"Mighty big rock then," Lavi said thoughtfully. "We've been all over the world, and none of us have ever heard of a 'Justice League'." At this Wally gaped, how could no one know about the League? Unless….

"Where am I? Heck, when am I?" He asked, starting to panic.

"A secret location in England, June 7th, 1886. Why?" Lavi replied, though by the look in his eye, he already had an idea as to what had happened to the boy in yellow.

"Well, f#$k...F&#K!" Wally yelled angrily, after a moment of stunned silence.

"Whoa there! Calm the language! What's wrong?" Lenalee asked concerned for the boy.

"I'm either in a alternate reality, or somehow, I accomplished time travel. Either way, it doesn't matter. I stuck in frigging 1886 with no way home. You guys don't even have any good tech to use to get me home! I think I'm entitled to a little cussing!"

"Tech? You mean technology, right? The Black Order's got plenty of that. Komui here is the head of the science department, maybe you could look at some of his computers?" Lavi asked, though again he seemed to already know the answer to his own question, though the others still didn't seem to grasp what the young hero was saying.

"Computers? What?! Computers can't be in this century? The computer wasn't invented till the late twentieth century! You can't have computers!"

"Wait… twentieth… century?! What?!" Allen was the one gaping now.

"Yeah, where I come from it's the twenty-first century."

"And so this 'Justice League' is some organization in the future?" Allen asked, still puzzled.

"Yeah, in the 1940's the world was in need of heroes to protect it, so the Justice Society of America was formed which over time turned into the Justice League, which I'm a part of, as you can guess."

"So, what? You're some kind of vigilante group? Isn't that the job of the police?" Lenalee was now the one asking.

"True, and we hand the criminals into the police after we catch them, but there are some crooks normal people just can't handle."

"And you're not 'normal'?" Lavi asked, inspecting Wally as he did, lifting a questioning eyebrow. Wally might've been wearing the suit, but he didn't look like that much, at least in the exorcist opinion. The boy didn't seem to have any Innocence, and he wasn't acting like a Noah. Noah's usually tried to kill them sooner, and they didn't think themselves some kind of hero, more often the noah took pleasure in others suffering.

"Nope!" Wally said with a mischievous smile, as he decided to show off. In a flash he raced around to stand behind Allen, using Allen shoulder as an armrest, (the boy was just the right height). The exorcists blinked and gaped at the young superhero,(well except Kanda, though Kanda's eyes did widen with everyone else's if you didn't know the blue haired man you would've never known). Allen jumped away from the young superhero, shocked from the boy's sudden appearance next to him, which caused Wally to pout, (He just lost his arm rest!).

"How did you do that?!" The pigtail-wearing girl exclaimed.

"Superspeed, bab-, erm…" The boy said, (he really needs to get better about not saying babe. He does in fact, not have a death wish.)

"But that impossible!" Allen yelped.

"Are you sure he's not a Noah?" The long, silken, blue haired, well, erm, man, growled. Wally blinked at him owlishly.

"You're a guy?!" Wally exclaimed, and at this Lavi and Allen burst into laughter, jeering at the long haired... man, as they did.

"He thought Bakanda was a girl! Ha! He practically is!" The silverette teased, the boy hunched over with laughter.

"Hee, Yu-chan, a girl! I bet he borrows Lenalee's makeup! I can see it now! Yu with glittery pink eye shadow, ooh, work those wings girl! Ha! And the lipstick! Bold choice! You go girl! Heehee!" The redheaded exorcist was worse than Allen, rolling around on the floor, tears of mirth sprouting from his eyes. (A/N: Just imagine Kanda like that for a second. XD) Lenalee was the only one not outright cracking up, though she too was stifling giggles.

The victim of the two's jeers looked absolutely murderous. His hands clenched around his sword as he quickly drew it. Neither boy noticed, both too caught up in their own laughter. The man didn't waste much time in charging them, but luckily for them both boys had quick reflexes (otherwise they would be headless right now. Not the best state to be in, in Wally's opinion). After about fifteen minutes of the two boys running for their lives, Lenalee grew fed up. Eyebrow twitching, (much like the long haired man's did just before he drew his sword) she drew a clipboard seemingly out of nowhere, (seriously, where did she keep that thing?!) and smacked the raging man upside the head, instantly making said man freeze.

