Ring Games: Prolouge

"Just once, just once I'd like a day without the Saurians - or other such equally power hungry foe - trying to take over the world," Nosedive grumbled.
"Well, we've had some," Mallory pointed out as she turned to shoot over the boxes at the Saurians, who, at the moment, weren't returning fire. "But you and Duke tend to ruin them."
Nosedive mocked pain, and turned to the older grey duck. "Do you hear that, Dukester? I think we've been insulted!"
Duke glared at the Saurians, not looking over. "I hear ya', kid. And once we're done with these wastes of shoe leather, we'll make her regret that. But at the moment, we've got something slightly more important to worry about."
And that something sprang on them in an instant as Chameleon, weilding some new kind of weapon, fired on the boxes sheilding them. Instantly they burst into flames, and the ducks lept away from their now-charred once-cover. Warily looking at the Saurian, Chameleon suddenly dropped the gun to his side and lept away and back.
That was when they say it.
'It' was the Dimensional Gateway, Seige at the controls, grinning like a banshee.
Rose's reaction summed up all the other duck's comments in one.
"Well, shit."

Well, hello all! I know, I know, I'm evil, but I really like the story idea, and I figured, hey, no one else has ever done it! And I know that's cause it's two completely genres and cause it's totally wrong, but hey, I still like it!
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