Too Far?

By cultnirvana


Ash looked down upon Misty's sleeping form.

She was so adorable as she slept. Her hair spread out in all directions over the pillow, her flannel, sky-blue pyjamas hanging lightly upon her frame, her lips parted, exhaling quietly. She lay upon her side, cuddling Pikachu, his Pokemon clearly content to be held within her welcoming arms.

The scene was so idealso perfect. Its beauty had kept him awake for several hours. He just couldn't find the desire to allow his mind to give itself over to his dreams when his greatest fantasy was lying there in front of him, his arms draped around her.

But his love for her wasn't the only thing that was disrupting his sleep that night. A few days ago, consumed by his love for her, he had convinced himself she was now invincible, and could cope with any heartache that came her way. But now, with a level head, the more realistic and pessimistic side of his being had begun to panic.

As she had informed him herself, she may, at some point in the future, feel her resolve slipping once more, plunging her back into her old dark cycle. That element of her psyche could never be erased. Although he knew he would be there to help her in anyway possible, as he had been before, the chance of a recurrence terrified him.

Those months had been the worst of his life. The empathic feelings he had experienced had almost crushed him. If that period had been so traumatising to him before their relationship had extended past the best friends' stage, what would be the effects be now with their new level of intimacy? How would it affect him after they married? After they had children?

He shook his head, trying to break his focus. How could he be thinking of himself? If she relapsed, she would be the one suffering most, not him.

No. If it all happened again, he didn't care about how it would affect him. That didn't matter. She would be the only important one.

And they would get through it. He would make sure of that. Nothing was allowed to hurt his redheaded angel. Nothing.

He had to push these thoughts from his mind. If those events did ever repeat themselves, he would think about it then. Now everything was blissful. He didn't want to tarnish that by thinking about what-ifs.

He traced his hand down her arm and interlaced her fingers with his. His gentle touch was enough to wake her, making her shiver slightly. Her eyes began to flicker open, her aqua orbs instantly focusing upon him.

she spoke though a yawn.

With the back of her hand, she rubbed her eyes and studied the clock on the bedside cabinet. Why are you still up? It's after three and you have work tomorrow.

I know. I just couldn't sleep.

Why not? she sleepily asked, resting her head once more upon her pillow, closing her weary eyes.

Just couldn't stop staring at you.

With a blush and a giggle, she said, When did you become such a romantic? I thought you hated all that mushy stuff.

Guess it's your influence. I didn't care about it til I fell for you.

Heh, I'm a good influence, then.

Just don't tell anyone about it.

What, you scarred your masculine appear will be damaged? she teased. She opened her eyes briefly, only to meet his annoyed expression. I promise. Now you promise me that you're going to go to sleep. It's hard enough to get you up in the morning after you've had a full night's sleep. I don't want to think about waking you on only a couple of hours.

Okay, I'll try.

Don't try, just do.

He pulled himself a little closer to her, his face so near that he could smell the fragrance of her hair. Love you, Mist, he whispered into her ear, but he received no response. Lifting his head slightly he took in her features.

She was already asleep, her light snoring becoming audible.

She must be tired after all that packing and unpacking today,
he mused.

Today. Today, they had taken the second giant leap in their new relationship, mere days after they had taken their first. Or was it the third? Wasn't that night almost two weeks ago the first?

After a few moments, he didn't care. His eyes were closing and his thoughts were becoming jumbled with the first glimpses of dreams.

It doesn't matter.


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