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- England -

A warm sun blazed through the window of a not so small room.

The old England Estate was bustling with people outside. Running and rushing to quickly get there work done.

A knock on the door of the room and seconds later someone calling out for a young girl to stop.

"Miss-You shouldn't-"

The voice of a maid called out to the young thin girl whom charged into the room with out warning.

"WAKE UP YUUKA!" The red head dove on top of the once sleeping 17 year old.

"WAAAH!" Screamed the victim.

"Hahahaha!" laughed the criminal.

Yuuka landed on the floor covered in sheets.

The young girl pushed the sheets off her with a grower and stared dangerously upset at her best friend.

"Augusta! What was that for!"

The red head smiled as she crawled over her friend and put her hands on her face.

"I can't stand for us to be apart…?" She said romantically.

The maid in the background stared at the unlikely pair with a look that said, "ummm I'm not to sure how you two back came friends… And is that okay to say in this situation…?"

Yuuka waved her arms in the air, her face all red.


"OH- Whats so wrong…?" the girl snickered.


Augusta smiled, a hint of sadness in her eyes that she simply covered up…

But Yuuka knew.

Yuuka smiled. "Are you going to be…"

"Don't worry so much…" The girl snickered, earning an epping sound from her best friend. "I'll be fine… but…. Your still single…."

Yuuka jumped back.

"So I'm not to sure how your going to make it in this life with out a man…. I mean you can't relay on you daddy for everything…"

"Hey I do not!"



The two girls… Best friends seen birth… Yuuka and and Augusta had known each other seen they were young…

But now…

The two girls walked through the estate fields.

Augusta presented her self like royalty, with her long flowing red hair, her amber eyes. She was a real beauty.

Mean while, Yuuka only stared at her friend with worry and sadness.

"Are you…." Yuuka slowly started but was soon cut off by the girl dancing around her.

"I told you… It just can't be helped" The girl held her hands behind her, she looked as is she was stretching as she leaned closer to Yuuka.

"I will be married tonight… To my…" Augusta's voice was the one to trail off now.

A tall man in dark clothes entered the grounds.

Many of the servants and maids stopped to stare. It was as if he was something they could not quite understand, but worried them as well.

They watched him, some going back to there work while others just tried to ignore him.

The man was tall, pale, and very stretchy looking with his unshaved face.

"Good morning…?" He smiled at them, tipping his top hat slightly.

"Good morning.." Augusta smiled, holding her skirt with both hands infant of her.

Yuuka was standing behind Augusta. She looked worried, wanting to pull her friend away and run. She wanted to defend her some how.

The man looked at her, her hole body jumped.

"Hahaha! Still a scaredy-cat Yuuka-Chan…"

Yuuka frowned at this, but couldn't find the words to speak up.

Something was not right with this man.

"Augusta… Mind following me for a bit….?" The man held out his hand for her to come.

Augusta answered quite and calmly, "Of course…" She walked beside him.

As the man turned away he looked back and raised a hand while the other played with his hat.

"We will see you tonight Yuuka-Chaan?"

She nodded and he walked away.

Yuuka felt worry, as the words her friend had spoke only sounded as if she were worried…


Night had fallen and a dark aura followed the men stepping out of the woods.

"This the place?" A armored man said.

Three other men standing with him.

"This is the place…"

"We better get started…"

Smug looks followed by there evil snickering filled the air.



Thunder…. The harsh rain. The sky looked as if it was going to tumble down on the small town.

Yuuka sat on her bed, a round comb in her hand.

Sadness oozing off of the girl.

'Something just doesn't feel right…'


"SHHHHHH!" The sharp screams of a young girl could be heard.

A pure white dress on her body, white gloves that came half way up to her lower arms.

The embroidery on her dress glistening, her vale covered her face… The face of a young woman in terror.

Running out the church doors she ran as fast as she could, reaching the woods.

Tears falling from her eyes as she ran as fast as she could.

'Yuuka…. Yuuka… Please help me…. Yuuka!'

A fallen tree's branch catches the beautiful maiden's dress tearing it.

The tear went up to her thigh.

Holding on to the dress she ran as fast as she could.

'Why was no one at the altar? Why is no one in town…?'

Her feet felt like they where flying, a smile reached her face as she saw the Yuuka's home.

But then suddenly….

CRACK… The thunder roared. A Flash of white light sounded everything.

Augusta felt her self falling slowly, as a long sickle cut threw here body.

Tears fell from Augusta's eyes. "Y-Yuu….kk…ka…"