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Chapter 2: Bolt's Beginning

(First Person POV)

I walked by the bookshelves while looking for a book to read.

Oh, I'm Brock by the way. Brock Parkerson. And please no Spider-Man jokes. I'm in a library my parents own. Why? Cause I like reading actual books made of paper.

Now anyone my age would be out partying or something with friends. Me though? I don't got any. I've been alone for most of my life. The only things keeping me happy the books I've read and TV shows I've watched. Is it cause I'm anti-social? Maybe. But the big reason is because something I can't freaking help!

My d*** eyes! I was born with purple eyes! Yeah like the kind you'd see on something evil in stories of fiction. Just cause of that, people acted like I wasn't even in the same room as them most of the time.

And now people have been sending me to these news stories about missing reports about people with purple eyes.

Oooh! Scary! Yeah, nice try jerks. So for right now, I need to read something to get my mind off it all.

"Science, no. History, no. Fictio–" I paused as I notice an unearthly purple glow coming from a bookshelf. Since when does the library have glow-in-the-dark books?

Wait… the lights are still on, so how could it be glow-in-the-dark?

I slowly walk towards the light (NOT THE DYING LIGHT!) before stopping and seeing that the glow is coming from a dark purple square book. My insides are telling me to ignore the book, but as usual, my knowledge-loving mind made me grab the book and take it out of the bookshelf.

Knitting my eyebrows at the strange title, I attempt to read it out loud.

Suddenly, a purple light consumed me. I shielded my eyes from the sight before I suddenly lost consciousness.

I silently groan before getting up and opening my eyes, looking around to see that I'm in a green void with floating green gears and clocks around me. Why does this look familiar?

"Ah, I see you have arrived safely with the book, Mr. Parkerson." I turn around, only to mentally gawk at the entity floating before me, my face remaining calm. Floating in front of me in his adult form is–

"Clockwork." I nodded as Clockwork chuckled before changing to his child form.

"Appearing calm at the sight of an unearthly being. That's a good quality you possess." Clockwork complimented me while I remain neutral.

"Compliment appreciated." I nodded neutrally while Clockwork chuckled and went to his elderly form.

"As much as I would like to list your qualities, time is of the essence." Even chronokinetics have a sense of humor. Go figure. "There is a world in danger of being either destroyed or conquered by Mirror Monsters." Creatures from Kamen Rider Dragon Knight/Ryuki? Didn't see that coming.

"Are you referring to an alternate Earth, or a differently named planet?" I questioned since several fictional series occur on different Earths with different identities, similar to the argument of Pluto counting as a dwarf planet or not.

"The latter. Two accomplices of mine and I are recruiting a team of Kamen Riders chosen from humans from your Earth. Due to your habit of reading, you might have read some missing person reports in the newspapers." Clockwork informed me while I widened my eyes.

"You mean–" Clockwork nodded at my unspoken question while I rub my eyes under my shades.

"Purple eyes. A very rare trait among the humans of your Earth." I sighed while putting the shades back on. "Fortunately, this Advent Deck matches your eye color." He takes out a purple rectangular container of cards from his cloak with a red-eyed gold beetle emblem on it. "If you agree to this, then there's no turning back for you."

I put my hand on my chin while looking down. On one hand, if I agree, then I can't pass the torch without dying first unless I find the Advent Master, and there's a very low chance of that happening. On the other hand, I could use the power to help and I won't be alone anymore since I've been ignored my whole life because of my eyes and Gothic appearance.

"I'm in." Clockwork nodded before he tossed the Advent Deck towards me and I caught it single-handedly.

"Oh, and there's one more thing I need to address." I raised my eyebrow. "You're gonna be unconscious for the trip to the other world."

Wait, what?


"Uh, what happened?" I groaned while sitting up and rubbing my eyes under my shades before I open my eyes to see an alleyway.

Did I get mugged or something? Checking my pocket where I kept my wallet and keys, I see them in there with the former filled with a different type of currency. Did someone do an exchange while I was unconscious? Never mind that for now.

Seeing a reflective dumpster side, I checked my reflection.

