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So, this is the last chapter that deals with the events of the episode 'Triangle.' Next chapter I'm going to skip the events of Checkpoint and Blood ties and go straight to crush. I do this because I don't think there is too much that Spike and Tara can change with this, so they happen relatively the same.

Fair warning, in this chapter this may seem like I am bashing on Xander and Willow at a few points. This is not so, they are two of my favorite characters.

The Xander thing is simply because it's from the point of view of Spike. Spike and Xander have never really gotten along; they have always had a very low opinion of the other. I also feel that Spike's opinion of Xander lowered once Xander left Anya. I feel this way because, with the exception of Tara, Spike's relationship with Anya is the only one of his relationships within the Scoobies to remain positive throughout the entire series.

As for Willow, I like her but I don't like the way she treats Anya throughout season four and season five up until this episode. If you go back and watch their interactions, the way Willow treats Anya up to this point and even a little afterwards is not okay.

Spike's crypt, next day


"Okay, thanks Willy. I'll drop by later and pick it all up." Spike said before hanging up his phone.

The door to his crypt burst open and Spike whirled around to see Buffy storm in. She threw something at him and he instinctively caught it, only realizing after that it was his leather jacket. Oh.

"Why were you at my house yesterday, what do you want with my mom?" Buffy demanded.

"Because I like the lady." Spike answered honestly.

"You honestly expect me to believe that?" Buffy said skeptically.

"I don't care whether you believe it, but it's the truth." Spike said as he turned away from her to rummage around in his fridge.

"What are you up to Spike?" Buffy demands suspiciously.

"Nothing that will hurt anyone, so get out of my house." Spike orders, not actually bothering to see if she follows through as he goes to sit down at his chair.

The Magic Box


Tara watched in concern as Willow, despite Anya's protest, began making things in the shop float. This was what should have tipped her off to Willow's growing addiction to magic but she hadn't seen it, too caught up in her love for Willow. The door to the shop rang as Xander walked in and Willow smiled, happy to see him. It was nice to see him and Anya in a happy relationship, before that Demon had sabotaged it all.

"Hey look at this, my two favorite girls, three favorite girls." Xander corrected himself as he nodded at Tata and Tara smiled at him gratefully.

"Xander, Willow's stealing, she's a burglar." Anya whined.

"Yes, the broad daylight burglar," Willow said sarcastically as she turned to her best friend, "Xander, I'm just doing a spell to help Buffy."

"Xander, Giles left me in charge, tell her." Anya ordered.

"Hey hey hey, Judge Xander requesting a recess." Xander said as he held out his hands in a stopping motion.

"You really shouldn't put him in the middle of this." Tara repeated what she had said last time and, like last time, Willow shot her a betrayed look.

"See, Tara's with me. Protect me Tara." Xander pleaded as he stepped behind her which last time had made her uncomfortable but this time just amused her.

"Xander, what I'm doing is a good thing," Willow insisted as she stepped behind the counter with her mixed ingredients, "and if it doesn't work, Giles doesn't need to know about it."

Willow flicked what in her small pot on the cash register, which promptly disappeared in a pink mist. Anya came over and started to yell at Willow as Willow made it reappear, though the recite paper was out and messy.

"See, all good." Willow said cheerfully.

"What about the money, did you rig the money? " Anya asked as she opened the cash register and pulled out a dollar as smoke emitted from the register and when Anya spoke, it was in a choked voice, "She endangered the money."

"Of course that's what she cares about," Willow said annoyed before her voice took on a mocking imitation of Anya's, "I like money better than people, people can so rarely be exchanged for goods and/or services."

"Xander she's pretending to be me!" Anya whined offended.

"Well can believe how she's acting?" Willow asked rhetorically.

"Okay you know what? I'm tired of being the one in the middle, I'm not gonna let you pull me into this!" Xander was obviously fed up.

"I'm not." Willow said looking hurt but Xander was obviously having none of it.

"Whatever the issue is between you two, figure it out without me." Xander said as he stormed out.

"Xander don't go." Anya pleaded but he ignored his girlfriend and slammed the door behind him.

"Great you made him mad." Willow said angrily.

"I did not!" Anya said indignantly.

"Tara, who do you think he's more mad at?" Willow asked as he turned to her girlfriend.

"I think he's mad at both you for boing to him what you're doing to e," Tara shut them both up, "you two always get into arguments and then try to make Xander pick a side. If I were him, I'd have said something to you by now."

Tara then turned around and left, checking her watch. In a few hours, Anya and Willow would accidently summon Olaf. They, they being Spike and herself, would need to get his hammer away from him before he was sent to another dimension.

The Bronze

Late afternoon

Spike was at the bronze at the exact same time as last time. It was imperative he do things as much like last time as possible, for this instance at least. Should they fail to defeat Glory by the time she found out about Dawn, they would need that hammer. Spike took a drink of beer and, sure enough, Xander bumped into him.

