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Kiyoshi Junko fell in line at the last panel to be officially enrolled at the University. Due to her brothers' insistence that she should go early (albeit sleeping at around 2am and had been woken up at around 6am which nettled her). She never really got to experience waiting in the long lines because she was an early bird, but damn she had never been tired before. She passed the accomplished paper, and all energy returned to her as if she was rejuvenated. She could go back to bed at home and sleep again, just after this-

"Damn it, you're examinee 43561?" The clerk in the desk asked, gasping at the paper. He gave a torn look and glanced at the already mile long line behind her.

Junko swore that if he would announce that she's the top scorer in this year's exam she would choke him… inside her head that is. With a lot of witnesses, even her family's influence in the government and their law firms wouldn't save her from being persecuted due to murder- she may be able to convince them that it was homicide though. Her brothers, oh those loving brothers of hers that might have a sister complex, perhaps would hide her from the world until she dies a natural death. "Yes, sir, I am." She managed to say in her sweet and innocent voice. She slightly tilted her head to the side as she tried to discern the clerk's thoughts. The need to assuage her curiosity made her wish that she could read minds and perhaps control their minds into making them submit to her will.

"Well, why didn't you tell me that you're thetop 1?" The clerk winced. "There's a different form for you that you have to pass here."

Relief passed over Junko. At least he didn't say that she has to start over again. "Uhm, I didn't know. I-" The voice of Junko's father rang inside her head, telling her Ignorantia juris non excusat because simply telling her the native counterpart of the language will not have the same intensity as the Latin one.

The clerk crumpled the paper and Junko felt that her heart was being crushed into tiny pieces, and the paper was thrown in the trash can along with her hopes that this could be over. He presented her another piece of paper that was only meant for the one who ranked first in the entrance exam of the prestigious University. "Here, fill this up first."

Groans were heard from behind her, and some complains about how the clerk should work. Junko grimaced while she wrote on the form as fast as she could.

"Hey, don't blame me, I'm just doing my job." The clerk said defiantly. He has been experiencing this cold treatment from ingrates so compassion and pity to those who wait for hours had been long gone. "Tell that to Ms. Overachiever here!"

Junko winced at his words. She stopped writing for a couple of seconds to make herself as small as possible so majority of the crowd won't see her except for her perhaps long curly brown hair and her back before she continued signing on the last part of the form. I just became the most popular person in the science department now! I ought to tell it to Avery-chan and Yuushi-kun. She slid the form towards the clerk and gave him a wavering smile.

With a few stomps and a nod of approval, the clerk finally looked up to her and waved dismissingly at her. "All right, go to the cashier and you're all done."

Junko muttered her thanks, and too eager to escape the eyes of those who resent her. Before she exited the hall, she caught sight of two familiar persons who are dear to her. Most of their classmates in Hyotei were there but she never cared much to the vast majority. Avery-chan was ahead of the line (almost near the clerk's desk), busying herself with the games in her phone as she waited. Yuushi-kun was in the middle, probably because he came fashionably late as how Atobe prefers when it comes to things he sees trivial, like enrollment for college perhaps. Yuushi-kun never seemed to care about the long line, too busy reading his book Junko bet was a romance novel.

She felt bad for the majority of her classmates from high school who were not used to doing things on their own- but what the heck, she's done and that's what all that mattered to her, acquaintances be damned!


Atobe found that three of his friends were actually attending the same department. He arrived on time but it seemed that there were people earlier than him. The sight of one Yukimura Seiichi didn't surprise him at all. Though the former captain of Rikkai Dai wasn't as showy as most students in HyoteiGakuen, his family owns a considerable amount of wealth that even Atobe's deems them acceptable to be acquaintances. Though Keigo's father criticizes their way of being so carefree about Seiichi-kun's responsibilities. His eyes lingered at Yukimura's side for a moment wondering if perhaps a certain girl with long black hair and those distinct auburn eyes that is often mistaken as red would be there, but it seemed that she was nowhere to be found.

