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Chapter 1: Arrival of Abyss

First Person P.O.V

"Ow...my head. Where the heck am I?" I asked as I woke up on my backside with a splitting headache.

I looked around and noticed that I was lying on some pavement in the middle of the night with some buildings nearby. Okay definitely not in Kansas right now that's for sure. Last thing I remember I was walking on my way to my high school wearing a normal red T-Shirt with a black zip-up hoodie, a pair of blue jeans, and a pair of checkered Vans. Then I suddenly noticed a clear white portal that looked a little like a mirror appear in front of me. And naturally me being curious I touched it and then-


I'm here. Wherever here is.

I looked up ahead and notice a small shop up ahead with a sign that said 'From Dust Till Dawn'. Perfect! Maybe there's someone in there that can tell me where the heck I am. I walked over to the shop and looked at my reflection in the window. I thankfully wasn't injured and my skin was still white with brown hair and eyes. Heck even my glasses were intact. Thank god, that's the last thing I need.

I entered the store and noticed an old man standing behind a counter. Great, he should be able to give me some information. I walked up to the back of the store to talk to the man.

"Well hello there young man, what can I help you with?" The old man politely greeted and asked me.

"Actually sir, I was wondering if you could tell me where I am right now. I'm kinda lost." I replied and asked the old man.

"Ah so you're new around here, okay well right now you're in Vale." He replied with a smile.

"Vale? What kind of place is that? Do you know how far it is from Georgia?" I responded.

"Georgia? I'm not sure I've heard of that place anywhere on Remnant." The old man said as he scratched his head in confusion.

"Remnant?" I asked as I tilted my head in confusion.

"Wow you must have hit your head or something kid. Remnant is the name of the planet we all live on." He explained.

"Okay...good to know." I replied as I looked down at the case and saw several crystals of different colors. "Whoa..." I said in awe as I looked at the crystals.

"Heheheheh, you like my store's crystals?" The old man asked.

"Yeah! I've never seen anything like them before!" I responded.

"Heh, if you're new to Vale kid then the sights you see will be just as amazing." He replied.

"I doubt it." I said as I continued to look at the crystals.

Suddenly I heard the door open and saw a red haired man wearing a white trench coat with a black bowler hat carrying a cane in his left hand and smoking a cigar standing in the doorway. To his left and right stood two men wearing black formal business suits with red ties and sun glasses along with black top hats. The five walked up to the counter as the red haired man took out his cigar and started to speak.

"Do you realize how hard it is to find a dust shop open this late?" The red haired man asked as one of the formally dressed men pulled out a futuristic gun on the cashier.

"Hey who the heck do you guys think you are barging in and threatening this old guy? What'd he ever do to you?" I asked as I spoke up and moved a little closer to the red haired man.

"Hmph, you've got a lot of nerve raising your voice to me kid. I'm in a good mood tonight so I'm gonna give you this one chance to scram." The red haired man responded.

"Not a chance. Who the heck are you anyway?" I asked, but with a little more anger in my voice.

"Tch, the name's Roman. Roman Torchwick." The red haired man replied.

"Never heard of you." I said.

"Well then..." Roman said as he pointed his cane at me as the tip of it flipped out to reveal a targeting sight, making it look like a gun. "You're about to be educated."

"Please! Don't hurt him or me! Please just take my Lien and leave!" The old man exclaimed in fear.

"Shhh, calm down, we're not here for your money." Roman calmly said. He looked over at the other men and said "Grab the Dust."

The men took out a suitcase filled with empty canisters and walked over to some pipes filled with color gases in the far back filling the canisters with the gas as the last man placed a suitcase on the counter and demanded the old man put the crystals in it. The old man complied as he started putting the crystals in the suitcase.

"You know punks like you don't get away with doing things like this for long. Eventually someone is gonna stop you." I spoke up as Roman was still pointing his cane gun at me.

"Hmph, I doubt that'll ever happen." Roman replied with a smirk.

"Alright kid hands where I can see em." I heard as I saw one of the men pulling out a red sword and walking over to a girl who looked like she was around my age or younger wearing a red hood and cloak that made her look like red riding hood. The girl was looking in the opposite direction giving no response to the man. Which means either A) She knows that the guy is behind her and is about to do something bad ass, or B) She's completely oblivious to the robbery in progress.

"Hey, I said hands in the air! You got a death wish or something!?" The man shouted as he touched the girl's shoulder and made her look at him, pulling down her hood to reveal that she had black hair and...silver eyes? Umm...okay? Turns out she was oblivious to the robbery as she was wearing headphones the whole time. The man signaled her to take them off.

