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Seven months after the dream, the travelers still hadn't found Luma's mother. Pathetic passed by planets and other comets, but they were mostly empty, spare some star bits. But as time passed, Rosalina took special care of Luma, but they still enjoyed passing time together by drawing, playing, or staring at the stars. At times the duo's relationship was like a mother-son's, when at other times it was like a best-friend relationship. Though she still missed her family, Rosalina maintained a joyful and energetic personality, never failing to cheer up Luma in times of need. She had no doubt changed because of the dream, being slightly more calm and mellow.

The blue comet glistened as Luma's ship sat atop it.

As the duo searched from inside their ship, another comet passed by, and there was nothing in sight. Luma's heart sank once again.

"I wonder how long it'll take to find Mama..." Luma sighed.

"Have patience. We'll find her eventually." Rosalina patted Luma on his head, still optimistic. "Let's play catch! Maybe that'll cheer you up!"

The duo went back onto their own special blue comet, and Rosalina went into the ship to grab a star bit to throw around.

When she got into the ship, she grabbed a star bit then looked outside. She just felt like she should. She saw another comet, almost the exact same color as their own, but a bit of a lighter blue. It was about twenty times the size of their own, and their comet was about three times the size of the mushroom ship. It seemed about two miles away, not that far.

Her heart began to race, and she quickly called Luma. "Luma! Direct the ship towards that other comet over there. Your mother may be waiting there!" Within seconds, the cream colored star child was in the ship, lifting it toward the comet.

They arrived at the comet, and Luma quickly raced around the comet. When he came back, the sad expression on his face told Rosalina his mother wasn't there.

"She wasn't here." Luma looked down, "There was a sharp object, though, and the core in this comet seems to have some stuff in it."

"Great, we should use the sharp tool to break into the ground beneath us, there might be some useful equipment within."

Rosalina and Luma floated out of the ship, feeling the cold crystal ground of the comet. The gravitational pull on it was strong, and Rosalina felt a little heavier than usual.

"Here it is!" Luma jumped and pointed to a rusted pickaxe, and Rosalina picked it up and examined it. It has two sharp metallic edges, and a wooden handle.

"I don't know how it works..." Rosalina mumbled to herself, trying to find a switch to turn it on.

"I think you're supposed to mash it on the ground!" Luma pointed to the ground.

"Maybe..." She thought, "Let's see how that works."

Rosalina lifted the pickaxe, and struck forcefully at the ground. When she lifted the pickaxe, she saw that the crystal ground had cracked, revealing a cave in the comet.

"One more strike should get us into that cave." Rosalina lifted the pickaxe once more in the air. She swung at the ground again, and the crystal floor gave in. The hole in the ground lead into a deep cave.

"I wonder if there's star bits in here, or maybe even Mama..." Luma thought as he flew inside, behind Rosalina.

They continued down the cave, looking around the transparent walls. They got closer to the dark center, the cave twisting left and right. As they reached the end of the cave, they walked into one gigantic room. It held many supplies and materials for building, such as some bricks, cloth, wood, glass, stone, even some solid chunks of dirt and grass. There was also a bed, way to big for either of them to fit in.

"Darn!" Luma exclaimed sadly, "Nothing here. Let's head ba-"

"Hold on..." Rosalina stopped Luma, and looked at all the supplies.

"Maybe these supplies could come into use." Rosalina said as she examined the items in the heart of the cave.

"What are they useful for?" Lumastared at Rosalina, confused.

"We need a proper house to live in, seeing as our adventure could last for a lot longer."

Luma caught onto what Rosalina was getting at, and he began to carry some wood out.

"You get the stuff, and I'll draw a picture of what the house will look like! I've got a great image of what the house could look like!" Rosalina instructed Luma.

"This seems a bunch for me to carry out, may we please switch rolls?" Luma called Rosalina, but she had already ran out, deep in thought of what their house should look like.