When he stepped inside, most of the students were his peers back in high school, and thus the crowd parted giving him way. The commoners that got mingled in the crowd recognized his face as well, because really who wouldn't? There wouldn't be a year passed that he would be in the cover photo of society pages, featured in some news articles, interviewed in the sports section of some magazines, and at times seen in TV. He was practically a celebrity in the midst of this crowd. It was as though everyone was willing to give him their place, and even the clerk wouldn't say no to the unfairness.

Well, except maybe a whine coming from Mukahi, and a roll of eyes from Shishido but they have long known that they can do nothing about it.

However, it seemed as though there would be no need for him to move forward because the President of the Tokyo University himself greeted him with a perfectly crafted smile.

At this Yukimura smiled an amused smile. He thought that perhaps favoritism will be lessened in the university. It was naïve of him to think that even the children of the upper class would have to work hard to get what they want because this is almost real life.

Ah, but he hadn't received any messages coming from his dear cousin that she was given the special treatment given that her family's wealth rivals that of the Atobe's, so perhaps special exemptions were given to Atobes.

It's why his parents decided that their residence would be in Kanagawa and not in Tokyo where most of their acquaintances are. They didn't want him and soon his darling little sister Hina to mingle with insufferable brats and make them feel that everything revolves around money and power. Rikkai is a private school but not like Hyotei and his parents thought that it would be a nice way for him to interact with people of all class and to make him understand not just how their society works.

"Ah, Atobe-kun! I've waited for this day when I get to see Yukihiro-kun's son to walk the halls of the department." The president was formerly a teacher of the Business Management department and brought a lot of gold to the University. "Come this way, we ought to have a nice chat." There was the underlying oh don't worry about your papers, I've already taken care of it, because really even people who have high regards with rules will never dare make life hard for Atobe's.

Atobe gave a cursory glance at the crowd that was forming a line that previously vanished because of his arrival. So this was what his father meant that morning when he asked for his prompt attendance at the corporate lunch, as if he was sure that his son could finish all the procedures in just an hour or so.

"Ah, Keigo, why are you in a hurry? Come son, let's talk about the project you proposed to the board the other day." The Atobe head elegantly took a sip from his cup of coffee, as if there wasn't any pressing matters that Keigo should attend to.

So as not to keep the President of the school waiting, Atobe turned his back at the hall and followed the older man to the office.

Yukimura silently watched Atobe left with the President. The crowd erupted in loud whispers and murmurs, and some bitter insults about the Atobe name. Since he was still far from the clerk's desk, he fished out his phone from his pocket to pass his time by browsing the internet. He wasn't surprised when he received a text message from his cousin.

Seiichi, Seiichi, you won't believe what just happened! I think you might, and I should have seen this coming, but I didn't. The Department Head approached me, asked me that we 'talk' but politely delicned since I needed to get matters done but he dragged me to his office anyway, and told me that I am enrolled! I should have known, I shouldn't have told father the date… damn it!


It seemed as though Yukimura spoke too soon. The Asusagawa's are a family of prestige that dated back during the Edo period, much like the Atobe's. The Asusagawa's wealth grew five generations ago when Japan became more accepting of foreigners, and some businessman that traced its roots to the royals of England merged with them, and thus their business still continues to flourish. Hence, Avery was named after her ancestor who was born the same day, though her features are predominantly Japanese.

Another message popped out that read:

On the bright side, I'm done. I'll wait for you in Café Gakuen. I saw Shiraishi-kun, by the way.


Yukimura exhaled a sigh as he moved forward when the line moved. This will take him a while, and though he will not welcome the same treatment that Atobe was given, he wished that this experience will be over.


Niou wasn't really the fair type of being, and his ability to trick people came in handy when he found the mile long line when he arrived. He was able to cut through the line unnoticed (much to his surprise), and swiftly made progress until he was one of the first people to finish.

