Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey

Jo walked into her loft. The sun was setting on a somewhat fun Saturday. She took off her jacket hanging it up on the coat rack. She then placed her purse on the small table next to the door to see a note from Isaac.

Staying at Scott's for the night. You, two mates, need some mating time –Isaac

Jo rolled her eyes placing the note back down. Isaac was team Jo and Derek more than Jo. Whenever he had a chance Isaac would leave so Jo and Derek could have 'mating time'.

"Derek you are not going to believe the day I had," Jo announced as she walked more into the loft. She stood in the living room looking around. "I saw a dead body so you know, fun day." She let out a chuckle. She then glanced into the kitchen. "Der where are you?"


Jo looked upstairs where the noise was coming from. "Derek?" No answer. Jo jogged back to grab her purse. She pulled out one of her Chinese ring knives. She ran up the spiral staircase. "Derek?"

She looked first in their bedroom. Derek sat on the edge of the bed covered in red blood.

"Oh my god, Derek." She dropped the knife and ran over to Derek.

Derek looked up from his hands. Jo grabbed Derek's arms and started to inspect him for wounds.

"Who did this to you?" Jo asked.

"I don't remember," Derek spoke for the first time. "I don't think it is my blood."

Jo pulled away from Derek. "I don't think so either. What happened?"

Derek shook his head. "I was downstairs cleaning. I hear a noise in the hallway so I walked outside the loft. Next thing I know I was sitting on our bed covered in blood."

"Get up," Jo said softly helping Derek up. She inspected him for more wounds.

"Do you really think it is happening?" Derek wondered.

"What do you mean?" Jo asked and she pulled the quilt off the bed. The quilt was now covered in blood as well. She walked into their bathroom and turned on the shower.

"Do you think the Larcener is taking our powers away?" Derek asked.

"Absolutely," Jo said not looking at Derek. She walked in the hallway grabbing a towel still speaking to Derek. "I can't remember the last time I had a vision. You don't have wolfie control. Whatever he did to us is working."

Derek just stared at Jo who was moving quickly around the room to help Derek get the blood off himself. "I don't understand. How are you handling this so well?"

Jo stop mid tracks. She looked back at Derek. "What do you mean?"

"I feel," Derek placed a bloody hand on his chest, "so empty. I feel lost. I don't understand how you are able to move on without it."

"I was born with my powers," Jo said holding a stack off towels in her arms. "I didn't know they were even there until a year ago. So, I already know what it feels like to be empty and lost all the time."

"It is horrible being human," Derek replied.

Jo chuckled. "Yes, it is. Go get in the shower and give me your clothes and towels when you are done."

Derek grabbed the towels from Jo. He pressed his lips against her forehead. "Thank you." Derek left for the bathroom.

Jo closed her eyes tightly. Derek's powers were almost gone. Jo's were probably already gone. The next thing to go was his mind, memories, and personality. Jo didn't want to be around when that happened but she didn't want to leave Derek. There was no winning in this situation. Jo grabbed her phone out of her pocket and dial a certain person.

"My niece-in-law calling me? I suppose there really is a first for everything."

"Peter I am not your niece-in-law. For that to happen Derek would have to marry me." Jo argued.

"You are not my niece-in-law yet." Peter corrected.

"Is he…." Jo trailed off. "Never mind. I need you to come over. Now."

"What is wrong?" Peter's tone changed quickly from light heartily to serious.

Jo sighed. "It's Derek."

"Now I hate to be the person who says I told you so," Stiles announced to Ann and Jackson who was in his bedroom, "but I feel like this is the time and place for an I told you so."

"Why didn't you tell anyone that you Jo from the future just hiding out in your room?" Jackson asked.

"I didn't want him to tell anyone," Ann explained. "No one can know that I am here." Ann grabbed Jackson's arm. "No one."

"If you know how to stop Larcener why don't you stop him now?" Jackson wondered. "People are dying.

"Jackson, are you being thoughtful for other people?" Stiles asked. "Are you feeling okay?"

Jackson glared at Stiles and looked back at Ann for an answer.

Ann sighed. "He was the one who got away. He never stops him in the future. But if we somehow stop him now that we can rewrite the future."

Jackson shook his head. "I, for one, would like to say that I think this is a horrible idea."

"Do you have a better plan?" Stiles asked.

"We tell the pack," Jackson said. "You," Jackson looked over at Ann, "vibe or whatever it is that you do and we stop Larcener."

"A) I don't have my powers anymore and neither does Jo," Ann explained. "And B) If Jo sees me the world could either split into an alternative universe or create a time paradox. I do not really want to have to deal with either of those."

"What do you mean you don't have your powers?" Stiles wondered. This never came up in any of their other discussions.

Ann sighed. "I give them up in the future to save someone. It isn't a big deal." Ann waved her hand. "What matters is Jackson is going to be on our side now and we can just save the world faster."

