A/N: Didn't think I'd write another story so soon. This episode of Odysseus is completely made up an cannot be found in the book, The Odyssey

"4 days. It had been 4 days since Odysseus and his men had seen land. Rowing for 4 days straight and taking breaks every few hours. their muscles hurt and they were tired and hungry.

"Odysseus, how far are we from the next island?" one of the men asked.

Odysseus looked around.

"Soon." he said. he pointed at something in the distance.

His men followed his gaze. He was pointing at an island. A small island about 5 miles away. His men cheered. Suddenly they all gained energy and they rowed faster toward the small island.


The Doctor and Amy were darting towards the TARDIS at full speed, dodging the flying arrows that were being aimed at them.

"AMY , RUN FASTER!" the Doctor yelled. His ginger companion was not that far behind him bust far enough so he couldn't grab her hand and pull her along.

"I'm trying! Have You ever had to run in heels?" Amy yelled after him.

An arrow was shot and it sailed inches past her head. They reached the TARDIS and the Doctor opened the door and waited for his companion. Amy ran into the TARDIS, just barely dodging another arrow. The Doctor slammed the door shut. as soon as the Doctor shut the door, an arrow punctured the exterior of the ship, just above the 'Saint John's ambulance' sticker.

Amy slowed to a stop just in front of the Doctor. He was hunched over with his hands on his knees, taking in deep breaths.

"What have you learned today Doctor?" Amy asked sarcastically.

The Doctor looked at her before standing straight up, fixing his blue bow tie and said, "That pinky swears are offensive on some planets."

"Good. Now, unless you are on earth, don't offer to pinky swear on something." Amy said.

"Where do you want to go, Pond?" he asked.

Before Amy could answer, the TARDIS whirred to life. It made the whooshing noise, as it did every time they took off or landed.

"Ancient Greece?" Amy suggested.

"What? No new planet?"

"Not if you're going to pinky swear." Amy said. The Doctor raised a finger and opened his mouth to argue but nothing came out.

"Shut up." He said before turning his back to her and playing with the console, "I told my..." The Doctor paused for a moment. He looked down at the console and the look a grief appeared on his face, "My friend, Rose. I told her I would take her to Barcelona. The planet, not the city. I haven't been to Barcelona in a while. Would love to take you there, rather than ancient Greece." The Doctor was almost pleading with Amy.

Amy pushed her ginger hair out of her eyes and sighed in defeat.
"Sounds fun."

The Doctor's eyes shined. He snapped from his gloomy state and back into the rambunctious Time Lord she knew. He pressed a few buttons. The TARDIS made its whooshing noise again. They had landed.


Odysseus and his men had landed on the strange island soon after they had discovered it. They jumped off the ship just as soon as the ship hit the sand.

The sand was white and it spread. At the edge of the sand was a forest, dense with life. Birds flew from tree to tree and various land animals roamed the forest floor. Including hogs.

"Odysseus, look at this land. It's perfect for hunting."

Odysseus looked at the hogs then at his men who were mildly emaciated.

"Go get your spears." Odysseus told them. His men silently cheered before climbing back onto their ship and grabbing their spears.

The group of men wandered into the forest. When they got close enough, Odysseus gave the order for the men to make a circle around the group of hogs. They did as they were told. They circled around the hogs, like a hungry proud of lions. they hid in the surrounding brush. They closed in on the animals. The hogs were completely oblivious to the presence of the humans.

Odysseus made the first move. He leaped out of the bushes at the closest hog. He brought his spear up into the air and brought it down, into the sow's back. It shrieked in agony before it went limp. This warned all the other hogs and soon they were all running for their lives. The men ran out of the bushes throwing their spears at the hogs. only a couple spears made it into a hogs body. One man threw himself at a hog. He pinned the hog down and killed it with its spear.

In all, Odysseus's men had killed 3 hogs. It had been a successful hunt. There were 7 men and they had to share the food. They sat on the beach, around a fire enjoying their feast and sharing stories. They acted like nothing was wrong.

"As mush fun as this has been, I'm extremely tired." One of Odysseus's men, Eurylochus said.

"We must find shelter." Odysseus announced.

They got up from their spots and started back towards the woods.

It wasn't a long hike before they finally found a cave.

"Polites, go check that cave." Odysseus ordered.

Polites nodded and pointed his spear at the cave and entered. It hadn't been more than 30 seconds before they all heard a horrified screech and Polites flew out of the cave backwards. A tree stopped him from flying any further.

Odysseus's men looked terrified. Odysseus looked slightly more terrified than the others. Odysseus and his men all stood in a line looking into the cave, except for Eurylochus, who was tending to Polites's injuries.

"LOOK OUT!" Odysseus suddenly cried but he was cut off by a shriek.

Suddenly Perimedes was in the air, almost like he was flying. His arms and legs were flailing and blood was dripping from his body as he was being ripped apart by whatever had a hold of him. All Odysseus's men could do was watch in horror as their shipmate suffered. Odysseus jumped into action. He grabbed a spear from one of his near by shipmates and threw it into the air. It amazed and also terrified his men when the spear stopped in mid air. What ever had Perimedes in its grip dropped him and let out a loud shriek./p

No one made a move. They just watched the footsteps appearing on the ground leading back into the cave.

As soon as the shrieking ceased, the crew moved towards Perimedes' remains. There wasn't much left. He was a mangled mess. His stomach and chest were gone. Only broken bones and half his organs laying in his mutilated body. The sight was sickening. most of them turned away. His remains lay in a large pool of crimson blood.

"We have to get out of here." someone said.

'How is Polites?" Odysseus called to Eurylochus.

"Broken ribs. Odysseus, we must get out of here." Eurylochus said.

"Let's go." Odysseus said. He helped Eurylochus carry Polites out of harms way. They sprinted away, terrified that whatever just attacked their two shipmates might attack again. They rounded the corner and almost ran right into a blue police box.


"Where are we?" Amy asked.

The Doctor grabbed the screen and pulled it towards him. He frowned.

"This can't be right." he looked at the screen, confusion spread across his face.

"What's wrong?"

"We've seemed to have landed in ancient Greece."