Yuuka's eyes widen as the rain dropped from the sky. The body of her friend lay before her.

Augusta smiled weakly, struggling to look up at Yuuka. Yuuka's eyes held fear and disbelief as she tried to hold back the overwhelming amount of tears struggling to fall.

"…Yuu…ka… I'm sorry… That you…. Have to see me this way…" Augusta reached her arm towards her friend.

Yuuka feel to her knees, grabbing the hand of her dear friend.

"Augusta… What… How did this…"

Yukka had not felt right, she had a sickening feeling in her gut that made her abandon the safety of her home, only to run outside to bear witness…


"No-Don't be! What's there to be sorry for! We need to hurry and get you to a doc-"

"Hehehe…" The sound of snickering caught Yuuka's attention.

"What do we have here…?"

Men in dark armor looked down at Yuuka and Augusta.

Augusta looked to Yuuka, " They… They were the ones who killed me…"

Yuuka shot her head down, " What?!"

Augusta smiled, "I got to see you… the one person… in this small town, who ment more to me then… any thing… more than the wealth… more then the lavished life style… a friend who just wanted me by her side… I… Lived…. Happily… Thank you… Yuuka…"

Augusta's eyes closed.

Yuuka's face fell.

The voices of the taunting men where drowned out by the shocking words running over and over in her mind.

'Augusta… You where my only true friend here… My father who always worked hard for your father… the mother I….. You can't be… You and I. were best…'

Yuuka's tears poured from her eyes. Yuuka's overwhelming emotions stirred and spiraled with in her.

The men in armor walked forward.

One who was seemingly there leader stepped forward, "Hehehe… Two kills in a row… then on to the main event.."

Yuuka's eyes widen, unable to move by the fear and shock of it all.

The men approached her.

'Augusta…. Dad…. Mother…!


The laughter was cut short.

Yukka's eyes widen as everything seemed to be moving in slow motion.

'Augusta… When you passed on… did you…. Do this…?'

A man standing before her in shining gold armor had appeared.

The rain seemed to stop as the stood in front of her. Magnificent, strong, and peaceful, where the only words she could think to describe him.

'Did you send me an angel…?'

The Gold Saint standing in front of her kept his back to Yuuka. A serious look on his face to the dead bodies of the Specters before him. His wings held high in the most graceful manner, protecting Yuuka from the bloody view.

Turning the Gold Saint smiled gently.

"It's alright…"

The magnificent wings of the Sagittarius Cloth moved with Gold Saint Sisyphus, keeping the view from the eyes of Yuuka.

Walking forward he knelt down.

Yuuka's eyes gazed at the man in shock and disbelief.

A kind smile remained on Sagittarius Sisyphus.

"Your friend truly loved you… I am sure she is happy you are safe…"

Yuuka felt the over whelming tears, she tried to hold back but it was to much for her to handle….

Yukka cried into her hands.

Sisyphus felt pain for the young girl.

"I will move her…" A reassuring smile formed upon his face.

Yuuka tried to calm her self, but only made things worse.

"Sisyphus…." A new voice could be heard. A very stern and strong voice.

"El Cid…." Sisyphus did not turn to look at his friend, "please help this young lady… I will attend to her friend…"

Gold Saint Capricorn El Cid stared at his friend. Wouldn't it be better for him to stay and comfort the girl, and he take care of the body? No… El Cid new two well what the other Gold Saint was thinking.

Gold Saint Sisyphus was blaming himself for not arriving faster.

El Cid stood in front of the weeping girl. He examined her carefully. She was around 17 he presumed.

"You should get inside…" El Cid looked at the girl from the corner of his eyes, barely turning to meet the girl.

Yuuka was a mess, all she could do was look up at the man, his eyes widen a bit as he caught her eyes.

'Those eyes… She's….'

El Cid recomposed himself. This was no ordinary girl, she was the one they where looking for. Did Sisyphus know it to? Yes, El Cid knew that he did.

El Cid straitened himself, his back fully facing the girl, "Follow me…"

Yuuka slowly but surly stood, unaware of why she felt the need to listen to the man in front of her.

Was it out of the evenings hardship, or was it because she felt a connection to the two men.

Either way, Yuuka followed the man.