Hello all I'm HandAssassinSpider-man… Yeah kind of corny but it works and I think having Spider-man in it makes it better. Anyway I'm new to this whole scene but I have been visiting this sight for a few years now and reading some of the best stories I have ever seen.

Seriously Hollywood, Marvel, DC, and gaming companies should hire some of the writers here because there are stories on games, shows, movies, books, etc. that in my opinion are better that what's already out there.

Anyway this will be my first story and it's called Old 'Hero', New Era. It's a Spider-man and Justice League crossover, granted there will be a couple of Marvel heroes and villains but it's mainly a Spider centric story. The idea came to me from several different sources actually. Halo and ancient Greece with the whole take children and train them to be warriors from like six, Black Widow's back story of the Red Room, Captain America more or less starting a superhuman arms race like in the Ultimate Marvel universe, and the final piece is this comic that I read a few months ago. The comic is basically Spider-man as an ASSASSIN which immediately caught my interest. After reading it I thought 'Whoa this would be a great story to expand on' and then he was killed during the whole Spider-verse event which sucked because there was so much that could have been done with him.

Anyway I'm going to start the story, and please be gentle this is my first story so while comments are appreciated don't go over board and be like 'This sucks, stop writing it or give it to someone better'… I would prefer a more 'This has potential, maybe do a bit of this and that and it should go smoother'.

Some things have been changed as you will probably notice since this is an AU. Also warning this is going to be rated T boarder line M in the violence and language areas… any limes or lemons will hopefully come later on. Also the pairing will be a harem which will be listed at the end of this chapter. Also this chapter is basically prologue to give some back story and foreshadow events which will happen later in the story hopefully.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything related to either Marvel or DC, characters or otherwise except the story sorta, kinda, and some random OC's who play part except being there for convenience sake.

Chapter 1: We're all born weak, that's why we grow strong.

New York City, New York December 29th 1949, Random Manhattan Hospital 9:47 PM

"AHHHHHHHHHH! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD RICHARD IF I DIDN'T LOVE YOU SO MUCH I'D KICK YOUR ASS AFTER I'M DONE BIRTHING OUR CHILD!" yelled a very in pain and beautiful woman… with an interesting vocabulary. The woman in question was Mary Parker who was currently in the middle of well 'birthing' her son.

"Yes dear and I'm happy to know that it's your love for me that's keeping me from being beaten to a bloody pulp" Replied a slightly scared and tense Richard Parker who was currently holding (having his hand crushed) his wife's hand as the doctors help their child be brought into the world. Did he mention his hand was being crushed?

The doctor and several nurses who were helping with the delivery of the Parker's for the last several hours were beginning to make progress after several false alarms and apparently stubborn baby. The doctor in charge was currently aiding the baby's head through Mrs. Parker which let's face it is kind of gross when you think about all the blood and placenta and what not. Anyway back to the matter at hand the doctor was a little concerned with how small the child seem to be, while it's been a long day for him he is aware enough to notice that the head is a little smaller than it should be for a baby that's been developing for over nine and a half months.

The doctor decided to wait and see and then said "Keep pushing Mrs. Parker your child's head is just about through, just a little more."

Mrs. Parker complied and kept pushing with all of strength she could muster… and come closer to crushing her husband's hand, but since they are in a hospital at least he won't have to go too far for treatment.

She and her husband were beyond happy that their child was here after almost 3 years of trying they would finally get their son in Mary's case or daughter in Richard's. While 3 years isn't a bit odd to take so long there's actually a fairly legitimate reason for that, and it's also fairly tragic and horrifying as well.

You see Mary and Richard Parker were not ordinary people, not by a long shot in fact they could very well be considered brutal, manipulative and harsh. At least that was the case 3 years ago when they were known as Mary and Richard Fitzpatrick the fifth and sixth most deadly assassins for an ancient brotherhood of assassins that began centuries ago in Feudal Japan called The Hand. At least the forerunners of the Hand, it would not be officially organized and recognized as The Hand that it is 'known' as until 1588, but that part of the story isn't important at the moment.

Anyway back to the matter at hand Mary and Richard served in the European branch of the Hand in the late thirties early forties until World War Two broke out and Europe basically became a free-fire zone for the Nazi Germans and their Italian allies and western European allies baring Spain who was in a civil war at the time and Switzerland who was neutral… again. When the war first broke out Mary who was the considered the fifth greatest assassin alive at the time and such had great influence and was more or less in command of the entire European Branch. So when she sent word asking the leader simply known as 'The Beast' who was currently residing in the headquarters of The Hand in Tokyo on how to proceed she received a simple response


Not really the answer she was hoping for but she wasn't going to question her leader's orders, to do so meant death or if the leader was in a good mood complete mental and spiritual destruction leaving the unfortunate victim an empty hollow shell whose only purpose was to exist and kill until the body was destroyed. Not a very painless or quick experience from what rumors many have heard. And that's him in a good mood, don't ask what a bad one will entice.

