An epilogue because Lolly wouldn't let me finish this without actually writing a 'humor' scene. So…here you go! The proposal!

If you cannot stand a cheesy happy chapter (that kinda ruins all the seriousness and angst of the story), then do not read beyond this point.

And if you can stand it and read through, then you must be insane and congratulations! (although with me being the one writing this, I must be the craziest one of you all)


Bonus Chapter: When Push Comes to Shove

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"Seriously, Adrien. It's two months until your coronation!" Nino threw his hand up in exasperation. "Just propose to her already!"

Adrien turned into a dark shade of beet red. "N-Nino! What are you saying?! H-How can I-"

"So you're not planning on marrying Marinette?"

"I didn't say that!"

"Then what's the problem?! The only problem is you being bride-less when you're king!"

Adrien grimaced as he turned back to the overflowing papers on his desk. In a quiet voice, he said, "She might reject me."

Nino stared at him, and then banged his head on the wall in frustration, making Adrien jump at the noise in surprise. The troubadour groaned.

This bumbling idiot.

"Okay, you know what," Nino adjusted his cap and said, "Whatever happens after this, it's not because of me, it's because you're too dense to see what's under your nose."

Before Adrien could ask him what he meant, Nino had already left the crown prince's study.


Nino was nowhere to be seen for the next two weeks and Adrien was getting apprehensive. The only time Nino was away from Adrien's company was either he went to perform at another land, or he was planning something drastic.

(Adrien would rather not remember the time his best friend flooded the entire first floor with pastries because Adrien was 'hungry'. It was…interesting. To say the least.)

"Has anyone seen Nino?" Adrien asked the guards outside the palace gates. They shook their heads. The young man hadn't passed by the castle at all. The prince frowned.

Suddenly, three ascending notes from a horn filled the air.

Adrien's eyes widened as he rushed out and stood over the palace steps that overlooked the sprawling city. He could see a dusty billow of clouds approaching the southern kingdom gates.

"Raise the alarm!" Adrien shouted. "Prepare, but do not attack! I repeat, do not attack! Wait for the orders of Ladybug and Chat Noir!"

Rows of soldiers rushed in an orderly line, grabbing their weapons and strapping on their armor. Adrien, on the other hand, rushed up to his room and having spotted Plagg eating camembert on his bed (he'd deal with that later), he said the words.

"Plagg, transform me!"

With a yowl, Plagg whirled inside his ring and the prince turned into Chat Noir.


"Quite the gathering we have here, my lady." Chat said as he leaped on the same roof the Ladybug stood on. "Is it my birthday?"

Ladybug rolled her eyes as she jumped out of the way, barely avoiding a dozen arrows vaulted at her direction. "This isn't the time for jokes, kitty. Apparently, we're under attack. Or so I think. It seems like they're waiting for something to happen."

"They think they can attack this kingdom just because there's no king sitting on the throne at the moment?" Chat growled, taking out his baton and hit back the trebuchet.

As the attacks grew more heated, Chat Noir worried about the reason as to why they were only attacking Ladybug.

Suddenly, Nino jumped out in the open. Chat saw him and shouted, "Get out of here!"

Nino, who ignored his warning, cupped his hands to his mouth and called out to the hero, "Chat Noir! Ladybug is in danger! It's now or never!"

Now or Never?! What was he talking about?!

"What if she dies before you can ask her the question?!" Nino insisted.

"Hey!" Ladybug protested.

Chat froze, the image of a bleeding Marinette popping up in his mind.

And then he knew what he had to do.

As Ladybug and Chat Noir had their backs pressed against each other, Chat Noir said, "Marinette! Marry me!"

Ladybug almost slipped from the edge of the roof. Her cheeks turned as red as her suit. "I don't think now's the best time!"

"Now's the only time! What if I lose you again?!"

"Couldn't you propose when we're not in the brink of danger?!"

"Well, if they're attacking us, they're certainly doing a pathetic job." Chat scoffed. "They keep missing."

And then it clicked.


The young musician winced and grinned up at the fuming, embarrassed face of his best friend. Oh he was certainly going to get a ranting after this. But for now…

Nino waved a red flag, and the attacks from the group ceased.

Ladybug and Chat Noir watched as a white stallion galloped in front of the army, carrying an armored rider with voluminous skirts.

"Seriously, who invented these metal costumes?!" Princess Chloe complained as she took off the helmet, her hair lying flat on her head. "Ugh, now my hair is ruined! I spent 2 hours for this to be perfect! My skirts are dusty! You owe me, Shakespeare."

The two superheroes looked back and forth from Nino to Chloe, utterly confused.

However, Ladybug seemed to catch on the ploy faster. She nudged Chat and said, "You were saying?"

Chat's eyes widened. With a cough, he said nervously, "I-I um…Ladybu- Marine- Princes- My lad- Um! Willyoubemyqueen?"

He was looking at her with wide eyes, face flushed, and biting his bottom lip.

Ladybug laughed. "Seriously, kitty. You made me wait!"

"I made you wait?" He asked in disbelief. "You made me wait! For the past year and a half you showed no indication of marrying me and I – mmfff!"

Ladybug had grabbed his bell and kissed him. Chat closed his eyes and purred.

She pulled away. Chat smiled. "Was that a yes?"

"Was that really a question?" She replied back.

They kissed again, not noticing the hundred pairs of eyes trained on them.

As the whole kingdom cheered at the sight, Nino and Alya just exchanged glances and bumped their fists.

"Bien joue."

And all it took was an attempted war.

I like to think that Nino already knew Adrien and Marinette's hidden identity and ship them together with Alya.

Sorry if this isn't really that great, I can't do happy fics. Very random but oh well. Anyone got the marry me reference? :D

This is cheesy happy and I'm pretty sure only Plagg likes that. Haha.

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