"Kanda stop! Lavi! Allen! Apologize!" The girl ordered with a glare worthy of Batman, (and that's saying something, have you seen Batman's glare?)

"Sorry Yu-chan!"

"Sorry Bakanda!"

The man growled at the two who were now shivering under the threatening eyes of both irritated exorcists, but under Lenalee's watchful eye, the irritated man did nothing.


A strange noise echoed through the room, distracting the exorcists from their glaring match, puzzled expressions abundant on their faces.

"Allen…? That didn't happen to be your stomach did it?" Lavi asked, thoroughly confused, as the sound hadn't seemed to come from the bottomless pit who stood next to him like he was used to, in fact, Allen seemed just as confused as he was.

"That… wasn't me…" Allen said, a large frown marring his angelic features.


"It was me that time though." The boy said with a sheepish smile. Wally came behind him, slung his arm around him and clapped him on the back, all the while a huge grin shown on his face.

"Looks like we're both hungry! Why don't we go get some grub?" He said happily, delighting at the thought of food.

"Sure!" Allen agreed instantly, forgetting completely about the strange sound he'd heard a minute before in favor of thoughts of Jerry's delicious food.

"Wait! That was your stomach?!" Lavi exclaimed, catching on to what the hungry speedster was saying.

"Yep!" Wally said, smiling over his shoulder (as he was already leading Allen out of the room, and hopefully towards food). The exorcists gaped at him, no one but Allen's stomach had ever growled that loudly before!

Dully, the exorcist followed the two apparently very hungry teens, leaving Komui mopping in his corner whining about how his sister didn't love him anymore, (where he'd been the whole conversation not even paying attention to any of them, as they all left the room).

After about of fifteen minutes of wandering around and still not reaching the cafeteria, Lavi finally came out of his stunned state to realize they were lost.

"Beansprout? You know this is the wrong way, right?" Allen paused and glanced around.

"Eh! You're right!" The blue haired man face palmed.

"Typical Moyashi!" The man muttered angrily (Wally really needed to learn his name). Lenalee sighed, and then began to lead them back to the proper path. The walk was rather interesting, even if the speedster was extremely hungry. Wherever he was, was huge. At one point they stood at the hollowed center of the building, allowing him to see all of the buildings levels, which needless to say was a considerable amount. Doors lined the hollowed middle, and if Wally had to guess, they lead to bedrooms, labs, offices, and more hallways, or at least that was what he had seen through the few open doorways they'd passed. The hallways in general were like labyrinths making Wally half wonder if Lenalee actually knew where they were. Slowly, the smells of food reached Wally's nose, smells that made the boy think he'd died and gone to heaven for a moment, and he began to speed up, eager to eat, his white haired companion seemingly having the same thoughts as they raced each other down the hall, (Wally was too far into food dreamland to go superspeed, (It's a beautiful place)).

Finally, the group reached the cafeteria, a large open room with rectangle tables lined up in rows, with wooden benches for seating. (Did Wally mention how heavenly the smells were before? Well, take that, but times it by say, a hundred. Suffice to say, it smelled really good.) Quickly, the small group made their way to the food line, though many eyes followed them along the way, (if Wally had to guess why, it'd probably be because of the colorful suit).

Allen was the first to give his order to the nice looking cook sporting bright pink dreadlocks.

"Can I get Gratin Fries, Dry Curry, Mabo Tofu, Beef stew, Meat Pie, Carpaccio, Potato salad, a scone, Kuppa, Tomyankun and rice? And twenty Mitarashi Dango for dessert please! Large on the portions!" The small white haired boy asked with a huge grin.

"Coming right up!" The cook smiled back. Wally gaped at the two. He'd never met someone before that could eat as much as he could, but Allen seemed to share his need for large amounts of food. Not only that, but the cook treated his order like it was normal! Wally was shocked, especially since Allen was so short and skinny, (the kid seriously was a beansprout! Where did all that food go?!).