"Yes?" The girl said as she took the headphones off her ears.

"I said, put your hands in the air, now! " The man demanded.

"Are you...robbing me?" The girl asked curiously.

"Yes!" The man responded irritated.

"Oh." I could swear that she was smiling.

Next thing I knew she kicked the guy all the way to the back of the store. Roman saw this too and signaled one of his men to run up to the girl and point a gun at her. She was gonna need help, so I stomped my right foot down on Roman's right foot to injure him. It worked as I managed to get away to help the girl. Turns out she didn't really need my help as she managed to kick the man right through one of the windows of the store as she jumped out of the store and into the street. I quickly ran to join her and stood at her side. Then...she did something I did not see coming as she pulled out a HUGE black and red mechanical scythe twirled it around for a second and then slammed it on the ground with a determined look on her face.

"WHOA!" I shouted in complete surprise.

"Okay...get em!" Roman commanded as three men exited out of the front door of the store with their red swords at the ready as they charged at the girl.

I backed up a little bit in awe to watch the girl fight the men. First she used her scythe as a pole as she swung around and kicked one of the men in the face. And then smacked around the other two as she hit them with the blunt end of scythe, knocking them near Roman by the end.

"You were worth every penny." Roman said as he looked down at the unconscious men. He then took the cigar out of his mouth again as he began to speak again "Well, Red, Kid, I think we can all say it's been an eventful evening," Roman said as he dropped the cigar and crushed it with his cane. "And as much as I'd like to stick around, I'm afraid this is where we part ways." He announced as he pointed his cane gun at the girl.

"Hey look out!" I shouted as I tackled the girl to the ground before she could get hit by the blast.

"Oof!" She responded as she looked up at me.

"You okay?" I asked the girl.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I didn't really need the save, but thanks anyway." She replied.

I stood up and offered the girl a hand up.

"Here, let me help you up. I'm Alex." I said as I looked down at her.

"Ruby." She replied as she took my hand and I pulled her up.

I then noticed Roman climbing up one of the ladders and making a break for it, and it looked like Ruby had noticed too.

"Mind if we chase after him?" Ruby asked as she looked at the old man. He nodded in response.

"You go, I'll head him off so he can't escape." I replied.

"Sounds like a plan." Ruby said as she nodded and ran off to catch Roman.

I began running ahead, but then when I ran past a building I could have sworn I saw something in one of the windows. I stopped for a second to inspect the window, when suddenly a hand appeared out of the window and grabbed me by the shirt collar.

"Gah! What the heck?!" I shouted as I struggled to get myself free from the grip.

It didn't work out very well as I was soon grabbed into the mirror! I soon found myself in some strange mirror void with the hand revealed to belong to the body of a pink/maroon colored insect like creature with what looked like a large shuriken on its back. Any average person would have had no idea what this creature was, but I knew right away of its identity.

"A Gelnewt?! But that's impossible!" I shouted in complete shock and disbelief over my situation.

I managed to elbow the beast in the chest as I ran away and fell through the mirror void fearing for my life as I was screaming in fear. Then I heard a voice speak to me, and where the hell it was coming from as well as who it belonged to was a complete mystery to me.

"Don't be afraid. Reach into your pocket, there's something in there that should help you."

I had no idea what would help me in a time like this, but what the heck did I have left to loose? I reached into my right pocket and felt something small and rectangular. I pulled it out to find that it was a small case that looked to be in a light blue color with nothing pictured in the center of it.

"No way...is this-" I said before being engulfed in energy and being flung through the mirror void ending up in the middle of a location with several skyscrapers around.

I looked at my body and noticed I was now in armor of some kind; it wad a Black suit with silver armor. A large fish-like gauntlet is on my left arm. I had silver barnacle-like pads on my knees, shoulder braces and right forearm. Bone-like braces are on my waist, thighs, arms and calves. My grilled chestplate is connected to my fin-like shoulderpads. My helmet had many grills on the sides and a fin-like structure on either side. At that point when I realized exactly what had happened to me. I had just transformed into a Kamen Rider.

'No. Freaking. way. Is this really happening? Did I just turn into a Kamen Rider? Better check to make sure.' I thought to myself before pinching my skin through the leather of the armor.

"Ow!" I said aloud after pinching myself. Oh my freaking God. This is real. This. Is. Real!