To make a long story short the European branch was nearly destroyed by HYDRA, a sort of German special task force and science division led by a man known as the Red Skull, no other known aliases. And after almost four years of being hunted all across Europe by both the Nazis and HYDRA they were forced to reallocate most forces and weapons to try and desperately fight of the approaching Allies in the West more or less being led by Captain America aka Steve Rogers and the unrelenting Russians in the East. Mary and Richard were the only two survivors of a group that just several years earlier numbered almost 200 men and women. After making it back to Tokyo the quickly discovered that The Hand more or less sold them out as to see if their ancient traditions and fighting styles would stand up to modern warfare and the new technology… it didn't and considered the test a failure and forced the hierarchy to begin plans to reinvent themselves for the quickly changing times if they were to survive since the war also greatly weakened their influence in most of Asia and Africa. Ninja stars and swords while good for stealth and close quarter combat wouldn't be so useful against bombs that could level a city in one hit.

Seeing as Mary and Richard failed they were slated to be executed, 'The Beast' was in certain mood for old fashion killed by hanging or suicide like poison or seppuku. They chose a third option which was 'fight our way out or die trying and hope the best', and it worked. After their escape the hit was called off not because they were deemed too dangerous or anything like that, it was so that The Hand could begin planning for its rebirth and evolution into something more capable of operating in a more modern world.

And now we find ourselves after that rather long short story with Mary and Richard meeting their new baby boy.

Peter Benjamin Parker.

The Benjamin part was named after Richard's late brother who was sadly lost along with his wife May during the HYDRA 'purge' of the European Hand branch. And Parker was his and Mary's new name so they figured why not.

"He's a little small isn't he Richard?" spoke a tired and worried Mary.

"What do you mean?" Richard replied with curiosity and worry.

"I mean look at him" responded and slight more fearful Mary. Richard leaned over to look and saw that yes their son was a bit small for his age and also he's been very quiet since he was born, barely made any sounds except a little crying from being exposed to the outside world for the first time. He also took notice of how frail he looked in his mother's arms, like the slightest bit of pressure could end him before he was an hour old.

"I see what you mean Mary… maybe it's just us overreacting. I mean this is our first child and we've never really seen a newborn before." Richard noticed the frown on his wife and quickly decided to add "Look the doctor will be back in a few minutes and we'll ask him if there's anything wrong with Peter, okay?"

Mary still looked unsure but slowly nodded in agreement before saying "Alright, alright it's just Peter is the first real good thing we've ever made and I don't want to lose him… I don't want to lose any more family." Mary's eyes were beginning to moisten and her body began to ever so slightly shake with sobs that wished to escape.

Richard slowly wrapped his arm around her and quietly said "We aren't going to lose him Mary, I promise –"

"Now Richard, don't go making empty promises to the lady." Interrupted a rather quite but dark voice.

Richard was on his feet in an instant already recognizing the voice "GORGON HOW DID YOU-"


"RICHARD!" yelled a horrified Mary after witnessing the scene before her. She couldn't believe what just happened, her husband, the love of her life was just killed right in front of her. She just barely made out the now identified Gorgon entering the room and taking a seat on a chair that was off to the side of her bed.

Gorgon was a rather interesting looking individual at 6'1 and roughly 180 pounds of muscle with pale as snow skin with odd black tattoos written in some ancient eastern language traveling up and down his arms into the rolled up sleeves of his brown coat he was wearing and across the sides of his face and down his neck. He had more on his legs but they were covered by dark grey looking pants and some simple boots, and his chest and back tattoos were covered by a black shirt but that wasn't really important at the moment.

The room was almost extremely quiet with the exception of Mary's hitched breathing at the sight of her dead husband and the killer not five feet from her looking relaxed and a bit amused at her. At the moment Mary was wondering why none of hospital staff were-

"They have been convinced not intervene with this meeting" Stated Gorgon after seeing her eye the door with the barest glimmers of confusion. "You'd be surprise what people in this 'Great Country' will do for the right price, wheatear that be looking the other way to murder or keeping quiet on something that doesn't concern them. And now since I have your attention I think we should discuss a few things"

Mary quickly regained her composure and asked rather darkly "What the hell do you want Gorgon? The 'Beast' not giving enough love that you came all the way here to kill my husband!"

Mary and Richard were no fools, they knew that the Hand never lost them they just up until now haven't decided to make any moves against them. That was she realized there first mistake, the second was letting their guard down even if admittedly their son's birth was more important than what was going on around them.