Combed black hair, check.

Purple eyes, check.

Pair of shades, check.

Black jacket over purple shirt, black jeans and purple sneakers, check.

Book, che–

Wait, book?

Glancing at my jacket, I see the book I picked up from the library in my jacket pocket.

Feeling an extra weight in my other pocket, I put my hand in and took out …the Advent Deck that Clockwork gave me.

Looks like the meeting with Clockwork wasn't a dream.

Speaking of Clockwork, wonder why he let me keep the book?

Taking it out and opening it, I se–

…That's a lot of Advent Cards.

I turn the pages to survey their effects and weapons.

Whoa, it even has data about Mirror Monsters and Advent Beasts that haven't appeared in either Dragon Knight or Ryuki. I'm guessing since my Advent Beast is obviously based on a beetle and since there was no beetle Mirror Monster in either series, the other Riders of the team will have unknown Contract Beasts as well.

Deciding to read more later, I closed the book and walked out of the alleyway, seeing a moderately average city with average people walking around with average animal features.

Wait, what?

Blinking to make sure I wasn't seeing things, I was indeed seeing people with animal ears or tails.

What is this, Blazblue?

Saving that question for later, I decided to wander around the area in search of a library or bookstore. I would ask for directions, but I'd rather not be commented on my 'gothic' appearance.

After a few minutes, I finally found a bookstore called 'Tukson's Book Trade'.

Standing behind the counter is Tukson himself, I think. He wore a short-sleeved beige shirt with black accents with a zipper on it, pulled down to a point below his collarbone. Beneath this, he wore a white undershirt. His hair was cleanly cut, and he had noticeable sideburns, along with hairy, muscular arms. His nails look like extractable claws.

"Welcome to Tukson's Book Trade, home to every book under the sun." Tukson says with a smile.

"It's nighttime." I deadpanned, earning a sheepish chuckle from Tukson before I shake my head, refocusing on the task at hand. "Do you have any basic history books?" I requested.

"Of course." Tukson nodded before pointing at a bookshelf. "Just look for a shelf labeled 'History'. There should be plenty there."

"Thanks." I nodded before walking towards the bookshelf, although I couldn't help but feel like someone's watching me.

An hour later, I exited the store, now well informed of the basics of Remnant, such as it's species, resources, cultures, etc.

Still feeling like someone's watching me.

You may think I'm paranoid, but being constantly looked down upon during high school manages to give me somewhat of a sixth sense.

I discreetly walked into an alleyway to draw out my stalker.

Out of an old cracked mirror, a string of web attached to my ankles before pulling me into the mirror. Recognizing the void I'm in as the gateway to Ventara, I look up to see which Mirror Monster 'caught' me.

The Mirror Monster, unlike the normal Kaijins, is actually like the animal it's based on, except for the size of it.

Yep, it's the Dispider, the first Mirror Monster that debuted in the series.

Keeping calm, I try to slip out of the webs, but all the struggling just makes it stickier.

Noticing something glowing in my jacket pocket, I took out the Advent Deck that Clockwork gave me before being blinded by purple light.

Once the light died down, I felt my ankles become loose before opening my eyes, seeing my new appearance.

I now have a black bodysuit with purple armor on the front-side of my legs from the knee down, forearms, and shoulders. I also have silver sockets on my shoulders, knees, and right elbow. My purple torso armor is somewhat layered like a beetle and is diagonally grilled like an arrow pointing downward. My quadrupled-horizontal visored helmet has 4 horns; two silver ones by my beetle-like mouth-guard, and two small dark purple ones on top of the purple pointed part of my helmet. My Visor is a dark purple beetle-like attachment on my left forearm with red eyes, silver horns and a yellow horizontal line between the head and the rest of the body. (A/N: Look up DarkLordJadow on Devinatart to see what Bolt looks like for reference.)

For some reason, the name Bolt came to mind. I looked around me to find while I was still in the alleyway nearby the bookstore, everything was reversed. Just like Ryuki/Dragon Knight. I heard a screech of anger as I looked back at the Dispider.