"This...is...AWESOME!" I shouted as I performed the signature pose of a certain space themed rider. My moment of geeking out like a fanboy was short-lived as the mirror monster from before appeared out of the reflection of a window that was a few feet away from me.

'Oh c*** it's back, and it looks like it wants to kill me. Wonderful.' I thought to myself, ignoring the beep in my head for now as the Gelnewt was making its way towards me.

'Okay this is bad, this is very bad. What do I? What do I!? Get a hold of yourself Alex! You're a Kamen Rider now and Kamen Riders fight monsters like these once before breakfast.' I said to myself.

The mirror monster leaped to attack, but I was able to side step out of the way.

'Alright I'm a Kamen Rider, so the best idea right now is to figure out what rider series my suit's based on.' I thought.

I continued to dodge and avoid the monster's leaps and attacks as I looked into the reflection of one of the windows to examine my rider suit.

'Let's see... It's definitely not from Gaim since there's a lack of fruit on the armor, it's not from Wizard because the suit doesn't come with any way to hold rings, and it's most definitely not from Ghost due to the lack of extra clothing on this suit.' I reasoned before getting punched by the Gelnewt in the chest (which hurt like heck!) knocking me back a bit as a result.

The mirror monster looked like it was about to walk over to finish me off as I was holding my chest in pain while trying to recover from the punch.

'Okay now I'm in big trouble. I need to figure out which suit this series is from now! Think Alex think! It's not from Faiz, it's not from Drive, it's not from Kabuto. Where have I seen this suit design before!? Hmmm...wait! The buckle for this belt looks like a case for a deck of cards, and there were only three Rider series that used cards as the main gimmick. 3.5 if the adaption counts. Blade, Decade, and...Ryuki! Ryuki! That's it! That's what suit this is from! (Well I first knew it as Dragon Knight once upon a time) I should have figured it out sooner! And I must be in the mirror world right now, a place only Advent riders and mirror monsters can access!' I realized while mentally face-palming for not figuring it out sooner.

The mirror monster was now right in front of me as it reached for the weapon on its back and rose it to prepare to deliver the killing blow. Out of pure instinct I stood up quickly and delivered a powerful punch to the Gelnewt's chest sending it buckling back slightly. Now the two of us were a few feet apart from one another.

'Alright no more running, no more playing defensive! Time to fight back and kick some ass! And I know for a fact that every Advent rider has a card used to summon a weapon for them to use!' I said to myself determined as I reached for a card from the deck on the buckle of my belt. I looked at the card and saw that it showed a picture of two swords that looked simple in design. They both resembled Uchuu Keji Gavan's laser blade, but with round hilts and no gold stripping around the hilt. A compartment on device on my left arm opened automatically. I placed the card into the card loading area and then closed the compartment on the device to summon the weapon on the card.


The voice for the calling of the weapon sounded less Japanese and more like the American voice used in Dragon Knight for some reason. Anyway the swords soon fell down from the sky and imbedded themselves into the ground in front of me. I also noticed that the visor used to summon the weapons disappeared. Not caring about why it did so, I reached for the two blades in front of me and pulled them out of the ground. Naturally the swords looked identical to how they were pictured on the card. I noticed the Gelnewt getting ready to attack again, and I got into a defensive pose while wielding my two weapons. I readied myself to charge and attack the mirror monster once it got close enough. Before that though I had to say a line I always wanted to use if I was ever in a situation where I was about to fight a monster while wielding a sword or two.

"Authorized by Providence! I'm going forth!" I shouted aloud. God I love Shinkenger and Generator Rex.

The mirror monster made its move when it charged at me to attack, but this time I was ready. I charged at the mirror monster and readied my weapons to deliver a diagonal slash to the creature's chest with both swords. I swung the two blades at my foe... only for the blades to break into two halves while I was still holding the hilts of the swords with only some of the blade remaining on each half of them. The Gelnewt saws its chance to attack and slashed at me with its shuriken weapon several times. The result of the attacks sent me flying back and knocked me into one of the windows (shattering them in the process).

'What the hell just happened!? Why did my swords break so easily? It's not like I'm...in Blank Form... Aw s*** no wonder my armor looks so plain, it hasn't bonded with an advent beast yet! I needed to think of a plan right now, or I'll be meeting Takumi and Chase up in Toku-heaven!' I panicked as I quickly tried coming up with a plan of attack, and then it hit me. This idea was a risk and gamble, but right now this is my last shot.

