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Chapter 1: The Mistake:

"Tsunade-hime!, what are you doing here?." Asked the newly appointed Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze surprised greeting his sensei's old teammate. He was at a bar in at the lower parts of Konoha. He decided to get a drink after his meeting with the Kazekage to form an alliance between Leaf and Sand. "Minato is that you?" Asked Tsunade surprise, she didn't expect to see Minato here in a dump like this of all places. She then pulled a seat and sat right next to him. "I was in town and thought i'd get a drink, I told shizune to wait in her room, so what are you doing in this dump don't you have a village to run." Said Tsunade. She then turned to the bartender and ordered a bottle of sake.

"So what's up with you lately, I heard that you were made the next Hokage and that you were talking to the Kazekage into an alliance." Said Tsunade taking a sip of her drink. Minato took a sip as well. "Yeah I just came back from a peace agreement with the kazekage.", Tsunade started to look interested, "so how did it go?", Minato took a sip and looked at her. "He agreed to the alliance seeing how it would benefit both sides, but it didn't help that he kept making certain remarks, like and he quotes -"So the great Konoha needs help from us."- and many other things that made me want to punch him straight in his masked face." Said Minato taking another sip.

Tsunade could tell Minato wasn't in a good mode. "Hey what's wrong did something happen?." She asked taking another sip. Minato looked at her for a minute then spoke. "Well you see a few days ago I asked Kushina to marry me.", Tsunade looked happy, "So that's what happened congratulations, so what's the problem it's not like she said no or anything." She said slapping Minato on the back, Minato had a sad smile on, Tsunade caught that. "Oh.. she said no, huh?", Minato nodded, "The day after that she broke up with me." Said Minato sad while drinking all the saka in one gulp. Tsunade looked at Minato with sad eyes ahe really felt sorry for him. "Hey don't worry it's her lost, i'm sure their are many eligible ladies out their who love to be the next seeing how you now back on the market."

Minato looked at her and smiled, "thanks.", Tsunade smiled as well. "No problem, hey let's get your mind of this.", Minato looked confused, "um how?", Tsunade smirk. "We'll have a drinking contest, first one to call it quits loses and has to pay for the winners drinks. Minato thought about it he wasn't really a drinker like Tsunade s his chances of winning were slim, but he did want to get the whole Kushina thing out of his mind. "Okay you on, bartender bring over two bottles of sake and keep them coming.", The bartender nodded happy, he could tell he was going to be making a lot today. He brought over the drinks. Minato and Tsunade quickly started to drink.

After the drinking so many bottles of alcohol the two kage level shinobi's became so intoxicated they started to flirt with each other. "You know Tsunade... I had the... biggest crush on you when I was a genin." Slurred Minato extremely drunk. "Hiccup!, Well i'm honored." Said Tsunade extremely drunk as well. The two flirted back and fourth with each other until Tsunade suddenly spoke. "Maybe we can have our own little party... back at my place... to celebrate Konoha's new alliance with Suna." Giggled Tsunade like a school girl while getting up to leave. "Lead the way sexy." Flirted Minato paying the bartender for the drinks and following Tsunade to her place.

The Next morning at the Senju compound in Tsunade's room:

The next day in Tsunade's bedroom, It was 9:00am and Tsunade slowly woke up with a groan due to her massive hangover. "Ooohhhh God what the fuck happened last night, the last thing I remember is having a drinking contest with Minato and- she was cut off from her thoughts by snoring sound she heard from the other side of the bed. Tsunade saw a huge lump under the blanket she quickly removed it revealing a naked back of a certain spiky hair blonde. "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" Screamed Tsunade as she jumped back and pulled the sheets to cover her modesty when she realized she was naked. "Huh?...what?" Mumbled Minato getting up rubbing his face while getting up. When Tsunade saw him get up she realized who the man was. "Minato?!" Shouted Tsunade loudly. Minato looked at Tsunade with a brow raised he was still tired, "Tsunade?, what are you doing in my room?" Asked Minato confused.

