Yamazaki guided Kaori back home as the sky was still grey and almost dark.

As they approached the front door Kaori got more and more nervous.

She knew her father would be angry, But it wasn't her fault really.

She knew that Sora was extremely gullible but she never knew that her parents would believe the lies as well.

Yamazaki knocked on the door patiently and holding Kaori's shoulder.

The door opened and Shizuku stood there in shock.

"Kaori!" She cried as she gave her a tight hug "Where have you been!?"

Kaori felt herself go pale and a sudden cold chill diffused all over her body.

She instantly knew she was going to get grounded.

"I didn't go anywhere" Kaori mumbled "I was on the island all this time"

She could see Sora and her father run to the door as they heard her voice.

"At least you home and safe now" Yamazaki told them all.

Kaori walked in silently and slumped herself and her bag on the couch ready for the patronising punishment talk that she was expecting to receive.

But her Father didn't seem to look angry, neither did her mother.

Daichi sat down besides her and Kaori looked down at the floor as a sign that she felt uncomfortable and didn't want to talk.

"I may have been a bit harsh on you this morning" Daichi told her but she didn't even look up.

"I...guess I can be very unreasonable at times..." He mumbled "I know you only just wanted to do well and impress me"

Shizuku watched from a distance as Daichi tried to converse with Kaori but from her body language you could tell she was refusing to even look him in the eye.

"I had very strict Japanese parents when I was younger" he told her "I know how you feel. But there is no need to run away, We still love you whatever grade you get"

"I didn't even run away!" She moaned.

"I know" Daichi consoled "But we were very worried about you, so in future don't go anywhere without telling us"

Kaori looked up at her father for the first time since she had come home "...it was Sora's fault..." She mumbled "He was the one who believed me. It was just a joke. I wasn't really going to Tokyo alone"

Daichi put his arm around her lovingly.

"I love you Kaori" he told her "And of course you can still go to Tokyo".

"I'm not grounded?" She asked quietly.

"Of course not" Daichi smiled.

Shizuku watched them heart-warmed. She had never seen Daichi being so loving towards Kaori for years.

Shizuku then looked at her watch which read 6:02 PM.

"I'll go make some dinner, I bet your hungry!" She told them both happily smiling.

"Not really" Kaori replied with a smile

"The village chief gave me some beef ramen" she laughed.

"How very thoughtful of him" Shizuku awed.

Sora walked into the room as he had been listening to the whole conversation.

"How come she's not gonna get grounded!" He said angrily "She is a liar dad! She lied!"

But Daichi really didn't feel in the mood to punish her. He was too happy and blessed that she had returned alive and well.

He really was worried sick, which he usually responds with anger.

"Then you shouldn't have believed her, Sora" Daichi said calmly "She was only playing".

Sora crossed his arms and stormed off to his room. To be truthful, he actually liked seeing his sister get punished, he felt so much schadenfreude...

And the story ends there.

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