The mirror monster ran at me one more time to finish me off as it swiped with its weapon to end the fight. Before it could deliver the finishing blow to me I managed to duck down and lung my two broken halved swords forward straight into the beast's chest! It skidded back as it screamed in pain. I looked over to the left and right and ran to grab the other halves of the sword that had broken off earlier. I threw the two halves at the monster's chest, it screamed in pain once more as its knees started to buckle. It kneeled on the ground and looked like it was ready to loose all its strength and fall down. However the mirror monster managed to use it's strength to pull all four halves of the blades out of its chest, and threw its shuriken weapon at my chest. causing my body to be knocked back even more than the monster's last attack.

"Gyahhhhh!" I shrieked in pain as spark came off my armor from the attack and left smoke after the attack was finished.

The Gelnewt was ready to take no time in finishing me off once and for all. It prepared to throw its shuriken at me to end my life. I covered my face in fear as I prepared to meet my end. Then...I heard a voice.


I didn't see anything, all I heard was someone shout out loud and an explosion occur. I looked up to see nothing, but a large puff of smoke that obscured my vision. Once it started to dissipate I saw a new figure walking out of the smoke, and this was a figure I was familiar with. My vision started to fade as I was starting to loose consciousness. I tried to stand up, but next thing I know I lost consciousness while de-henshin/morphing.

I'm not sure how long I was knocked out, but I knew that what had happened wasn't a dream because I saw I was in a strange void of some kind that was filled with small images of different worlds that looked similar to one another. I recognized this place. I stood up and looked around in awe and amazement.

"Ah. Good you're finally awake." A voice said.

I turned around and saw a armored figure in magenta armor, and he also had a white book-looking object at his side with a horizontal black stripe covering its center. His helmet had two green trapezoid-shaped eyes and a yellow dot on the center of his forehead. There was also a black line going down the center of the rider himself. Across his chest was a white X, and his armor looked like it had barcodes on it. I knew exactly who this was, but I couldn't believe it.

"No. F***ing. Way." I said in complete shock, ignoring the beep.

"Yo." The armored man said while giving me the two fingered salute.

"K-Kamen Rider Decade?!" I asked overwhelmed and shocked.

"The one and only passing through Kamen Rider, remember that." Decade replied while pointing to me.

"HOLY C***! HOLY C***! HOLY C***! I'm your biggest fan! I love your show and I still do to this day despite people giving you a bad rep." I shouted while in complete fanboy mode and speaking really fast.

"Heheh. It's nice to have somebody who DOESN'T call me the destroyer of worlds on sight and doesn't automatically hate me. But seriously kid calm down. Take a deep breathe." Decade responded.

I did as he asked and started to regain my composure and calm down.

"Ahem. Okay... Okay... I'm better now." I replied calmly after taking another deep breathe.

"I see you took my advice and reached into your pocket like I told you to." Decade said.

"Like you told me to-" I asked confused before thinking back and realizing what Decade meant. "That voice I heard when I trapped in the mirror void, that was you!" I realized.

"Ping Pong! I saw your fight with that mirror monster, I was surprised you managed to hold your own against him despite being stuck in Blank Form. Not bad for a newbie." Decade complimented.

"T-Thanks um... " I trailed off. I read a fanmade wiki online that has Kamen Rider adaptions a few months ago owned by a guy called PerryTheBrave, and there's a Decade named Trent Keller. I'm a little conflicted on which Decade this is since the call sounded English. Decade must've saw this as he chuckled.

"I see you don't know which Decade I am. Don't blame you. It's Tsukasa Kadoya." confirmed Decade. How does he know about another Decade?

"Thanks Tsukasa but I'm a little confused about what's going recently. I have several questions 1. How in the world did I get to this Remnant place? 2. Why am I here? 3. Why did that mirror monster attack me? 4. How the heck did I get an advent deck? 5. How was I able to transform into a Kamen Rider? 6. Why did you save me? 7. How did I keep getting beeped out? And 8. How the hell am I even speaking to you and able to understand what you're saying?!" I questioned.

"One, I saved you because well I'm a Kamen Rider and that's kind of my job. Two, because I'm able to automatically change languages and understand them with each world I'm in. Three, I have no idea where the beeps come from. And as for your other questions. Well I'm getting to that. To answer your third question I gave it to you and to your first question is that I brought you here." Tsukasa explained.

"You...you brought me here? Why?" I asked confused.

"Simple. To save this world." Decade replied.

I was completely baffled by this. And I'm pretty sure Decade could see that.

