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Dating Show: One Piece Edition

Episode 10: Final Elimination

When we had arrived home, we were notified to be up at nine so it could give us time to rest up enough for tomorrow. My sleep was restless as I couldn't stop thinking about it, but I did catch some sleep since I felt like that every night before elimination. This was a bit different though.

We found out who gets a chance!

My nerves were rattling with adrenaline as I anticipated on what was to come, so I had rolled out of bed to get clothes on. It did not take too long to slip on a simple shirt and jeans before my usual tall socks and boots. A hand went through my hair as I stood there with eyes casted down as I tried to prepare myself. The resounding noise of a door opening and closing was caught by my ears and I straightened up.

Let's do this.

Making my way out the door I noticed that Perona was talking to Nami in the middle of the hall, between the staircases. Eyes from both of them glanced to me before I was waved over by Nami. My feet carried me as I soon joined them and got confused amber eyes before the woman in charge spoke.

"You will wait in the kitchen." My eyebrow raised and she crossed arms with a look. "Problem?"

"Ah? No, not at all." I shook hands as I noticed she was being antsy as well on the whole reveal.

"Good." That was her last word before turning and going down the stairs and towards the room on the right which led to the kitchen/dining/pool door area.

"What was that all about?"

"Something about Luffy not telling her who yet and merely stated I go out to the pool and you the kitchen." A shrug rolled from her shoulders with hands out as she was just as baffled as I am. "I guess we will find out."

"I guess so." My hand moved to softly grip her shoulder and I let a smile come to me. "Good luck, Perona."

"Yeah, to you too, Zoro." A smile found her as she gripped at my arm before I held my hand out so she could move first down the stairs. We split ways at the dining room as she went out the door towards the pool and I went to the kitchen.

Confusion swirled in me as I wasn't sure what was going on. Usually elimination is by the pool and the sunroom, but here I was in the kitchen about to grab a water bottle. A bit of disappointment came from me as I thought that maybe they were doing it separate to let the eliminated one down more easily. What if that person was me? I mean, I know I'm not great and all, but I try. Though, I'm sure Perona and everyone else gave their all. Well… maybe everyone except Bonney and Alvida, but who knows? Maybe they did?

Would I have to seriously consider Law's offer?

Ugh… kind of makes me cringe because I could almost feel the sadism roll off of him.

Plus, I don't think I would be ready right away. I mean… pouring my heart out for Luffy and then being declined would probably make me wait out the dating waters for a while. This was actually really putting me down and I wasn't sure how I would face dartbrow and his comical jokes about uselessly chasing after idols.

My elbow rested on the counter as I felt my face enter into the palm of my hand. This was so depressing to think about that I just didn't want to face it yet.

"Zoro…" My name brought me out of my thoughts as I looked to the side to see big brown eyes staring right at me.

"Ah… Luffy?" I asked out and straightened up with a glance to the pool door. "I thought you were with Perona?" Hair flopped when he shook his head before grinning and hopping over to me with that adorable grin.

"Nope, Nami is." Confusion must have been on my face as he chuckled out before arms reached and then hands linked behind my head. "I'm here for a reason." I gave him a look before something clicked in my brain and I felt heat flutter to me cheeks.


"Yep!" The chirp left him as he pulled me down for a hug and my whole being seemed to have a million butterflies fluttering around under my skin.

My arms moved, leaving the water bottle behind, to wrap around his waist as I held onto him tight whilst lifting him and moving my body left and right. A grin was splitting my face as I felt laughter leave me and he joined with wiggles to his body as he couldn't reach the ground. Joy filled me as I began to twirl, making him squeal with delight and legs wrapping around my waist as he pulled back to see my face. That grin made the whole place light up and I couldn't help but shove my face into his neck to breathe in his scent.

"Zoro's my boyfriend now!" He exclaimed, probably to the cameraman, with a laughing fest finding him before I began setting him down so he could stand. Hands found my face as he laid a kiss on my nose and chuckled when my face flushed red. The door from the pool side resounded out and we pulled away as I noticed Perona appear into view with a smile at us. Something seemed to have clicked as Luffy moved to the girl to give her a hug. "Thanks, Perona! You are also an amazing person! I'm sorry though…" the last part was soft as he spoke it out and she patted his head.

