1 her courage

Jessica was definitely one the bravest people Toby ever meet. When they were at Gorm she would always put herself in danger to protect anyone that needed it. She wasn't afraid to fight or to go at enemy's territory. Thought he would never admit it Toby secretly admired her cause of that.

2 she wasn't damsel in distress

Of course just like everybody else Jessica sometime needed help. But she wasn't damsel in distress. She would always fight for herself and never went down without a fight. That was one of the things Toby especially loved about Jessica.

3 her smile

Jessica wasn't someone who could easily get upset. She was real smiley. Even when they were in trouble she would she would just smile and try to find a solution for their problem. When she smiled whole room would light up and Toby would smile too.

4 her sense of humor

Since he was little Toby liked pulling pranks at people. With years everyone got used to it, but they were annoyed a lot of times. Jessica found his pranks funny and she was the only one who could understand his love for joking. She always laughed on his pranks. Well, when she wasn't the one he was joking with.

5 her eyes

Toby and Jessica had similar eyes. Both of them had blue eyes, but while Toby's eyes were ocean-blue, Jessica's were sky-blue. He loved how her eyes sparkled when she talked about something with passion. How they shined when tears when she cried. How every emotion she felt was shown in them.

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