"I see you're confused. Let me explain. As you know there are multiple different worlds some similar and some radically different. This one is in danger. Someone has gathered the mirror monsters to try to take over this world. And for some reason I can't interfere with matters in this world. That's where you come in, Alex." Decade explained as he pointed to me.

"H-how do you know my name? What have I got to do with this?" I asked in confusion.

"Well I'm a world traveler and I have my methods. And what you've got to do with this, is that I need you to become a Kamen Rider." Decade responded.

"Me? Y-you want me to become a Kamen Rider?" I questioned.

"That's right. Look kid I know this is a lot to take in, but I can tell you've got what it takes to be a Kamen Rider. I saw your fight with that mirror monster and you managed to hold your own against it despite being stuck in blank form. Heck that's more than I can say for when Kit and Shinji first fought in blank form." Decade complimented.

"I-I guess so. Wait how do you know Kit-" I asked Decade before he held up his hand to stop me.

"Not important. What is important is that you find and tame your advent beast." Decade said.

"Good point. So...where do I start?" I questioned.

"Well... that's something you'll find out for yourself. Right now I need to tell you about the world you're in, Remnant. You see way back in the day there were a group of creatures called Grimm. They wanted nothing more than to kill all humans and Faunus. Luckily a substance called Dust was used to ward them off. Nowadays there's a select group of people who can stop these monsters, Hunters and Huntresses. Which is what the little riding hood wannabe with the big scythe you met earlier wants to be." Decade explained.

"Whoa...so...where do people get this training to be hunters and Huntresses from?" I asked.

"You'd never believe me if I told you." Decade responded.

"My day has already been pretty unbelievable so far. Try me." I said as I crossed my arms and looked at Decade.

"High School." Decade replied.

"...Come again?" I inquired as I tilted my head.

"High School. They get training in high school." Decade said.

"O...kay..." I acknowledged while still a little baffled before noticing a Decade styled portal opening nearby.

"Well now you know about Remnant. Good luck." Decade reciprocated before putting a black backpack in my hands.

"Good luck? What do you-" I started to query before Decade grabbed me by the back of my hoodie and tossed me into the portal.

"Have a nice trip." Decade said while chuckling a little as he waved goodbye to me.

"ONORE DECADOOO-" I began shouting before flying into the portal.

"OOOO!" I finished shouting before landing on a hard metal floor face first. I looked around and saw I was in a small room with boxes around. I'm guessing I was in a storage area of some kind.

I stood up, put the backpack that Tsukasa gave me on, and walked over to a door that slid open. I looked around and noticed there were several people about the same age as me or at least a year younger. I began walking around until I heard a familiar voice from behind me.

"Alex? Is that you?" The voice asked.

I turned around to find that the voice was none other than Ruby.

"Ruby! What are you doing here?" I questioned.

"I was about to ask you the same question. What happened to you last night? I thought you were gonna help me catch that Roman guy." Ruby inquired.

"I...got dragged into an alleyway and nearly got mugged by a guy, but once I finally managed to fight him off you and Roman were nowhere in sight." I lied hoping she would buy it.

"Oh. Sorry. I understand." Ruby responded.

"Yeah. So...what happened? Did you catch that Roman guy?" I asked.

"No. He got away even after a huntress showed up to try to stop him." Ruby sighed and explained.

"A huntress huh? That's cool." I replied.

"So...are you attending Beacon this year too Alex?" Ruby questioned.

"Attending what?" I tilted my head and inquired in response.

"Beacon. You know Beacon Academy! Ring any bells?" Ruby elaborated.

'Beacon? What the heck is Beacon Acad- TSUKASA YOU SON OF B****! He wants me to attend high school here. Ugh, wonderful. I guess for now I should just play along.' I thought to myself.

"Alex?" Ruby asked again.

"Wha-Oh yeah! Yeah I'm attending this year too." I quickly acknowledged while nodding.

'Man I hate lying like this, but until I figure out what the heck is going on, I need to keep my identity as a Kamen Rider a secret. While also attending high school... ughhhh... Jeez this is reminds of Kamen Rider Fourze. Joy. This is going to go down in history as the worst high school experience of my li-' I thought to myself before Ruby and I both heard a new voice from across the room.

"Well well well, it is a small world after all." the voice said which sounded female.

