What I Want By Natalie Elizabeth

Chapter 16

Spike nervously stood at the counter at the airport. The woman, Amy, had been very helpful and was trying to get them on the next flight to Vegas.

"Ok, now can I just get some identification first? We will get that out of the way first then see what we can do about a flight for the both of you"

"Umm sure," Spike said fumbling through his pockets until he found his wallet.

Spike opened up his wallet and handed his driver license to the woman.

"Right then Mr. Giles we just need some for your traveling companion"

Spike turned to Buffy. "Elizabeth, Elizabeth"

Buffy continued to stare around the airport.

"Elizabeth," Spike said shaking her arm.

Buffy turned around and looked at him strangely. "What did you call me"?

Spike looked at her meekly. "Elizabeth"


Spike shrugged. "The umm Amy here wants to see some i.d, we might get on tonights flight"

Buffy pulled out her purse and handed her identification to Spike.

"Put it under Buffy if you can, I am going to call Dru ok," Buffy said before quickly leaving.

Spike looked worriedly at Buffy. She had been weird since they had got to the airport 20 minutes ago. What did she need to call Dru for; they had only just seen her.

"Is everything ok?" the attendant asked Spike.

Spike turned and looked at her. "Umm yeah, pre wedding jitters I guess"

"Oh well congratulations. I have some good news for you. We're able to get you on to nights flight. We just have to fill out a few things"

"Right, sure," he said looking over at Buffy on the pay phone.

Buffy hopped up and down. "Come on Dru pick" Buffy whispered in the phone.

"Hey, Drusilla Calender the stars say you did I good thing by calling me."

"Dru it's me"

"What's wrong, I just left you"

"I think I am making a bad decision," she said hurriedly.

"Well yeah I mean you are talking to me instead of talking to Spike."

"I don't think I can marry him"

"What?" Dru exclaimed. "We discussed it, it's the only way."

"But Dru I really like him. This is going to stuff up any chance of us getting together now."

"No it won't it will make it better trust me."

"How, he's doing this so he doesn't lose his best friend."

"Did he say that? " Dru prodded.

"Not exactly"

"So what if he is doing it because he doesn't want you to marry anyone else because he likes you."

"If he likes me then why hasn't he asked me out?"

"Has he had a chance?" Dru challenged. "If I remember correctly you were the one who said you didn't want to start a relationship. Maybe he felt those vibes"

"Felt the vibes, Dru are you crazy"

"Ok so you talked to Dawn, maybe she told him. Maybe he thinks you don't like him. You introduced him to mom as your best friend, it can really hurt a guys ego if you say were just friends"

"Fine so what should I do?"

"Drop the best friend crap, say close friends or something. Start flirting with him. Tell him your out on the prowl."

"I meant about the wedding"

"Oh you so have to go through with it. I booked you guys into this motel. It's called lovers inn"

Buffy groaned. "You couldn't have picked a cornier one"

"Hey it has a chapel so I booked you in for a night time one ok. You will be there by tomorrow night, right"

"Think so Spike's organizing it now" Buffy looked over at Spike and saw him walking towards her. "I better go Dru"

"Right well good luck. Give Spike a huge kiss"

"Ok I'll give Spike a huge kiss for you"

"No I meant for you to give him one"

"Bye Dru" Buffy said shaking her head.

"Come on" Spike said grabbing her arm as she hanged up the phone.

"What, where" Buffy said confused.

"I got us on a flight"

"Cool when"

"They just called for the first boarding warning"

"And the gate is where" Buffy asked looking at the gates around her.

"The other side of the bloody airport"

"Alright then lets go" she said pulling her hand out of his and began to weave through the crowd.

"Attention. If there is an Elizabeth summers in the airport could you please come to the information desk, your parents are waiting for you"

Spike and Buffy froze.

"Run" Spike yelled.

Buffy picked up her pace and started to run causing many people to look at her. Buffy quickly made it to the security and was thankful the line wasn't long.

"If you have anything on you mam, keys, wallet, phone, sunglasses, please place them in the box"

Buffy chucked her purse in a box and turned to see where Spike was. He hand knocked over a lady and was now helping her up. Buffy quickly shook her head and walked through the security system.


"Shit" Buffy cringed

"Do you have anything on you mam, a bangle, or lose change"

Buffy shook her head. The guy looked her up and down.

"Take off you shoes and put them through the security system then try walking through again."

Buffy sighed and quickly pulled up her pants and unzipped her boots. She placed them through the security then walked back through the system her self. Buffy smiled when she didn't beep.

"Have a nice day," the guy told her as she picked up her shoes and her purse.

"Nice nail polish" Spike said coming up behind her looking at her stocking feet, with bright red nail polish shining through.

"Thanks now let's go" Buffy said doing her best to walk off and put her boots back on.

Spike stopped her and allowed her to hold on to him while she slipped her boots on.

"Ready" he asked

Buffy nodded and Spike took her hand once again and began to run towards their gate. Spike stopped when he realized they had run past their gate and pulled Buffy back. Buffy and Spike were now puffing when they got to the attendant.

"You two look like you are in hurry"

Buffy smiled then looked around to make sure no one had followed them. "Well you know we are excited to go to Vegas you know"

The women nodded. "Well enjoy your trip"

Spike smiled then pulled Buffy with him as they walked down the corridor to the plane. Finding their seats quickly the couple sat down and took the chance to breath. Buffy lied back in her seat and held her head.

"Are you alright luv?" Spike asked

"Yeah just a bit of a headache"

Spike nodded then looked out the window waiting for the plane to take off. After what seemed like forever, the plane eventfully left the airport- making Spike feel a lot safer. Spike undid his seat belt then reached over and undid Buffy's, as she seemed to be sleeping. Buffy looked up at him surprised.

"Seatbelt" he said pointing at it.

"Oh" was all Buffy said before laying her head on his shoulder and closing her eyes.

A flight attendant walked past them and smiled then backtracked and looked at Buffy. Spike suddenly tensed.

"Is she alright"?

Spike sighed. "Umm yeah, she just got a bit of a bump on her noggin today"

"Would you like a pillow, it's a long flight. We should get in around midnight"

"Thanks that would be great"

The attendant nodded and returned a few minutes later with two pillows. Spike took them then stood up and took off his jacket.

"Buffy" he called.

Buffy opened her eyes sleepily.

"Stand up, ill make it more comfortable," he said indicating the pillows.

Spike sat down then put one of the pillows over the armrest. He lifted his arm and placed the second pillow over his chest and the chair.

"Sit down and pull your feet up, it might make it more comfortable"

Buffy smiled and sat down in her chair and snuggled into the pillow on Spike's chest.

"Thanks," she said moving her self so she sat a little higher in her chair so she could feel Spikes arm on her back.

"Just get some sleep," he said pulling her in tighter and placing a small kiss on her head. "I'll make every thing ok."

Spike leaned back and closed his eyes wincing. What the bloody hell was he doing? Twenty-four hours ago, he was pacing his bedroom thinking of the best way to ask Buffy out. Dawn had finally convinced him to do it and he had been preparing the night before and all morning. Now here he was flying to Vegas to get married to her.

Spike cringed thinking about the vows he would have to say. Spikes hoped that he wouldn't brake down and cry like a bloody poof because Buffy wouldn't know that the vows were true. He would love honor and protect her for the rest of his life. No matter what happened. Marrying Buffy would mess up any chances he had of actually being with her. From now on, she would think anything he did, would be so she could stay in Sunnydale. Spike sighed and laid his head softly at Buffy's. At least the marriage would mean he would be able to kiss her a few times and hold her close. Crumbs of hope were better then nothing at all, right.