"Hey watch it," Spike acted angry as he turned to face Xander, "oh, it's you."

"Spike, don't let me stop you from not being here." Xander said rudely.

"I was here first." Spike said with real anger.

He had never liked Xander, even after he had gotten his soul back. Xander had always treated him worse than the others and sometimes he had no reason for it. No matter how many times Spike had proven himself, both with and without a soul; Xander had always treated him like he was less than the human. To be fair, Spike certainly hadn't done much to try and change Xander's mind, but he hadn't wanted to and didn't give a damn about how Xander saw him, even more so after he left Anya. At. The. Bloody. Alter!

"Uh huh, go away." Xander said obnoxiously as he turned away from Spike.

"Now why would I do that when it's buggin' you so much havin' me here?" Spike said though he would really be almost anywhere else, "They have chicken wings to, also I saw this flower shaped thing they made from an onion, it's brilliant."

"Are you talkin' to me in the hope that I'll get so depressed I'll impale myself on a fork?" Xander asked miserably.

"My, someone's awfully depressed already." Spike noticed.

"Bite me." Xander spat.

"Would if I could, but since I can't, up for a game of pool?" Spike inquired.

"Why on earth would I do that…with you?" Xander asked in disbelief.

"Do you really have anything better to do mate?" Spike challenged him.

"…Yeah okay." Xander gave in.

They went over to the pool table and set up a game. Spike's mind wasn't really on the game though, it was on the troll. Spike was just waiting for it to show up as he halfheartedly listened to Xander babble on about his problems with Willow and Anya.

"Have you ever thought of just sticking up for your girlfriend for bloody once?" Spike snapped having enough of Xander's incessant whining.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Xander said readying for an argument.

"You don't see it do you? I've seen the way Red treats Anya, it's almost as bad as the way you treat me. And yet you don't say a bloody thing. If you care about Anya even a tiny bit, stick up for her," Spike growled as someone bumped into him, "hey watch it."

"But it was the troll. Spike has to fight the smile that almost crosses his face. It was here, he could finally stop playing around.

"On second thought, do whatever you like." Spike quips and he and Xander watch the troll go over, pick up a metal container of beer and drink it after biting into it.

"So should I go get Buffy?" Xander asked him and Spike almost slaps him for the stupid question, the only thing holding him back being the chip in his head.

"Bar maid! Bring me stronger ale and sweet, succulent babies." The troll said in his normal voice, but to human ears it sounded loud.

"Yeah, I'm gonna go get Buffy…or maybe you could fight him." Xander suggested hopefully.

"If I fight him alone, he'll likely dust me." Spike told him irritably.

"You there!" The troll pointed at Spike, "Do you know where there are babies."

The conversation went much like last time: Xander tried to appease him, it didn't work and the Scoobies came rushing in. Willow started to do a spell to send the troll away when he interrupted her.

"You told the witch to do that Anyanka," the troll pointed at Anya, "determined to put an end to all my fun, just like you did when we were dating."

"You dated him?" Xander asked as all the Scoobies turned to her.

"You dated a troll?" Buffy asked creeped out.

"And we're what, surprised by this?" Willow asked them.

"Well he wasn't a troll then, he was just a big dumb guy and he cheated on me, so I turned him into a troll. Which, by the way, is how I got a job as a vengeance demon." Anya explained going quiet at the end.

With a roar, the troll brought down his hammer over the counter, breaking up the team meeting. People screamed and ran as the troll looked at them with an angry expression.

"I did not cheat! Not in my heart, it was just one wrench. I had had a great deal of mead, next thing I know I'm a troll," The troll said before pointing his hammer at Anya, "you did this Anyanka, you will die for this."

"But-but you seem to enjoy the-being a troll." Xander stammered.

"I adjusted and then what happened? Witches, filthy disgusting Witches. They trapped me; I was imprisoned in that crystal for centuries. All Witches must die." The troll declared spitefully.

It went down a lot lie last time: Willow tried to send him back, failed, and the troll attacked. Buffy struck him across the face and Spike came at him from the other side, but there punches seemed to have no effect on him. He laughed at them before striking Buffy, which sent her flying into Spike. While they were getting up, the troll wrecked some havoc before destroying the pillar that held up the second level of the bar. It came down and in the chaos, people got away.

While the Scoobies went about their business, Spike went about helping the injured. He lift a piece of wood of the young girl he recognized as being one he had tried to help to score points with Buffy last time. Seeing her bleeding injury, Spike spotted a table cloth and ripped it before using it to dress the wound. As the young woman smiled at him gratefully, Buffy came up behind him.

"What are you doing?" Buffy asked surprise and suspicion in her voice.