"Why don't we just tell Derek?" Jackson wondered. "I mean he is your mate, he will believe that you are really you, and he won't tell Jo."

"Derek can't save us if he is the victim," Ann explained. "And I can't save myself either. Only Stiles can save us all. He is our savior."

Jackson looked over at Stiles. He then glanced back at Ann.

He looked at Stiles again. "Stiles Stilinski?"

Ann nodded her head with a smile.

Jackson started to burst out laughing. Stiles glared at the werewolf. Out of all the people in the pack, Jackson had to find out about Ann.

"If I was you I wouldn't laugh" Ann announced. "Stiles is the only one here who can save your life."

Jackson stops laughing and looks over at Ann. "I am dead?"

"I feel like this is one of those things you aren't supposed to tell us," Stiles whispered.

Ann nodded her head. "Probably."

"What do you mean I am dead?" Jackson asked. "How do I die?"

Ann held up her hands. "I have said way too much." Ann then let out a yawn. "And frankly I am tired. We can talk tomorrow if you like."

"I don't want to wait tomorrow to talk about me dying," Jackson exclaimed. "How do I die?"

"I guess you won't know if you tell people I am here," Ann said with a shrug. "Because then I would have to tell them what happens them in the future."

"Are you threatening me?" Jackson asked.

"I am sorry." Ann moved to place a hand on Jackson's hand. "I must have done that bad. I thought it was obvious."

Jackson yanked back his hand. "I won't tell anyone you and Stilinski's dirty secret. You just better make sure when he is off saving the world that he saves me too."

"There the asshole Jackson I know and don't love," Stiles said with a sigh. "I was starting to get worried about you."

Jackson glared at Stiles before leaving the house.

"Maybe next time I tell you to stay home," Stiles announced looking over at Ann.

"...I should stay at home?" Ann wondered.

Stiles nodded his head. "Yeah, I think you should."

Jo got off the phone with Peter. She placed her phone on the charger and moved to grab the bloody blanket. She placed it into a basket and then walked into the bathroom. The bathroom was covered in steam.

"I am just grabbing your dirty clothes," Jo announced. "Don't get any bright ideas."

Derek chuckled. "Trust and believe I don't want you in the shower with me while I'm covered in mysterious blood."

Jo bends down and grabbed Derek's clothes. "Please, you wish I would get in the shower with you."

Jo walked out of the bathroom pulling all the dirty bloody items into a basket. The water turned off. Jo walked towards the top of the stairs and tossed the basket. The basket landed on the floor with a soft thump. No clothes fell out of it.

"Yes," Jo mumbled a smile on her face. The last thing she wanted to do was pick up those bloody clothes and blanket a second time. "I called Peter. He is coming over."

Jo turned back into the bedroom. Derek who had on sweats stared at the dresser that had the top drawer open. He stared down at his hands that were in the drawer.

"Did you hear me?" Jo asked. "I said Peter is coming over. I know Isaac told you about 'mating time' but—"

Derek looked up at Jo. "Why did you call him?"

"I think we should talk to him about the blood," Jo answered honestly. "I mean he has the best nose out of all our little pups and might help us figure out what it is."

"I don't understand why you would want him in my house." Derek snapped. "He killed my sister."

"And you killed him," Jo said. "I am all for screwing Peter over, he is an ass, but we need him."

Derek slammed his fist against the dresser. "I don't want him in my house."

Jo flinched taking a couple of steps back. "This isn't just your house Der, it is mine too."

"I let you live here only because we are mates," Derek growled his eyes flashing a bright yellow. "This is my house to tell him that he cannot come here ever."

"Derek this isn't you," Jo said.

Derek's claws pop out as he started to walk closer to Jo.

"This is Larcener," Jo added. "Remember me. Jo? You and me."

"I remember that Larcener opened my eyes," Derek replied.

Jo started to walk back before hitting the wall next to the door. Derek slammed the door shut his hand against the wall inches away from Jo's face. Jo started to breathe faster and faster tears forming in her eyes. She looked down to see her knife in front of the bed. There was no way she could get to the knife without going through Derek. Derek locked the door staring at Jo.

"He opened my eyes." Derek continued. "I need to get all the toxic people out of my life."

"Very cliché." Jo let out a nervous laugh. "Kicking your girlfriend out for being toxic. I thought we passed this faze."

"I can't have people like Peter in my life." Derek snapped. "And I especially can't have you in my life."

Derek places his left hand, freehand, on Jo's throat lifting her a couple of inches in the air. Her hands went straight to Derek's hand clawing it. She then pushed Derek's face away gasping for air.

"De-rek." Jo gasped.

Derek tighten his grip on Jo's neck. "I can't have you in my life don't you understand that." He chuckled. "I am doing this for us. One of us has to survive and it can't be you."