Temptation This is my second story and it is NOT the sequel to my first one. I tallied all the reviews against or in favor of my choice and found that the votes were pretty even. However, I don't think I'm depressed enough at this moment to write such a depressing story. (I mapped out a plot and didn't really feel up to the task. It was also going to be very long so I'm gonna save it for my summer vacation - if I have one :P) Consequently, I decided to write this story, which will be fluffier, hopefully funnier, and most certainly shorter. This story was inspired by the Thai novel Mee Piang Rak, by Khing Chat and is influenced stylistically by the novel Romancing Mr. Bridgerton by Julia Quinn. (This prologue has some snippets from RMB's prologue. I am acknowledging this right here.) This is the only time that I will acknowledge their influence which will permeate throughout the entire story. (Do not Sue me, either of you!!) Read the prologue and tell me if you want me to continue.


On the sixth of April, in the year 2002 - in her forth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry - Hermione Anne Granger fell in love.

It was, in a word, thrilling. The air vibrated. Her heart leaped. The moment was breathtaking. And, she was able to tell herself with some satisfaction, the wizard in question - one Draco Malfoy - felt precisely the same way.

Oh, not the love part. He certainly didn't fall in love with her in her forth year at Hogwarts (and not in her fifth, and blast, not in her sixth year either.) But the air did vibrate, his heart leaped, Hermione knew without a doubt that his breadth was taken away as well. For a good ten seconds.

Falling of his broom tended to do that to wizard!

It happened thus:

She and her friends, Ronald Weasley and Harry Potter, had been out for a walk in the quidditch pitch when she felt something whizzing through the air heading strait for her. (see above: the bit about the air vibrating.) Harry and Ron weren't paying much attention to her (they rarely did when they were talking about quidditch), so Hermione scanned the sky for a moment to see what was about. She saw a black blob on a broom heading their way, accelerating hell-for- leather, or whatever expression people liked to use for a fool on a broom who cares not for their safely and well- being.

Hermione felt her heart quicken (it would be difficult to maintain a sedate pulse as a witness to such excitement, and besides, this allowed her to say that her heart leaped when she fell in love).

Hermione gasped (taking her breath way), and without thinking (or perhaps with thinking, for she now recognized the boy to be Draco Malfoy and realized that he was intending to ram right into her two best friends), she cast a spell to push him away.

The boy fell off his broom, (Hermione TRULY *bats her eyelids while she is saying this and whistles* did not intend for him to actually fall, she just wanted to deter him), and he landed most inelegantly in a nearby mud puddle.

She rushed forward, quite without thinking (again), muffling a sound that was somewhere between and apology and laughter. He would, of course, be furious with her, since she'd effectively knocked him off his broom and covered him with mud - two things guaranteed to put any wizard, not to mention Draco Malfoy, in the foulest of moods. But when he finally rose to his feat, brushing off whatever mud could be dislodged from his robes, he didn't lash out at her. He didn't give her a stinging set down, he didn't yell, he didn't even glare.

He laughed.


Hermione hadn't much experience with the laughter of boys, and what little she had known had not been kind. But Draco's eyes - a rather intense shade of grey - were filled with mirth as he wiped a rather embarrassingly placed spot of mud off his cheek and said, "Well, that wasn't very well done of me, was it Granger. You've got a quick mind about you, mudblood. But since I intended to knock you into the mud, I guess I shouldn't whine about being covered in it."

And in that moment, Hermione fell in love.

And in that same moment, Ron launched a punch at Draco's grinning face for calling her a mudblood.

And in that moment, Hermione made the most logical choice a 15 year-old girl experiencing the first pangs of puppy love could make, she decided not to acknowledge her love, purposefully buried her feelings, ignored her blush, and joined Ron in beating the heck out of Draco Malfoy.

Disclaimer: The characters in this story belong to J.K. Rowlings. I am borrowing them just like I am borrowing plots from the books I acknowledged above. Please do not Sue.