He ought to consider a spy as a career in the future if all else fails. But then again, he really isn't that kind to enjoy espionage and stealth, because he wants to tell and show his achievements to a special person (and maybe to his friends too, so Bunta will be very, very jealous).

He flipped his cell phone to send a message to Akira. They agreed to meet in the café nearby after all.


Café Gakuen offers a nice ambiance for students who wish to study away from the University while still longing for the silence or just simply wanted to study with friends and have a light snack. They even upgraded their menu so they can offer meals to students who wish to dine inside the café if they were cramming or simply wants a sumptuous serving of meals that offers a low price.

Junko entered the air conditioned café, feeling hungry than sleepy, and now colder than she felt when she was outside. Her brunette curls were slightly disheveled due to the windy weather outside. She pulled her jacket closer, and found that a fallen petal of the still blooming cherry blossoms outside was stuck on her hair. She ran a hand through her curls just to brush away things that were not supposedly in her head.

Yushi ought to treat her with a meal for sending a message that was subtly asking her to wait for him-

Ah, I forgot to tell my father that I need a ride to go back home and I have an appointment with mother at 11am. My chauffer is granted a leave for a week.

And really Junko only rolled her eyes before replying that she would wait in the café nearby. All she wanted was to go back to sleep, was that even too much to ask?

Her hazel eyes scanned the crowd. It wasn't really necessary since there were a lot of empty seats but she wondered what kind of people frequents this kind of place, what they look like, and how they work. But then analyzing the kind of environment she entered was all forgotten when she saw a black haired girl reading a periodical she borrowed from the staff while she sipped on a cup of coffee.

Junko smiled at the familiar face. She made a beeline towards the couch located near the window, and sat across the occupied seat. "Hi!"

The frown that graced the lips of the girl across her turned to a smile. "Junko-chan!" It was nice to see one of the few friends that she made during her short time in Hyotei. The friend that wasn't introduced to her by Atobe (but then most of her friends were the regulars of the tennis club because of being acquainted with their captain), a friend not just in the superficial level but that of knowing what lies underneath the glittering lights of the chandelier and unraveling the kind of bulb inside. "It's been a while!" She put the periodical aside and gave her attention to the brunette across her.

"When was the last time we actually talked… it was in that party, wasn't it Ave-chan?" Junko put a finger on the side of her head and closed her eyes in deep thought. "Was that- oh right three months ago." It was in an opening of the new oil industry of the Furukuawa's. The adults were busy trying to get an audience with Mr. Furukawa that they ignored the young ones and let them be- Finally! Junko was screaming inside her head- and then she saw Avery talking to Yushi.

That coy bastard. He hadn't even mentioned about Atobe had returned throughout the night though the girl dropped subtle hints asking how he was faring.

"So how did Hyotei celebrate for their beloved Atobe-sama's victory in the exams?" Avery asked with a fond smile in her face, though she was trying to hide it. Her lips were torn between keeping that smile and keeping it in such a way that it wouldn't reach her eyes. But it seemed that no matter how much she tries, the smile keeps reaching her eyes- such a traitor, body language is.

Junko's smile slowly disappeared from her face. Well, she wasn't also expecting that she would top the exam and outrank AtobeKeigo. Everyone was expecting that he was examinee number 43561, and Junko even asked Atobe if they have their examinee numbers switched by some unseen force. She has a hard time keeping her grades at the top 11 of their batch, and really outranking AtobeKeigo will take some sort of twisted miracle by a god who became fond of her-

-and apparently a miracle happened to her, and some deity up there is fond of her.

"Yushi, do ask for your father's help in restoring your friend's mental capability. She couldn't even comprehend a simple event. She must have lost it!" Atobe incredulously told Oshitari when the girl didn't stop her ramblings. She even called them and told them that they were mistaken until proper evidence was presented to her, and that's when she celebrated.