'I can't let it leave any of the mirrors here. I have to make sure it doesn't hurt anyone else. But before I can combat this beast I need to know my arsenal.' I strategized in thought before thinking about said book for a moment before it suddenly appeared in my left hand in an instantaneous purple glow.

The Dispider looked annoyed as it attempted to fire a shot of its webbing at me.

In response, I quickly dodge rolled out of the way before opening the book to start reading it. Only for my quarry to hiss in what I assumed to be anger before preparing to fire another shot of webbing at me.

My best course of action? Multitask. I quickly began to run around the mirror monster while flipping through the pages to find the one on my Rider form.

'Speed read! Speed read!' I thought to myself as I continued to run around while avoiding web shots. Eventually, after a few minutes I did manage to reach the page I was looking for.

However, it was then that I made a mistake and accidentally tripped giving the Dispider the perfect opportunity to fire a web shot at my feet after I had tripped and fallen on the ground.

"D*****!" I cursed as I struggled futilely to get my feet free of the webbing. Thankfully I still had the book in hand and was still on the page I needed. Hmmm... looks like my advent deck consists of a sword vent, a shoot vent, a guard vent, an attack vent, and of course a final vent. Wait...dig vent? That's definitely a unique one. Something to test out later. Right now I need a blade to cut through these webs so sword vent seems like the best card to use right now.

The Dispider prepared to quickly crawl towards me revealing it fangs while doing so in an attempt to intimidate and frighten me. But I've seen worst. I quickly reached for my advent deck and pulled advent card I needed. I noticed the visor mounted on my arm as I quickly inserted the card into it.


The visor's voice doesn't seem to have a Japanese accent to it, so it has to be the same voice used for Dragon Knight. In only a few minutes a purple blade flew out of the sky and landed onto my wrist as I gripped the blade with a handle in the middle for me to wield it. The blade itself seemed both symmetrically serrated with two small gaps on each side of the blade that were equal to one another. The shape itself resembled an insect's leg too. I quickly used the blade to quickly saw through the webbing, just as the Dispider reached me, my feet were free and I quickly kicked my right into its face.

The monster screeched in pain as I dodge rolled back away from it so that I could gain some distance between the both of us.

'Okay my sword vent is similar to a lance, but it's serrated and flat too so vertical and horizontal swings will probably be the best method of attack. I'll start off with a stab to its head.' I planned in thought as I got into a stance with my legs bent a bit at the knee my body turned 90 degrees to my left as I had my right arm pointed out to my left side only now it was pointed in the direction of the Dispider. Finally, my sword vent was reeled back as I was readying Muzak for a stabbing attack to begin with.

The kaijin hissed as it lunged at me with its fangs out in order to bite at me or even devour me. I, on the other hand, thought fast as I jump into the air as its attempted attack not only missed me, but it gave me the perfect opening as I fell down and stabbed its head with the sword vent. The Dispider screeched in agony and pain as it began to try shaking both me off and the blade. It began to shake its head from side to side while I was attempting to stand my ground (even if said ground wasn't mine and was attempting to shake me off it!) but with nothing to really hold onto I quickly was sent flying into a nearby car as my back smashed into the side of the car leaving a dent in it.

"Aghhh!" I exclaimed in reaction to the pain. I hit my head slightly as well I quickly noticed my sword vent was not on my left arm. I panicked a little before noticing it still stuck in the mirror monster's head. While I now had a weak spot to focus my attacks on, it means I'm left without a weapon currently. Maybe my shoot vent could help. It is a long ranged weapon after all. At least I hope. I quickly pulled out another advent card and it was the shoot vent card. Hmmm...maybe that's why all advent riders never draw a card they don't need the deck responds to their thoughts and ensures the card needed is on the top of the deck. Interesting... anyway enough theories time to take action. I quickly inserted the advent card into the visor.


Once again out of the sky a matching purple weapon flew out and came to me. However this time the weapon resembled a crossbow with the shape looking like a beetle's tail. Unlike the Sword Vent, this weapon was mounted onto my left arm leaving my left hand completely free. An arrow was already loaded into the crossbow in addition.