"And what can I get for you?" The cook asked, turning to him with curious eyes. "Oh! You're new aren't you, cutie? My name's Jerry! Lovely to meet you!"

"Yeah…" Wally answered numbly before quickly placing his order. "I'll have what Allen's having."

For the umpteenth time that day, Wally was the subject of shocked gazes.

"Large portions? And everything?" Jerry questioned in disbelief.

"Sounds great!" Wally nodded, and Jerry slowly smiled.

"Another person to enjoy my food! It will be out in a jiffy!" Wally almost did a happy dance at that. It wasn't everyday that he got enough food to last more than a few hours (and that's at best!).

"You do realize the size of the meal you just ordered, don't you?" Lenalee questioned uncertainly, (surely he simply thought Allen was only get a small portions of the food he ordered instead of the feast sized meal it really was.).

"Of course! That is why I ordered it." As Wally continued to be subject to disbelieving stares, he hurriedly tried to explain. "Superspeed also applies to my metabolism, I need a lot of food to sustain myself. My body burns through energy much faster than your average Joe, and turns that energy into speed. And voilà! I eat giant meals! Speaking of which, how does Allen eat so much? Why are questioning me and not him?"

"Well, that is Beansprout's normal meal! We're used to him eating that much!" Lavi answered, and Wally raised a questioning eyebrow, (though it was under his mask, so it really didn't do much….)

"And why does he eat so much?"

He's a parasitic type. It's normal for them." Lavi said, carefully trying to gauge what the yellow clad boy knew about Innocence.

"Parasitic? Gah! He's an alien?! What?" Wally asked, as it was his turn to be confused, (as deemed by the author of this fic). Lavi shook his head, the strange boy in front of him either truly knew nothing of the Holy War, or he was a terrific liar.

"No! Where'd you get that idea?! Why on earth would I be an alien?!" Allen exclaimed, slightly offended.

"Well, he said you were a parasite! Humans aren't parasitic! 'Sides, what's wrong with being an alien? I have several alien friends!" Now they were looking at Wally like he was crazy.

"He wasn't talking about me, he was talking about my Innocence." Allen deadpanned, giving up trying to find logic in what the neon clad boy was saying.

" -Innocence? Are you aware that that sentence made no sense at all? Innocent is a state of being, not an object, and even if it was, parasitic? Umm, yeah that made no sense." Wally said frowning. The blue haired man seemed to be twitching in frustration at this point, and was pinching the bridge of his nose.

"I'm not dealing with this kureiji baka anymore." The man growled as he grabbed the bowl of soba he had ordered and stalked over to a table on the other side of the room where no one else in the actually quite crowded room were sitting. (A/N: Kanda just called Wally a crazy idiot for those of you who don't recognize the words.) Lenalee sighed, and started to explain.

"Ignore Kanda,(so that was his name!), he's just like that. Innocence is a weapon we use to kill Akuma. There are different types, parasitic and equipment. Allen's innocence is his arm, parasitic, mine is my boots, equipment, Lavi's is his hammer, equipment, and Kanda's is his sword, equipment. Innocence is particular because it is sentient and chooses it wielder. Parasitic Innocence translates a portion of its wielder's life force into power, meaning to keep up his health, Allen has to eat a lot more than your normal human."

"Hmmm, wonder which of us could eat more." KF hummed thoughtfully before his face lit up with mischievous light. "Say! Why don't we find out?! How 'bout a food eating contest?" At this Lavi brightened, and Allen, enticed by the thought of lots of food, quickly agreed. Lenalee sighed, exasperated at their antics, but a small smile graced her face as well.

"As soon as the food's out." She said, giving in.

A/N: I'm so sorry this took so long! (School's been crazy!) But at least it's a long chapter right? I know I didn't get to the eating contest, but we're almost there! This was just kind of a transition chapter to get us where we needed to be. I hope you enjoyed it! Please let me know if you have any suggestions or critics! X)