But then all happiness vanished when her parents and her brothers seemed to be surprised that she passed. It wasn't as if she just savored not having expectations and just being doted because whenever Oshitari complains about his parents overestimating his abilities, she could only feel jealousy.

Not that she wanted to be overestimated, but at least pretend that they knew all along that she could enter Tokyo U.

"Oh my dear Junko, number 1? We ought to celebrate, don't we?" His father said one evening when her Juichironii-san casually told it over dinner.

And now, Avery seemed to be oblivious about it. It has been in the rumor mill of Hyotei for weeks (then again Junko herself was surprised, and Avery-chan was in Rikkai Dai so she can't really blame her).

"Let's just say that everyone was surprised that Junko-chan outranked Keigo in the exam." The sound of Oshitari's smooth voice made the two girls turn to him. "By some clairvoyant event, as most people would conclude." He briskly took his seat beside Junko who was pouting (she has long ago gave up on glaring at other people because people don't see it as a glare). "How have you been, Avery?"

Avery blinked a few times in confusion. In her short stay in Hyotei, she had known that Yuushi and Junko were childhood friends and formed a bond akin to that of a sibling. It didn't surprise her when the resident genius of Hyotei popped out of nowhere. "Ah, Yuushi-kun, it's been a while." And she turned to Junko with a look of disbelief. "You outranked Kei- Atobe-kun?" She was gaping at Junko. It was too late, Avery thought, to take back those words.

Oshitari hid his smile behind the novel he brought along. She had never reverted back to addressing Atobe by his last name ever since she has gotten used to referring to him by his first name.

Junko's eyes narrowed at her. "You are so mean. I can smell resentment coming from you, Avery-chan." She swiped Avery's hot beverage and took a sip from it. "You are practically frothing right now, aren't you? Can't accept the fact that someone other than Atobe-kun defeated you?"

Avery glared at Junko. She then chuckled as she nonchalantly shrugged and grabbed the periodical she ignored for a while. "I don't think being beaten by Junko-chan is bad at all. I was not aiming for the first place. I got a result that holds expectations but I will worry not if I were to fail a quiz. The title 'Ms. Overachiever' entails that the holder should have a perfect attendance and flawless grades." Avery ignored the fuss happening in the clerk's table but when Oshitariinformed it in a manner more proud than really mocking, she had connected the strings and figured everything else out.

Junko is in deep trouble thanks to that clerk. That guy better not be walking home alone at night because if she were to coincidentally meet her-

"How come you're here earlier when I headed to the cashier first?" Junko finally noticed after fifteen minutes of being with the girl, and Yushi-kun.

Avery flipped the page of the periodical, wincing at the headline of the page. "Well, it just so happened that the Department Head approached me and wanted to have a chat with 'Lianne-chan's' dear little sister. Such an intelligent student, my darling sister is." Her tone was filled with bitterness and they could practically sympathize with that.

The greatest achievement that Junko had was probably topping the Tokyo University exam that even her brothers weren't able to do.

"Ah, Keigo had a similar treatment, I think." Oshitari placed his novel beside him when the waiter brought their orders (he ordered for Junko when he saw she was busy doing some catching up with a friend, and three sandwiches) to their table.

"O-Oh." Avery tried to smile at Oshitari's remark. She did, but there was a prickling sensation in her chest at the mention of Atobe's name. "He will be throwing a fit at you afterwards." She fondly remembered the Atobe who is chivalrous and kind-hearted like a prince charming that the people will describe him but even more than that.

Amusingly, Junko liked the coffee Avery ordered and Avery liked how sweet the coffee he ordered for Junko, and the two girls ended up switching drinks.

"Yes, he will be coming here. He just finished talking with the President of the School it seems." Oshitari gave a cursory glance at Avery who seemed to flinch from her seat.

Junko incredulously gasped at Oshitari. She was about to scold him but decided that it will be brought on later, when she gives him a ride to where he agreed to meet with his mother.