The beast hissed as it seemed to finally endure the Sword Vent in its head and continue the battle regardless. That still didn't mean I couldn't use the area where the weapon was still embedded as a weapon. I noticed a rounded cut lever on the back of the crossbow with sharp end pointed towards me. This must be how I fire it. The monster began to charge at me as I pulled the lever of the crossbow back and stayed in place as I made sure to aim for the weak spot. My foe began to get closer and closer preparing to attack me once more I released lever allowing the arrow to fly at the Dispider's head right where the sword vent had been left precisely on target.

My quarry then screeched louder than before as a result of the attack. Thinking fast I began to fire three more arrows at the same target while the kaijin was still recoiling from the pain. After the third arrow hit its mark however, the monster related by swiping its sharp spider legs at me catching me off guard.

"Ack! Gagh! Agh!" I screamed in pain as I was being wailed on by the spider legs. Quickly reacting I reached for my advent to pull out my Guard Vent card with my left hand before inserting it into the visor.


Much like the last two summons, the weapon appeared out of a mirror before flying into my hands. The shield was the same purple as the other weapons only this time it resembled a beetle head with metal pincers fused together with the eyes in a bright red. Unlike my other weapons, the shield flew into my right hand as I gripped it with a handle facing horizontally. I pulled the shield close to me as I used it to block the spider leg swipes directed towards me before putting all of my strength into my shield to deliver a shield bash to the arachnid's now exposed lower abdomen.

"HYAH!" I shouted as I slammed my shield into the Dispider's underbelly.

The mirror monster screeched even louder than before as a result of my attack. Taking advantage of the situation, I quickly fired several arrows point blank at the same weak point. Resulting in golden armored creature's screeching to intensify more and more.

'It's weakening! Only a few more hits and it's finished! Time to find out what my final vent is. But first...' I thought to myself as looked at my sword vent still stuck in the kaijin's head as I began to calculate a plan before snapping my fingers as I came up with the solution.

While the arachnid beast was still recoiling from my attacks I decide to use this opportunity to slide under his body before jumping up high before landing on it's back. Soon after I ran over to the sword vent still stuck in its head. Once I was close enough I reached down for the blade to pull it out. I struggled to get it out at first before using all my strength to pull out. I smiled triumphantly but was then immediately interrupted by the loud screeching from the Dispider. It then tossed me off its back and sent me back to the ground tumbling several feet away creating some distance between us. My guard and shoot vents vanishing as a result of the impact too.

"Whoaaa-Ugh... uhhhh..." I said in pain as I was now lying on the ground looking up at the sky- and wait the moon here is cracked. Huh. Interesting. Though right now my back was hurting due to the impact.

The mirror monster screeched with fury as it prepared to charge at me one last time which caused me to slowly get and stare down my foe.

It's time to end this, here and now.

I swapped wielding hands for my Sword Vent as I now held it in my right hand rather than my left. Next I reached for my Advent Deck to pull out my final vent and sure enough, the next card I drew was the Final Vent. Finally, I placed the card into the visor for it to be scanned.


Just as the Dispider was about to leap at me a large armored purple beetle of similar size burst of the ground. Then the beetle quickly grabbed the spider's body with a pair of pincers in silver. Despite the kaijin's attempts of breaking free of the metal insect only to be pulled into the ground. Immediately after the pavement began to crack slightly with a large lump of gravel and dirt making its way towards me. Looks like that's my contract monster and it's dragging the Dispider underground. But where do I come in?

My chain of thought was interrupted by the lump getting closer and closer to me as my blade began to glow with a shade of purple. The muffled screeches and cries of pain could be heard from the mirror monster. Then, once the lump of dirt was only a few feet away from me the beetle popped out of the ground and tossed its captive high into the air. I then realized it was plummeting down towards me, and I finally realized what I had to do. As the beast continued its decent I pulled my blade back as I jumped up high towards it making sure it was still above me.

"Haaaa… Bolt Banisher! HYAH!" I announced as I thrusted the blade upwards while it's purple, stabbing it through the head as the arachnid monster screeched in agony as it exploded in mid-air.