Ruby and I looked forward to see... ho...ly...s***... Possibly the most beautiful and gorgeous looking blonde girl I've ever seen in my life. (What can I say? Superman has his kryptonite, Green Lantern has his vulnerability to yellow ring energy, and I have my weakness for blondes)

The blonde wore a tan vest with gold piping over a yellow low-cut crop top with a black crest that resembles a burning heart. The vest has puffy cap sleeves with black cuffs. On the sides of the cuffs, there are two small golden e wears a brown belt with a buckle, a pouch, and a small banner-like object. The same burning heart crest appears on this banner, except golden in color. She wore black shorts under her belt, which resembles a pleated skirt in the back. Over the short shorts but under the belt is a white asymmetrical back skirt. Aside from an orange infinity scarf around her neck, she had no discernible jewelry. She wore brown knee-high platform boots that appear to be made of leather, with orange socks of different lengths. Her left leg also had a gray bandanna-like object wrapped around the top of her boot. She wore finger-less black gloves and on each wrist she wore a yellow bracelet. Her long blonde hair becomes lighter in color at the tips and flows in a loose and messy manner, with a few locks sticking out and a small cowlick on top of her head. Finally she had a pale complexion and lilac eyes.

"Yang!" Ruby cried out in excitement and joy.

Yang walked to Ruby and wrapped her arms around the little red riding hood wannabe.

"Oh, I can't believe my baby sister is going to Beacon with me! This is the best day ever!" Yang exclaimed happily.

"Prease shtop." Ruby mumbled. I'm guessing Yang gave her a bear hug. Dang Yang looked even more stunning up-close than she did far away. It also didn't help that her clothing showed some her *ahem* assets. What? Hey I'm not a pervert, but I'm still a teenager with raging hormones dammit. So sue me.

Eventually Yang broke from the hug and then she turned her head. Wait...was she...looking at me? Nah it's probably just my imagination.

"And who's this baby sister?" Yang questioned Ruby as she looked at her and then back at me.

"Oh. This is Alex. He and I bumped into each other last night when he saved from a blast that I really didn't need saving from and we were trying to stop a dust shop from being robbed (well I was). Apparently he's attending Beacon too." Ruby explained to her sister.

Oh my god she was looking at me. Okay dude chill. She'll probably just glance me over and then leave with Ruby.

Then...Yang started to walk towards me a little.

'RED ALERT! RED ALERT! Attractive girl incoming! Remain calm! Repeat remain calm!' I thought to myself.

Now I know what one might be thinking? Why am I panicking? Because I get incredibly shy and nervous when I'm around girls. Especially gorgeous ones like Yang here.

"Well then...any friend of Ruby's is a friend of mine. I'm Yang, nice to meet you." Yang introduced herself as she extended her hand to me in friendship.

I nervously shook her hand looked her in the eyes and wow...her eyes are like lilac jewels sparkling.

"W-well we're more acquaintances than anything, but it's n-nice to meet you too Yang. I-I'm Alex. Though you already knew that so I probably shouldn't have bothered saying my name to begin with, but then again it's the polite thing to do as a guy when you're approached by a pretty girl." I replied before covering my mouth and realizing what I said. Oh s*** oh s*** oh s***! Now she'll think I'm trying to flirt with her and will probably want to kick my butt now. Aw man I am so-

"Awww... thank you. I appreciate the compliment." Yang giggled and then responded while smiling at me.

Dead? She... liked the compliment? And did she giggle at it for a second? And holy s*** she's smiling at me. She's smiling at me! Okay okay breathe. Girls like small talk so keep it going!

"Y-you're welcome. Sorry I...sometimes get a bit nervous when I'm around new people. Especially girls and oh c*** did I just say that last bit out loud?" I began talking until I realized I said something stupid, again. And then...Yang giggled...again?

"Yeah you did, but it's alright I understand. I guess I owe you one for saving my baby sister huh?" Yang responded while moving a bit closer to me and was I imagining things or did she just shoot a quick wink at me?

"H-hey it was nothing really, besides she didn't really need my help anyway." I responded while scratching the back of my neck and smiling back, showing a little red in my face. No no no no no! Don't show you're weak you fool!

I looked to my left and noticed a window showing an upward view of a city (which I'm assuming was Vale) Holy c*** that means we're up in the air! Awesome!

"Pretty amazing view huh?" Yang asked as she noticed me looking out the window.

"Y-yeah...I've never really been up in the air before." I acknowledged.

"Really? Where are you from?" Yang questioned.

'Oh s*** I need a cover story now! Come on Alex think! Think!' I panicked in my head before finally coming up with a cover story.

