Summary: In order to save her, Bill and his brothers need to mate her. Hermione joins Bill, Charlie and the twins in a pack bond, the only way she can avoid the death eaters clutches. Things are never that easy, especially Fenrir on the loose looking for revenge. Bill/Hermione/Charlie/Twins. No incest. Smut.

Disclaimer: If I owned Harry Potter Hedwig and Fred would never have died.

Beta: historygirl1863


Hermione gasped in pain, tears running down her red cheeks. The pain was unbearable. Everything felt, even more painful because of her lack of senses. Tears blurred her vision; a hand was pressed against the side of her face to hold her in place, cutting out the noise. Another scream tore from her throat as she felt more digging into her forearm. Her body was in agony.

The hand on her face released her, and the sound of the room filled her ears. Bellatrix was cackling her wicked laugh as she carved the word 'mudblood' into Hermione's arm. Her husband, Rodolphus, was kneeled at Hermione's side, his hand going to her throat to keep her down and in place.

All of this happened over the mere use of the word 'Voldemort'. Harry hadn't meant to say it. He shouted it in anger while they were arguing. Not a moment later, snatchers were around their tent. They didn't stand a chance. The golden trio had run, but it didn't take the snatchers long to catch three tired, underfed teens. They caught them and brought them to Malfoy Manor. A place had never felt of such pure evil before. The Manor had dark and horrible memories in its walls. They could feel the hatred and evil from the moment the three stepped into the place.

"You think you're so smart, girly?" Bellatrix taunted, kneeling further down towards the blood drawn arm. She smiled up at Hermione, a mad wicked smile. Hermione watched in horror as the witch cut her right hand, with the knife she'd just used on Hermione. Blood dripped from the wound. Slowly, the witch brought the hand down to cover Hermione's arm. Their blood mixed and Hermione felt even more panic arise within her. She didn't know what they were doing, but it was evil. Dark magic had a lot of blood elements to it. To cast a dark spell, you needed to draw blood or sacrifice someone, or something.

"Rodolphus, you're next," Bellatrix called, moving around to take her husband's place holding Hermione. A new wave of panic came over the muggleborn, and she started to thrash on the floor, determined to get away from whatever they were doing to her. Bellatrix kept a firm grip on her, though, as Rodolphus moved to Hermione's front. He did the same thing as his wife, cutting his palm and sharing his blood with Hermione's.

"This will work?" Rodolphus asked, standing up and stepping back. He glanced over at his brother, giving the man a nod of the head. Without any word between them, Rabastan Lestrange moved in front of Hermione. He repeated the process.

"Yes," Bellatrix hissed. "You think the wolf could trick me? You believe I'm lax with my tortures? Of course, this will work you stupid fouls. She'll be spilling every secret by the morning. Our Lord will be so proud. Now shut up and get Greyback."

Hermione whimpered in horror. Her eyes were locked on Rabastan as she took in Bellatrix's words. The man wiped his bloodied hand on Hermione's bleeding arm, and then unlike the other two, he reached up to stroke her cheek.

"Still think it's unfair that wolf gets to have her," Rabastan stated, his finger trailing down her face, her neck and heading towards her exposed cleavage. "It shouldn't matter what order we go in."

"Touch her Rab and I'll cut your balls off myself. I've told you what will happen. Fenrir will have her first, he'll bring her into the pack. After that you and your idiot of a brother can do whatever you like with her, once we get the information," Bellatrix told the man. Her eyes gleamed with anger.

"What kind of information do we need? We have Potter?"

"We need the rest of the Order! Do you question me? Do you question our Lord?" Bellatrix shouted.

Fresh tears fell down Hermione's face. She had no way out of it, Harry and Ron were trapped in the basement. There was no way left to escape. They were going to kill her best friends and force her to give up the identity of the rest of the Order. Her only hope was the pack bond wasn't as powerful as they suspected.

Boots stomped the ground as Fenrir and Rodolphus walked back into the room. Hermione had been so distracted she hadn't even seen the Lestrange brother leave.

Fenrir had his gaze locked on hers, a hungry look in his eyes as he pushed Rabastan out the way and kneeled over Hermione. He reached down, and Hermione felt the awful feeling of the man tasting her blood. He made grunting noises as he nuzzled her arm, like a dog smelling its favourite treat.