I landed on the ground soon after next to my advent beast rubbing its head a little to show my appreciation for its help. (the insectoid clicking its pincers together to signify it being happy) Soon after it disappeared in a mirror and fades away. Everything was peaceful again, that is until I noticed that everything seemed to freeze in place before hearing clapping. I turned around and once again saw Clockwork.

"Well done Mr. Parkerson. Quite an impressive first battle with your powers I must say. You've clearly demonstrated I chose the right candidate to wield that armor." Clockwork complimented as he had a small smile on his face.

"I'm flattered by the praise Clockwork, I'd prefer to know what I'm supposed to do next. Where are these other Kamen Riders? Who are these 'accomplices' you mentioned? And more importantly, what am I supposed to now?" I questioned the master of time.

"Patience Mr. Parkerson. Your first two questions will be revealed all in due time. As to your last one. You are to find residence in here in the city known as Vale. In just a few short weeks you will be attending a school known as Beacon Academy. There, you will find individuals who will be of help to our cause as well as your 'teammates'. " Clockwork explained as he presented me with an envelope with my name on it.

"I understand, but… how do I find residence here in Vale? I don't have any money or clothes for that matter." I responded.

"Might I suggest… finding a job?" The hooded ghost replied.

"A job? But where the heck will I find a job that I'm qualified for in such a short time?" I inquired unsure of what kind of job to apply.

"Perhaps… you should try turning back the clock to before your encounter with the mirror monster. Farewell Mr. Parkerson. And good luck." Clockwork retorted cryptically before backing away into a blue portal that closed via the turning of the hour hand on a clock.

"'Turn back… the clock'? What did he mean by that…?" I pondered before deciding to walk towards the nearest mirror and arriving back in the alleyway. I looked around to make sure no one could see me. Once I was sure there were no witnesses nearby, I canceled my transformation causing my armor to vanish via two purple energy rings to my sides. Then I put the envelope and book away once more before I walked out of the alleyway and saw the same bookstore from before in my sights. Then… I realized what Clockwork meant as I smiled a little before walking back to the store.


"Wait wait wait hold on, you're telling me you want to work here kid?" Tukson questioned me with an eyebrow raised.

"Yes sir. I'm attending Beacon Academy soon, but… in the meantime… I need to find some way to have a steady income for myself." I explained to the man.

"Well if that's the case why not stay at relative's place until it's that time?" Tukson asked unaware of my current situation.

"That's...not an option sir...I...don't have any relatives near here at all...you could say I'm...a bit far from home even..." I replied with sadness in my voice.

"Oh... well why come here then? Why a bookstore of all places?" Tukson inquired to me.

"I've...always had a fondness for books and reading in general. And I've always found people who damage any books that aren't theirs incredibly disrespectful and rude. If I have the chance to repair any damage done to a book I always take it in a heartbeat. That and the possibility of helping someone find a book that might look dull to them at first glance that ends up bringing them joy. That...makes me feel happy..." I elaborated to the bookstore owner.

"Wow… quite the speech. You seem pretty honest in your words. Hmmmm… All right you're in, let me give you an interview and a tour of my shop so you get familiar with the place." Tukson retorted back with a small smile on his face which I returned to.

"Thanks again Tukson." I said in a relieved and slightly happy tone.

"By the way, I don't remember introducing myself to you. How did you know my name is Tukson?" He reciprocated while for some reason his eyes turned suspicious gazing at me.

"Lucky guess. The shop is called 'Tukson's Book Trade' so I'd figured you're Tukson." I replied coolly.

"Tukson might be someone else." Tukson countered.

I shrugged. "True but you did say 'my shop'. You gave yourself away as the owner of the shop." I counterclaimed.

Tukson sighs in relief before acknowledging my claims. "Of course, my bad. I am Tukson, follow me, we have a lot to discuss. I didn't get your name by the way since you seem to know mine."

"Brock. Brock Parkerson, sir." I introduced myself.

"Okay first off no 'sir' stuff alright? Just call me Tukson. In any case follow Mr. Parkerson we've got a lot to discuss."

