Author: Vero

Title: YOU Re just his best friend

US fic/Brian and Michael

Summary:Brian is hurting by Debbie 's words

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Category: Romance, Angst

Spoilers: General QaF knowledge

Warnings: hurt/confort

Rated: R

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Ben and Debbie waited for Michael as he closed up his store.

"Oh Michael, you're a sweetheart for inviting me to dinner. It's

lonely without Vic around, but he needed to go visit his friend in

New York. And Carl is just too busy with work. It's really kind of

you, I'm so proud!"

Debbie hugged him tightly.

"Ma," Whispered Michael, " I need to lock up."

Debbie pulled away and said to Ben,

"Thank you too Ben."

Ben smiled at Debbie

"You're always welcome."

Debbie and Ben crossed the street and Michael followed right behind

them. He dropped his keys and when he bent over to get them a car

came down the street and knocked him over. Still conscious, he felt

nothing but saw blood. He could hear his mother and Ben yelling, and

just before he slipped into unconsciousness he heard his cell phone



Brian sat in his loft, pissed off because Michael didn't answer his

phone call.


Debbie and Ben rode with Michael in the ambulance, Debbie was in

tears as she and a shocked Ben waited together in the hospital.

One hour after, Michael was still surgery.

"I must call Vic." Said Debbie in tears.

"I'll call Michael's friends."


Brian felt his heart stop when Ben phoned and told him Michael had

been in an accident. He raced to the hospital and started asking for

information on his condition. He was told he'd have to wait, that

Michael's family was there and the moment there was news they would

all be informed.

Brian's anger tempted him to force his way into the Emergency Room,

but it was impossible.

"How is he?" Emmett asked and he and the rest of their friends


"I don't know! Debbie and Ben are in the emergency room and I haven't

hear anything. I want to go back there but they said only two people

are allowed at once."

"They will give us news soon, I'm sure." Said Lindsay with a soft


Brian sunk into a nearby chair. Michael was his life. He thought of

their first meeting, their first kiss and their first fight too.

Michael had been there through so much of his life, and now, Brian

was so far from his side.

Eventually Ben came out and delivered the news,

"I have good news. He is alive and the operation went well."

Brian could breathe again. He wanted to see Michael now.

"Can we see him?" Asked Ted.

"They're only allowing two people back there right now. But tomorrow

you'll be able to see him without any trouble. I have to go back

now, I don't like the idea of Debbie being alone. You all should go

home, I'll call if there's any change."

Brian didn't want to stay like that.

"I'm coming with you!"

Ben nodded and Brian followed him. He saw Debbie and she hugged him.

"Where is he?" Asked Brian.

"I'm waiting for them to tell me what room he's in." Said Debbie. "I

was so scared Brian, my son could have died today."

"But Mikey is strong." Said Brian.

The Doctor then joined them and updated them on Michael's condition,

he said he could only take two of them back to see him.

Debbie nodded and said to Ben

"Let's go Ben."

Brian froze and yelled,

"I'm going too!"

"Honey, the doctor said two people only. You will see him tomorrow.

He's fine, come back tomorrow, sweetie."

"I don't care about the hospitals rules, I want to see him Deb!"

Yelled Brian.

"I'm sorry, it's only two people or no one at all." The Doctor said

to them.

"I've got to see him." Said Brian.

Ben felt very uncomfortable, he was worried about his lover and

wanted to see him desperately.

Debbie snapped at Brian,

"Listen, Brian, the doctor said 2 people only! Ben and I will go and

you will see him tomorrow."

Brian didn't understand. He was furious.

"Why Debbie? I want to see Mikey. Ben can wait here!" He yelled


"Listen kiddo! Ben will come with me, he is Michael's lover for

christ's sake."

"But I'm Michael's best friend!"

"That's why, you `re just his best friend and Ben is his lover."

Said Debbie.

Brian was in shock. "You `re just his best friend." Ben and Debbie

left to be with Michael and the Doctor told Brian to come back the

next day.

Brian was hurt by Debbie's words. He was not just his best friend! He

was more and she knew that. But yes, Ben was his lover. Brian

couldn't face going back to his loft. Suddenly he felt tears on his

cheeks. He cried because he was hurt, because he had been scared to

death of loosing his Mikey, because he wanted to be with him but he

wasn't. He stayed there all night.

In the middle of the night, Debbie went to get some coffee and she

saw Brian.

"Brian." She said.

"How is he? He is awake?" Asked Brian.

"No, not yet. I'm sorry for what I said."

"You were right, I'm just his best friend. But tomorrow, I will be

more than that! And fuck Ben."

Debbie smiled at Brian, handed him a cup of coffee and left him alone.

"I'm not just his best friend." He thought to himself.

the end