"Its fine, Luffy. I kind of already knew." This look on her face had him excusing himself and I went around the counter to stand before her. "You really were a formidable foe, but it seems I really lost a chance, especially on this last challenge."

"Ah?" I asked out in confusion at her words and she smiled to me, hiding the sadness she felt.

"I noticed the look he was giving you when you brought me along with you instead of just finishing. You really are a great guy and friend. I'm glad to have met you…" Her voice was soft and I gave a smile towards her before moving to bring her into a hug with arms around her shoulders. "You better make him happy or I will have to beat you up!" Her voice shook lightly with fingers gripping my shirt as she put up a front, I laughed though at the threat.

"I will try my best. Thanks, Perona." Those two words were said in a light whisper as I held her to me as she tried to control her shoulders.

"You jerk, I'm so happy when I'm supposed to be so upset." A snort left me at hearing that before pulling back whilst moving a hand to wipe tears away.

"You're going to ruin your cake face." A pout flared onto her as she punched me lightly a couple of times. In a way, it felt like having a little sister and I'm the jerk brother to make her cry. Go figure.

"I need to go pack, but Luffy and you will definitely get my number. I want to be taken to extravagant places too!" She had pulled away with a nose in the air as she began sautéing off, leaving me to laugh out loud.

"I will make sure of that." The smile was seen as she left the room and I stood there with a rub to my neck. "Geez…"

"Date-o!" A flying body came out at me and I had just enough time to catch him as arms flailed around me with excitement.

"Ah?! Come on! I just went through a lot yesterday!" I complained lightly and he began to laugh with pats to my cheeks.

"Yeah, but I think you barely feel tired from it really. You just like to nap!" A grin was on him as he hit spot on and I grumbled lightly whilst looking away. "I'm hu~ngry!"

"You're always hungry!"

"Nami made me skip second breakfast!"

"There's no such thing!" We went back and forth before I was nudging a finger into his cheek as he called me cute again when I flared up in embarrassment from something he said.

"This will be our first official date, though, Zoro!"

That was true…

"Fine, but don't drag me across town today, I am a little sore from yesterday." I told him with a stern look and he raised his hand up as the other grabbed mine.

"Hai! Hai! Laser tag here we come!"

"What?! W-wait!"

There I was, dragged off into a Mercedes as he shot off with what he had planned because he had to make it extra special. Then I about pummeled him for commenting on my blushing again.

He's going to be the death of me, but that's okay… I wouldn't have it any other way.


"What, dartbrow?" My eyebrow twitched at my blonde co-worker as he started at me over my cubical wall with a noise leaving him.

"Isn't your idol boyfriend paying for everything now?" I furrowed my eyerbows at his question whilst turning in my chair to face him and crossed my arms.

"What ya talking about?"

"Well, since your boyfriend is all famous he makes a lot of money, why keep working? It's not like you really need to now or maybe work somewhere else?" He questioned with that blue eye staring me down and a lollipop stick being gnawed as it was almost time for him to have a smoke break.

"Trying to get rid of me, shitface?" The question left me and even though a twitch came from him, he ignored the name and put an arm on the wall to put his chin on it.

"No seriously. Why keep working here?"

"I like it here and I have something good going."

"Yeah, Ms. Nico is very happy that you brought Usopp along." A hum left me at the mention of the name and I leered to him.

"Oh? You want to discuss your office affair here?" Sanji's whole demeanor changed as his cheeks flared red and he began to stutter out.

"Sh-shut it, marimo! He is not my boyfriend!" My hand waved out as I laughed loudly from his whole jittering body that had moved so he could show a fist at me.

"Sure, sure." The words left me as he had to cool himself down with a few more choice words towards me before letting out a sigh.

"I need a smoke."

"Take your boyfriend with you." Another fit left him as I had to cover my mouth from laughing out again. It was quite entertaining to see him do and then I remembered how I needed to finish up and meet up Luffy for dinner.

After three months of being together and him dragging me out of the state or country for a weekend or two, Perona joining at one point, he is still trying to convince me to move into a bigger and nicer apartment or townhome. I deny it immediately because I want to do it on my own, but with him stopping in for weeks at a time it's starting to get cramped. Tonight will probably include begging and warm kisses, I may just have to give in.

Plus, I could never leave work especially with a new torture method for the cheesehead, since he still brings up the show and that damn picture.

I'm glad that I won because this has been the happiest I have ever been.

I'm definitely in love with you, Luffy.