(Timeskip several hours later)

The interview went over smoothly and Tukson gave me the job. However, he said that he has something to take care of and asked me to handle things at the store for him while he was away. Sure enough, a customer soon walked into the store.

A young girl of light olive complexion. She has long, wavy black hair, and her eyes are a beautiful shade of amber, complemented by light-purple eye shadow flaring backwards. Her eyes are slightly tilted upwards at the ends, giving her a somewhat catlike appearance. She wears a black ribbon tied in the form of a bow and also wears a pair of black low-heeled boots and stockings that start off black at her hips, but gradually fade to purple as they near her shoes. On the outside of her stockings, there are white symbols that are most likely the beautiful yet deadly belladonna flowers. She wears black ribbons on both of her arms, with a black detached sleeve and a silver band on her left arm.

She wears a black buttoned vest with coattails, and a white, sleeveless undershirt that exposes part of her midriff with white shorts that may be connected to her shirt, although it is partly obscured by the vest. Her shorts have a zipper on the front of each leg, but it is unknown if these zippers serve a purpose or are simply decorative. She also wears a detached scarf-like collar around her neck.

"Welcome to Tukson's Book Trade, home to every book under the moon." Seeing the flabbergasted look on the girl –most likely a daily costumer– I decided to elaborate. "'Under the sun' could only work if–"

"It's in the daytime." The girl finished while sighing. "Thank goodness for that. I've kept telling Tukson to get a new catchphrase but he's too stubborn to listen." I heard her mumble something else as she walks up to me but I couldn't hear it. "Is Tukson here?" The girl asks me while looking around the store.

"Unfortunately no, he told me he had to attend some personal matters but I'm here if you need anything just let me know." I answered.

"Well I… Tukson gave me a call a few days ago that the book I ordered has arrived. I came to pick it up."

"Of course just tell me the title and I will get it for you."




"Is something wrong?" I questioned the girl, who looks embarrassed for some reason.

The black haired girl took a pen out and wrote something on a piece of paper before giving it to me.

Confused, I read the paper.

'Ninjas of Love'

Recalling that I saw the title when I passed by the mature section of the store, I sighed. No wonder the girl is so embarrassed that she couldn't tell me the title. I went straight to the mature section, picking up the recent copies of Ninjas of love and returned to the counter and placing the book between us.

"That will be 45 lien please." I said as I used the register. "I never got your name." I added, figuring that if she's a regular, it's a good idea to know her.

"It's Blake Belladona." The girl replied as she takes out the Lien and puts it on the counter as I put the book into a plastic bag, handing it to her.

"It's nice to meet you Ms. Belladonna. I'll make sure to let Tukson know you stopped by." I responded.

"Thanks. I… don't think I've seen you work here before. Did Tukson recently hire you?" Blake inquired as she took the bag.

"Yeah. I got hired tonight actually. You're literally the first customer I've had to assist." I retorted to Blake.

"Wow. I guess Tukson must have put a lot of trust in you. Well… I hope I didn't make things too difficult for you…" Blake trailed off which was a signal for me to tell my name.

"Brock. Brock Parkerson. And don't worry you didn't." I reassured her with a small smile.

"Good. Well… thanks again, Brock. See you." Blake responded as she gained a small smile herself before walking out of the store and leaves.

'She seems nice. I get the feeling I won't have much trouble handling her book orders here' I thought to myself.


In Hikari studios, Tsukasa and Paradox were playing a game of chess with Paradox close to claiming checkmate.

"Check." Tsukasa said as he moved his knight piece with Paradox smiling in response.

"Checkmate." The professor proclaimed as he moves his rook chess piece into position to capture the black knight chess piece, winning him the game.

"Again?! D*****!" The world traveler exclaimed in frustration of his defeat.

Immediately after this however, Clockwork arrives back into the studio stepping out of his portal as well.

"Ah Clockwork! Good, you're back in just in time. I'm assuming the recruitment of Mr. Parkerson occurred without any complications?" Paradox spoke as he took out his pocket watch and checking the time on it a brief moment.

