author: Lucinda

pairing: Willow/Jareth

rating: pg 13

disclaimer: I own nobody from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Labyrinth

distribution: Twisting, Bite me please, WLS, nha, Quickie Challenge, yourmission anyone else please ask first

notes: AU season 7, based on rumors and spoilers mentioned

Wesley had been arguing that Willow shouldn't have to stay. Spike had been aggravating the goblins and being generally aggravated back. Fred had been staring at the room full of twisting staircases, obviously trying to figure out how it all worked. Willow wasn't quite certain where Faith had gone after the garden. They were just so... Well, she supposed that they'd meant well, wanting to rescue her. She just didn't want to go back to Sunnydale. Honestly, she didn't really want to go to LA either.

Considering what they'd been up to, they'd probably annoyed Jareth. Not Fred, but the rest of them were probably being very taxing to Jareth's patience, which really wasn't his strong point to begin with. Maybe she should find him, and make sure that he hadn't just sent all of them to the Bog of Eternal Stench? Because if he had, they they'd eventually find their way back, covered with that smell, and it wouldn't go away, that was why it was called eternal stench, after all, but...

Willow listened for the knot of energy that was Jareth, and made her way to the tower where he was avoiding the visitors. Willow blinked at first, momentarily baffled by the lack of a door. Apparently, he really hadn't wanted to be disturbed. But she'd added chairs to sit on, and a whole room before the Ball, a little door shouldn't be a problem. Placing her hand on the wall, she parted them enough to let her into the room.

Jareth had his back to the new doorway, gazing out of a window. Twists of the labyrinth could be glimpsed, the reddish section that looked like terra cotta pottery all over. The words, when they came, were very soft. "I don't want you to leave."

Smiling, she moved to stand beside him, looking out over the labyrinth. "I don't want to leave. I'm happy here. But I was thinking... there's got to be a way to send them home."

"And they won't try another rescue party?" A hint of dismay shadowed his words, and he looked unhappy as he met her eyes.

"I think I've convinced them that I don't need rescued, that I'm not in danger. Now, if we can just send them back home..." Willow reached out, her hand resting over his on the window sill, gazing at the twists of the place that had come to feel like home. When had that happened anyhow? "They'll be out of our way."

"I want to make you into one of the Fae." His fingers ran through her hair, brushed over her cheek, as persuasive as his murmured words. "You'd make a lovely queen. All you have to do is say yes."

That had certainly sounded like a lot more than just 'let me make you Fae' to her. Willow looked at him, feeling almost lightheaded as hope thrummed through her body. Had that really meant what it had sounded like he meant? "Are you... a queen is only a queen with a country. Was there one that you had in mind?"

"This one." His lips met hers, and the power flared between them, sparking and tingling in such an inviting and seductive manner.

Her knees felt wobbly, and she clung to Jareth, a delighted smile on her face. He had meant what she'd thought, he did want her to stay, to be with him..."Maybe we should send them home first, so they can't interrupt anything?"

"Absolutely." He smiled, though there was a hint of something almost cruel in it. "There's a spell to send them back, not to where they came from, but to the person that most wants to see them. It's the fastest way to get them back to their own world. Will you help me cast it?"

"Okay." Willow smiled, not seeing any harm in that slight change. "I'll follow you through the pattern, like when you showed me how to do illusions the first time."

The magic was complicated, certainly far more so than anything that Willow had deliberately tried on her own. And there were... not quite words, but the impressions of words - back to the one who desires your presence, back to your past, the bonds of chance and time and actions... back to where you came from. The magic rose, taking effect with a feeling almost like an ocean wave breaking against a cliff, splashing over and through her.

Wesley and Fred ended up in a room filled with books, in the company of a young black man. He smiled at them both, worry melting away. "Wes, Fred! Glad you're back."

Faith arrived in the middle of a karaoke club, where a large demonness with one eye was singing an Aretha Franklin song. Lorne blinked back his surprise and offered her a Seabreeze.

And Spike landed in a basement of a small house in Sunnydale, where Dawn and Xander had a few things to say to him...

"Now, where were we, my sweet Willow?" Jareth's voice was a purr, his lips almost touching hers.

"Well, I think we were here." Willow kissed him, a smile curving over her lips. "Unless you were planning to make me Fae now, and then kiss me again."

The power flooded into her as his lips touched hers, and Willow surrendered herself to it. To the magic, to the Goblin Kingdom, to Jareth. She could feel it threading through her, changing her. It was like fire and light and darkness and ice and wind all at once...

The swirls of power pulled back, revealing the new Willow. Her hair rippled to her waist, the red locks streaked with glimmers of gold and near black shadows. A pair of large butterfly wings graced her back, their blackness broken by swirls of red, speckles of gold and green. Her skin had paled, and had a shimmering to it, as if dusted over with golden glitter. She was beautiful, and unmistakably Fae.

"Welcome to the Fae, lovely Willow." Jareth lifted her hand, kissing her fingertips, running one finger over her now sharp nails. "Our kingdom awaits."

end Goblin Gifts.

end Goblin Roses series.