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The Namesakes

One Year after Epilogue 2

Young Edward

The carriage stops in front of my godparent's home, and I pull my lips away from my wife. I stare at her, her blue eyes dancing, silky cornflower hair framing her gorgeous face. We have just been wed at St. George's Hanover Square surrounded by our entire family.

Her mother held their newest family member in her arms, Emmett Masen McCarty, as godmother held her newest, Ellen Amelia. Godfather sat next to her, the love shining in his eyes. I hope to be as happy as they are after being together nearly twenty years.

A sharp knock on the door reminds me that we have to attend the wedding breakfast with our entire family. I must prepare myself for the inappropriate teasing of the grandmothers, Es and Renee, as we all call them. Charles and his brothers and sisters teasing each other and jesting loudly with their cousins.

Uncle Jasper and Aunt Alice doting over their expecting daughter and their other children. Isabella's parents bickering playfully as her father glares at me across the table as well as her sister's new husband.

My parents are so happy to be a part of this select group of family and friends. If not for Godfather, I would never have met my wife or have such a large family.

Stratford staring longingly at Beth as he has for the past year. Charles, Teddy and I have tried to encourage him to ask Godfather for a long engagement, but Stratford is terrified. He and Godfather have grown closer since the passing of Lord Elgin in December, but Stratford does not want to ruin it by asking for his daughter's hand.

Godmother doting over everyone as they listen to her in awe of her poise and beauty, Godfather looking at her as if she hung the very moon herself and placed each star in the sky just for him alone.

I wouldn't trade my very large family for the world and I am glad they accepted us so openly all those years ago.

I exit the carriage first and then assist my wife. She smiles at me and I her; excited to start our new life together. I hope we are as perfectly matched as our namesakes.

As we walk hand in hand into their home, our godparents greet us knowingly, and with matching smiles upon their happy faces, we all embrace.

I pray Isabella and I will have a blessed life and be as happy as they are ...


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