"Well...I'm not really from anywhere. I've always been a drifter. Moving from place to place constantly. So I'm not really from any one place." I explained lying to Yang.

"Ohhhh. That's cool. So how come you're attending Beacon then?" Yang inquired.

"Beats me. I just got a message from somebody saying they signed me up for this place. I guess somebody out there wants me to hone my skills." I quickly replied.

"Oooh how mysterious." Yang responded.

Then I heard a vibrating noise of some kind. And it sounded like it was coming from inside the backpack I was carrying. I took the backpack off, set it down on the floor and unzipped it to find that noise was coming from...a phone?

"Oh, someone sent you a message to your scroll." Yang said as she saw the phone. I guess they call them Scrolls here for some reason. And then a mischievous started to grow on Yang's face, which started to make me worry.

"So...who's it from? Parent? Friend?" Yang questioned before she moved so close me to that our noses were touching. This of caused me to start blushing like crazy. "Girlfriend perhaps...?" She asked in a teasingly manner. Wait is she...trying to flirt with me? Pfft, yeah right, she's probably just teasing me.

"Uhh umm...ahem. To answer your question Yang. No, no, and definitely no. I wish, but no. It's probably the same person who enrolled me into Beacon. I replied before turning away from Yang (while still blushing a little) and pulled out the Scroll.

I turned on the Scroll and found a notification that said I had a new message. A new message? Who the hell would be messaging me? I check the message and it read:

"If you're going to attend Beacon you're gonna need to blend in. Check the bag for something I left for you in there. I'll contact you again in the future."


Obviously the TK stood for Tsukasa Kadoya and not Takeru from Digimon. I guess he's got a point with blending in. Might as well check out what he left me.

"So, what's the message say?" Yang questioned as she snapped me out of my thoughts.

"Eh, nothing important just says "Good luck at Beacon Academy or something like that" like I said nothing important." I replied to Yang

"Hmmm...okay cool. At least you've got someone looking out for you huh?" Yang responded.

"Yeah, by the way Yang is there a restroom here?" I asked her.

"Yeah there's one right outside the door I came through on your left. Why do you ask?" Yang confirmed sounding a bit confused by my question.

"Just curious. Umm could you wait here? I'll be right back, I promise." I requested of Yang hoping that I would see her again.

"Sure. Just don't take too long to get back alright?" Yang reassured me.

"Thanks!" I said before putting my Scroll into my bag, grabbing my backpack and running out the right door until I reached the bathroom. Right where Yang said it would be.

I looked inside the bag and found what Tsukasa had put in it to help me blend in. It was a brand new set of clothes for me to wear. I quickly put on the new style of clothes. The set was comprised of a light almost sky blue coat that looked much like Kirito's coat from Sword Art Online and a plain black T-Shirt underneath it. Black pants and matching black shoes again looking similar to Kiriko's look from Sword Art Online. And on my back were two sheathes for swords. I looked into the bag and found the two swords from my blank form repaired with a note attached that read:

"I've fixed these so they're not as fragile. They're sturdier for now, but don't go picking a fight with mirror monsters using these."


Heh. Thank you Tsukasa. I sheathed the swords into the scabbards on the back of my coat (making me look like mentioned character), packed up my old set of clothes, grabbed my bag and walked out of the bathroom. I made my way back to the room and sure enough Yang and Ruby were right where they were before. Man I hope she likes the new look. I walked over to the two while carrying my backpack over the shoulder.

"Wow...nice coat Alex." Ruby complimented giving me a thumbs up as well.

"I'll say. Looking good drifter boy." Yang responded with a smile.

"T-thanks Yang I just tried this on myself, and-wait did you call me drifter boy?" I smiled and then questioned.

"Sure did. Figured the best way to remember you is to give you a nickname." Yang replied before moving a little closer to me.

"O-okay. G-good point. I guess with these swords on my back, you could say I'm 'sharply dressed'." I acknowledged while rubbing the back of my neck and blushing a little. Wait, did I just make a joke? GAH! You idiot! You might have just blown any shot you could have had with her! What if she hates the joke? What if she groans? What if she hits me for making it? What if she-

"Pffft...Ahahahahahah! Hahahahah! 'Sharply dressed'! That's a good one! That's funny! Hahah!" Yang replied in between her fits of laughter.

Laughs at it? She thinks that joke was funny?

"Finally! Somebody who shares my sense of humor!" Yang said.

"You...thought that joke was funny?" I questioned tilting my head a bit out of shock from her reaction.