"Your room!, this is my room baka!" Shouted Tsunade. "And put some clothes on!", Minato's eyes widened when he looked down and saw he had no clothes on. "AAH!" He then saw his boxers and put them on. "What happened last night?" Said Minato putting his clothes on. Tsunade looked at Minato has if he was an idiot. "What the hell do you think happened last night baka!, you took advantage of me!" Said Tsunade mad while she put on her clothes. "Whoa whoa now wait a minute if a remember clearly YOU invited me into your house, so if anything YOU took advantage of me, plus YOU were the one who started this to begin with." - "Oh yeah well I wasn't the one who went on and on about how you had a crush on me" Said Tsunade, after 10 minutes of trying to place blame on each other they both agreed that they were both at fault and decided not talk about it again and left.

Minato soon left the compound and headed to Hakage tower, Tsunade watch him leave. "Um Tsunade-sama was that the Fourth." Asked Shizune. Tsunade would have been startled if it was for the fact that she sensed her coming. "Yeah he... wanted to talk about something important." Lied Tsunade. She really didn't want Shizune to know what she and Minato did last night. "Come on let's get ready to head over to the hospital to treat more people." Shizune nodded.

Two Mouths later:

Tsunade was feeling sick, she was consistently throwing up, and she also started to get a craving for ramen, she had a very good idea on what was happening so she had Shizune to run some test to be sure. "Congratulations Tsunade-sama your going to be a mother." Said Shizune soflty with a little happy believing her sensei could finally achieve happiness raising a child. It took Tsunade a minute to processes this on one hand she was angry that Minato knocked her up and on the other she was happy that she was going to be a mother. Even though Tsunade was happy about being a mother she was also sad that Dan wasn't the father, because back then before his death they all ways talked about having children together, but sadly he died during the Third Great Shinobi war, she also knew she had to tell Minato no matter how he'll react. Tsunade then put on her shoes, "Come on Shizune were heading to Hokage tower, Shizune was now confused. "Um why." - "...Because Minato's the father." Said Tsunade. Shizune looked at her sensei in shock but kept following her.

At Hokage tower:

Minato was currently in a meeting with his two advisers Koharu and Homura along with his predecessor Hiruzen Sarutobi Third Hokage, they were in the middle of an meeting. They had just recessive a letter from the kazekage that he agreed to the alliance after months of negotiating the term of it. "Okay now that the Kazekage has agreed to the alliance we can now- Minato was cut of by sound of the door opening. see saw Tsunade and Shizune coming in. "Tsunade, what are you doing here?" asked Minato confused. "We need to talk." - Minato raised a brow. "Okay about what?", Tsunade looked at her sensei and his old teammates who were looking her curiously. "In private right now." Minato signed, "I'm sorry Tsunade but were having a very necessary discussion right now I can't leave." Tsunade eyebrow twiched. " Okay fine then I guest I'll just say it out loud then, you knocked me up." Koharu and Homura jaws dropped to the ground they were completely flabbergasted , Hiruzen gave it everything he had not to laugh at his old teammates expressions, and Minato... well he fainted. After 5 long minutes Hiruzen was finally able to wake up Minato, he then turned to Tsunade who looked pissed not trying to hide how mad she was at everyones reaction to her pregnancy and he spoke.

"Your pregnant?"


"With a baby."


"...and the child is mine."

"Yes!" Said Tsunade starting to get pissed off or maybe it was the hormones talking.

"..Do you plan on getting rid off it.", Tsunade looked at Minato with narrowed eyes. "You mean abort it, no I plan on raising it, why do you want me to." Said Tsunade angry because if Minato wanted her to get rid of it she was going to hurt him in the worst way possible but luckily for Minato he then spoke. "No!, of course not I would never ask you to get rid of it." Said Minato quickly raising his hand. Tsunade calmed down and then soon started to look at him with sad eyes. "Are you mad that I decided to keep it." Minato eyes widened. "No i'm not mad or anything i'm happy because i'm going to be a father." Said Minato with a smile. What Minato said made Tsunade relieved because he wasn't going to abandon the baby. Hiruzen, Koharu, and Homura were all happy but for different reasons. Hiruzen were happy because he believed his student could help her get over the lost of her younger brother and fiance Dan by raising a child. He was also happy for Minato because this could help Minato get over his depression about never having a family. Koharu and Homura were happy because the Senju clan, the clan that founded the village along with the Uchiha clan wouldn't die out. They had believed that the clan would have ended with Tsunade because after she lost Dan she refused to date or marry any suitors that council had offered.