"Ah, I think I'll-" Avery grabbed her cup of coffee (thank god for plastic cups!) and abruptly stood from her seat. "I hate to cut this short," But she really, really don't- "But I need to meet Seiichi in his department." Said man was however already entering the café with a smile that spoke of relief as he allowed himself to indulge in the soothing aroma of coffee beans and the serene environment.

Yushi gave an amused look. "I think there's no need for that he's already here." He put his cup down and smirked at Yukimura who gave a questioning look at his direction.

And at the same time, Avery in her scolding and panting voice said: "We're late. Why only now? I've been waiting for you, what kept you?" Her voice was demanding and yet the way her burrows furrowed and how her lips turn to a pout saying: please help me, I will die was enough for the gentle blue haired boy to finally cave in.

"Ah but I thought you will meet up in his department?" Yushi ignored Junko's nudge- very painful nudge- at his side and maintained that coy look in his face.

Junko only rolled her eyes. Really this guy!

Yukimura never really got what she wanted to accomplish with her act. "You weren't answering my texts." If he was being used the tool to escape, then at least she should give him the privilege to put her at fault.

"I'm sorry." Avery turned to the two seated persons and gave them a nod.

Yukimura should at least address them as well. "Too bad we have to cut this meeting short Oshitari-kun, Kiyoshi-san, but I'm afraid we have to go." He gave them a curt nod before he was led- more like dragged out- by Avery out of the café.

A few moments later, Atobe entered the café with an unpleasant frown in his lips that was responded by Oshitari's knowing smirk. "That smirk is unbecoming, Yushi." With a few strides, he took a seat on the couch across the two. His eyes shifted to the table where three plates of cheap sandwiches laid out. The third plate- completely untouched- was on the vacant spot beside him. "Were you really expecting me that you ordered for me?"

Junko bit her lower lip and looked away. She gripped on the edge of the couch very tightly as if her life depended on it. "Yes." She immediately answered, almost squeaking when the Atobe heir regarded her coolly.

"Keigo dear, you're scaring poor Junko." Came Oshitari'sreply and Atobe swore he never wanted to murder someone so badly after he met OshitariYushi.


A week after, school started for them.

Akira has been acquainted in the place long enough to know that there's this great convenient store a few blocks away from school and has the things that suites her tastes. She dropped by before going to her first period to get some snacks.

When she moved to Tokyo, it was a week before enrollment and her parents were very, very against it. Even Akaya looked dejected and tried to persuade her to stay for one more day. Her resolve almost broke when she saw his teary eyes and pout (But he never cried, because he's Akaya the one who would surpass the three demons of Rikkai).

After three days in Tokyo, the old lady in the convenient store came to know the name of the girl with long black hair and lovely pair of green eyes as Kirihara Akira. She would always come in the store and smile at her before taking a cart (when she would restock her supplies) or immediately head to the section that has her needed things. Such a darling young lady, Akira-chan is.

They would talk. The girl was still nervous about her surroundings, mostly because she might not fit in or perhaps the old lady, Sachiko baa-sama, would think that she goes to the convenient store an awful lot of times, or that-

But then, Sachiko baa-sama conversed with her much like how her grandmother used to. Back then in her juvenile years, her grandmother had an illness and every time she visits in the hospital she would goad her to do things and treat it as opportunities.

"Akira-chan, what is it today?" Sachiko baa-san was tying her hair in a neat bun as she headed over the counter.

Akira grabbed a carton of milk from the ref nearby the counter and headed over to the old lady. "I'll take this." She paid for the item. "Please don't put it in a bag, baa-san. I'll just put it in my bag." She unzipped her bag while waiting for the change.

After placing the carton of milk inside, she zipped her bag and gave a vibrant smile Sachiko baa-san. "I'm off then." Akira immediately treated her a family a few days after their first conversation.

"Wait, Akira-chan." The old woman grabbed something under the counter, and Akira wanted to cry when she saw a bento box being offered to her by the kind shop keeper. "It's your first day, right? I want you to have this." Sachiko gave the young lady a warm smile, enough to even melt the heart of even the cold hearted demon (but they were once angels).

"Thank you, baa-san." Akira hugged the old lady a bit too tightly than intended.

Somehow, for the first time since her children went their own way (and only visited her during holidays) the prosaic shop seemed to be a better place.


The first day of classes dealt with being familiar with the course and syllabi were handed out for each subject. After discussing the course syllabus, most teachers let the student go their own way with the underlying tone that suggests that: yes, you may go and procrastinate while there's still time.

Niou had a nice schedule during Mondays where he would be off by the afternoon. He was going towards the small garden near the Faculty of Law. Akira said it has a nice view and a refreshing feel to it, and that she has a bento box enough for three people. He could invite Marui-san along if he wants to. Wants to. But he didn't partly because the red head was on his way to the science building and was too excited to bother Asusagawa.

When he arrived, Akira was sitting on one of the benches with a bento box settled beside her. She waved at him as she stood and jogged towards him, pulling him towards the bench.

"Really Akira. You ought to be a housewife." Akira turned to Niou with a pout but he only poked her cheek and gave her a smirk. "Puri~"

She unwrapped the cloth that holds the box together. "I did not make it. Sachiko baa-sama did."

Niou raised a brow at her. "Who?"

"Sachiko baa-sama, the shopkeeper of the convenient store I told you about last week." Akira produced two chopsticks from her bag and handed one to Niou. "She's really a kind person. Reminds me of my grandmother."

Niou smiled fondly at her. She's faring well with the moving and he ought to tease Akaya about how happy Akira is in Tokyo. He would be very, very devastated. "Look at you gaining new friends." He said dryly, getting a piece of a hotdog shaped like an octopus.

"How are you faring in Tokyo?" Akira asked as if he's one to suffer from homesickness.

Niou chuckled, pointing his chopsticks at her. "I am not worried about how I miss home. You miss Akaya." He didn't want to point out that it was not only Akaya that she missed but her family even the father that Niou loathes so much.

Akira looked away. "I do not!" She should have known not to go to defensive, because then anything she says will be and can be used against her.

"Ah, I should tell Akaya about that when I call him later." Niou cannot really answer her question because really, he felt better being in Tokyo than being in a suffocating environment at home. His little brother was alone there, and he would suffer terribly so. He cannot protect little _ from now on, but then he needs to learn how to deal with his growing monsters as well.

He didn't miss home.

But he didn't feel the freedom he thought he would feel when he leaves for another place. He expected that when he hijacked his little brother's bike when he was ten and left a note at the dining table stating that he will go on a journey, he will feel that sort of ecstasy (that time he failed to know what it would feel like because he made a U-turn and went home because he felt hungry).

He was still searching, searching, searching-


Junko headed to the classroom across hers after they were dismissed by the teacher. Yushi-kun and Avery-chan were sharing three same classes throughout the day. How come, she wondered, that she and Yushi did not have a single class together when they were taking the same field while Avery will diverge from them two years later when they will take their majors was beyond her.

Perhaps she was being punished because of all those goading she did whenever Avery plotted something evil.

And as if she was being teased by the universe, the two were so near and yet so far. "Yushi!" She ran towards the two who were taking their sweet time together inside the classroom (they were messing with her, she swore) slowly putting their things inside their bags.

Avery hid a smile but failed miserably while Yushi openly smirked. How Junko hated these two! Insufferable brats!

"Oh how rude, Ms. Overachiever." Avery placed her hands behind her, glancing at Oshitari who was conversing with a blonde guy who has a brilliant smile-

Junko shook her head. "Really, you will keep on calling me that?"

"This here," Yushi grasped at Junko's shoulders as he presented her to the blonde guy, a head taller than her. "Is a friend of mine, Shiraishi-kun. Her name is Kiyoshi Junko."

Now that Junko had a better look at Shiraishi, his hair wasn't really blonde, it was silver brown and he has a stunning pair of grayish eyes. He is a good looking guy, just like Yushi (and she hopes that he doesn't share the same personality because god knows how much she endures that for 15 years) and has a nice build. "Nice to meet you!" She gave a curt nod.

Shiraishi returned the gesture with a smile. "You're 'Ms. Overachiever' the clerk in the enrollment called." He laughed when Junko gave her an upset look.

"Careful Shiraishi-kun, she's glaring at you." Avery interjected with an unnerving smile.

"I'm ShiraishiKuranosuke." Shiraishi still wasn't sure about the glare he was receiving. "I won't call you Ms. Overachiever if you promise not to call me Kura-rin."

Junko smiled at Shiraishi, not that she would ever call him 'Kura-rin.' Really who thinks of those pet names?

And Shiraishi, seeing that this girl could not even muster up a proper glare to intimidate a child (because that child would feel bad for thinking that she was upset), thinks that she's such a harmless girl. Why she has this sort of bond with OshitariYushi, resident genius and sadist of HyoteiGakeun, was beyond him.

He couldn't have been so wrong.


It was in their third day of classes that things got too busy. Niou was practically being dragged by Akira towards the library during lunch break (God he was starving after listening to that three hour lecture) scanning the section for the book that was required for her subject.

The two bumped with Sanada- Akira literally bumped with him much to the former vice-captain's chagrin- in the same section holding the reference material that Akira sought for.

"Ah, Sanadafuku-buchou!" Niou smirked upon catching himself say those words. "Should I address you as Sanada-san now or would you rather Sanada-kun?"

Sanada caught that glint of mischief in his eyes and really, he should have answered first.

"Or would it be better if I address you as Sanada-chan?" Niou innocently said but the way he grinned suggested otherwise.

Akira laughed a little louder than intended at that. She turned away when a deadly glare was directed towards her.

Who wouldn't laugh at how the stoic, stone-hard personality of the known SanadaGenichirou cringe upon hearing 'Sanada-chan'? Akira did not really get the inside joke but Sanada's response was enough.

And Sanada was torn between breaking Niou's neck and choking him with the book he was holding (but Akira will cry because she can no longer borrow the book). However, he only settled on cursing his luck when he came to know the existence of one Yukimura Seiichi and being- dare he say it?- his best friend. Having that kind of relationship with Yukimura(Sanada resisted another cringe at the sound of that, because he is SanadaGenichirou and will only cringe once!), one would be acquainted with his family.

Yukimura's parents are all right for him. They are respectable people who holds influenc e and connections in the upper crust of their society, and what Sanada admired the most about them is that they raised their children well.

Yukimura has a lot of cousins but he was well acquainted, and regrettably saying, friends with one Asusagawa Avery who has that sharp tongue and even sharper personality (one that matches AtobeKeigo but with less narcissism and pulling less flashy stunts) underneath the façade of an innocent looking girl. Sanada never really understood the girl's quirks but he admired how she would go through great lengths to help a friend in need.

And then, there's Yukimura's little sister, Hina-chan. The girl has a high affinity for sweets (Sanada blames it on Asusagawa-san) especially for gummy bears but is afraid of gummy worms, and has taken a liking to Sanada to the point that she named the stuffed penguin that Sanada gave her (which he won in the arcade when little Hina tagged along in one of their celebrations when they won), 'Sanada-chan.'

Yukimura and Asusagawa (undoubtedly cousins, sharing the same blood and almost the same personality. Almost) teased him for a month. The other regulars wanted to, wished they could but those death marches were enough to silence them.

And Hina-chan, now in her first year of middle school and currently attending Rikkai Dai (Yukimura worries about her because the world they walk on is full of motives veiled with perfectly practiced bright Colgate smiles) still has a high affinity for sweets, and still has this crush on Sanada (Avery swore she would tease him about it until it stopped being funny which is NEVER) but matured a little bit.