"Yeah! I think you and I are gonna get along just fine drifter boy." Yang responded before surprising me by wrapping her arm around my left shoulder.

"I-I think so too..." I reciprocated while laughing nervously. I looked out the window and saw something in the reflection of it. It looked like... a green shark looking mirror monster!?

"Alex? You okay?" Ruby asked as she noticed my reaction.

I looked over at her and then looked back at the window only to see my own reflection instead of he mirror monster.

"Huh-oh yeah. I'm fine. I'm fine..." I acknowledged as I looked out the window at the city of Vale from above.

Well, I guess my journey begins as of now. Which basically means the fate of this world hangs on my shoulders. No pressure. *Gulp* And here I thought becoming a Kamen Rider would be less world shattering.


Tsukasa is sitting in a chair in Hikari Studios until a man with white skin and black and grey hair with grayish eyes appears in the room wearing a white lab coat over an orange shirt with a pair of green chemistry goggles over his neck and black pants with black shoes carrying a pocket watch in his right hand.

Then next to the man came a blue swirling portal with minute and hour hands on it that quickly moved to where the 12 would be on a clock. Out of said portal came a large figure with a blue face and red eyes with a scar over his right eye and a ghost like tail instead of legs with a grandfather clock visible in his chest. He was wearing a light purple shirt with a dark purple cape and hood over it, over his hands he wore a pair of grey gloves with watches on them, and finally in his left hand was a metal staff with a stopwatch on the top of it.

"Is it done?" The man with the lab coat asked as he spoke with some British in his voice.

"Yeah. It's done." Tsukasa replied with a nod.

"Good. Are you sure the child is up to the task?" The hooded figure questioned Tsukasa with a deep voice before his form changed to give him the appearance of an infant version of his own form.

"I'm sure. The kid might need some improvement, but he'll get better. Besides..." Tsukasa responded before looking at symbols of three other advent decks. "He won't have to fight alone..."

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(Third Person POV)

It is a nighttime setting as the full moon lit up the sky as the view angles downward where an eerie forest can be seen.

"Gyah!" A white monster shouted as it was knocked back into a tree in the middle of a forest. It hold it's chest in pain as it looks up to see far an armored figure not too far away from him. The figure's body glowed with red neon lines that covered his shoulders, chest, arms, legs, and feet. The figure's helmet looked much like a bug with a pair of antenna and eyes glowed a dark yellow.

"Grrr...that was only a lucky shot human! Now it's my turn!" The white monster shouted as a white trident like weapon appeared in its left hand. It twirled the weapon around for a moment and began wield it with two hands.

The armored figure backed away for a second, but then stopped and stared at the monster.

"Say your prayers!" The monster exclaimed as it began running at the figure with its weapon ready to stab.

The armored figure got into a stance with his legs spread apart and his fists ready. With a flick of his left wrist he began running at the monster.

(Several hours earlier)

(First Person P.O.V)

Owwww... my head... Okay mental note. Next time you see a mysterious green portal, DON'T walk towards it!

Ugh, great. I was just enjoying myself at Rangerstop, and on my merry way back to my hotel room. Then suddenly BAM! I see a green portal appear in front of me and I stupidly decided to reach out to it. And look where I am now, I'm smack dab in the middle of some kind of alleyway in the middle of the night in who knows where. Well at least I'm not in some Familiar of Zero self-insert where I'm Louise's Familiar and my clothes are intact. I was wearing a black leather jacket over a red T-Shirt, blue jeans, and black and white checkered Vans. My hair and eyes were still brown and skin was still tan. Finally I was carrying a red book-bag over my right shoulder and I was wearing glasses on my face. The bag was used to store my purchase I snagged from the Rangerstop dealer room. A complete Faiz belt with all the Faiz gear attachments (minus the Accel wristwatch and Faiz Blaster) from the Japanese show Kamen Rider Faiz. The best part of all was the fact that they came in an awesome case just like the one used in the show.

Alright first order of business is I need to figure out where the h*** I am. Now why does it feel like I've seen this place before? Hmm...

"Hey." A voice said to me as it snapped me out of my thought process.

I looked to my left and saw a teen around 17 or so (about the same age as me) with tan skin like mine, black hair, and grey eyes. He was wearing a brown leather coat with two buckles on each sleeve. Underneath the leather jacket he was wearing a black T-Shirt. Finally he was wearing grey pair of pants. Now why does this guy look familiar to me?

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