She got out of the cave, and ran into their ship. She shuffled through her bag to get a piece of paper to draw on, and pulled it out along with a pencil. She set the paper on the table, and began to draw whatever came in her imagination. Her pencil went wild, picturing a kitchen, a bedroom, and maybe even a library.

"How about the couches go there... the gate goes there... how about a place where I can set my telescope?"

She scribbled and outlined every last detail she could, thinking of an elaborate structure she could call home. After what seemed to be hours, she finally settled on her picture. Rosalina ran to the mouth of the cave they had found.

"Done Luma!" Rosalina yelled into the cave. When he didn't respond, she became worried and quickly ran into it.

"Luma? Did you get everything? Hello?"

She ran into the heart of the cave thinking he'd be in there. Sure enough, he was at the center, tugging on the large bed. The bed was far too heavy for Luma to pull, and Luma fell to the floor, exhausted.

"Help... me... please..." Luma begged Rosalina, and she fell to the ground, laughing.

Luma got up off the ground, upset.

"I'm trying my best while you draw your silly picture! It's not fair!" He pouted.

"I'm sorry," she spoke, still doubled over on the ground, "But after all this time, you haven't moved anything?"

"I'm small!" Luma complained. "You should help me!"

"Alright." She began to help him carry everything out.

It took them hours, but eventually they took everything out of the cave, onto the crust of the comet. After they ate a large stack of star bits, Rosalina imagined their new home, looking at their original comet they had found months earlier.

"Luma, you're going to love the ideas I've got for our home!" Rosalina cheered excitedly.

"Ok, Luma. Let's begin. We're going to place this grass over here, some of this stone over here..."

The duo got to work on their smaller comet, placing the items they have retrieved from their larger comet they have discovered.

"The kitchen will go here, and the library will go over there," Rosalina mumbled to herself while repeatedly looking at her drawing, then their comet. "We'll put the gate here."

Luma followed wherever her finger pointed, and placed the equipment where she wanted it.

"Can I take a break?" Luma sighed after just an hour of work.

"After we set the library equipment over there, okay Luma?"

"But this is so much work! At least help me set this stuff down!"

"It's a lot of work, but it's worth it to make a happy home." Rosalina patted Luma on his head. "Here, you're right. I'll help you place that stuff."

As the duo continued working on their home, time flew buffered than a shooting star.

"Atlast," Rosalina exclaimed, "We're done!"

The comet looked nothing like it did two months ago, when the duo started building on it. (The house is soon to become known as the Comet Observatory in Super Mario Galaxy. At this time, they didn't add the second floor which had the garden and the engine room.) Their house consisted of a kitchen, a terrace, a fountain, a library, a bedroom, and a garage to put Luma's mushroom ship on.

"See, I told you! The hard work was worth it to make a happy home." She told Luma as they walked through their new home.

"Definitely!" Luma agreed, as they walked past the Terrace.

Luma stared at the completed house, and he felt something was missing.

"Don't you think it's awfully big for just the two of us?"

The emptiness of the home reminded her of her family at her home planet.

"If only my father, brother, and mother were here," Rosalina sighed, once again looking at her home planet. At this point, you could barely tell which was her home planet, but her heart told her which planet was hers.

Luma yawned. "Well, now that we're finally done, I feel like sleeping. After all, I'm pretty sure it's past evening."

"Actually, I feel like sleeping in your starship tonight Luma." Rosalina yawned and began walking to the garage, where the starship was. "I'll sleep there too." Luma walked aside her

As Rosalina got into the starship, she instantly, laid down and closed her eyes.

"Not very comfy, but you're here, so I'll stay. Goodnight Rosalina..." Luma drifted away into a slumber.

"Goodnight." Rosalina said to Luma. She then looked out into space. Though it has been much time since she left her home planet, and she created herself a new home, she still felt her old planet was still her home. She tossed and turned, but eventually she fell asleep, tightly hugging her stuffed bunny.