parties. Elizabeth had used this to her advantage and had gone out and bought all new clothes. Clothes that she like not what her parents would like. Stashing them in a suitcase at her best friend Drus house until she was ready to execute her plan. She didn't want to bring many of her clothes with her as she wanted a fresh start. Thus the huge buying spree. Hopefully if she didn't clear out her room it would take her parents while to realize she was missing and by that time she would be long gone.

Elizabeth didn't expect to leave so soon and had to make arrangements for her departure with in a few weeks. She had always planned on leaving with out her parents knowing, that's why she had been stowing away her allowance and using the credit card for clothes. What happened at her 21st party 2 weeks earlier had been the reason for the early departure.

Her parents had announced that her boyfriend, Riley Finn had proposed and that Elizabeth had said yes. Elizabeth couldn't have been more shocked in her life. She had started dating Riley for her parents sake she didn't really like him but did it to keep her parents off her back. There wasn't any spark with Riley and there was no way she would marry him. Rileys parents were rich and merging the families would mean merging the money.

Riley of course had gone along with it the smug bastard. When Elizabeth had tried to speak up about the engagement Riley squeezed her tight and whispered in her ear and said that Darla, her mother had worked it out. Over the past year her parents had been acting more and more strangely and she now knew it had to do with her but more importantly her marrying riley. She had been forbidden to see her best friend Dru and break up with her currant boyfriend Angel, Drus brother. Elizabeth had defied her parents and had been secretly been spending time with both of them. The relationship between Angel and her self hadn't lasted long. They both agreed that they were better friends and that was that.

Even though the two girls had been slowly drifting apart, Dru had insisted on helping her best friend. Elizabeth had been storing her clothes at her place and using their home as a base to start planning her new life. She had found a quite little town called Sunnydale and had been able to transfer to UC Sunnydale with out leaving any trail. The town seemed very understanding about confidentiality.

Elizabeth picked up her backpack and small suitcase and made her way out of their three-story mansion and to her car. She would be going to Drus and they would be taking her to the airport and driving her car back later. No one would see as her parents were at another party and had giving their servants the night off. Elizabeth was thankful that her parents were cheap when it came to paying the servants. Sneaking out of her room would have been a problem her room was on the third floor and going out her door wasn't an option. Sneaking about the estate trying to make a getaway would have been worse, a gardener would have seen her in as instant.

Elizabeth jumped into her over expensive car and spend away. When she reached Drus house she quickly ran to the door. The plane left in two hours and she wanted to get away before her parents figured anything out. She was greeted at the door by Angel and Drus mother Jenny.

"Oh Elizabeth you made it we were so worried you had backed out"

"Nope Mrs. Calander I am doing this, I am not going to marry Riley I don't care how much he is worth".

"Good girl" she said pulling her into a hug.

"Mom would you get off my friends jeez"

Elizabeth pulled away and saw Dru smiling at her. Dru soon pulled her into a hug and wouldn't let go.

"Dru I am going to be fine, I'll call you as soon as I get settled there"

"Are you sure" she said pulling away and wiping her eyes. "what if they realize that your gone and like bug our phone"

"Yes I promise I'll call if they bug your phone mention Mr. Gordo and ill know something is up ok, so is my stuff ready"

Dru nodded laughing at the idea of talking about the pig

"Its here" Angel said carrying two suitcases down the hall.

Elizabeth tackled Angel into a hug.

"Thank you for this" she said finally letting go.

Elizabeth turned so that she was looking at all three of them. "Really thank you, I wouldn't have been able to pull this off with out you guys"

"You're going to make me cry again," Dru said trying to clear her eyes.

"You better get going" Jenny said opening the door.

Elizabeth and Dru walked out with Angel trailing behind carrying her bags.

"Good luck" Jenny yelled as the three off them pilled into the car. "Oh Elizabeth"

Elizabeth turned at faced Jenny.

"I like your hair"

Elizabeth put a hand to her hair then smiled.

"Thanks, I am really going to miss you".

Angel started the car and headed for the airport.