Annabeth came into the mess tent and announced to Percy that she had just met Sadie who was someone named Carter's sister. The few other people in the tent had no idea what in Hades she was talking about. Nico on the other hand stood and walked over to her.

"Did she tell you her boyfriend's name?" he asked.

"Yes, why?" Annabeth asked.

"Was it Walt or Anubis?" Nico asked without answering.

"Walt, how did you know? How many cultures are you keeping from us? I mean I guess I understand the whole thing with the Romans although I still haven't killed you for that, but how many other cultures are there out there?" Annabeth demanded. Nico didn't answer and just shrank back hoping she wouldn't decide to kill him right then and there. Just then Jason ran into the mess tent and came over to the little group.

"I just met this kid who tried to kill me with a silver double bladed battle ax!" he gasped.

"Eric? Tall kid, looks a lot like me, but with platinum blond hair?" Nico asked. Jason looked at him in surprise.

"You know that kid?" he asked.

"Ya, he's a friend of mine," Nico replied.

"Well he's standing at the border," Jason said and Nico took off running closely followed by Percy, Jason, and Annabeth.

"Eric!" Nico cried as he reached the top of the hill.

"Angel!" the boy cried back, "Why is there an invisible wall here?"

"You've strayed into my territory my friend," Nico said.

"Ah, that makes more sense. My family came to New York for vacation and suddenly it goes silent, it's like no one's dying and then I see this kid with a hell of an aura and I figure it's him who's blocking me so I chase after him, but gods he's fast. I tracked him here," Eric said.

"Ya well, you just tried to kill the son of the sky god so..." Nico said. Eric whistled.

"Damn, if I'd known that was who that was I would have gone about that entirely differently," he said.

"Ya well, you and your cousins never do think much before you launch an attack do you," Nico said.

"Impulsiveness is in our DNA," Eric said grinning.

"Well it was nice to see you, but I'd better go see my father before my cousins murder me," Nico said grinning.

"I'll see you on Sunday assuming you're still alive then!" Eric said laughing and then he and Nico both shadow traveled away.

"Well, that was partially enlightening," Annabeth said exasperated.

"At least we know about the Egyptians and who ever Eric was," Percy said.

"And we know that Nico is going to see him again on Sunday," Jason said.

"Though I'm still confused as to why he called him Angel," Percy said.

"Probably because his last name means of angels," Annabeth said.

"Oh," Percy said.

"Does it seem like Nico is omniscient to anyone else?" Jason asked. Percy and Annabeth nodded.