Maria comes into your life and completely changes it. She is young, spontaneous and troublesome. She jumps up at the dinner table on her first night, blaming it on rheumatism. You know it is a lie yet can't help admire the way she covers for your children.

She falls backwards into the water and you can't help but chuckle and find yourself admiring the way her now wet clothes stick to her trim figure. Her golden hair shines underneath the sunlight, her blue eyes seeming just as piercing as ever. She is young, she is a breath of fresh air and you find yourself intrigued.

She teaches the children how to sing, bringing music back into the very solemn home, and your heart. You share an intimate moment with her during the party celebrating the Baroness' arrival. Finally, you break apart, leaving her face a lovely shade of crimson.


Like summer, her stay comes to an end. She leaves unannounced, and her presence is duly missed. Not only do the children long for her lively presence, but you find yourself missing her as well. Elsa is lovely, but nothing is the same without the young Fräulein.

One miraculous day, she returns. You break it off with the Baroness, as your heart belongs to someone else. That same night, you confess your love to her, lowering your lips to her soft ones, a kiss she eagerly reciprocates. You have found home, and you never want to let go.


A grin breaks across your face as she catches snowflakes with the children out in front of the lake she fell in a few seasons ago. The snowflakes stick to her golden locks, giving her an ethereal fairy look. You awake early Christmas morning, never having felt so nervous. The children eagerly open their gifts and you channel all the courage you can muster up. Surely, you pop the question to your beloved Maria and with tear-filled shimmering blue eyes, she accepts.


Maria von Trapp, your lawfully wedded wife. You lie in bed together, her golden hair splayed across your chest. Her angelic beauty indulges you. You kiss the tip of her delicate nose and promise her forever. Although the seasons change, your love remains eternal.