"Get on with it," Bellatrix demanded. She looked just as disgusted with his actions, but Hermione had feeling it had more to do with her Muggle-born status then Bellatrix actually feeling disgusted.

Fenrir pulled back slightly, his face towards Bellatrix as he pulled his bottom lip into his mouth. A moment later he released it, a small cut on the lip as he once against lowered his mouth to Hermione's blood.

"Fuck," Rabastan muttered shuffling further back with a look of disgust on his face. "We couldn't have found a better-trained dog, Bella?"

Fenrir growled, his eyes glancing up and narrowing on Rabastan. "Remember who will be the alpha in this pack, pup. I'm bringing her into this, you need to watch your tone around me from now on."

Bellatrix stood up, her wand pointed towards Fenrir just as a loud bang come from the other end of the room. No one else was in the room, just the five of them crowded around the same spot. The Malfoy's had been ordered to leave, after locking Ron and Harry in the basement.

More fear filled Hermione. The only person that could be was their Dark Lord.

However, to the surprise of everyone Ron Weasley and Harry Potter crashed into the room, both of them holding a wand and their eyes locked on the scene in front of them.

Pure chaos broke out in the room. The death eaters around her jumped to their feet and started firing spells at the duo. Harry and Ron were fairing pretty well, giving back as good as they were getting. They were outnumbered, but Fenrir wasn't very good with his wand and didn't seem keen on getting too far away from Hermione.

When the werewolf turned his back on Hermione to fire a spell at Ron, she kicked both feet out at him and knocked him off balance. Ron's spell went flying over her head, but a second later another shot at the wolf and he lay still on the floor.

Things were getting more and more intense until Dobby appeared. He swung on the chandelier, knocking Bellatrix and the Lestrange brothers to the ground. Hermione used the last of her strength to scramble forward to Harry and Ron, who pulled her to her feet. She clung to them as Dobby grabbed her hand and apparated them away.


Hermione fell unconscious during their apparition to Shell Cottage. She was too exhausted and her body finally gave out to the strain of the day. Ron clung to her fiercely, walking to Shell Cottage with Hermione safely in his arms. Harry remained behind, thanking Dobby before the elf clicked his fingers and disappeared away.

The three walked up to Bill's house and walked in without bothering to knock. They had already sent Luna, a Gringotts goblin and Ollivander first, before their rescue mission for Hermione. It was no surprise to see them all in the kitchen, along with Bill who looked furious. He quickly moved towards Ron, his eyes assessing the two boys before his gaze fell on Hermione.

"Christ, what happened to her? All the blood is making my nose itch," Bill stated. He offered his arms, taking Hermione from Ron's protesting ones. Bill ignored him, moving through the house and up the stairs with her. Ron and Harry followed behind, chasing after the part wolf.

"Where is Fleur?" Harry asked, missing the warning look Ron sent his way.



"Yes," Bill stated, giving no more information. He gently laid Hermione down on the bed, his hand picking up her arm and looking over the carved word. "I can smell them all over her. Did they touch her?" Bill turned his face to the boys, alarmed as he waited for an answer.

"I don't think so," Ron replied, "Not like that at least."

"I can't smell sex on her, but they might have washed her. How long were you there?" Bill questioned.

"A few hours," Harry answered.

"Good," Bill said, finally relaxing. "Ron, go and fire call Charlie, tell him we need his first aid skills. Potter, go and grab Luna. She needs to wash the blood and smell of those Death Eaters off Hermione, or I'm going to end up biting her." He dropped Hermione's hand and moved across and out the room.

"He seems…" Harry started, watching the opened door where Bill had left.

"Cold? Bitter?" Ron offered. "The twins called him a lot of things when they visited when I was here. I don't know what happened with Fleur. Bill won't tell anyone. He's been a bit more… intense since she left."

"He's not really going to bite her, right?"

Ron looked grim. "It's a wolf thing, I think. He can smell other males on her, now she's under his care, and he can get kind of… weird about some things. Remus said it's because he doesn't have a pack."

"He's got a sister and five brothers."

"I've got no idea how it works, he won't tell me anything. We're not his pack, though, he said that."

Both boys glanced around at Hermione, giving her one last glance before they went off to the do the jobs Bill had ordered them to do.