"Without any complications and his first battle went well too. He has the skills needed." Clockwork replied with a slight smile and nod before changing into his infant form.

"Splendid! That only leaves one rider left!" Paradox responded with much enthusiasm and happiness.

"Yeah. And I've already got an idea of who the last one to recruit will be." Tsukasa stated with Clockwork and Paradox looking at him with unsure looks/glances. "What? What's the problem?" He curiously asked the two chronokinesis masters.

"Tsukasa...this boy you've chosen...are you sure he is the best candidate? He has no real combat experience, lacking in the necessary physical capabilities, and the role you want him to play...it is something completely unknown to him." The blue-skinned ghost explained taking out a piece of paper and putting on a pair of reading glasses while reading off the paper.

"I must concur. The other three choices we agreed on made logical sense. Besides all of the remaining advent decks of remnant, have a user. What do you intend to do to compensate for that factor?" Paradox questioned as he stood up and looked at the former shocker leader.

"There's… still one option. But… I don't think you guys will like it…" Tsukasa responded as he takes out a sky-blue advent deck with Clockwork and Paradox's eyes widening.

"T-Tsukasa, is that-" Paradox began to inquired with worry and slight fear in his voice.

"It is… It's missing the advent beast… but it's usable. And I know it's hiding somewhere on Remnant with the other mirror monsters." Tsukasa answered as Clockwork's expression changed to slight anger.

"Tsukasa… you know whose power that used to be. You know what the original user did with it and what he became! Are you aware of how dangerous of a gambit this is!? And you're letting this boy wield it?!" Clockwork retorted with anger and venom in his voice as he changed to his elderly form.

"I KNOW! I know… I get what you guys are worried about… but this is our best chance at dealing with the threat. Do I want to resort to doing this? HELL NO! But… it's for the better." Tsukasa returned as he starts to stand up.

"But Tsukasa, this boy-" Clockwork pleaded.

"Will learn! This experience and position I'm putting him in will help improve his growth, maturity and who he is." Tsukasa elaborated as he began to open a portal.

"…Just like you did before?" Paradox hypothesized looking at the former destroyer of worlds.

"…Something like that…" Tsukasa confirmed as he walked into the portal and left the studio leaving Clockwork and Paradox alone to ponder the actions he was about to take.

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The city was in chaos debris was everywhere. Fires were seen around the area. As several armored figures with a male design are scatted all across the ground appearing to be exhausted along with 3 female figures. All the while there are 2 armored figures staring down one another. One in a mostly gold, and the other was mostly black with glowing red eyes and a sword a shield in hand.

"I won't let you have your way!" The golden armored figure proclaimed as he readies a a sword with a blue blade before putting a golden box-shaped object and a pink cartridge device into a slot of the blade



"Hmph. Your time is up boy..." The black armored figure hit a button on a green belt buckle like device on his waist with his shield in one hand and his sword in another.


The two armored figures blades glowed with energy as black figure's blade glow with purple flames and the golden figure's blade glowing with pink and gold energy.



"HAAAA!" the two figures run by each other and slash across the other's chest as the black armored figure falls to one knee and drops his weapons before the golden armored figure does as well.

"Gahhh... heh...impressive boy..." the black armored figure admitted as he turns his head and looks at the golden armored figure.

"It's...it's over..." the golden figure said as he slowly turn around.

"I...don't think so..." his opponent responded as he pulled out a brace and took off his belt buckle as two barrels on the side of the device were aimed at the golden figure.


The figure then took off the buckle again and held down one of the buttons as he raised it to the sky

"NO!" the golden figure said as he tried to reach his foe.

"Better luck next "time" boy...AHAHAHAH!"


After the button was pressed a clock behind the black armored figure began to began to turn counterclockwise in a rapid motion as the man's laugh could be heard.

Then a boy of about 17 years old was woken up by his alarm clock and falls off his bed and on the floor.

"OW!" the boy shouted as he recovered from the fall and rubbing his head. "That dream again...? Oh crap! I'm gonna be late!" the boy realized before grabbing his clothes putting them on and rushing out of the room.

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