"Helping her, what does bloody it look like?" Spike asked irritated before moving on to help more people not bothering to wait for an answer.

Buffy stared after for a few seconds, stunned beyond movement. This was very…unSpike like of him. Buffy shook her head, she had no time to think of whatever was up with Spike, a troll was on the loose and people needed help.

The Magic box


Buffy, Spike, and Tara got out of the car and ran into the store. They came upon a sight that was very familiar to Tara: The store trashed, Xander on the floor injured, the troll raising his hammer to Anya, about to strike. Spike tackled the troll to the ground, away from his friend.

"Spike get the hammer, his strength's in the hammer!" Anya shouted at him as Buffy came over to join him.

They exchanged in a short battle with the troll, both trying to get the hammer for very different reasons. Spike heard Tata and Willow both cast a spike and time seemed to stop but then Spike realized that it was just him and Tara. Realizing what had happened, Spike flashed her a grin before snatching the hammer out of the troll's hands. Time started up again and Spike deliver a roundhouse kick to the troll's stomach. The troll flew into a wall as Willow started to chant again. The troll came at Spike again but Spike used the troll's hammer against him by hitting him in the head with it, sending him flying back.

"How's that for poetic bloody justice?" Spike asked jovially.

As the troll stood once again, he disappeared. Spike swung the hammer over his shoulder, grinning. He just beat up a troll, never did that before. As the Scoobies discussed where they had sent the troll, Spike walked away with the hammer and had barely walked outside when he saw Giles.

"Red did it, I saved the day." Spike said as he passed the confused Giles.

Spike's crypt


Spike had sent up the hammer in the corner of his room when Tara walked in. Spike quickly hid the files he had gotten from Willy under his bed, not wanting to answer her questions. She would no doubt disapprove of what he had planned; she was the best of them truly. She wouldn't understand just because someone was human didn't give them a free pass.

"So we got the hammer." Tara said as she walked in.

"That we did, what are you doing here Glinda, shouldn't you be with your girl?" Spike asked curiously as he turned to her.

"I think I know how to get rid of your chip." Tara said as he straightened eager for it.

"How?" Spike asked immediately.

"Well, not so much as get rid of as disable it. Basically, it's a spell that sends an electrical shock into your brain, not enough to hurt you or damage your brain, but enough to short circuit the chip, permanently. I won't do it if you're having any doubts." Tara assured him.

"Let's do it pet." Spike said with a reassuring grin.

Tara nodded and put her hands to Spike's hand before she began chanting. Spike felt a tingling in the top of his skull, which he figured was the electricity running through his brain. There was brief intensifying of the tingling before it stopped all together. Tara lowered her hands and looked at him curiously.

"Did it work?" Tara asked.

"Only one way to find out." Spike said and Tara nodded before gesturing to her nose.

"Be gentle." She told him and he nodded.

"Always." Spike said before, as gently as he could, punching her in the nose just like he had done when her family had come.

Tara clutched her nose as they both waited for the pain but it never came. They both smiled as Tara threw her arms around him in celebration. Spike returned the hug even as he adjusted his plans, now he wouldn't need to hire some demons to do what he needed to do.

Outside of Sunnydale


Spike stood in the shadows, watching as Katrina got into her car and headed out to a late shirt. Spike waited until her car was out of view until he approached the house. Spike knocked on the door and waited until it opened. Once it did, it took every amount of restraint he had to smile pleasantly at Warren Mears.

"Hey, my car broke down not far from here; can I use your phone and call for a ride mate?" Spike asked politely.

"Sure, come on in man." Spike smiles nastily at this.

"Music to my ears." Spike sneers before pushing himself in and slamming the door shut behind him.

"Hey man what's your problem?!" Warren asked only for Spike to shove to the ground and Warren looks up at him with real fear as he sees Spike's face transform into something not human, "what are you?"

"I'm the man whose gonna kill you mate?" Spike says as his face returns to normal.

"What did I ever do to you?" Warren asks in a trembling voice.

"It's not what you've done, but what you will do," Spike told him as his mind flashes back to Tara's grave and Buffy's tales of 'Dark Willow', "you know, since I got a soul, I try to stay detached when I kill someone. But I will admit that this one is slightly personal mate. Some might say you deserve to live. But they are heroes. I am no one's hero."

Spike reaches into his pocket and pulls out a pocket knife. Warren, his fear giving way to panic, gets up and tries to run to the nearest window. But Spike is too fast for him and silts his throat on the way. Warren gasps as the blood spills onto the carpet, Warren falling to the floor, dead before he hits the ground. Spike stares at him emotionlessly for a second before he walks over to the window and pulls out his lighter. He flicks his lighter on and holds the open flame to the curtain. Once it starts to light on fire, Spike turns and walks out of the house before it catches fire.

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