Niou was never scared of Sanada, not really. He just didn't want to receive a hundred laps around Japan. The silver head trickster is not afraid of Yukimura to begin with, this man is a brave soul.

Clearing his throat, Sanada closed the book and handed it to Akira instead. "Sanada is fine, Niou." He neutrally answered before turning to the girl whom he will be sharing the same class for the next months. "This is the reference material that Sasagawa-sensei wanted us to get a hold on."

Akira took the book in her arms and muttered a 'thanks' to Sanada.

With another book on tow written by the same author, Sanada walked away to save himself from being subjected to one of Niou's pranks.


"Ah, Yukimura-kun!" Yagyuu and Asusagawa shared one class during Wednesdays. Hence the brown haired gentleman wasn't surprised when he saw Yukimura walking towards them to fetch his cousin for lunch. "Asusagawa-chan is still inside. An acquaintance from Hyotei, I think, asked to copy the last part of her notes." That girl sure has a talent when it comes to note taking. Their instructor talked in a fast pace and yet she seemed to write fast enough to have her notes color coded.

"That's okay Yagyuu." Yukimura smiled at his former teammate. At least he wouldn't worry about his cousin whenever he has his hands full. He knows he could trust Yagyuu and Oshitari-kun to make sure she's doing well. "I'll just wait for her. Thank you."

Yagyu nodded in response. He was surprised, however, when Yukimura's smile vanished from his lips and his eyes turned to a piercing glare, one that he usually wears whenever the receiving end of it will be unfortunate enough to experience yips.

Yagyu hoped that he did not do anything. In order to ease his mind, he turned to the presence he felt beside him. She was a familiar girl, and he swore he had seen her before.

"Yagyu-san, I think you dropped your handkerchief." The girl with a shoulder length red hair smiled brightly at him. Her lilac eyes shining, as if she finds everything in this world beautiful. "I saw you holding it a while ago."

Yagyu wondered if this girl was somehow connected to Yukimura at some point because he realized that his blue eyes were directed to the shorter girl beside him. "Thank you- I didn't quite catch your name, miss."

The girl opened her mouth to introduce herself to him, to say that they were classmates back in their first year of middle school-

"Midori- Natsume Midori." Yukimura had beaten her to it.

Yagyu turned to Yukimura, his theory now confirmed. They were at some point acquainted. His captain has recovered that unsightly look of hurt in his features and had already replaced it with a deceiving smile.

Midori slowly turned to Yukimura, finally discovering that he was there for the first time. She was rendered immobile, and for a moment she forgot how to breathe.


Her mind ordered her to do but it was hard. Very, very hard.

Yagyu felt that his existence was entirely forgotten.

"Yukimura-kun." Midori gave a curt nod but she did not look at him.

Yukimura felt something pierced through his chest, a strange knot forming in his stomach at the sound of that estranged way of addressing him.

"Hey, Seiichi, what's wrong?" Avery rushed towards the two (she hadn't seen Midori yet) when she saw Yukimura's morose expression. Her gaze followed Yukimura's and landed upon a familiar girl she met three years- ah, that was already four years ago. She gasped at the sight. At this, Yukimura knew she also didn't know.

Midori turned to Yagyu with a wide smile, and he thinks that the lights in her eyes seemed to dim out. "I just wanted to return it to you. If you'll excuse me." She finally found her voice and she could only give them a curt nod in order to escape from this situation.

She could still remember Asusagawa's words back in middle school after she had transferred to Hyotei.

"You have hurt Seiichi." Midori couldn't look at those red- auburn, Seiichi-kun told her- eyes that were filled with resentment. It was as if Asusagawa was very, very disappointed at her. Did she expect that Midori could fix Seiichi? "He believed in you. In your dreams and aspirations and your words-"

That was precisely why Midori left...

So what do you think?