"No not really, in fact the reason I'm here is because of your son." Gorgon stated and continued "You see Mary the Daimyos the ones who make up the council at least have just finished up talks on how to reform our or at least 'MY' great order into something that can survive this new world. Simple parlor tricks and some fancy hand to hand combat can only get you so far in this age of city leveling bombs, ever advancing aircraft and war machines… -"chuckle"- and television." The last comment was made in jest but Mary was far from amused.

The only reason she hasn't tried to kill the smug bastard in front of her is one she knows she could never beat him in a fight, two she's too exhausted from giving birth her son, and three she already knows she's dead. Gorgon is just taking his time and gloat a bit.

'Son of a cum loving whore' Mary thought darkly.

"Anyway back to the situation at hand your son and over 119 others like him have been chosen to participate in a new experiment to make the ultimate assassin for the Hand." Catching Mary by surprise.


Gorgon took a quick look at his watch and realized he had 2 minutes left so he decided to give a quick version. "Were going to raise a bunch of children into the greatest assassins in the world and possibly history. They will help us retain the power we lost due to mankind's foolish war and perhaps help deal with the 'League of shadows' and their lead Ra's al Ghoul." Gorgon finished and rose from the chair and slowly approached the frightened Mary. "Don't worry my dear if your son is anything like you and to some extent Richard he'll go far and one day maybe ascend to the rank of the Beat himself… like you could have."

Mary tried to raise a counter argument "But my son is si-"

"I know" Gorgon cut off "But so are the others and that's the point Mary" he stated darkly. "Every person, animal, king, or god you and I are born into this world weak that is why we grow stronger, and your boy and others like him will become strong indeed"

Gorgon slowly lifted a knife he had in his coat and violently jammed the blade to the hilt into Mary's forehead. He stared into her eyes as they glassed over and her body slumped slightly. He quickly tore the blade out with a small stream of blood following it and landing on the then to this point quiet and unmoving Peter. The drops hitting him caused him to stir and begin crying, perhaps sensing his mother's death or the fact that a warm liquid feel near his eye and disturbed his sleep, who knows but the scene defiantly had a tragic atmosphere.

Gorgon gently lifted the child up and made his way to the door and out into the hallway which was disturbingly quiet and empty. The walk to the front of the entrance wasn't too far and there was a car and driver already there to take Gorgon and the infant to the airport.

Gorgon was right about one thing though, Peter would one day rise to be a great assassin but unknown to the Hand it wasn't going to benefit them… not at all.

And scene. Well there's the first chapter, just something to give readers the general idea of what's happened.

Mary and Richard were assassins for The Hand, they got betrayed and left, had a kid a few years later, Hand comes for them and kills all but Peter who is taken in to be a deadly assassin.

The next Chapter will time skip to modern day where I will every two or three chapters have flash back scenes to Peter's training days. And chances are that you people will get an idea of how Peter got his powers based on the info or sources of inspiration I got for this story. I will however remain vague on his time leaving the Hand (spoiler alert lol) to where we will meet up with him in modern day times, but I will have also flashbacks for that on occasion of the several decade gap and will leave the rest for you viewers to fill in with your imagination.

As for the Harem parings it will be four Marvel women and four DC women. I already have three Marvel women picked out and will leave the fourth for viewers to leave in the review section if you want I already have one or two in mind but I want to see what you guys have to offer. But she can't be a 'Hero' like Susan Storm, Captain Marvel, she has to be a woman that can fit into the world of assassins and mercenaries but can still be labeled a good guy or girl in a sense also no gender bends, nothing against them it's just I wouldn't know how to work that… for now. Having said that the first three marvel women will be:

Natasha Romanov aka Black Widow, Silver Sable, and Elektra

As for the four DC women same rules apply for Marvel, but there is one exception I will make which I will explain after showing the women:

Diana aka Wonder Woman, Helena Bertinali aka Huntress, and Nysaa al Ghoul

The Reason I'm doing Diana is because she's a bit more open to the people of Peter's world in the sense that they are warriors who were trained to kill if push comes to shove unlike Superman who is all like "No that's not how we do things" and see's everything in almost strict black and white... Batman from what I've read and seen while isn't okay with it seems to understand that's just what the world is and while doesn't accept it that much and tries to avoid that area of being a vigilante knows that some people just perceive justice in different ways and Huntress kind of fits that which is why he works with her even though he makes it clear he isn't a fan of lethal force. Like the death penalty and life in prison, some think death is the answer and some think life in prison is. But I well touch on that at a later point.

So leave a suggestion in the review section on who the fourth woman should be for Marvel and DC.

Also sorry if I botched any names, will fix later on.