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Dating Show: One Piece Edition

Episode 1: Want A Chance with your Idol?

"Stupid fucking printer."

I'm Zoro Roronoa, age twenty-four, and a single man who hasn't dated since I was sixteen. I work with an advertising company for the ever popular Thousand Sunny Corporation. They do many things, but the only one I had a main interest in was advertising, so here I am. My boss is a woman named Robin Nico who happens to be dating the main boss of Thousand Sunny, Cutty Flam, or a.k.a. Franky. There is another main boss and his name is Iceburg, they came together from two different small companies and made one big company. They own half of Grand Line, I do believe if I am not mistaken.

"Yelling at the damn thing is not going to make it go faster." My eyebrow twitched in irritation as I glanced back to a co-worker of mine.

"Shut it, curly-brow." I grumbled and picked up my finished copies. "I'm trying to hurry up so I can get off work."

"Watch that damn idol of yours?" I glared into his showing blue eye and growled at him.

"What's wrong with liking a certain actor? Huh?"

"You send damn stuff, not ever getting something in return."

"You do, too, to those damn snobby bitches on "Model Me" almost every day!" I stated up to him. He glared back with gritted teeth.

"Yeah, but they're women! Very beautiful women!" I merely rolled my eyes and hurried over to my desk to put the printed papers into a folder. The folder soon found its way to a little shelf of finished papers and I grabbed my bag to leave. I made a beeline to the elevator and pushed the button to go down.

"Oh, Mr. Roronoa." A woman's voice hit me and I glanced over as I was waiting for the elevator to reach the twenty-second floor.

"Yes, Ms. Nico?" I asked out as nice as I could.

"I just wanted to tell you something." The elevator opened and I stepped in, but she just stood in front of it. As it began to close she smiled to me, "Have a nice vacation." Her body was hidden by the two metal doors before feeling the floor jerk.

"Vacation?" I asked out in confusion but shook it off as I would just call her when I get home.

The elevator stopped on the first floor and the doors opened up. I quickly maneuvered my way out of it and through the slightly busy lobby. My feet moved quickly to the bus stop as I moved my sleeve to look at the time as the bus pulled up. The timing was still good; I could make it in time to begin a dinner in the microwave before it starts. I hopped up the steps with my head nodding at Yasopp, the bus driver. He gave me a short greeting back before I went to the back of the bus by the second set of doors. My butt found the seat at the same time the bus began to roll away from the stop.

The ride to my apartment building was smooth sailing as I made it home fifteens after getting on in the first place. I exited with a nod towards the front and began moving my way to my apartment building. The unique thing about these apartments is that you get a floor to yourself, which my building is one bedroom, one bath, a small living room, and small kitchen. I had enough for a house of my own, but I didn't feel like buying one at the moment, so I have been saving up.

My feet moved up the steps to the second floor and I pulled out my key. I fit it in the keyhole and started to unlock the door and entering through it. When I closed it behind me, I tossed my bag and keys on a little table by the door as I made my way to the kitchen, while kicking off my shoes, to start dinner. Before my hand could pull open the freezer door, my phone rang. Since my cellphone was not delivered to me yet, I had to rely on the house phone. Well, if the damn shitty bastard didn't drop it 'accidently' in my coffee, then we wouldn't have this problem.

I picked up the phone as it was not a cordless phone. "Hello?"

"Is this Zoro Roronoa?" A woman asked over the phone and I felt my eyebrow raise, wondering who it was.

"Yes, this is him." I mentioned and she hummed in confirmation.

"Good! I was wondering if I could ask you some questions regarding yourself."


"Are you gay or bisexual in anyway?" Shock went through me as I felt my mouth gape open. "Do not worry, I will not judge and this is so I know if I need to ask the next question or not."

"Um, okay, yeah I am bisexual, why?"

"Would you ever consider going on a dating show?"

"I guess, yeah, why?"

"You have been nominated by Luffy Monkey himself to be on his new dating show called 'One Piece' to have the chance of dating him." My mind was completely blown when she stated that and I felt my heart race. My fucking idol wants me on his dating show.

"A dating show with Lu-Luffy?" The question sounded more like 'are you fucking serious?'

"Yes, we have already contacted your boss at your company to notify her that you were nominated and may miss work."

So that's why she said that.

"Do you accept this offer?"

".. Yeah, I mean, of course! Yes, I do!" The excitement was evident in my voice, making the woman chuckle lightly.

"Well, that is perfect." She hung up and there was a knock at the door.

I hung up the phone and moved to the door quickly. My feet almost crashed into the little table since my socks made me slide. I straightened up before twisting knob to open up the door to see a red haired woman who was smiling.

"I am Nami Kaju, the woman who was just on the phone with you." A hand was in front of me and I graciously took it.

"Oh, nice to meet you."

"Zoro, I would like for you to pack your bags now so we can head out to Foosha City." She mentioned as our hands pulled apart.

"Foosha City?!" The shock was apparent in my voice, but I nodded nonetheless. "Um, right, I will go do that."

"I shall help you." She smiled sweetly at me and I nodded before leading the way. I noticed cameramen around her and they followed her as well. "You don't mind them, do you?"

"I am going to be around them soon, so I might as well try to get used to it." A shrug rolled through my shoulders as we soon made it to my bedroom.

"Ah, that is true! So here we go! Let's begin to pack your bag!"

The next hour consisted of me putting needed clothes into my large travel bag, plus a small bag for bathroom essentials. A towel was said to be provided at the "house" I am staying at, so I did not pack one; especially since we get our own towel, which will be in a certain color. Now we were outside of my locked up apartment about to get in the limousine. My bags were taken by the driver and set in the trunk of the vehicle. As soon as I got in with one camera guy, I knew they were going to ask me something.

"Alright then, Zoro, with only using one word—describe Luffy in your prospective?" The question seemed simple enough, but I had a bunch of things I could describe him with in my prospective.


"Thank you." He pulled the camera away from himself as the red light turned off.

"It's going to be a few hours, might as well catch some sleep if you like." I shifted in my dress shirt and pants I wore for work.

"I can do that." I stated and relaxed back my head with arms crossed to catch some sleep.