Hey, everyone! I'm so sorry for leaving everyone hanging. I feel horrible, cause I know how it feels when the fic author is radio silent. I also realized how easy it is to put updating off. However, I regret to inform that I am not going to continue this story… As much as I wish I could, I don't have any more ideas for this story. I started this fic in a flight of fancy after binging the Originals, and I have lost interest in that show since.

I'm sorry guys! Although this isn't a very popular fic, there are a few followers and commenters. I want to thank all of these people for liking the story, and I hope you'll want to continue this story! I'm opening this fic to the fanfic community, if anyone wants to adopt it, they can! Just let me know and, please link my fic to yours, and I'd love to read it!