"Well isn't this interesting a new heir to the Senju clan." Said the figure walking in the room. Everyone's eyes widened thet recognized that voice and turned their heads to the door. The man walking in to office was Danzo Shimura also considerd the Old War Hawk of Konoha. Hiruzen stood up and narrowed his eyes at is old friend. "How much did you hear." Said Hiruzen in a steel voice. Danzo looked at his old friend, "enough, an I must say this truly is such great news, not only is their a new Senju heir but one that is the child of The Slug Sannin and Yellow Flash, two who happen to be considered very powerful shinobi's, I can only imagine how powerful the child would become." Finished Danzo talking as if Minato and Tsunade unborn child is a weapon not a human.

Minato, Tsunade, and everyone else looked at Danzo suspiciously they all new he was up to something. Danzo than began to speak again. "This is such great news I had my ROOT men tell the whole village of the soon to be Senju clan heir." Minato and Tsunade gritted their teeth and glared at him, he had his men tell all of Konoha about their personal life, this was something completely private and also consider to be very scandalous. Hiruzen looked at Danzo with hard eyes. "You had absolutely no right to do that!, how dare you leak personal information like that." - "I don't what the big deal is the villiage would have find out sooner or later." Koharu then spoke. "I agree with Hiruzen on this do you honestly think that Tsunade would fell comfortable having the whole village knowing about her pregnancy. Homura then spoke. "That and you put both Tsunade and her baby at risk by telling everyone, it'll be soon enough until Iwa gets word of this, they might flat out declare war on us just to kill Minato's child. Danzo wasn't faze by any of this. "Not to worry I'll just have my ROOT agents monitor and protect her during the pregnancy." Said Danzo not caring about at all about what he did. Hiruzen narrowed his eyes he didn't like the idea of Danzo's men watch Tsunade, because he already knew that Danzo had other motivates and was scheming something.

"Enough!" Said Tsunade, "I'm not helpless just pregnant and I don't need your protection." Minato nodded in agreement, "I agree with Tsunade on this your help won't be neasasery besides I already have someone who can protect Tsunade better than your ROOT." Said Minato also not like the idea of Danzo's men monitoring Tsunade and his unborn child. Danzo narrowed his eye at the jab at his ROOT. "I don't need protection I can handle myself." Said Tsunade stubbornly. "I'm pretty sure that your going to need it when you nine months pregnant and in labor." Deadpenned Minato. He then signaled his ANBU.

"Kakashi come down." Suddenly a ANBU with a inu (dog) mask shushin in front of Minato's desk. "I don't have to tell you what I want you do seeing how you already heard everything, do you accept the mission." Said Minato referring to have having his unborn child being protected. Kakashi nodded accepting the mission he then vanished in a shushin.

"He seems very talkative." Mumbled Tsunade. Soon after Homura, Koharu, and Danzo left leaving Tsunade, Minato, and Hiruzen to talk in private. Minato made sure to put sound proof seals in the room to make sure nobody (Danzo) would eavesdrop on their conversion. Hiruzen spoke first. "So this is interesting." He said with a smile. Minato looked a little nervous he was happy that was is going to be a father but he was worried if the kid would like him or if he was going to be a good father. Tsunade looked a little embarrass she didn't look at Minato because it felt very awkward for her, Minato did the same. Hiruzen looked at both of them and spoke. "So how is this going to work?" Minato and Tsunade both looked confused." How will what work sensei?" - "You know this the whole baby situation, do you and Minato plan on raising it together or are you going to discuss who gets custody of it." Minato and Tsunade's eyes widened and they blushed a little at what Hiruzen said about them raising a child together, To be honest they forgot that they would have to discuss who gets custody. Tsunade and Minato then looked at each other and turned back to Hiruzen.

"To be honest I haven't really thought about it." said Tsunade sheepishly, Hiruzen nodded. "well theirs still time to decided so there's no rush." Minato then spoke, "Well lets call it a day, we can discuss this more tomorrow." They all left heading home. Hiruzen was walking home but stopped when he looked at the heads up in Hokage mountain and smiled, "Well sensei today has been both unexpected and interesting." Thought Hiruzen starting to walk again. He didn't how thing would turn out but he did know that things in Konoha are going to be very interesting from now on.

Chapter End: