Complete Summary: Loki the pagan god of mischief and mayhem is bored as hell. Since the Winchester brothers are more inclined to kill him pranking them is out of question. But wait isn't the saviour of magical Britain and son of one of his most devoted followers attending Hogwarts soon? And weren't there also twins who worshipped him? Well that sounded a lot more fun but will Hogwarts survive the mischief and mayhem of the new Marauders and the trickster god? And what will happen to Dumbledore and all the other hypocrites, Loki's favourite targets?

The story is placed within the Supernatural timeline after the "Mystery Spot" episode and before Lucifer gets out of hell. In the Harry Potter timeline it starts shortly before the first year of Harry.

Later on, it will be a Harry/Lucifer pairing with a female Lucifer.

A/N: Welcome to my second fanfic. After "The true hair of Slytherin" is going on so fluently I decided to - ...wait! Hair? Loki, stop messing around with the titles of my other stories...I mean really... - start my second fanfic that haunted me for a while now. This first chapters might be quite short but it will get better eventually. At the moment, the story is updated weekly because I entered a challenge with it though it might change at some point. I'm also currently in the process of rereading and correcting it. Those chapters that have a date are already corrected while the others are not (just as a little warning).

And now enjoy a bored to death Loki. May the mayhem BEGIN!


Chapter 1: Boredom is dangerous (Prologue)

Gabriel, or Loki as his name lately was, was bored as hell and that was never good. He just finished pranking the Winchester brothers. Well more a funny way of teaching Sam a lesson by killing Dean in over one hundred different and mostly hilarious ways. Okay, funny only if you were not a Winchester but he had tried to show Sam with this that he would eventually lose his brother and he could do nothing about it. However, unfortunately, these idiots were too stubborn to understand the lesson and now they both were more likely to kill him than enjoy another prank of him. A massive prank war was also out of question now because that would call deities and other supernatural beings onto him whom he was more inclined to avoid at the moment.

So now he sat in some no-name city whose name he did not bother to remember somewhere in the middle of freaking nowhere in the US on a park bench and had nothing to do. He popped up a lollipop and started to suck it while watching a mother beating her child because it did not keep up with her in order to look at a window shop.

In this world, Loki abhorred two things no matter what the reason behind it was. That was for ones messing around with sweets in harmful ways. He would go nuclear on everybody's ass who messed with sweets except when it was for a good prank that hurt nobody but everything else was a total no-go for him. Sweets were for joy and fun and he loved the sparkle in a child's eye when it got something sweet.

The second thing he detested like the first were adults beating children. In the whole world, there was not one good reason he could tolerate that would make beating a child acceptable. Children were supposed to have fun, play around and explore the world. Adulthood came early enough as it was, well for some it came never but that was something else.

Therefore, when he saw the scene on the other side of the street he decided it was time for a lesson. He snapped with his fingers and watched with satisfaction that the woman stumbled and fell flat with her nose right into dog faeces.

"Each his due," he said with a smile.

While this had been a nice distraction, it did not solve his problem. He was bored, and he did not know what to do.

Teaching some idiots a lesson was not something he wanted to do right now especially not after the Winchesters. No, he needed something more on the long term but what?

He sat there musing when suddenly a person with strange clothes entered his field of vision. The man wore a long robe with long sleeves and an even warmer looking sweater beneath it, but it was 32°C so that seemed a bit of an overkill.

"European wizards, no sense for keeping a low profile," Loki shook his head on that sight but then a thought occurred to him. Was the great British saviour not going to visit Hogwarts soon? If he remembered correctly, the boy also was the son of one of his most devoted followers the Marauders a group of fellow pranksters. He was always correct when it came to his followers because unlike the other deities or the feather stuffed brains from heaven he cared about them.

Thinking about Hogwarts he also came across twin brothers also fellow pranksters who attended the school. He flipped away the stick of his lollipop that vanished before it could land on the footpath.

A wide grin came across his face. Here was the distraction he had sought-after and it would be hilarious. He could even mess with the oh-so great Albus Dumbledore. Yes, that would be it. He would only have to prepare a few minor things but that should be no problem.

Therefore, he popped up another candy and put it into his mouth before vanishing to England with a devilish grin.

A/N: I hope you like that rather short chapter. 'til next chapter!